Amusement is not pleased。 “My son, I just don’t know what should I say.。” Demertion,After the captive surrender,Gao Baoyi,All said。For example, how is Gao Boyi proposed?“Ten kill”,How to play“Publicial review”Such as。 Listening to the gold cold sweat,Even this book is warm in the spring,Also let him feel the cold。 AContinue Reading

When Xia Jian said this,,I spit out my tongue embarrassedly。Why has he forgotten such an important thing??Fortunately, where is Guan Tingna unable to see his expression。 Guan Tingna snorted coldly on the phone:“With beauties,Of course you can’t remember calling me back。But let me remind you,Tomorrow evening you will rush intoContinue Reading

Say,Zhao Xiaoli went out directly。 Then go straight to Li with the wind.。 Li Hui has not succumb to drink before the wind.,He feels that his body should completely resist the past。 But he didn’t expect actually a little drunk feeling.。 Suddenly,He feels that there is a hot gas inContinue Reading

“Don’t be stiff。You just like Xiao Xiao,But some of her later practices,Just let you die。We all know this,Don’t avoid it”Guan Tingna said,Started the car。 Xia Jian did not argue with Guan Tingna any more,Because this thing is really like this。Who hasn’t had a past,Anyway。 Xia Jian glanced at his watch,WhisperedContinue Reading

Be right,This“Three hair on Emei Mountain”,Knowing nickname,Originally the evil master in Emei Mountain,Later, in order to avoid extinction chasing,This is sweeping the world。 “That is awkward,Chu Tai Year’s mouth,Have you ever extinct to the god sword sharp!”Mao Gongjan is angry。 This“Three hairs”In Chu Deire,Change to a forward master,That is, theContinue Reading

Start again,Everyone is extremely cautious,But the strange thing is that until I enter the second cave,No trace of Ling Feng was found again。The cave is more spacious,It’s much easier to walk than the cave before。Li Tianzhen noticed that there are some dangerous places that have been artificially repaired.,It seems thatContinue Reading

No strong fight,Uncomfortable,Only a slap in the wind,It is unpredictable to Dingchun, which is everywhere.。 “”xN Da Xiong Temple,A purple mouth Zhang ChengOtype,Ding Chunqiu’s voice is still in front of him,Brain a blank,I can’t believe that Ding Chunqiu is so gorgeous.。 It turns out that the old fairy is soContinue Reading

I saw unicorn pythons use spells,Wang Hong thinks that this world should have cultivation methods,Now see these three fighting,I am more sure of my guess。 “Just don’t know these three,What grade in this world……” Wang Hong squinted his eyes and observed for a long time,Secretly thinking。 The black man withContinue Reading

Shen Yingjie judges that the number of opponents is between five and eight,Maybe even more,Only a few of them are exposed from the front,So I became anxious immediately,Continue to report to the command。 Although there are only two or three people in front of the opponent,But it has made herContinue Reading