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At this time, the emergency room door has been opened, and Chu Heng is the first to come out.

Gu Nanqing and Lin Mochen both got up and looked anxiously at Chu Heng and asked, "What happened?"
Chu Heng took off her face mask and replied to them, "Lu You’s body was bruised and caught in the rain, and her fever caused pneumonia. Is it a big problem for her? In addition to these problems, Chu Ye’s pneumonia is more serious. He has two broken ribs and loves Lu You’s serious injuries. He may need to rest for a long time."
He simply said the situation of one or two people. "They fell from a height, so the situation is good. Now it is the most important thing to take a good rest and get better."
Lin Mo Chen and Gu Na both nodded.
"They are all transferred to the ward. You can go to see people and you should wake up soon. I’ll go to work first." Chu Heng has work today and can’t stay here all the time.
After Chu Heng left, Lin Mochen and Gu Nanqing went to the ward to see Lu You and Chu Night.
Lin Mo-chen went to see Chu night first. His handsome face is still pale and haggard, and there is no trace of ruddy in his face and lips. It is whiter than this sheet, and he feels that he does not belong to this world if he is not breathing.
Lin Mochen watched Chu night and then went to accompany the landing sorrow.
Lu sorrow is as pale as Chu night, and his face is soft and his lip has lost its former rosy color, and his breathing is as light as a soft feather.
Lin Mo-chen held Lu You’s hand, his palm was wide and dry, but her fingers were cold, and he wanted to warm her by himself.
He just looked at her motionless and slept quietly, as if admiring a peerless famous painting and unwilling to look away.
He doesn’t feel tired and bored like this, he just doesn’t want to blink. Even when he is still, this moment feels better than beautiful.
He doesn’t know how long it took him to feel the slight movement of his slender fingertips when he shook hands. He was so happy that his eyes filled with smiles naturally, and then he turned his eyes from his fingers to her face.
Then Lu’s thick and slender cilia trembled slightly, flapping slowly like butterfly wings, and gradually opened her bright eyes, but she was half open because she could not adapt to the bright light, and her pupils were not focused, so she could see a vague figure in front of her eyes.
"Little worry, are you all right?" Lin Mo-chen calls her nickname, and her deep eyes are both worried and delighted.
Lu you closed your eyes slowly, but you can recognize that this sound belongs to Lin Mo Chen.
He found himself and stayed with her, didn’t he?
At the thought of this, several warm currents surged in her heart to disperse the frost in her heart lake. This spring-like warmth made the overall situation of the peach blossom capital in the heart lake settled, and a bright pink was the brightest color, which made people happy both physically and mentally.
She tried to open it again, and the figure in the sight began to clear up gradually.
She saw the face that belonged to Lin Mo-chen, with a deep eyebrow and eye. Even though he floated a blue beard, it still damaged his peerless elegance, which was different from that of a man who had matured through the years.
Men are not handsome enough, but they can’t be stable enough.
It is this charming temperament that women like to make people feel at ease.
"Ink minister ….." Lu sorrow opened his mouth but felt that his throat was dry and dry. "Ahem …"
Lin Mo Chen handed the cold water and some hot water to Lu You’s lips for a drink.
Lu sorrow sipped water with a glass of water to warm it up, and the water flowed in to moisten the dry throat, which made her feel relieved.
She drank almost and gently pushed the cup away.
Lin Mochen put the glass of water and put a pillow behind her. "How do you feel?"
"Good" Lu sorrow gently wipe a lip angle of water "ink minister chu night? How is he? And how long did I sleep? "
Lu You felt that he had been dreaming for a long time.
She looked out at the sun and the leaves were jumping.
Lin Mochen finally comforted her by telling her about Chu night. "But don’t worry about giving Chu night the best treatment, and you will also ask the best nurse to take care of him. Everything will be done by me."
"But if it weren’t for me, Chu Ye wouldn’t be so seriously injured. His ribs are injured, which takes a hundred days. He also has Zhou Dao’s body. Zhou Dao is notoriously strict. It is impossible for him and the crew to wait for Chu Ye’s injury before continuing filming. If Zhou Dao knows about Chu Ye’s situation, he will definitely change roles. Then Chu Ye will lose this opportunity and may miss the selection of major film festivals in the year. What should I do?" Lu worries about not only Chu night’s health, but also his work and career.
Her fingers have gripped the sheets around her tightly and twisted into a wrinkled flower.
"Don’t blame yourself. Things have happened. We have to find a way to make up for it as much as possible." Seeing that she is so sad, Lin Mo-chen hates that she can’t help her bear all the pain. "This time, Chu Ye was injured, and I will bear it with you, and I won’t let Chu Ye sacrifice myself in vain."
"Chu night out such a thing, I should be his agent for the first time to do a good job in crisis and protect his image and career, but now I’m lying here trying to force him to do something, you know? I don’t want to lose his career after Chu night’s injury, but I can’t do anything for him. "There is pain in Lu’s black and white eyes." If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be lying here, but it would be too-"
Lin Mo Chen stretched out his hand and covered her mouth when she didn’t say the unlucky three words. "What nonsense! I forbid you to talk such nonsense! You’ll be fine and I’ll solve the problem. Besides, Nanchuye is a member of the dumping star and a signing star of Nanjin. He can’t be damaged by Chuye’s career and popularity. He will also find a way to do a good job in the crisis. You know, otherwise it won’t be the first media company in China. "
When it comes to Gu Nanqing, Lu Yu is slightly relieved. It is true that there are more gold medal brokers to deal with this matter besides she is Chu Ye’s agent, such as floret, but it is a pity that she can’t do something for him personally without returning his kindness to her.
This let her some can’t let go.
Lu sorrow slightly bowed his head, and his eyes with fine feathers and cilia drew a light shadow.
Lin Mo-chen reached out to encircle her shoulder. "When you get well, you will have more energy to do things for him personally. I don’t think Chu Ye will blame you and you don’t have to be so focused. There are still many opportunities for you to work together. I’m really in no hurry."
"At the end of the day, I didn’t have your side to protect you, and I ignored Chi Yiming’s powerful revenge psychology. I was responsible for it, not you." The person who blamed himself was Lin Mo-chen, who kissed Lu and sighed lightly. "Don’t be hard on yourself."
"It’s really not your fault." Lu You took Lin Mochen’s hand and changed the subject. "I want to see Chu Ye. I wonder if he woke up?"
"But you’re still hanging a drip, and the south is watching. If Chu wakes up at night, he should come to inform me. Why don’t you hang this drip before you go? I think Chu should wake up at night." Lin Mochen advised her, "Why don’t you get something to eat first and I’ll buy what you want to eat?"
"I can’t eat anything now. I want to take a look at him before I can feel at ease." Lu You insisted on begging in his eyes. "Will you hold the drip for me?"
Lin Mo-chen hesitated for a moment or nodded his head. Chu night saved Lu’s sorrow. He is in debt.
"I’ll get the mobile drip rack." Lin Mochen released her and then went to the corner to push the mobile drip rack, then took the drip hanging by the bed and hung it on the mobile drip rack.
He carefully helped Lu You out of bed again. "Can you walk?"
"Well, it’s ok." Lu’s sorrow is stable
Ye knows that there are too many breaks in this article, which makes everyone lose patience. Ye wrote this article in a very poor state. All I can say is that Ye will write this article from beginning to end, but everyone can look at it after it is over. I am very sorry for the break.
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Section 177
Lin Mo-chen pulled Lu You arm in arm and let her go to Chu Night Ward with her own strength.
桑拿会所Chu night ward is just a few steps away from Lu You.
Lin Mo-chen pushed the mobile intravenous drip stand with one hand and took Lu You with an intravenous drip. She left the ward and went to Chu Night Ward.
Ward Gu Nanqing also stayed there watching Chu night without leaving.
Lin Mochen and Lu You just went in when they heard Gu Nanqing talking, "Chu night, are you awake?"
His voice was filled with joy that was hard to suppress, and he was so happy that he finally woke up at Chu night.
After Lu You heard Gu Nanqing’s words, he took Lin Mochen’s finger and grasped his arm.
Lin Mo-chen felt the strength of her fingertips and then let go of the hand pushing the drip stand and patted her hand clutching his arm.
"Chu night woke up to be happy. Don’t be nervous." Lin Mochen comforted her softly.
"I don’t know how to face him." Lu You still blames himself for involving Gu Chu Night, which made him injured and affected his work.
"And I" Lin Mo Chen cheered her up and took her down.