Since the study of the study and education of the party history, the Rural Development Tianjin Dongli Branch has tightly revisited the practice activities of "I do practical things for the masses", actively implement the Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government’s in-depth promotion "Zijin" "Bin City" Green Ecological BarrierContinue Reading

  The Internet is an important support industrial restructuring and development of industrial enterprises, the development of the Internet industry, the construction of identity resolution system is a key task. Recently, the Chinese Information and Telecommunications Research Institute statistics show that my country’s industrial internet logo registrations has exceeded 20 billion.Continue Reading

Population aging is the basic national conditions for my country in the future.Effective should have an aging of population, it is related to the overall development of national development, and it is of great significance to comprehensively and social harmony and stability. It is of great significance to comprehensively buildContinue Reading

The rapeseed flower competition bloom. Banan District Rong Media Center for the map People’s Network Chongqing March 22 electric weather gradually returned, the rapeseed flower competition bloom. In Daxing Village, Shilong Town, Banan, 350 acres of frozen flowers in Field, is open, intertwined into a golden field, showing a springContinue Reading

  On the morning of October 30, with the rumbling machine, the 300,000-mu high-standard farmland demonstration square production was officially launched.   It is understood that the 300,000-mu high-standard farmland demonstration in Jixian is the largest food production ribbon in the county. It is also one of the most severely damaged regionsContinue Reading

COP15 International Network Video Speech Contest First Award Awards Scene. De COP15 Yunnan-voorbereidende kantoorinformatie Propaganda-afdeling is de eerste fase van de 15e vergadering van de Conferentie van de partijen bij de Conferentie van de Conferentie van de partijen bij Yunnan, in Kunming, 11 oktober tot 15 oktober. Om de heleContinue Reading

A Wang Xiaozan has introduced "Sports and Health Course Standards in 2001, which marks the transformation of China ‘s physical education guidance thinking. The guiding ideology before 2001 is to enhance students ‘physical fitness, pay more attention to physical education courses on students’ physique. After the 2001 curriculum standard promulgated,Continue Reading