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Mom, I

You, you, you stay away from Qin Chu and Su Dye. It’s really unlucky to see people like you. You can’t lay eggs. It’s also crucial for Su Dye to have your sister. What’s wrong with us Qin family? Is your conscience eaten by a dog? I really don’t know how your mother taught you to be the same mother. Su Dye is so much better than you. People are not only beautiful, but also kind at heart. Look at you. You are always wronged with a Sang Men star face. What is it like that Qin family owes you? Go and stay away from me.
Ruzhen Li spat out her disgust. Su Zi stretched out her hand and rejected her to break away from her sight.
Mom, I’m here to see Su Ran.
Fuck off, don’t be an eyesore here.
Su Zi hasn’t finished yet. Ruzhen Li waved her hand in disgust and pushed Su Zi impatiently. She was unstable and wanted to reach out and hold the wall. Nai’s hands were handcuffed, so she wiped her arms along the wall, but she still couldn’t resist the strength and fell back. She would fall to the ground in a mess.
A pair of hands across Su Zi’s shoulder stretched out his hand and took her into his arms. The wrist scarf floated to the ground along the wind.
约茶Miss Su, are you all right?
Gentle man rings from Su Zi’s head not to say thank you.
The ward door was suddenly opened to take care of Su Dye, and Qin Chu came out with an irate look. After seeing Su Zi, his heavy eyebrows tightened and the whole person smelled cold.
Why do you let a murderer out for nothing when you are a policeman now?
Chapter 20 This Mr. Qin wants to complain about me
Mr. Qin’s words are poor.
Let go of Su Zi Lu Yan’s eyebrows and lip corners, and walk to Qin Chu’s side. Obviously, she doesn’t agree with Qin Chu dialect.
Mr. Qin, please find out that Su Zi is suspected of getting worse. It’s nothing. Our police station can detain her for four hours. You are too arbitrary unless you can produce substantial evidence.
Qin Chu sneered and took a narrow look at Liu Yan. I will ask you to take her back now, otherwise I will complain that you are wasting taxpayers’ money.
Liu Yan a listen to seems to be interested in gherardini way
Mr. Qin is sure to complain about me.
He Liu Yan has lived for so many years and has not dared to say that he wants to complain about him. He wants to see how Mr. Qin will complain about him.
Qin Chu frowned and just wanted to say something. Ruzhen li pointed angrily at Liu Yan and scolded him.
What’s your attitude? Give me your number. I must complain that you don’t take good care of the prisoners and bring this bitch to the hospital to make trouble. You police are terrible.
Ruzhen li more say more gas more say more energy seems to be not enough directly rushed to the front of Su Zi raise your hand slap haven’t fall behind a tall figure covering Su Zi pulling Su Zi into his arms with a powerful aura.
Su Zi, are you all right?
An Xia worried that when she walked behind Fu Junting and saw Li Ruzhen waving a slap, she didn’t want to gnash her teeth and gave her a heavy push
What people are here to bully Su Zi?
When she’s not, no
Ruzhen Li didn’t hold her body steady for a while and then leaned back and shouted Ouch. Liu Yan confronted Qin Chu and got a fright. She quickly crossed Liu Yan to hold Ruzhen Li, who was going to fall.
Mom, are you okay?
Ruzhen li concerned caressed the chest apex breath almost bifurcation of her desperate efforts, think she is a big age and even bullied by a little girl, the in the mind have no origin gas knot.
Qin Chu, you take a good look at the woman you were going to marry. That’s how she repaid our Qin family. Look at the people around her.
When Qin Chushi interrupted Ruzhen Li’s words, his eyes couldn’t help but fall to hold Su Zi Fu Jun’s court. At that time, Qin Chu turned white, black and white, and he was annoyed to tell Ruzhen Li Su Ran about her pregnancy. He told Ruzhen Li the truth but didn’t want her to be implicated in Su Ran because of Su Zi’s incident.
Manager Fu is embarrassed that my mother is a heart.
Qin Chu nodded slightly for Fu Junting. He was still afraid of a new project recently developed by the company. He wanted to visit and was almost ruined by his mother.
Qin Chu you
Ruzhen li gas but Qin Chuli pressed a ruzhen li shoulder low said
Mom, I’ll take care of things here.
What else does Ruzhen Li want to say? Qin Chu squinted at her and motioned for her to stop talking.
See son such ruzhen li is hard to say what good angry left her front foot just left ChiChen parked the car and left to see his face hanging bad new new smile to play around when came up from the other end of the corridor surprised way.
I missed something.
Liu Yan a listen to smile more huan got to Chichen said
This Mr. Qin wants to complain about me:
Chapter 29 End
complain about you
ChiChen evil spirit has something to meditate, and then nods a little. The appearance of bad new ruffians is annoying at first sight, but An Xia’s eyes are handsome at this time.

I give you a month! If you don’t pay me back in a month, my lawyer will sue you and wait for you. I’m afraid it’s jail! Zhuang Junhui didn’t realize how shameful he was, with a narrow smile in his voice.

… Nie Yutong felt that it was not funny at all! She felt her body trembling slightly, not knowing whether she was angry or scared.
hmm? Anything else to say to me! Or is there anything else you want to scold me? Zhuang Junhui knew how much shock and blow these words would cause to Nie Yutong and waited for her hair calmly.
You … Nie Yutong took a deep breath and said, You beast!
Ha very good! Zhuang Junhui sounds a little dangerous. Don’t forget that you still owe money to animals! Do something quickly! Go to jail if you don’t!
Hang up. Nie Yutong lost his words and hugged her body. She repeatedly told herself to be calm, but she never calmed down again.
How could he be like this! The gentleness of the past is more and more ugly today! Is she never found out how terrible this man really is?
Silently shed tears for a while, she came up with a solution. Zhuang Junhui dragged on and didn’t want a divorce, but his family definitely wanted a divorce!
Yeah, call his family! His family will not be difficult for her!
Nie Yutong is still sure about this! Bankers have a high self-esteem. Although they hate her, they must be disdainful of taking money from her. This is not a question of kindness or unkindness, but that they can do it in fall in price! Zhuang Junhui can do such a thing because he retaliates against her! Get back at her for being disobedient! Revenge her disobedience! Revenge that she didn’t treat the dealer as a tool for his succession!
But the banker and others will not have this idea! They will feel that getting rid of her is equivalent to getting rid of a big trouble!
Thought of here Nie Yutong simply didn’t directly dial the banker’s landline with Zhuang Junhui’s theory.
Usually, Wang Wenxiu should answer the phone at this time, but it turned out to be Zhuang Yanyin after the phone was connected.
Is it Yutong? Zhuang Yan was very surprised. Obviously, he didn’t expect Nie Yutong to call.
Big … Nie Yutong hesitated slightly. She had a good impression of Zhuang Yan and then asked, Your home?
Oh, I happened to have something to do when I came home. I heard the phone ring and came to pick it up. I didn’t expect it to be your number! Zhuang Yanyin was somewhat surprised and delighted. Yu Tong, when will you go home?
I … Nie Yutong couldn’t help but get red in the eyes and choked up. I …
What’s the matter? Quarrel with Junhui again! ZhuangYan can’t help but sigh I told him to communicate well when he saw you and let him apologize to you! Is that a bad attitude?
Hearing this, Nie Yutong couldn’t help crying any longer. When she sobbed, she told Zhuang Yan in detail if Zhuang Junhui fabricated the false account … eldest brother, how could he be so ashamed! Marry him. I’ve never done anything wrong to him! Is he betrayed me again and again …
Don’t cry, Yutong! Zhuang Yan quickly urged, I think Junhui is deliberately angry with you! He can’t live with such a small sum of money! He wants you to come back, but the method is a bit extreme!
It’s impossible for me to talk to him! Nie Yutong wiped the tears to cheer up and said, Eldest brother, can you help me? I want to divorce him! Please! How can you help me divorce him? I will be grateful to you for a generation!
ZhuangYan alpha males a long time language can hear him some tangled hesitation.
Eldest brother, can you persuade him! Or you can give him the money and ask him to sign a divorce with me! Now I really don’t want to be involved with him except divorce! Nie Yutong is really chilling. Now she only hopes that the banker can be reasonable. Why don’t you discuss with mom and ask her what she means! I really don’t want to delay Zhuang Junhui’s future! Anyway, there are too many good women waiting to marry him. I’m leaving, so there will be good ones to replace me! Ask mom what she means!
I believe that Wang Wenxiu will be very happy to see Zhuang Junhui divorced and then choose a noble family to be his daughter-in-law! And the banker is so rich, they will not waste her money! There is nothing that Zhuang Junhui can do.
Eldest brother, I don’t want a penny! Really! I don’t want a penny from your banker! I beg for a divorce! You help me! Please! Nie Yutong broke down in tears.
How can this happen! Zhuang Yan muttered something that seemed to confuse him. Jun Hui … how did he get things out of hand!
Nie Yutong continued to cry, hoping to impress Zhuang Yan’s sympathy. Eldest brother, please help me! Please! I dare not make friends with Zhuang Junhui again in my life! I’ll remember! I dare not provoke him again!
Don’t cry! ZhuangYan sighed, I think I’ll give you an answer again and again! This number … You don’t want the phone!
Well, good! Nie Yutong wiped his face and tears and bit his lips. I’ll wait for you!
Xia Xue seem to have had a long and endless dream! There are many strange things in the dream, and many people she knows or doesn’t know are dangling around, and some messy sounds are coming out of her ears, so I can’t hear them clearly.
Sometimes it’s quiet. She’s as quiet and vast as walking in the ocean. But when you look at it, it’s deserted. Why is she alone? The world is so lonely!
She kept looking for him, but she couldn’t find the familiar figure, but she always felt that he was so close to her that she could smell his familiar breath, feel his familiar temperature and hear his gentle whisper, but she just couldn’t see him!
This made her very anxious and scared. She found that a world where she could not see him was so lonely! No, she must find him! She doesn’t want to stay alone in this lonely world.
Jin Woo!’ She calls for reality, and her voice is as soft as a mosquito and fly.
Snow me here! The man responded to my ear, but she looked around and still couldn’t find him.
Jin Woo … hold me tight! I am so scared! Xia Xue breaks down in tears.
Finally, she felt a strong hug from a man! He smells good, he is close at hand, he is familiar with the heat ironing her, he is real and owned by her!
Jin Woo!’ Xia Xue was awakened by his shout and opened his eyes to see a bright light.
Li Zhenyu sat on the bed and hugged her tightly all the time. He kept responding to her call and kissing her from time to time to make her feel that he was busy when suddenly he froze!
The female eyes in my arms looked at him clearly and looked very awake.
Snow! Li Zhenyu was incredibly surprised, You … are awake!
桑拿会所  title=Jin Woo!’ Xia Xue was even more delighted. I finally found you!
After searching hard for so many days, she was finally able to see the truth. He touched the truth. She reached out her trembling hand and gently touched his handsome face. He looked thinner and his eyes were slightly sunken …
Call Dr. Zhou! Li Zhenyu still can’t believe that she is out of danger! Although Tao Zheng told him to wake up, he said she was all right!
Soon Dr. Zhou was called! After a detailed examination of Xia Xue, the diagnosis was finally made. Congratulations, Mr. Li, your wife is out of danger!
It’s like a spring thunder on the ground suddenly blew away the worries and anxieties of the past few days … All the gloom disappeared cleanly.
Li Zhenyu picked up Xia Xue and looked at her black eyes again and again. She was ecstatic and excited. Snow, you finally woke up!

After hearing this, the old man’s face showed a puzzled expression, but he quickly recovered his color.

"yes, master"
"Do you need to contact the police?"
Wei Xi looked after Xiaomi.
"At this point, you should ask Miss Gu what she says."
The old man turned to Gu Xiaomi, and Gu Xiaomi couldn’t help but feel nervous and couldn’t speak neatly.
"Well, forget it. I’m fine now, so don’t contact the police. It’s estimated that she will also converge after she is frightened this time, don’t you think?"
"Well, I’ll listen to you. Anyway, if you settle down, she won’t have a chance to hurt you."
"Is old Wang Ren arranged?"
"Yes, just outside the door"
"Okay, you go first."
"Then I’ll go first. Goodbye, Master Gu."
Said the old man went out. Wow, it’s so stylish. Gu Xiaomi thinks he walks with the wind.
"Who is hee?"
"You’ll know then."
"You have a lot of secrets. I thought you might be rich, but now I think it’s not just that simple. Just now, the old man didn’t look like he was rich. He was wearing a famous brand and had so many hands. Then how could he listen to you? Who are you? I’m getting more and more curious."
"No matter what others think of me, you are your minion."
Chapter 24 Going home
"Give" Wei Xi a lovely gift box to Gu Xiaomi.
"What is this?" Gu Xiaomi asked as he opened it.
"Wow, what a cute hat!" Gu Xiaomi is holding the hat in his hand and fiddling with the goose yellow hat from left to right. It looks very warm, just like a little sun. The only thing that always warms your heart is inexplicable and distressing. The most important thing is that there are two pigtails hanging on both sides of the hat.
"The only thing that must be beautiful to wear" Gu Xiaomi spoke highly of Wei Xi’s vision.
"Who is the only one?"
"A beautiful woman."
"Beauty" Wei Xi picked his eyebrows.
"Well, I’m going to see a beautiful woman now. Do you want to go?"
spa会所Although Wei Xi is interested in the beauty epidemic, he is also curious about whether Fang Sheng can make Gu Xiaomi so interested and obediently follow.
"City, do they have to follow this way?" Gu Xiaomi looked at the mighty suit man behind him and felt a little uncomfortable.
"You don’t go back first," Wei Xi told the suit leader later.
Finally it’s just the two of them. Gu Xiaomi is relieved.
"It’s too conspicuous to have so many people following you. Don’t let them follow you, okay?"
"They are protecting you. You let Li Mei go. I’m afraid this woman will never repent. I can’t risk you. Just bear it." Wei Xi rubbed his head against Xiaomi’s little head.
There’s no way out. Let Xi feel at ease about Xiaomi and be a "big sister"
"The only thing you see what I brought you" Gu Xiaomi pushed open the door and shouted.
The bedding and mattress swinging in the room are gone, leaving the bed board.
"The only place where I went was the only place."
Gu Xiaomi dare not think about it, but dare not say it.
"What about the city? The only place to go?" Gu Xiaomi grabbed Wei Xi’s shoulder and stamped his feet.
"Don’t worry, let’s ask the nurse first."
Gu Xiaomi followed Wei Xi to the nurse while sobbing.
"Excuse me, where is the little girl in that ward?"
"Which?" The other person has a bad tone.
"Only Liu Unique" Gu Xiaomi added.
"Oh, she’s out of the hospital"
"What" Gu Xiaomi exclaimed from behind Wei Xi.
"His parents found the right bone marrow and went to the United States for surgery."
"Great, Hee, did you hear that the only thing that can be saved?" Gu Xiaomi’s tears burst its banks again.

Dad … Jia Yu looked at the bowl in his hand and said that she looked a little timid.

Feather son Jia Xu’s eyes softened a lot when he looked at his daughter. Father doesn’t care what others say. Father asks you, tell Dad yourself how he treats you? Have you been wronged? He stretched out his hand and pointed to me.
Jia Yu was surprised to see his father for a long time before he whispered, Husband treats his daughter … much like dad treats his mother better …
She made such a contrast to Jia Xu zheng is it? Is there anything better than the father?
It seems that I’m going to give a good reward tonight. I’ve added luster and set up an image. Jia Yu, I thought, rubbing my hands.
After this little storm, I think it seems necessary to pay special attention to the attitude towards Cheng Yu.
After repeated thinking, I have made a decision. If Jia Xu Cheng Yu sits under the same roof, I must pay special attention to Cheng Yu and I also pay attention to Cheng Wu’s communication. Although your family has no daughter, you can also consolidate your feelings!
Cheng Yu didn’t care about it anymore, but felt a little guilty at that timehe didn’t come out to work until three days after he was at home, which made me wonder whether he was deliberately lazy or sincerely repented.
Planning before autumn harvest
As soon as the month entered, the weather suddenly cooled down.
It is said that the autumn harvest will come in three or two days. During this critical period, Cheng Yu, a captain of agriculture, was particularly busy, and even Jia Dashu was dragged away by himI am far less proficient in these agricultural issues than Cheng Yu and Jia Xu, two scribes.
In fact, I also wonder that readers should be indifferent to the grain and immerse themselves in knowledge all day, right? Why do these two seem to have a lot of experience in agriculture?
桑拿论坛In March and April, the survival rate of halfsaplings planted was not satisfactory, and a sparse grove was built in Linrong Sanfeng, which finally added a little greenery.
In fact, I wonder why there is such a large piece of barren grassland here, which is next to the big river and abundant in water, and in the north is endless the yinshan mountains. No, it’s not just one piece. It should be regarded as two pieces, one in Hedong and the other in Hexi, separated by two small towns, Linrong Woye.
It’s a pity that I’m not a geographer, and my impression of Mongolian grassland in my previous life is only limited to such things as hulun buir grassland. Will it become a desert Gobi here? I know, but planting a few trees can be done with little effort.
Nearly 60,000 soldiers and civilians in the six northern cities are busy in the fields.
And I once pretended to be a mountain village to inspect the situation in Linrong Woye.
On the second day of the month, Huangfugu reported to me that Chloe Wang came from Shuofang and the news that my father is coming.
Today? I hurried to do it.
It’s not so soon, but it’s only a couple of days. He laughed. County magistrate Wang said that my father had entered Wuyuan and met Lu Bu.
Well, then prepare one. I patted my leg. Why don’t you leave the receptionist to you?
Huangfugu nodded. What are you prepared to give him two meals and wine? We are a poor place in the north.
I couldn’t help laughing when I looked at him. Are you sure the secretariat adults won’t blame us?
We’re financially strapped, and we’re counting on the secretariat for funding, aren’t we, sheriff? He shrugged his shoulders.
I nodded heavily. Yes, we haven’t received a salary for a long time, and we are all eagerly waiting for the secretariat’s adult to pay.

So we waited eagerly for three days and didn’t see any ghost of Huangfusong.
Are you sure your father is coming? I called Huangfugu to question him.
He is very embarrassed. After my father sent me, Gen didn’t ask me anything and didn’t pass the letter. How do I know?
I sighed, Your dad won’t have any problems with Lu Bu, will he? Lai won’t come out in Wuyuan?
Huh? My heart suddenly jumped. Damn it! Lyu3 bu4 this fellow won’t take the opportunity to kill HuangFuSong? ! In this case … I can send troops to crusade against him at once! Huangfusong’s parents can be moral here, of course, on my side. After I slaughtered Lu Bu, I will receive his hand, brother Zhang Liao … I can almost foresee this happy life.
I have sent someone to find out the news. I believe that the day will come to a conclusion. Huangfugu looked calm.

At the beginning of the month, the agents sent by Huangfugu finally returned.
Er … according to what they say … Huangfugu came to report again that my father has left Wuyuan County
Oh, so we’re ready for one? Jia Xu Road
No … His face seemed a little difficult. My father went back to the cloud …
Go to the cloud? !” I slapped a few your dad what is he doing? !” Did you guess that I was going to cry to him and apply for aid funds?
HuangFuGu stand hand heard that this is a military secret
Secret, damn it! I swore.
Ahem Jia Xu motioned for me to pay attention to the image Is the secretariat leading troops?
eh? HuangFuGu zheng it is said that less from Jinyang brought five thousand people team
That’s right. Jia Xu nodded and smoothed her Hu.
I also seem to be a little white. Sir, do you mean … he also came to prepare for the Xianbei savage?
Of course, the yellow turban insurrectionary figurehead has pacified the Huangfu family, who has lived in the northern state for generations. It is natural to know when to deploy. Jia Xu praised his father in front of Huangfugu.
Shame, no HuangFuGu even selfeffacing face is full of smiles.
I twisted my waist. In this case, we don’t need to wait for him. We should do what we want. We should also prepare to meet the savage.
Jia Xu laughed. Have you been waiting for the secretariat these days?
I stared at him and kept my mouth shut.

I’m not sure how much damage Gu Changning has caused to the Li family, but Ye Xiangyuan stepped on the Li family several times. I know that, and it’s no wonder that Li jiaqi’s face is uncertain.

It happened that Gu Changning didn’t have to spare human nature and continue to sneer at "Don’t say that I am a junior and don’t take this opportunity to wake you up again." He said word for word, "Minister Li is complacent and won this lawsuit. It is better to think about whether you have a chance to get what you want most after two years."
This thing naturally refers to that position.
Gu Changning this tone is threatening.
In an instant, Li jiaqi’s eyes were full of malicious intentions.
But after all, he naturally knows how to restrain his temper. Even though Gu Changning was so angry that he was about to vomit blood, he still endured the anger and gently swept Gu Changning. "Young people don’t be so angry. Let’s wait and see."
Say that finish with people and roared off.
Gu Changning stared at his back and frowned. "I think he has a determined face. Maybe he has already dug a pit with those people and let us jump … It seems that he has to wake up."
I listened to the heart a tight.
Is Li Qiguo really in collusion with those forces? Isn’t he afraid of being known by the public as a national sinner?
Chapter 244 I know that arms dealer
Before I could ask Gu Changning Chen Shu, he came up again.
It’s really troublesome to send away one opponent and come to another with a wry smile in my heart.
Chen Shu didn’t look as proud as Li jiaqi, but looked at me apologetically. "I’m sorry to fight this lawsuit with Chu, but it wasn’t my intention."
He smiled and his tone was sincere.
I laughed, but I didn’t believe what he said. It was hypocritical for him to say that this lawsuit was aimed at Chu.
But of course, I can’t show a polite smile. "Manager Chen doesn’t have to apologize, just like you said,"
Chen Shu’s eyes flashed and then he smiled, "But I still feel sorry."
If there is something ambiguous about this, it happened that Gu Changning and these small schools are playing.
My heart sneered and kept a straight face. "Chen, what you said will make me misunderstand it and I don’t need Chu’s compensation."
Chen Shu was about to be amused and smiled for a while before saying, "It’s a pity that we are all owners … I think we can find a chance to talk about this lawsuit." He paused his eyes from Gu Changning’s face and said with a smile, "I believe Gu Shao will agree, otherwise Chu’s carrying such a debt is a burden to Ye Er Shao."
Gu Changning eyes slightly narrowed light way "don’t bother you".
Chen Shu doesn’t care, but looks at me as if waiting for my answer.
I was silent for a few seconds and said, "Can I take a step back and let Chu go after chatting?"
Chen Shu smiled slightly with his hands in his pockets. "It’s not impossible to consider."
My face suddenly changed.
What does he mean by this? Is it really negotiable?
But then I denied the idea that the people behind Chen Shu dug a hole for Ye Xiangyuan and could not let us go easily.
约茶I guess it’s another pit
Chen Shu smiled and gave me a look. "Think about it. I’ll wait for you … I’ll see you anytime, anywhere."
Then he left with his hands.
But his words became more ambiguous and could not be heard clearly.
I consciously went to see Gu Changning and those who were young.
Gu Changning was so sarcastic that "you can still provoke peach blossoms if you lose the lawsuit."
I have something to say. Of course, my heart is open and there is no friendship with Chen Shu, and I believe Gu Changning knows this very well. It is probably a habit for him to deliberately stimulate me like this.
So I’m not as angry as I am
After that, we also walked all the way out together. I secretly thought that Chen Shu had just moved.
Section 224
What’s the purpose of his coming to me after winning the first-instance judgment?
What the hell does he want to do?
It can’t be. These ambiguous words discredit me.
I think the best possibility is that he should dig a hole and wait for me to jump
Should I jump in?

After a few steps in kelp, Lu Wenbin took the ball back to the middle road, but Makoto Hasebe tripped in the frontcourt and got an Italian ball opportunity.

Everyone in the China team suddenly became happy, and the Japanese team was on the verge of an enemy.
Everyone knows that Lu Wenbin is horrible.
As a result, Lu Wenbin’s special skill of opening the system has already hit the best angle and went straight to the dead corner of the goal, but eiji kawashima, the goalkeeper of the Japanese team, made a world-class save and rose to the bottom line with his fingertips.
The stands suddenly rang with sighs from China fans and cheers from Japanese fans. eiji kawashima was surrounded by Japanese team members to thank him for saving.
As time went on, the Japanese team gradually began to shrink their defense.
Although they played alone, Lu Wenbin really put a lot of pressure on them. If eiji kawashima hadn’t played his brave role, the Japanese team might have lost the ball just now.
Therefore, on the next match day, the team narrowed its defense line and almost gave China no chance to enter the goal within 3 meters. Even Lu Wenbin personally broke through the ball twice and failed to successfully break into the forbidden area.
For the Japanese team, even if there is one more player, it is a great victory to get a point with Lu Wenbin leading the China team.
In the end, this score may become their direct qualifying key score for Australia.
Chapter 53 Two winning streaks
As the game gets shorter and shorter, the game
Segmented reading 27
On the last day, the team had some mentality to keep a draw, and paid more and more attention to backcourt defense.
China, whose lead has been leveled repeatedly, is naturally unwilling to lead a massive attack on the Japanese team in the final stage of the draw.
But in the future, one person is missing, and there are more defensive loopholes in the backcourt.
In the 91st minute, Lu Wenbin gave the ball to Hao Junmin, which was intercepted by the Japanese team because Hao Junmin accidentally slipped. The Japanese team suddenly sprinted and made a quick attack.
On grandstand day, fans suddenly got excited, shouting and hoping that the Japanese team would score another goal to complete the reversal.
The Japanese team pressed China to concentrate on defending the ball-bearer through a few passes, and then the Japanese team quickly hit the front of the China team’s forbidden area.
Good Zheng Zhi’s experience stuck Ryoichi Maeda’s last forward route and prevented him from breaking into the forbidden zone.
Had to drag the team to China, and all the players were in place to defend themselves. After Ryoichi Maeda was able to dodge an angle, he took a long-range shot outside the area and tried his luck.
Although Zheng Zhi failed to stop the shot, Ryoichi Maeda failed to interfere and his strength and angle were easily confiscated by Ceng Cheng.
After getting the ball, Ceng Cheng came to prepare to serve later, but he heard midfielder Lu Wenbin shout.
"Open your feet" Lu Wenbin turned around and ran back to Ceng Cheng at half time.
Ceng Cheng took one look at the situation in the frontcourt, and saw that the Japanese team was almost crushed by the counterattack just now, leaving two central defenders, Makoto Hasebe, who had been dumped by Lu Wenbin.
It is indeed a good opportunity to fight back against Japan in turn.
Without hesitation, Ceng Cheng kicked the ball out with a big foot
However, Ceng Cheng didn’t get the kick right. He didn’t run in the direction of Lu Wenbin, but went to the side.
There was no way for Lu Wenbin to pull and run to the side to stop the ball in the chest, but he was blocked by full-back yuto nagatomo.
Lu Wenbin finished turning around and moving forward with the ball behind him, but he broke through and retreated to yuto nagatomo while defending.
The Japanese team members quickly returned to the defense position, and the counter-attack of China team was also limited and failed to play successfully.
With Makoto Hasebe chasing Lu Wenbin, there is no chance to break through the bottom by the side.
There was no way for Lu Wenbin to cross the ball to him and switch to the sea. Then there was a positional war outside the China team day.
At this point, the game has come to the 92 nd minute, and the 3 rd minute of stoppage time is about to pass.
Lu Wenbin has always been focused on the defense and failed to get a breakthrough and shooting opportunity, and other China players have never caught a good opportunity to finish shooting.
We dare not wave this last chance easily.
Seeing that the game is coming to an end, guest central defender Zheng Zhi also rushed to the Japanese team’s forbidden area
Zheng Zhi’s sudden forward insertion upset the Japanese team’s defense. Hao Junmin couldn’t find the direction of the ball. After seeing Zheng Zhi’s forward insertion, he crossed the ball to Zheng Zhi’s running direction
品茶论坛Although Zheng Zhi’s forward insertion caught the Japanese off guard a bit, not only did the Japanese players accumulate at present, but there were too many people in the back court, and Zheng Zhi didn’t have a shooting angle.
At this time, Lu Wenbin’s voice "leaked" sounded behind Zheng Zhi.
It turned out that when Zheng Zhi overtook Lu Wenbin and inserted into the forbidden zone, Lu Wenbin also made an arc outside the forbidden zone with his speed and ball running, and then suddenly rushed to the forbidden zone and woke up Zheng Zhi in time.
Zheng Zhi didn’t hesitate to take a shot. He missed the ball with one leg and shook the defender in front of him.
Open Makoto Hasebe and rush into the ribs of the forbidden area. Lu Wenbin carried the central defender Maya Yoshida around him and pulled the ball that Zheng Zhi leaked. He tried his best to volley the ball to the near corner of the goal.
After finishing the shot, Lu Wenbin was also pulled down by Maya Yoshida, but Lu Wenbin stared at the ball and prayed that it would fly into the goal.
In the small forbidden area, Tian Turen stretched his leg and stopped a ball.
The goal line eiji kawashima saw Lu Wenbin’s movement and shot and made a save, but Lu Wenbin tried his best to shoot too hard and too fast. eiji kawashima caught the ball with his palm but failed to get the racket out of the baseline.
The ball eiji kawashima bounced in the palm of his hand and then hit the side of the post and bounced into the net nest.
After the game, it was counted that the ball was over 1 kilometer per hour. No wonder eiji kawashima caught the ball and failed to stop it.
Lu Wenbin really did his best to get this goal in the last attack.
See the ball into the net commentary seats China CCTV commentator suddenly jumped up and shouted
"The goal scored, the goal scored, and Lu Wenbin scored the winner."
"China’s 43 rd Victory Day"
"Lu Wenbin scored a winner goal in the final stage of stoppage time, 43 winner days"
Indeed, scoring goals at this time is absolutely a winner.
Before Lu Wenbin got up, his teammates rushed to Lu Wenbin’s body and threw him over to celebrate.
More than 10,000 China fans in the stands were also so excited that they applauded, cheered and screamed to celebrate Lu Wenbin’s name.
On the other hand, Japanese players and fans are simply unacceptable.
They actually had one more man-to-man battle at home, and the game was defeated by China at the last minute.
Many players and fans cover their eyes and don’t want to see Chinese cheering scenes and big screen scores.

When I heard it, I suddenly lost my mind. What is the reason? There are countless orcs in the game, and there are hundreds of orc villages. So am I still mixed up? I turned my head to look at the orc hero and saw that he was still covering his face with cold sweat. I couldn’t help wondering, "Orc, what are you doing?"

"Didn’t you see? I have a toothache! "
By what world? NPC actually has a toothache? But if he doesn’t have a toothache, I’m dead
"Then why do you have a toothache for me?"
"I gave it to you. You have to promise and promise!"
At this moment, Chris and the three of them came back immediately to see what was going on when they saw that I didn’t come, but did they suddenly become blind when they saw me and the orc hero sitting face to face chatting?
Dark fire exclaimed, "boss, I love you to death!" Sure enough, joining your team has everything. "
And the law of disease says, "even the ultimate BOSS is talking and laughing with big brother. It seems that big brother is really not simple."
And Chris looked at me with a surprised face, and then looked at the orc hero. It seems unlikely that this kind of thing will happen in her NPC knowledge, right?
When I saw them, it was hard to say when the orc hero went crazy, so I made a private chat and told them to wait for me outside. After receiving the message, they left with a worried and curious face.
And the orc hero and I got down to business.
It turns out that the orc hero will come to the orc grave today in order to find a medicine, a medicine for toothache, and that medicine is the left carrion. We can see that the orc carrion is very afraid of the left carrion, and they are naturally afraid of the orc hero, even if they become conscious orc carrion.
Important note: if friends can’t open the old domain name of o m, they can access it by visiting the backup domain name.
The orc hero told me this and gave me specific details. It turned out that the passage in the left lane became smaller and smaller. The huge orc hero could not get in, and his hand, the orc archer, could not leave him for 20 meters because of the problem of unified setup, so he asked me to go in and take out the medicine.
Of course, when I heard this, I agreed without saying anything. Isn’t that just taking a medicine? How hard can it be? But also bargained with the orc hero, and finally his orc hero card helped him finish this.
The orc hero card is a good thing. With it, you can conditionally order the orcs to complete three times. For example, if you want to attack a city, you can directly order 10,000 orcs to attack. I believe no guild can withstand so many orcs’ attacks.
I went back to the ground and told the three of them that they were all surprised, but if we make this siege and defend the city at least three times, we will throw that pile of things that are enough to crush people into my warehouse first, and I don’t know what’s in it, so we will do it as soon as the car is knocked down.
Once again, I came to the cave of the orc. This time, the orc hero was not so fierce, but he didn’t give us a good face to see who told him that he still had a toothache!
We said hello to the left road, and we didn’t see the orc carrion all the way. This passage was really getting smaller and smaller. Finally, it was so small that one person barely passed through several of us and walked sideways for about ten minutes, and finally left the path, but our position turned out to be half-finished, and we saw another magnificent building complex.
The wall of an underground cave hundreds of meters high is covered with small holes, and there is a huge stone flower at the top of the cave, and there is a three-story wide fountain at the bottom of the cave. There are many houses around the fountain, but no one can be seen.
The four of us were surprised that there was such a magnificent building complex under the orc, but now there is a problem. According to the orc hero, the medicine is put in a fountain, but how can we get there without rope and ladder?
Look at that mirror-smooth cave wall. The four of us didn’t know it was so good. Suddenly, it occurred to me that Chris had done something early this morning. Isn’t this just the right time?
When I called angel Polly out, she became my pet and Chris’s pet. In fairyland, pets can be upgraded or not. Angel Polly belongs to the category that cannot be upgraded, but she is a small BOSS, and her attack and defense are not weak.
In the horror of disease and dark fire, I made the angel Polly’s skills [feather] fly to the ground with snow-white wings. Of course, there are problems left for Chris to explain to them slowly
It’s nice to have wings. Put away Angel Polly in five seconds. I went to the fountain to see where the medicine was, but it was a pure fountain. Reagan couldn’t find the medicine that the orc hero said. When I was having a headache, a group of black objects approached me.
☆        ☆        ☆
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-(End of volume)-
The third ups and downs of life
Chapter One Tooth (1)
Chapter One Tooth (1)
喝茶约茶Starting from today, I will update the speed of five chapters every day, preferring to surpass the word list as soon as possible rather than stay in the middle!
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The first chapter tooth (a)
I felt strange behind me and turned around to see a group of’ mice’ in the dark behind me! The definition of a group is like you see a dense nest of ants going back and forth, but I can’t count how many there are. But I know that the root is not when I don’t run away, I will become food for these mice. Although there is no pain in the game, I think of being bitten by thousands of mice. I immediately call angel Polly to jump into the fountain and follow [emergence] to fly, but those mice will actually stack up and chase me. I don’t care what magic is, I always sing and throw it [Holy Spirit Call] [Mind Blasting] [Freezing]
In a hurry, a strange idea suddenly appeared in my head and then changed into wings. Angel Polly flapped her snow-white wings continuously and quickly to form a vortex shape. The wind blade shot at the group of mice. As soon as the mice touched these wind blades, they were immediately hit, and the folded mouse bridge collapsed because of the wind blade.
I was taken aback. I immediately flew high and checked the Angel Polly attribute. I found that I had an extra skill [flurry shooting] [feathering]. After that, I could flap my wings to form a wind pressure to attack the enemy group.
I was so excited that I quickly went back to Chris’s cave and told them what had happened. When I said that Angel Polly knew such a skill, all three people were amazed. If all four of us had an angel Polly pet, it would be very difficult for others except hunters to attack players in the sky. If we had a hundred angel Polly troops, it would be an important force to sweep the fairyland.
But for the time being, we still have to find a way to solve the problem of surface mice. Finally, I called Disease Method and Dark Fire to go to payon to buy a lot of fruits. Juice, meat pieces, ropes and barbs came to the underground cave again and put the ropes. Then I flew low with a lot of fruits to distract the mice and threw the fruits far to the side of the cave. The mice rushed to the fruit pile like hungry ghosts, while Chris slid along the ropes and three people searched for the so-called medicine in the fountain at the same time. But when the fruit pieces were almost eaten up, they still couldn’t find anything similar to the medicine. There were water, marble and some gravel in the fountain, and there were some fixed fountains. I didn’t know what to make branches. We went back to the orc hero and asked what the medicine was.
"What haven’t found? Don’t you know I have a terrible toothache? Go! Cut the crap! "
We couldn’t get back to the underground cave after being drunk by the orc hero, and the four of us racked their brains and couldn’t think of finding the so-called medicine. In the end, when we couldn’t help it, it was too late to wait for a while. Forget it. The orc hero will be in pain for another day
☆        ☆        ☆
Take off your helmet and stretch your fingers, or hit her computer at the desk as usual, but it seems a little strange today. She looks beautiful in clothes, many pink short dresses and two Mao Mao sleeves in her hands, which makes people feel bright at the moment.
I took the opportunity to ask, "Hey, are you going on a date today? Why do you look so good? "
Zhang Xian looked back at me and said, "I have a name. My name is Zhang Xian. People call me Xian Er, but you’d better call my name instead of what I wear."
"Why so cold? We haven’t said a few words every day! "
"Who has something to say with * * * *?"

"claustrophobia?" Lin Mo-chen is a stranger to this term. Most of him have never been exposed to this disease. "Is she in serious condition? Is it treatable? "

"Listen to what you said just now, her condition is still a little serious. This disease can be cured, but it needs her strong psychology to overcome her fear." Chu Heng picked up the medicine cabinet and walked to the front of Lin Mochen and patted him gently on the shoulder. "You can check this disease online. I’ll go first."
Chu Heng crossed Lin Mo-chen and left the bedroom. Lin Mo-chen stayed where he was until he heard the door coming outside, and his thoughts were pulled back.
He approached Lu You’s bed and squatted down to raise his hand by the bed to caress her face. Her face was so pale that even her rosy lips lost their color, just like frost hitting a small red flower.
She is a fragile porcelain doll, which will break when pinched, making people feel so distressed.
During the second stop, Lu You was not afraid this time, but this time she was very out of control.
What did she go through growing up? This made him curious.
Lin Mochen lightly printed a pity kiss on her white forehead, and then tucked the quilt for her.
He went to the bathroom and made a pot of hot water to wipe the bare skin outside for Lu You, especially after Song Yabei spilled red wine on her face and chest and neck, leaving wine stains.
He carefully took care of it for her, changed a basin of water and wiped it again before he felt at ease.
After finishing these things, Lin Mochen went to the balcony outside the floor-to-ceiling window and first gave Pang Bo a message, "Pang Bo, help me buy some vegetables and meat, eggs, a fish and a treasure fish, and a home-cooked recipe."
He confessed Pang Boran and then called Gu Na.
Lu worry about Sue diffuse woke up for a while must be to ask her things to make a phone call in the past to ask about the situation.
The phone rang three times before it answered, and the voice was hoarse. "Why don’t you call me with your wife?"
"Are you with Su Man?" Lin Mo-chen went straight to the point.
"I’m naturally a woman if I’m not interested in men." Gu Nan smiled lightly and said something meaningful. "Why are you so careless?"
"She is a friend of Lu You. Is she all right?" Lin Mo-chen has always been nosy, but he is especially concerned about Lu’s worries.
"You don’t call to interrupt our good things. I have a good bed to love her now." Gu Nanqing said it was full of mass at the right hypochondrium. "You didn’t mean it, did you? Are you harassing us by listening to your wife? Although we are brothers, we never care about each other’s private affairs, especially women’s affairs. "
They secretly reached this consensus that no one would interfere in anyone’s private affairs, and Gu Nan was awake to Lin Mo-chen not to cross the line.
"I just want to wake you up. Su Man, if she is a good woman, don’t let others down." Lin Mochen can wake him up from the side. "What kind of women can play and what kind of women can’t play? You know it yourself. I didn’t say much about being careful about kidney deficiency."
"You only have kidney deficiency" Gu Nanqing replied angrily to him.
Lin Mo-chen finished talking to Gu Nan-qing, and frowned and meditated in shaking hands with his mobile phone.
Gu Nanqing is different from him. He is restrained to women, but Gu Nanqing is a master in love. He has provoked too many peach debts. I wonder if Su Man will be the one who wants to pay his debts.
He didn’t want to turn around and go into the bedroom. He accompanied Lu You for a while and Pang Bo brought the food.
He took the bag "Qian Yue knot"
"Lin always cooks for Miss Lu?" Pang Bo is curious that his personality is either casual in the company.
"You don’t need to know this. Hurry." Lin Mochen will catch people.
"Manager Lin, you kick down the ladder too fast." Pang Bo muttered discontentedly.
Lin Mo-chen patted the door panel directly. If Pang Bo hadn’t retired quickly, his nose would have been flattened by the door panel.
Lin Mochen took the dishes to the kitchen, picked fish, radish and beef, one vegetable and two eggs were enough, and put his vegetables and meat in the refrigerator.
It’s getting late for him to read it. It’s time to cook dinner.
Lu you will be able to eat when you wake up soon.
Actually, I’m not very good at cooking, but I can make it easy. If it’s difficult, he will have some difficulty.
He opened the recipe bought in Pang Bo and found the method of frying vegetables with white radish, beef and vegetable in steamed turbot.
He prepared the ingredients according to the noodles and then steamed the fish and stuffed the beef.
On the other hand, he cooked the mushroom lean meat porridge, and soon it was fragrant and full of fragrance, which hooked people’s appetite.
桑拿论坛He looked at himself and felt very fulfilled. Although his fingers were not hurt and his skin was splashed with red spots, he couldn’t say that he was satisfied.
He waited for the food to be ready before the fire broke out. At this time, Lu You had not woken up.
He washed his hands and went to the bedroom to sit by the bed. A single person sofa held Lu’s sorrow in his hand and accompanied her in his heart.
He thought of her sadness and pain in the dark staircase and repeated the sentence "Don’t want me, don’t leave me …
That kind of sadness made him forget her injured appearance until now.
Who is so cruel to her that she can’t get over it now?
If he knows who did this to her, he will definitely let the other person taste the same taste.
Section 46
Lin Mo-chen accompanied Lu Yu from evening to dark, and lights were lit outside. He also turned on the bedside table lamp, and then turned on all the lights at home, making the room warm, white and bright as day.
Lu is afraid of the dark, afraid that when she wakes up, she will be afraid. This should be enough.
He took out his mobile phone network with that hand and checked claustrophobia.
Claustrophobia is an anxiety about closure.

A strange feeling welled up in my heart, unconsciously

Now, Emperor Yu is incarnate, and four waves of water appear in all directions. Those four water waves are also the symbol of the perfection of Emperor Shun Han Hai Boxing. However, it is not so easy to realize the essence of Emperor Shun’s Juexue.
That’s …
A strange feeling welled up in my heart, unconsciously, Fang Yun has appeared in another strange place. And within the scope of his telepathy, impressively there is a spirit can’t penetrate into the box. Moreover, the restricted area is still very large.
wow! Water waves, Fang Yun shape a longitudinal, heavy water waves, toward the induction of flyby.
In the middle of the vast ocean, there is a dome-shaped space with a huge area.
In the dome-shaped space, it was dark. Through the darkness, you can see a stretch of primitive ridge. This huge ridge is very strange. Because the upper, lower and left sides of the ridge are all seawater. In other words, this dark ridge is actually suspended in the sea out of thin air.
In the middle of the dark ridge, a huge god, with eyes like lanterns, stubble beard and awkward muscles, lies quietly in the dark ridge. Its eyes are closed and motionless. And four bronze chains as thick as rivers locked its hands and feet respectively, and the ends of the chains were connected to the dome-shaped optical film and disappeared.
This is what Fang Yun saw when he arrive. Even though he was prepared and knew that it was extraordinary here, Fang Yun still felt an unparalleled shock when he really saw it.
Devil! Ancient fiend living real ancient fiend! !
Now that it has become a legend in ancient times, here is a living ancient fiend!
Fang Yun finally understood the meaning of eternal repression in the altar murals. San huang imperial edict, personally suppressed, is this ancient fiend!
Combined with the frescoes he saw before and the records in Modern Times, Fang Yun has almost understood the ins and outs of this place.
In the early days of ancient times, there was chaos. It was a time when many fiends ruled. These fiends can easily smash the stars three hundred thousand miles away, and can also easily pull up a mountain as a weapon.
Because of their bodies, they are very huge and strong.
Strong power, accompanied by strong self-esteem and desire. For fiends, the way to show their self-esteem and comfort their desires is to overthrow other fiends. So the ancient land, a war. The fiends’ terror destroyed the earth in ruins.
San huang was born, but it was after the fiends ruled the earth and chaos for a long time.
What is described in the murals is exactly what happened in the ancient mainland when san huang was born, fought in the north and south, and calmed down. At that time, many fiends were knocked down by san huang. And some powerful, refused to surrender, and hard to destroy the fiend strong, was sealed by san huang.
And this huge fiend sealed in the ridge, there is no doubt. It is such a fiend!
bang! Fang Yun took a long breath of cold, stupefied looking at the ancient fiend deep in the dark ridge ahead. This fiend’s body is covered with horrible scars, some of which are weapons and some are thunderous. There is no doubt that before the seal was here, this fiend also experienced war and was extremely strong.
In the small world of ancient times, there was such a living ancient fiend with a seal. Fang Yun didn’t know what it meant to the recent ancient times, whether it was Zongmen or the mainland.
Never suppress … no wonder to suppress forever! Such an ancient fiend was born, and I don’t know how big the waves will be!
Fang Yun look dignified.
The pattern of tigers eating dragons in the world is chaotic enough. If there is another ancient fiend, it is really finished. It is not a good thing for the cadres and the world.
Go in and have a look.
Fang Yun thoughtfully for a moment and immediately decided to enter this huge ridge comparable to De Huang.
The Universal Clock of Heaven and Earth can break all seals, but this one is banned by san huang’s seal fiend. Fang Yun also dare not careless, offering the universal clock of heaven and earth, and stepping into it. Then carefully into the black, huge dome ban.
Boo! Black covered the dome of the whole ridge, and a concave point was trapped, and then the universal clock of heaven and earth squeezed in little by little.
Master, this place, there are strange. I feel a lot of resistance!
Just go in, the voice of the universal clock of heaven and earth immediately sounded. Unlike imagined, this optical film is not just a thin layer, but extremely thick, at least tens of feet thick.