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"If you recognize it, who stipulates that we can’t go in?" Huangfu Da obviously took Shuiyun Park by surprise and went in.

Shuiyunjin left the pie mouth, and no one really stipulated that it was not too conspicuous to swagger in in in the clear sky, especially since their current identities and those words are now well known.
It was quiet when they walked in. It was still early. Before they heard Yingying Yan Yan, they saw a middle-aged man with a steady appearance in the lobby. His posture was straight and he looked like he had been waiting for a long time. His eyebrows were sharp and unsmiling. He saw that the two men respectfully made a ceremony to "meet the lady."
Shui Yun-jin zheng really didn’t expect that there were Huangfudi people in Qingyue Pavilion.
"Get up" Huangfudi faint middle-aged male lead straight to a private room on the third floor.
"Lord wait a moment" middle-aged man ready and back out:
Chapter 5 The Truth (1)
Quiet, luxurious and elegant, Shuiyunjin looked around. The Qingyue Pavilion deserves to be the largest and most famous music square in the capital. The room is almost luxurious, showing the romantic atmosphere everywhere. The pictures of ladies and girls are vivid and enchanting. The carved screen also depicts the hanging head and smiling beauty. The light pink satin veil is woven with cotton cushions to facilitate the guests to take a rest.
It is no wonder that Jiang Qiuwu chose to hide here when he was able to come in Qing Yuege.
"When did you reach out to Qingyue Pavilion?" Shuiyun Park smiled at Huangfuda.
"She and Huangfuheng hold this place, so I’ll let people buy it so that they can’t hide anything they want to do." Huangfuda said lightly.
Shui Yun-jin smiled, not to say that this man is really far-sighted, but to buy a music square is so elegant and romantic, unlike his usual style, but it also just said how Jiang Qiuwu was sent here and dared to post a post and invite people to come. After all, this is not a brothel.
In a short time, I saw the middle-aged man followed by a enchanting woman dressed in a s-curve figure.
Two people outside the elegant door, the woman’s face was covered with powder and fat, and her face was covered with thick powder, with an obsequious smile. "You can stay assured that the post was sent out last night. Since the disappearance of Autumn Guan Yue, those who were thinking about her have been making trouble for three days, saying that my moon mother hid her. It’s a good thing that she returned to the Qing Yue Pavilion and even the highest bidder got the place. Those people rushed over like crazy. Now it’s okay. Let’s have a lively Qing Yue Pavilion again. My moon mother is relieved."
"I told you everything was ready", a middle-aged man with a deep voice.
"I don’t procrastinate, so just watch it." Moon stands with her chest and promises.
"It’s about time to wait." The middle-aged man Yang Yang hand.
Moon smiles ingratiatingly, nods and twists the willows’ slender waist, and goes downstairs step by step.
"When the Lord is ready, he will go to the stage on the third floor," said the middle-aged man, bowing to the inside.
"How is she?" Huangfuda began.
桑拿  title="She was sealed off by you and ordered her dumb hole. Now she is applying chicken power."
"Go ahead, I want to proceed as usual." Huangfuda’s voice rose slightly.
The middle-aged man did another ceremony before retiring.
Shuiyunjin naturally can hear the meaning in Huangfuda’s words. No matter who comes today, Jiang Qiuwu can’t be saved.
Soon, the third floor was full of excitement. With the arrival of more and more people, the music of bamboo and silk began to dance on the moon stage.
Especially when Jiang Qiuwu was held in front of everyone, the crowd was full of excitement.
They didn’t go out of the room and heard the stage of the moon clearly bid. It seems that Guan Yue was very popular in the previous autumn, and she called 100 thousand and 120 at her first night.
"Who’s that man?" Shui Yunjin was curious.
Huangfuda, the richest man in Beijing, looks pale. I am a ghost around the goddess.
"Do you want to go and see?" Shuiyunjin suddenly smiled.
"What are you looking at?" Huangfuda raised her eyebrows.
"Watch!" Shuiyunjin blinked.
"If you want to learn, I’ll teach you to see them myself, which simply pollutes your eyes." Huangfuda’s face is disgusted and serious, and Shuiyunjin repeatedly turns over several supercilious eyes. He has taught her enough.
Suddenly, there was a burst of Wan Jian collision sound from the outside. Shuiyun Park went to the window and looked at it. You could see the number of people in the building and alleys, such as Yesen, playing against each other in black.
As Huang Fu-da said, the two confidants around Jiang Qiuwu didn’t see Huang Fu-heng’s shadow. These dozens of black guards were not afraid. They also seemed to be absent-minded. When they confronted each other, they could not attack and soon withdrew like the tide.
"Huangfuheng is wise to know that with these people, there is no way to rescue Jiang Qiuwu, so he doesn’t want them to die. He sent someone to do it. He was afraid and hated Jiang Qiuwu." Huangfuda didn’t know when she came to Shuiyunjin’s side, and her eyes were faint
Shuiyun Hibiscus sneered at Jiang Qiuwu, who was trying to flatter himself in front of Huangfuhang, but it turned out that Huangfuheng ate a fly and wanted to vomit, but he couldn’t get rid of it. According to Huangfuhang’s temper, he would definitely take Jiang Qiuwu’s operation, let alone send someone to save her. At that time, he told Jiang Qiuwu that he couldn’t save her. To say that these two people had been in the same boat for several years, it was very unlikely that they would trust each other.
The bidding on the stage is still turbulent, and it has caused public outrage when Xu Dagong went in. On this day, Jiang Qiuwu was doomed to die.
The two men stayed in Qingyue Pavilion for another hour before leaving.
When I got back to Lanwangfu, I listened to Jiqing and said, "Pray for the king to take the dark guard to get rid of all the people in Jiangqiuwu."
Smell speech ShuiYunJin smiled Jiang Yu qi that smiling fox is definitely not a paper pinch.
"He’s competitors" Huangfuda eyebrows Yang Yang sound some abandon.
"Jiang Yu qi’s heart is more anxious than anyone else. If you don’t wait for the two masters to get seriously injured, you should make moves to him again. It seems that today Jiang Qiuwu is doomed to escape this robbery." Shui Yunxi thinks that Jiang Yu qi’s move is good. People would do the same.
"You said I should let him come up with something as a gift?" Huangfuda took Shuiyunjin into the gate.
Shuiyunjin chuckled at Jiang Yu’s prayer, but how do you listen to this man asking for a lion’s mouth?
The palace was quiet as usual, and I didn’t hear people’s gossip because the palace banquet was almost naked.
Several lords in the house didn’t feel humiliated, let alone complain and be angry.
Grandpa, it’s not enough that it’s calm there. Mother Princess didn’t hear any movement there. I think she also consciously thought that Su Ningxiang couldn’t stay, so everyone is happy now.
Listen to the rain Xuan Huangfuyi is sitting in the courtyard, holding the charming sunshine in his hand. He is quiet and gentle through the branches and leaves. His concentration seems to have never paid attention to this matter. Maybe he never noticed that he had a wife and married for a few years and lived in a branch and became a stranger. Only by accident can he be so calm.
The whole palace is so calm, and perhaps Huangfudi has long planned this. Since then, Su Ningxiang is no longer the rebirth of Wangfu Shifei and the rise of the empire.
After the Qiqiao Festival, there is a new topic in the streets and lanes of the whole capital, whether it is Su Ningxiang or Qiu Guanyue.
It’s a sunny day, and the sun is shining golden.
Shuiyunjin was just about to go out after breakfast when she came in a hurry. "The princess of the county, Hou Fu, is in charge, saying that Mrs. Hou Fu is eager to see you."
Shuiyunjin frowned slightly. Su Qian wanted to see her for a long time. She didn’t think it was white. Shuixinru "people are still outside."
"Even the handmaiden told him that the princess of the county was not necessarily idle, but he still refused to go." Ruqin was somewhat naive.
Shuiyunjin smiled. It is necessary to see yourself. "Then go back and have a look."
If you fall into the water, Yunjin lifts her feet like a piano and follows quickly.
In front of the palace, I saw the steward’s face eagerly turning back and forth, and saw Shuiyunjin hurriedly saluting "Princess County, please".
ShuiYunJin smiled and didn’t speak there motionless.
The steward looked up and looked at him with a smile on his face. His eyes tightened and he bowed his head and said, "Madam said that if the princess of the county went back, she would allow the princess of the county something."
"Let’s go." Shuiyunjin lifted her feet and walked away from the carriage in front of the steward.
The steward heaved a hand and wiped his forehead. He finally breathed a sigh of relief and jumped into the carriage with the carriage in front.
Half an hour later, the carriage stopped in front of Houfu.
As soon as Shuiyunjin got into the carriage, he saw Su Qian eagerly. "Yunjin, you are finally here."
Shuiyunjin helped Ruqin to get into the carriage. "I don’t know if my mother is in such a hurry."
Su Qian looked at Shuiyunjin’s mouth and smiled, and her heart ached with a knife. Shuixinru has been missing for three days, life and death. No, she laughed happily and didn’t rest assured at all. "Let’s go into the house first."
Water cloud park looked at Su Qian gray face lift the heel.

Crazy, crazy three?

Sorry to bother you.
Although Mad San agrees with himself, it doesn’t mean that he will bring everyone into the room at night. If he is seen, he will be suspected of something.
According to the crazy three words at the moment, she has just arrived, so she should not be found.
What are you doing here so late?
It was ten o’clock in the evening, just at the time of rest.
To do? Of course, it’s to serve Natsume’s classmates. It’s lonely to be alone late.
Ah ha ha, indeed.
What’s the matter? A little shaky? Is it because you are naked like me?
Dress me! Crazy three!
So hot
It’s hot in bed, but if you go out to talk, you may be heard by everyone, thus reducing your goodwill.
No, people have to wear Natsume. Students like garters.
That’s toojust strange! I don’t like nude stockings!
Made a strong
Are you? It’s a pity that you can do things in it.
,things …
Yeah, things.
Like throwing an olive branch, Natsume seems to be attracted by it.
But no.
Think about the present situation carefully, and sort out what you are doing from beginning to end, such as solving this situation.
First of all, I had a barbecue party with them. After the end, Natsume and Crazy San returned to the dormitory. On the way, Natsume borrowed it but returned the white vinegar. At the same time, he was caught by the chef to learn from him.
Then, after struggling to refuse, I fled from the kitchen and ran to the room with mixed feelings, and fell asleep because of fatigue.
Finally, due to sweat and hot air, after waking up, Natsume ran to the bathroom to take a cold bath and washed her hands on the way, which solved the urgent need.
So back to now, in the bathroom, I met all the people in the bedroom bed, and I met crazy three in stockings, so it became such a situation.
Almost halfnaked, do you have to solve two elves who are almost halfnaked?
By the way, Natsume, I brought your favorite rope to make it interesting tonight.
No, I don’t have that kind of interest. What won’t happen if the tortoise shell is tied?
And this triangle horse and vibration
whoa! I know! Anyway, you wait first!
In bed? Just can make the atmosphere more warm ~ I’m already wet ~
I’m excused.
After Natsume came out of the hot bed hell and seminaked madness, he immediately ran to the bathroom with his shirt and cropped trousers, threw them at everyone and heard the doorbell ring at the door.
You are waiting for me inside ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Coming!
Today is really a disaster.
Ran to the door, Natsume set bathrobe, rubbed his hair and hit the door.
Lights up in the hallway, wearing blue pajamas and holding a pillow at the door.
品茶论坛Man, alone, can’t sleep.
If you can’t sleep, you can count sheep.
After counting, 10 thousand humans can’t sleep.
How horrible!
Ten thousand people are horrible!
Look at the corridor, if there is a teacher patrolling at this time, it will be found.
Once the teacher sees a female classmate wandering at the door, it will definitely cause trouble.
Let’s walk in for a while, but let her wait at the door now.
Can you wait here? I want to tidy up a room first, because it’s a mess.
No, I won’t mind if the human room is messy again. I hope I can find the broken robot.
It’s not as good as a garbage dump in the future!
it suddenly occurs to me that
Natsume took out a bag of food from the side. This is to let himself and his chef learn to cook. He will be cheated by a bag of food, which is too small for me.
Come in after eating this, Natsume said, touching his head.
Man, do it again … ah ~
Yawned, eating potato chips like a cat.
Well, I’ll be right back.

"What are the instructions from the president?"

"I heard that you let No.1 play online games, right?"
"But this is also a preliminary contact with computers and networks."
"Well, by the way, I’m going to send someone to help you. The day will probably pass, and you will get along well then, okay?"
"it’s the president."
"Five experimenters, you should be careful not to make mistakes. This can be a human problem, you know?"
Everyone in the meeting room should say "Yes!"
When I opened my eyes, I saw that I should be familiar with the carved wooden ceiling in the room, but the sight in front of me surprised me because I saw a gorgeous giant chandelier with dozens of small lights.
When I sat up, I found that the place where I appeared turned out to be a glittering room. The whole room was made of golden buildings. What exactly was it? I didn’t know that I was so knowledgeable. In addition, there was another bed sleeping in the room. Although a woman was sleeping with her back to me, I knew from the back that this woman must be very beautiful. The slender and slender figure made me want to bite my feet. When I was still stunned, the door was pushed open. A maid dressed up came in and saw me wake up and screamed, and then ran out.
What’s going on here? I was so clever that I couldn’t analyze what was going on at the moment. That scream woke up the woman next to me. She sat up and looked at me with dim eyes, and then she screamed super loudly, regardless of whether she ran out of the room in a thin, almost transparent silk pajamas. Of course, I closely watched her running out of the room.
I slowly recall what happened before. I remember it as if I was treating that princess Chris, then pressing my hand and glowing, and finally fainted. Is it in the game or in reality now? I tried to show me whether to choose the line or not, which let me know that I didn’t expect the coma setting in the game. Were those two NPCs just now? Why is it so vivid? I feel no different from a real person. When I was thinking about it, four or five guards suddenly rushed in from outside the door, detained me without saying anything, and then directly dragged me out of the room by pulling my waist and long hair.
I was dragged to another room, but this room is really different from the one just now. The wall here is blood red and the room is full of all kinds of instruments of torture. An official guy like an ancient criminal in a fairyland sits on the innermost platform of the room while holding me. Two guards let go of my hair but stepped on my calf, which made me climb the ground.
I’ve never seen this situation before, and I almost died, but think about it. It’s a game, and I’m not so scared when I figure it out. Fortunately, there is no pain setting in this game, otherwise I’ve had enough pulling my hair just now.
"Do Taiwanese prisoners know the crime?"
"What crime?" I asked doubtfully.
"Unexpectedly bold contempt officer? Come and play thirty sticks first. "
Oh, my god, you’re going to hit 30 sticks? But just fight. I can’t feel the pain anyway
The first stick of the guard behind me came very hard, but I smiled and turned my head to watch him try to hit 30 sticks and finished my ass without even a stick mark.
约茶"Do Taiwanese prisoners know the crime?"
This time I learned well. "My Lord, please tell me what I have done?"
"The name of the prisoner in Taiwan is’ elegant’, which blatantly infringes on the noble princess of our country. The witness is the princess maid, and the evidence is that the princess screams. What else can you say?"
Shit, this is obviously wrong! The woman in the room is a princess? I haven’t done anything yet, but my eyes have seen something wonderful, and I haven’t touched it. I still have two beds apart
"Can the prisoner know the crime?"
"I …"
"It seems that you still don’t know the crime! Somebody hit another 30 sticks!"
Just fight. I didn’t lose anything anyway, but this NPC seems stupid. Otherwise, how could it be executed in this way? Just as the cudgel was about to come, the execution was interrupted by a sweet sound like an oriole.
"The executive is slow!"
I looked back at the beautiful woman just now, but this time, when I looked at it from the front, I suddenly lost my mind as if I had read an introduction to human nature that said,’ The most beautiful woman must be a fictional woman’. Now I believe this famous saying 1%! Because this NPC beauty in front of me must be a fiction. The pink feather gauze matches her perfectly without a trace of unnecessary stains. The face is so beautiful that my heart almost stopped beating. My breathing changed from twice a minute to once, which almost made me die on the spot, but it seems that the game didn’t breathe. This setting is strange. How can I feel that I have a bad breath?
"See the Princess Hall!"
"Get up. There’s nothing for you here. You go first."
Finally, Princess Chris and I were left in the room when I was about to sit up. Princess Chris suddenly changed her expression and threw herself at me with a big smile. She threw me to the ground and held my neck tightly with her hands. This change surprised me and I was at a loss. What day is it today? Why is everything so unexpected and there are so many messy things in this game? However, it would be a good thing if it were repeated several times.
"Your name is elegant, right?"
Princess Chris looked up. Her nose was only ten centimeters away from mine.
"Yeah, but you are?"
"Idiot, I am Chris."
"Then how did you …" I looked at Princess Chris close to my body.
"I didn’t know it was, but yesterday after I received your treatment, I felt like I had something more. I felt like I wanted to hold you at the sight of you."
"What logic is this?"
I lifted myself up and pressed my body. Chris sat up and looked at Chris carefully. Her reddish white face with a slight smile and her hands that kept hanging around my neck, I really don’t know what to do now, and Chris’s blurred eyes made me feel deformed.
"By the way, Princess Chris, are you well?"
"Don’t call the princess Chris!"
"Mm-hmm Chris, are you well?"
"Well, it’s better than before."
"What about my job change?"

At this time, the emergency room door has been opened, and Chu Heng is the first to come out.

Gu Nanqing and Lin Mochen both got up and looked anxiously at Chu Heng and asked, "What happened?"
Chu Heng took off her face mask and replied to them, "Lu You’s body was bruised and caught in the rain, and her fever caused pneumonia. Is it a big problem for her? In addition to these problems, Chu Ye’s pneumonia is more serious. He has two broken ribs and loves Lu You’s serious injuries. He may need to rest for a long time."
He simply said the situation of one or two people. "They fell from a height, so the situation is good. Now it is the most important thing to take a good rest and get better."
Lin Mo Chen and Gu Na both nodded.
"They are all transferred to the ward. You can go to see people and you should wake up soon. I’ll go to work first." Chu Heng has work today and can’t stay here all the time.
After Chu Heng left, Lin Mochen and Gu Nanqing went to the ward to see Lu You and Chu Night.
Lin Mo-chen went to see Chu night first. His handsome face is still pale and haggard, and there is no trace of ruddy in his face and lips. It is whiter than this sheet, and he feels that he does not belong to this world if he is not breathing.
Lin Mochen watched Chu night and then went to accompany the landing sorrow.
Lu sorrow is as pale as Chu night, and his face is soft and his lip has lost its former rosy color, and his breathing is as light as a soft feather.
Lin Mo-chen held Lu You’s hand, his palm was wide and dry, but her fingers were cold, and he wanted to warm her by himself.
He just looked at her motionless and slept quietly, as if admiring a peerless famous painting and unwilling to look away.
He doesn’t feel tired and bored like this, he just doesn’t want to blink. Even when he is still, this moment feels better than beautiful.
He doesn’t know how long it took him to feel the slight movement of his slender fingertips when he shook hands. He was so happy that his eyes filled with smiles naturally, and then he turned his eyes from his fingers to her face.
Then Lu’s thick and slender cilia trembled slightly, flapping slowly like butterfly wings, and gradually opened her bright eyes, but she was half open because she could not adapt to the bright light, and her pupils were not focused, so she could see a vague figure in front of her eyes.
"Little worry, are you all right?" Lin Mo-chen calls her nickname, and her deep eyes are both worried and delighted.
Lu you closed your eyes slowly, but you can recognize that this sound belongs to Lin Mo Chen.
He found himself and stayed with her, didn’t he?
At the thought of this, several warm currents surged in her heart to disperse the frost in her heart lake. This spring-like warmth made the overall situation of the peach blossom capital in the heart lake settled, and a bright pink was the brightest color, which made people happy both physically and mentally.
She tried to open it again, and the figure in the sight began to clear up gradually.
She saw the face that belonged to Lin Mo-chen, with a deep eyebrow and eye. Even though he floated a blue beard, it still damaged his peerless elegance, which was different from that of a man who had matured through the years.
Men are not handsome enough, but they can’t be stable enough.
It is this charming temperament that women like to make people feel at ease.
"Ink minister ….." Lu sorrow opened his mouth but felt that his throat was dry and dry. "Ahem …"
Lin Mo Chen handed the cold water and some hot water to Lu You’s lips for a drink.
Lu sorrow sipped water with a glass of water to warm it up, and the water flowed in to moisten the dry throat, which made her feel relieved.
She drank almost and gently pushed the cup away.
Lin Mochen put the glass of water and put a pillow behind her. "How do you feel?"
"Good" Lu sorrow gently wipe a lip angle of water "ink minister chu night? How is he? And how long did I sleep? "
Lu You felt that he had been dreaming for a long time.
She looked out at the sun and the leaves were jumping.
Lin Mochen finally comforted her by telling her about Chu night. "But don’t worry about giving Chu night the best treatment, and you will also ask the best nurse to take care of him. Everything will be done by me."
"But if it weren’t for me, Chu Ye wouldn’t be so seriously injured. His ribs are injured, which takes a hundred days. He also has Zhou Dao’s body. Zhou Dao is notoriously strict. It is impossible for him and the crew to wait for Chu Ye’s injury before continuing filming. If Zhou Dao knows about Chu Ye’s situation, he will definitely change roles. Then Chu Ye will lose this opportunity and may miss the selection of major film festivals in the year. What should I do?" Lu worries about not only Chu night’s health, but also his work and career.
Her fingers have gripped the sheets around her tightly and twisted into a wrinkled flower.
"Don’t blame yourself. Things have happened. We have to find a way to make up for it as much as possible." Seeing that she is so sad, Lin Mo-chen hates that she can’t help her bear all the pain. "This time, Chu Ye was injured, and I will bear it with you, and I won’t let Chu Ye sacrifice myself in vain."
"Chu night out such a thing, I should be his agent for the first time to do a good job in crisis and protect his image and career, but now I’m lying here trying to force him to do something, you know? I don’t want to lose his career after Chu night’s injury, but I can’t do anything for him. "There is pain in Lu’s black and white eyes." If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be lying here, but it would be too-"
Lin Mo Chen stretched out his hand and covered her mouth when she didn’t say the unlucky three words. "What nonsense! I forbid you to talk such nonsense! You’ll be fine and I’ll solve the problem. Besides, Nanchuye is a member of the dumping star and a signing star of Nanjin. He can’t be damaged by Chuye’s career and popularity. He will also find a way to do a good job in the crisis. You know, otherwise it won’t be the first media company in China. "
When it comes to Gu Nanqing, Lu Yu is slightly relieved. It is true that there are more gold medal brokers to deal with this matter besides she is Chu Ye’s agent, such as floret, but it is a pity that she can’t do something for him personally without returning his kindness to her.
This let her some can’t let go.
Lu sorrow slightly bowed his head, and his eyes with fine feathers and cilia drew a light shadow.
Lin Mo-chen reached out to encircle her shoulder. "When you get well, you will have more energy to do things for him personally. I don’t think Chu Ye will blame you and you don’t have to be so focused. There are still many opportunities for you to work together. I’m really in no hurry."
"At the end of the day, I didn’t have your side to protect you, and I ignored Chi Yiming’s powerful revenge psychology. I was responsible for it, not you." The person who blamed himself was Lin Mo-chen, who kissed Lu and sighed lightly. "Don’t be hard on yourself."
"It’s really not your fault." Lu You took Lin Mochen’s hand and changed the subject. "I want to see Chu Ye. I wonder if he woke up?"
"But you’re still hanging a drip, and the south is watching. If Chu wakes up at night, he should come to inform me. Why don’t you hang this drip before you go? I think Chu should wake up at night." Lin Mochen advised her, "Why don’t you get something to eat first and I’ll buy what you want to eat?"
"I can’t eat anything now. I want to take a look at him before I can feel at ease." Lu You insisted on begging in his eyes. "Will you hold the drip for me?"
Lin Mo-chen hesitated for a moment or nodded his head. Chu night saved Lu’s sorrow. He is in debt.
"I’ll get the mobile drip rack." Lin Mochen released her and then went to the corner to push the mobile drip rack, then took the drip hanging by the bed and hung it on the mobile drip rack.
He carefully helped Lu You out of bed again. "Can you walk?"
"Well, it’s ok." Lu’s sorrow is stable
Ye knows that there are too many breaks in this article, which makes everyone lose patience. Ye wrote this article in a very poor state. All I can say is that Ye will write this article from beginning to end, but everyone can look at it after it is over. I am very sorry for the break.
☆ I didn’t say I love you once until 15.
Section 177
Lin Mo-chen pulled Lu You arm in arm and let her go to Chu Night Ward with her own strength.
桑拿会所Chu night ward is just a few steps away from Lu You.
Lin Mo-chen pushed the mobile intravenous drip stand with one hand and took Lu You with an intravenous drip. She left the ward and went to Chu Night Ward.
Ward Gu Nanqing also stayed there watching Chu night without leaving.
Lin Mochen and Lu You just went in when they heard Gu Nanqing talking, "Chu night, are you awake?"
His voice was filled with joy that was hard to suppress, and he was so happy that he finally woke up at Chu night.
After Lu You heard Gu Nanqing’s words, he took Lin Mochen’s finger and grasped his arm.
Lin Mo-chen felt the strength of her fingertips and then let go of the hand pushing the drip stand and patted her hand clutching his arm.
"Chu night woke up to be happy. Don’t be nervous." Lin Mochen comforted her softly.
"I don’t know how to face him." Lu You still blames himself for involving Gu Chu Night, which made him injured and affected his work.
"And I" Lin Mo Chen cheered her up and took her down.

After hearing this, the old man’s face showed a puzzled expression, but he quickly recovered his color.

"yes, master"
"Do you need to contact the police?"
Wei Xi looked after Xiaomi.
"At this point, you should ask Miss Gu what she says."
The old man turned to Gu Xiaomi, and Gu Xiaomi couldn’t help but feel nervous and couldn’t speak neatly.
"Well, forget it. I’m fine now, so don’t contact the police. It’s estimated that she will also converge after she is frightened this time, don’t you think?"
"Well, I’ll listen to you. Anyway, if you settle down, she won’t have a chance to hurt you."
"Is old Wang Ren arranged?"
"Yes, just outside the door"
"Okay, you go first."
"Then I’ll go first. Goodbye, Master Gu."
Said the old man went out. Wow, it’s so stylish. Gu Xiaomi thinks he walks with the wind.
"Who is hee?"
"You’ll know then."
"You have a lot of secrets. I thought you might be rich, but now I think it’s not just that simple. Just now, the old man didn’t look like he was rich. He was wearing a famous brand and had so many hands. Then how could he listen to you? Who are you? I’m getting more and more curious."
"No matter what others think of me, you are your minion."
Chapter 24 Going home
"Give" Wei Xi a lovely gift box to Gu Xiaomi.
"What is this?" Gu Xiaomi asked as he opened it.
"Wow, what a cute hat!" Gu Xiaomi is holding the hat in his hand and fiddling with the goose yellow hat from left to right. It looks very warm, just like a little sun. The only thing that always warms your heart is inexplicable and distressing. The most important thing is that there are two pigtails hanging on both sides of the hat.
"The only thing that must be beautiful to wear" Gu Xiaomi spoke highly of Wei Xi’s vision.
"Who is the only one?"
"A beautiful woman."
"Beauty" Wei Xi picked his eyebrows.
"Well, I’m going to see a beautiful woman now. Do you want to go?"
spa会所Although Wei Xi is interested in the beauty epidemic, he is also curious about whether Fang Sheng can make Gu Xiaomi so interested and obediently follow.
"City, do they have to follow this way?" Gu Xiaomi looked at the mighty suit man behind him and felt a little uncomfortable.
"You don’t go back first," Wei Xi told the suit leader later.
Finally it’s just the two of them. Gu Xiaomi is relieved.
"It’s too conspicuous to have so many people following you. Don’t let them follow you, okay?"
"They are protecting you. You let Li Mei go. I’m afraid this woman will never repent. I can’t risk you. Just bear it." Wei Xi rubbed his head against Xiaomi’s little head.
There’s no way out. Let Xi feel at ease about Xiaomi and be a "big sister"
"The only thing you see what I brought you" Gu Xiaomi pushed open the door and shouted.
The bedding and mattress swinging in the room are gone, leaving the bed board.
"The only place where I went was the only place."
Gu Xiaomi dare not think about it, but dare not say it.
"What about the city? The only place to go?" Gu Xiaomi grabbed Wei Xi’s shoulder and stamped his feet.
"Don’t worry, let’s ask the nurse first."
Gu Xiaomi followed Wei Xi to the nurse while sobbing.
"Excuse me, where is the little girl in that ward?"
"Which?" The other person has a bad tone.
"Only Liu Unique" Gu Xiaomi added.
"Oh, she’s out of the hospital"
"What" Gu Xiaomi exclaimed from behind Wei Xi.
"His parents found the right bone marrow and went to the United States for surgery."
"Great, Hee, did you hear that the only thing that can be saved?" Gu Xiaomi’s tears burst its banks again.

A curveball bypassed the Manchester United defender’s head and the football went straight to the right corner of the goal. Degea flew to save and failed to touch the football, but the football finally hit the goal crossbar and popped up.

Anfield is full of sighs.
Six minutes later, Giggs fell into a doubleteam on the left and gave the ball to Park Jisung in the middle. Just after the ball was buckled by Steven Gerrard, it was intercepted by Alonso.
Liverpool launched a fast break.
Qin Xiong suddenly pulled to the right, which made Evra extremely nervous. After Alonso passed the ball, Qin Xiong lightly lifted the ball to the right side of the penalty area with the instep of his right foot.
Evans was preempted by Kuyt, who entered the right flank of the penalty area and swept the ball to the middle of the goal without stopping.
Suarez grabbed the point before Dinande and pushed Degea’s alert attack, opening his arms and lowering his center of gravity to expand the defensive area
桑拿会所Suarez’s shot hit Degea’s thigh and bounced off the baseline obliquely.
Suarez heaved a sigh and looked back at Kuyt with a thumb.
Liverpool’s onslaught also gave Manchester United a break.
[The first volume of the sword has become a front before it is drawn.]
Manchester United’s strong offensive in Liverpool quickly adjusted.
Rooney retreated sharply from the front line.
Coleman was worried when he saw Rooney’s trajectory on the sidelines.
What Liverpool are most afraid of now is the opponent’s quick offensive from the backcourt.
Because of that, Liverpool’s sector should be very large.
It’s harder to keep an eye on the opponent’s fast forward players
In the 19th minute of the game, Manchester United made a quick counterattack from the left. Evans fell to the ground and shoveled Qin Xiong to Kuyt to the left.
Evra stopped the ball and sent it straight to Giggs’ foot.
Ryan Giggs looked at the road in his eyes. Park Jisung ran forward quickly. Ryan Giggs passed the ball to Park Jisung’s running line.
Park Jisung kicked the ball before Gerrard got back in place. He went straight to Ashley Yang’s foot on the right.
At this time, Rooney was diagonally in front of Ashley Yang, and Ashley Yang gave the ball to Rooney without hesitation.
Lu Xiaopang stopped the ball, turned around and dodged Alonso, then in front of him was Liverpool’s whole tight defense.
Tiago Silva led the defense so that Rooney didn’t dare to push forward again. He decisively took a long shot!
The football flew like shells from Scottie Diego Silva, and the two men immediately turned their heads and looked at them with some worries in their hearts.
However, after seeing Reina holding the ball firmly in his arms, the two men were relieved and ready to catch Reina’s hand and throw the ball.
Red Devils fans regret that Rooney failed to make a threat when shooting, but Coleman was in a haze on the sidelines.
He’s very worried, that’s all
It’s no accident that Pepe Reina’s state is slipping. It’s difficult for Liverpool to create offensive opportunities because they are increasingly oppressing their opponents.
If we count the match data of Liverpool in the past two seasons, we will find that the number of opponents’ shots tends to slide as a whole.
Especially the shooting percentage is also sliding in a straight line.
Perhaps last season, Liverpool allowed opponents to make about one shot in nine minutes on average.
But last season, this number has dropped to about 6 times.
And the shooting percentage?
Although it fluctuates greatly, the overall average is less than 35%
That is to say, one of the three shots can hit the goal range.
Then Reina’s pressure and challenges in the competition are also decreasing year by year.
Reina, who is not a worldclass goalkeeper, faces the threat of opponents in the absence of games, and it is not understandable that he is slippery.
Just like casillas, the first Spanish god, although he played for the giant Real Madrid, Real Madrid’s defense has been very bad in the past many years. The number of shots shot by opponents in Real Madrid has been high. casillas can win the Golden Glove Award because he is really successful and resists the brave play.
I also have to say that casillas was able to stay in excellent condition for ten years, and the team defended badly. He had to keep his concentration and meet challenges in every game.
Competitive sports is like this. Without pressure, there is no motivation. Without motivation, it is like sailing against the current, if you don’t advance, you will retreat.
Besides, Reina has won all the honors of the club. Can he be as enterprising as before?
This is what Coleman is worried about.
The goalkeeper’s position is too special.
Maybe you can’t exchange your attention for a second at a height of 9 minutes.
And if you are a little distracted and slowwitted, it may cause great disaster.
Now Liverpool are improving their formation skills and tactics to continue to exert strong offensive firepower on their opponents.
Opponents will get fewer chances, but once the opponent suddenly attacks the goalkeeper, the probability of abnormal performance will soar!
Due to unexpected or longterm relaxation
The goalkeeper position needs fresh blood, new people who have both strength and hunger for honor.
Anyway, Coleman can now pin his hopes on Reina and hope that Reina will not make irreparable mistakes this season.
Red Devils’ counterattack still shakes Liverpool’s defence.
Reina was criticized by the media some time ago for slipping, which has sounded the alarm for him. Naturally, he will put his mind into the game and will try his best to deal with the game if he is nervous.
This made Manchester United frequently shoot from the periphery and failed to create a murder.
In the 32nd minute of the game, Liverpool controlled the ball in the middle and front court.
Qin Xiong catches Baines’ ball on the left in the frontcourt. He returns the ball obliquely in front of Alonso in front of Smalin, and then his lateral running speed is not fast, but it makes the scalp of Manchester United defenders numb.
They don’t know what Qin Xiong’s next trajectory will be, whether he will directly cut into the restricted area or crosscatch and then shoot with his feet.
Manchester United defenders are nervous.
Alonso pushed the ball to the left in front of the penalty area before Rooney forced it
Qin Xiong meets Phil Jones in front of him and touches the ball first, then obliquely returns the ball again.
But this time the ball was directed at Steven Gerrard.
He continued to run sideways and rushed past Phil Jones, who immediately chased Qin Xiong.
When Gerrard gave the ball to Qin Xiong again, Qin Xiong was already caught in the Phil Jones Fletcher double team.
But Qin Xiong still didn’t control the ball.
He knocked the ball behind him with the instep of his outer foot.
After the ball, Steven Gerrard runs obliquely, just as Qin Xiong is a staggered crossrunning line.
That used to be Phil Jones’ defense zone, but Phil Jones was attracted by Qin Xiong.
Gerrard took the ball after running obliquely and forced it in front of the penalty area.
Dinand had to move to the front of Gerrard. Just after he moved one step, Gerrard gave the ball to Dinand, Suarez.
Dinander was not prepared. He expected Steven Gerrard to give Suarez the ball, and immediately turned around and ran diagonally to block Suarez’s shooting line.

I’m afraid it’s another sensation when I start my class suddenly. For example, what about the grandfather of a certain enterprise?

How bloody the report is, Chu Yan is drunk when she thinks about it, and she really wants to get some money if she wants to go and break the news.
But Mo Chengkun is like knowing what ChuYan thinks in his heart, slightly hooking the corners of his mouth.
"You don’t want to report it."
Chu Yan consciously asked "What?"
Say that finish zheng, then I am embarrassed to bow my head, as if someone had discovered the secret and admitted it before a child’s adult.
Mo Chengkun couldn’t help laughing and teasing, "Because I sent a notice to the media yesterday" means self-evident.
Chuyan had an awkward period, which is also called looking up and pie mouth, and looked at him curiously.
"You can guess what I’m thinking every time. You can’t be a mind reader, can you?"
桑拿论坛Mo Chengkun’s smile "Guess" and bright eyes are like the brightest stars in the sky.
Chuyan can’t help but be stupid for a moment. She turned her head and blushed as if she could hear the fire scratching and burning.
Mo Chengkun’s heart is because you and I know what you are and I understand you.
ChuYan embarrassed turned to explain "that"
Mo Chengkun stopped him with a smile. "All right, stop it. Let’s go, or I’ll be late."
ChuYan a listen to ease some embarrassment look at the table at noon at this time ya.
As soon as ChuYan blew up, she cried out, "Oh,no." Mo Chengkun turned to frown and looked at her and asked, "What’s wrong?"
ChuYan immediately the baggage and take the journey "it’s already one o’clock in the afternoon and I’m already late."
The crew starts work at nine o’clock every morning, and it’s already one o’clock.
She hurriedly took out her mobile phone and took a look at it.
No wonder she always feels that something is wrong. It turned out to be a mobile phone.
When I was busy, I turned on my phone and asked Mo Chengkun, "What happened to my mobile phone?"
Mo Chengkun’s eyes flashed. "I don’t know. Maybe you fell while chasing the robber."
There are many loopholes in this statement, but at the moment, ChuYan will come or not.
"Forget it, forget it, then let’s go." When I turned around, I didn’t forget to say hello to Auntie Gan. "Auntie Gan, I walked first. Thank you for treating me to dinner many times today. Sometimes I invite you to dinner."
After this sentence, Chu Yan remembered that she couldn’t wait to fly to that situation at that time and fan herself to death.
But of course, this is another story.
Dry aunts son also smiling out at ChuYan nodded and waved at the moment.
"Well, I’ll just wait for Miss ChuYan to do it."
Chuyan always thinks that it’s not smiling eyes, but a kind of calculating thief’s eyes.
But at the moment, she didn’t notice a man laughing beside her.
I hurried to the parking lot with Mo Chengkun, and my cell phone was turned on.
A look at the news Zhang Naxiao Lanke.
Fifty-four missed Zhang Na, twenty dawn, fifteen and twenty Lanke.
There is even Wen Fuxiao’s dialect.
See this ChuYan not leng for a long time.
Wen Fuxiao
It’s been a long time since I contacted him.
And some of his words are all missed.
Chuyan looked at these a little horrified but didn’t feel strange at all.
Because they are the people who can do these things, there is nothing Chu Yan just believes.
Look again when WenFuXiao ChuYan or slightly hesitated for a moment.
Finally, I sighed and deleted all the records
Mo Chengkun has been watching him secretly. Naturally, he knows who is coming inside.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t have given ChuYan a chance last night.
As if knowing what ChuYan was worried about, Mo Chengkun casually spoke.
"Don’t worry, I’ll call you for filming. You can go all day today.
And Zhang Na. I told them, too. I know you’re afraid they’re worried
So I called Xiao and they told you a lie. You were too tired from work, and you slept there last night. "
ChuYan a listen to not slightly relieved and then turned to MoChengKun way "thank you very much"
Mo Chengkun smell speech but don’t know what to say.
Where did Shi Chuyan know that all this was just Mo Chengkun’s intention
And Zhang Na they are talking from another situation.
Of course, this is all another story.
For a long time ChuYan relaxed and turned to look at Mo Chengkun’s good-looking side face. I still feel a little strange when I think of yesterday.
First, the robber, and second, Mo Chengkun’s appearance was a coincidence. She couldn’t help frowning slightly when she thought about it.
"Hey Mo Chengkun, let me ask you something. How did you suddenly arrive yesterday to know where I am?"
Mo Chengkun couldn’t help thinking of yesterday.
A thrilling and warm picture flashed in my mind.
He said, "It was all some idiot who was almost hit by my car. I didn’t even hear the voice calling."

He she is afraid to go to the hospital. After all, both Lin Tingfei and her mother are gone in the hospital.

"Dr. Zhang has been a family doctor for the Ning family for half a generation. Her experience won’t make you feel uncomfortable, and we are at home. If you don’t like anything, it’s not me."
Wang Yuehuan refused to listen to his hand and took a sip of pure milk, almost wanting to spit it out together.
But when she saw Ning Tiannuo holding her breath, she drank the whole glass of milk instead of letting herself vomit, and then conveniently forked a piece of fried egg.
品茶论坛Say, "See if I can eat and sleep."
Wang Yuehuan suppressed the rebellion and hooked Ning Tiannuo’s neck and kissed his lips. "I don’t want you to give me a few days, okay?"
Ning Tiannuo buckled her neck and deepened this kiss. What can he say now that he has said so?
He patted her on the forehead. "Okay, I’ll give you a week."
Wang Yue laughed, narrowed his eyes, nodded, and made an ok gesture.
Two people reached a consensus that Ning Tiannuo went to class and Wang Yuehuan watched him leave without saying a word.
Because she dare not speak again, because once she opens her mouth, she thinks it is very likely that even gastric juice will be sprayed on Ning Tiannuo’s face together.
He walked out of the door, and she turned around and went upstairs to hold bathroom door tightly to the toilet and spit bloody dust.
About half an hour later, Wang Yuehuan collapsed, climbed out of his hand washing and bumped into a soft big bed.
It’s over. If you don’t have a big stomach problem, you must be. Yes, you must be pregnant.
Wang Yuehuan is counting the days with his fingers, but there is no way to calculate the day. I don’t know how old the child is.
But no, she can’t just sit still and go to Ningtiannuo like this. Sooner or later, she will find something abnormal, and then she will be passively beaten. It is better to find out her position first.
Wang Yuehuan jumped out of bed, changed his clothes and was ready to go out and look for a drugstore, even if he was so tired and collapsed that he seemed to wander like a ghost in the middle of a walk.
She deliberately chose a hooded sweater, and when she went out, she shouted Sun Chen in a high-profile way, saying that she would come back after going out for an hour.
Wang Yuehuan was personally taught driving skills by Ning Tiannuo a while ago, but he hasn’t got the handcart yet. It’s probably a meeting.
In her garage, she found a car with a less overbearing visual model, and drove the asphalt outside the door. Looking at Sun Chenzhi behind her, she was nervous and afraid that something would happen to her nose, so that the gentleman would be cruel and cruel to kill him.
All right, everything is fine. About forty-five minutes later, Sun Chen finally saw Wang Yuehuan again.
Prayer was guaranteed, and he went to thank God, and the earth was full of nonsense to Wang Yuehuan.
Wang Yuehuan was so naked and disliked driving skills that he didn’t want to say another word with Sun Chen.
The health door of the building watched the pregnancy test paper come out. Wang Yuehuan stared as if the pregnancy test paper was a hot potato. She was so excited that she threw it far out of sight and out of mind.
This is really over. How old is this child now?
I was anxious in the entanglement, but later, Wang Yuehuan secretly talked about how many unknown changes things would bring to her. She can be a mother, which is a very happy thing from the root.
Wang Yue Huanmen walked out of the hand-washing bed and lay touching his belly. Maternal brilliance flooded and he talked to the baby for a while
Let him say that he loves him and wants him to be safe and healthy.
Wang Yuehuan had a bed rest for about two hours. After she had some energy, she drove to the hospital.
Still have to check in the hospital to make sure that you can finally rest assured.
People are very strange, a kind of uncertainty. When this child arrives, Wang Yuehuan feels troublesome. I wonder if he has her tangled contradictions with Wu Sen, hoping that everything is wrong by himself.
But when the pregnancy test paper appears, the two red roads will still be entangled in my heart, but later it is more about the joy and happiness of the mother.
Besides, she is still a woman who has been sentenced to death and said that she can’t have another child. If she really has a child now, it feels like a gift of love.
Wang Yuehuan drove to the hospital for examination and unconsciously came to the hospital where Wu Sen worked.
It may be that the former third aunt often comes to the office and knows her way around. Wang Yuehuan hasn’t decided which hospital to go to for diagnosis, and the car has stopped in the parking lot here.
Wang Yuehuan didn’t think much about it. It is said that Wu Sen has resigned. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t hate him the most here, but it’s nothing to determine whether he is pregnant or not.
It’s all here, and she’s too lazy to find another home. It’s even more troublesome to feel unfamiliar.
Wang Yuehuan went straight to obstetrics and gynecology without noticing a thoughtful look behind her and followed her all the way through the first floor hall of the hospital.
And when she walked away, the man finally responded and followed her quickly until they reached obstetrics and gynecology. They stopped and waited for news behind them. Wang Yuehuan lined up to go to the department for examination.
I can see Wang Yuehuan and Liu Jingjing again in the hospital and feel that this is really a wonderful fate.
After she met Wu Sen, who was dying in an alley and wanted to die, she felt a little sympathy for him, which weakened Wang Yuehuan.

Therefore, even if Lu Wenbin didn’t retreat to the forbidden zone, the midfielder could also cause great interference and hinder the Brazilian attack and help the China team’s defense when it was delayed.

As a result, the game is almost over, and Brazil is still 12 behind in the Olympic gold medal dream.
All Brazilians are not reconciled.
In the last few minutes, the Brazilian team attacked so hard that even Sandro left Lu Wenbin at the back and rushed to the frontcourt.
Mal is constantly rushing from side to side. He is full of spiritual skills and plays with the defense of China team.
Lu Wenbin was also forced to withdraw.
Seeing that there were only a few minutes left in the game, Lu Wenbin didn’t want to fight back, just wanted to wait until the last second to hear the referee end the game whistle.
As time went by, the game entered injury time.
China fans in the stands are celebrating more and more, and Brazilian fans are desperate.
In the 92nd minute, Marcelo broke through Wu Xi’s defense, and the ball in the bottom was pushed out of the forbidden area by Zhao Peng and fell to Wu Xi’s foot.
China fought back. Players from both sides flooded out of the forbidden area and ran to Brazil’s half-court.
As a result, Wu Xi was going to throw the ball directly to Wu Lei, but Juan saw through a tackle and stopped the ball, and then stabbed it to Oscar lying flat.
Brazil, in turn, fought back against China.
When China fought back, Mal didn’t run back to line up with the China defender.
By the time Oscar got the ball, Mal had turned around and made a sprint.
It’s just a moment before Mal is offside.
The ball escaped the interception of Lu Wenbin, Tang Jiashu and Dewey, and was directly stuffed by Oscar to Marmar’s offside. The China team received an Oscar behind the defense line to form a single knife.
Suddenly, several Brazilian fans cheered and China fans booed in the stands.
Ceng Cheng was also frightened to disgrace and rushed out. Dewey and Zhao Peng behind Omar also chased him closely.
Mare flint has already entered the forbidden zone, and as a result, he missed the best shot on his last trip.
Ceng Cheng seized the opportunity and rushed to Mar’s mind. At a turn, he barely reached out and grabbed Ceng Cheng to poke the ball before touching it.
Mal stabbed the ball away for a second before Ceng Cheng’s hand pressed to the position where the ball had shrunk just now.
As a result, the ball didn’t hit but touched Mal’s shoes.
But before Ceng Cheng touched his shoes, Mal had already fallen and screamed.
In the process of falling to the ground, Omar has screamed and hugged his instep, as if he had been injured by Ceng Cheng. After falling to the ground, he kept screaming and rolling, and he was about to roll into the goal line from the forbidden area. In the future, it will be famous. Omar rolled into the final stage of the London Olympic Games.
The referee blew a sharp whistle and rushed over. His finger reached out at the penalty spot and pulled out a red card, giving Ceng Cheng and China a capital red card penalty.
Chapter 599 Overtime torment
The referee’s penalty surprised all China players and fans.
Fans in the stands cursed "black whistle" and "blind referee", while players complained around the referee.
Ceng Cheng shouted excitedly in front of the referee, "Open your eyes and see that I didn’t foul. He fell before I met Mal. He was diving."
Captain Lu Wenbin also insisted on Ceng Cheng’s side. "Sir, I can see very clearly that our goalkeeper leaned forward and fell before he met him. This is an out-and-out diving red card and penalty. Please don’t change your penalty."
The referee was angry and pushed forward with one hand to signal Lu Wenbin and others not to get close to the other hand and put it into his pocket and threatened.
"I saw clearly that Mal had poked the ball open before the goalkeeper tackled Mal. This is a standard red card penalty. Please stand back and continue the game or I will draw my cards."
Lu Wenbin, who had a full view, was quite sure that the ball was dived by Mal rather than saved by Ceng Cheng, although he was farther away from the incident than the referee.
At this moment, the replay video of the conflict was broadcast on the big screen.
The replay shows that Mal did poke the ball away before Ceng Cheng touched it, but it was also Ceng Cheng who fell down before he touched it.
Although it is not obvious, it should be easy for professionals to tell that this is Mal’s premeditated diving fraud point, not that Ceng Cheng tackled Mal and destroyed Brazil’s goal.
Therefore, Lu Wenbin insisted on pointing to the big screen and yelling at the referee, "Open your eyes and see if Mal is diving. If you don’t change your sentence, you will make the worst misjudgment in the history of the Olympic Games."
However, neither the big screen playback nor Lu Wenbin’s threat changed the referee’s will.
Not only that, but in the face of pressing Lu Wenbin, the referee directly took out a yellow card and showed him a pair of China players. "If you don’t pull Lu away, I will directly send him a red card."
Seeing each other not only unrepentant, but also showing himself a yellow card, Lu Wenbin suddenly felt an evil fire, shouting and cursing and trying to force him to argue with each other.
Of course, the referee didn’t understand Lu Wenbin’s Chinese national abuse, otherwise Lu Wenbin’s red card would be decided.
At this time, it is the most annoyed that Ceng Cheng suddenly turned around and hugged Lu Wenbin and Dewey and Zhao Peng, two over-age teammates, dragging Lu Wenbin away from the referee and urging him to do so.
"Lu Wenbin is calm and calm"
"The game is not over yet, even if the other side scores a penalty, it will be a draw, and we still have hope."
"But if you are punished, we will really lose."
Lu Wenbin scolded gradually and finally calmed down. He waved to Ceng Cheng and said, "You go and celebrate the championship later."
Seeing Lu Wenbin calm down and coming to Ceng Cheng, he finally got a match. Blazevic and the second goalkeeper Wu Sihuo changed Lei Wu to China and changed the team into a 4231-man front formation.
This is the situation that there is no way to play without a goalkeeper and the physical fitness of the China team is getting exhausted. Blazevic can change the striker Lei Wu into the front formation.
The pressure of counterattack and goal almost overwhelmed Lu Wenbin.
夜生活But Lu Wenbin didn’t feel any pressure. He felt full of anger and fighting spirit.
Make a wrong decision. The referee deliberately dived Malta. He wants to beat them with a goal and can’t let them misjudge and dive.
China fans booed and shouted at the referee and Mal. Wu Sihuo didn’t save Mal from taking the penalty himself. Brazil equalized the score in the 92nd minute with a penalty, and the score became 22.
Mal’s dive and penalty equalised the score and sent the main goalkeeper of China to the field.
All the Brazilians cheered and screamed for their close escape.
China players are very depressed.
They are a minute or two away from the gold medal.
As a result, in stoppage time, the opponent equalized the score and played the main goalkeeper less than one person. These blows made China players feel a little desperate
Not long after the good game resumed, it was announced that the regular game was over. The referee blew the whistle for the end of the game for 9 minutes, and both sides would take a break.
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Go into overtime with a score of 22.
Lu Wenbin has completely calmed down during the break.
After all, Lu Wenbin has seen too much of the world. He has seen the Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga and even the Champions League. He has personally experienced being misjudged.

Ling Susu has a little impression on this person. I remember that he is called Zuo Xiu. This person has a skill that can strengthen himself and increase his combat power.

Zuo Xiu waved his arms before he left and looked at Ling Susu with an evil smile. He secretly operated Xuanli. After a few breaths, his body swelled like an inflatable ball, and his arms became thick in a flash. The most exaggerated thing is that his fists are as big as blue balls.
Ling Susu gently lifted her hand and shook out an array. She had a complicated handprint. As the handprint became faster and faster, her feet gradually rose and the array became brighter and brighter.
Left Hugh sprang like a fly, his eyes were cold, and he jumped directly at the center of the array, and his fists swung out at the same time, bringing up a piece of dust and stopping the fate.
And the center of the array, Ling Susu, looks up coldly, and also stretches her arms forward. Her arms are like white jade, and her hands are slender. The huge fist set off is pitifully small. I can imagine what it is like to meet together.
Yuanfeng College corners of the mouth smile and know that Zuo Xiujia’s achievement method never pays attention to breaking the law, just waiting to watch the next scene. It seems that Ling Susu’s array plan must be lost.
However, the ending was unexpected. Zuo Xiu was shocked and flew out for several feet, grinning painfully, and his arms could not be lifted, while Ling Susu did not move or get hurt.
I can catch Zuo Xiu’s powerful fists, but also shock him. Ling Susu’s light and slender jade palm can easily block Zuo Xiu’s attack.
Three people immediately began to guess what is Ling Susu’s foot array.
First, the man squinted and thought for a while. He knew it.
This is a "giant hidden array"
This array is a combination of all forces and belongs to her alone, thus greatly enhancing this power. The natural force borrowed by full of green Ling Susu around the open-air tournament is even more powerful.
Zuo Hugh looked at the people in the array and twisted with pain, but he was unwilling to get up and pounce on Ling Susu again.
Ling Susu’s hand slightly lifted to form a handprint array again. It seems that the array has changed for a moment. Just after entering the array, Zuo Xiu was shaken out again. This time, he completely passed out and never got up again.
"Elder martial sister, show mercy" saw that Zuo Xiu was in a coma. A slightly rounded figure blocked Ling Susu and Zuo Xiu, while guarding against Ling Susu’s killer, called for people to get Zuo Xiu away.
"I said I wouldn’t kill anyone." Ling Susu gently hummed and waved his hand to tell them to hurry up.
The plump guy in front of her is Yuan Wen, who is the tallest of the three people who flattered him before. She also has a bad impression on this person. The previous two people were too vulnerable. She is proficient in assassinating a person, but she doesn’t need the truth. It’s really boring to be able to win three moves just by confrontation and even cutting and beating.
Yuan Wen looked at the people in the array "enchanting" and took a few steps. His figure was slightly bloated and twisted, which made people feel particularly funny.
It is this funny posture that makes Ling Susu unconsciously nervous.
Yuan Wen is fat, but his posture is extremely fast. Everyone hasn’t reacted yet. He directly jumped on Ling in the array.
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Mr.zhou really doesn’t know how he can make his body so light with his head.
He shuttled his fingers in the array and sent out a serial flying knife department to attack Ling Susu. This move was so fast and continuous that Ling Susu was surrounded by serial knives on all sides for a while.
Although the knife is small, it has a little bit of fire, like thunder fire. It looks amazing in power.
Ling Susu raised his hand again, and the seal array changed again. When the serial knife was blocked one meter away from Ling Susu, he couldn’t move any more.
This law can be attacked and defended. It’s really a flaw. Yuan Wenmeng took a step back. He was really submerged by a serial knife just now.
Yuan Wen scored again this time, which was faster and more skillful. His mind moved, and the serial knife seemed to attack Ling Susu directly with a burst of roaring thunder.
Ning Juncai couldn’t help taking a breath of air conditioning. He couldn’t even consciously sweat on his left hand. He wondered if Ling Susu could take the blow.
Seeing that Ling Susu’s eyes were cold, Ling Susu’s eyes changed into a gesture again, and that looming dragon directly rushed to the serial knife and knocked it back.
Yuan Wen in the whole body appeared a circle through the membrane to block the serial knife back and the serial knife fell to the ground.
After the impact, the dragon let out a roar, causing Yuan Wen’s ears to buzz and spit out one mouthful blood directly.
After the dragon disappeared, the law began to fade and disappear gradually.
Yuan Wen failed to take advantage of Ling Susu’s hand, but it consumed the energy of the array to make the array successful and dim. If Ling Susu doesn’t continue to give it, it will be difficult to continue soon.
Although Yuan Wen was defeated, he was still glorious.
Chapter seven hundred Ling Susu War Wenxin
Ling Susu did not take four lives as she promised.
After the first three people were defeated, even if they were in a coma, there were no multiple injuries. If you want to wake up, you must be able to move freely within an hour.
Since Ling Susu entered the tournament platform, you’ve become crazy. The so-called open-air tournament field is just a form, but it’s really vast. The gods of the tournament platform are very clever, so that people can know how vast it is when they step into an entrance of the tournament platform.
It is not difficult to open up a small area, but it is difficult to maintain a vast stability. Even after years, this one is still not unstable, and it can withstand the monks’ fighting. It is evident that the God Phoenix was powerful in those days.
Master Shen Huang’s avatar was so clear that it sounded in the gv 10.
You are crazy, but for the avatar, he couldn’t think of any means to open up a vast and stable side.
"The tournament platform is the other side, which is vast, stable after all the years, and can withstand the attack of monks. The charm of the year is evident." He sighed with emotion.
Everyone’s attention was immediately attracted by Jun Kuang.
"Master elder brother knows so much" Fan Luo hubris at you rather inquisitively.
"Think about it and know how it is possible that the first strong man in the six realms in ancient times has nothing to do with this." Jun Qian sneered and flew an eye knife in the past.
After all, there are others who can’t leave room for Fan Luo’s speech. Isn’t this a question about the connection between Jun Kuang and the remains of Shen Huang?
However, even if they question it again, it is impossible to find any evidence from Jun’s madness. Jun Qian does not dislike the other party to get to the bottom of it, but this question is a little bit.
"That’s true," Zhenchen said. "In ancient times, the strong came forth in large numbers, and the strongest god burned to what extent is not something we can imagine."
"It’s no ordinary power to open up this skill alone." Liu Yuenan’s eyes reveal a trace of envy
"Really competitive" Qin Xiao looks up at you crazy "but Ling’s sister is also competitive. I never knew that she was so strong in confrontation." She deliberately pulled the subject off.
I know that Ling Susu relies on the baby, but holding such a baby is not to enjoy the achievement. She has no strong background and everything depends on her own efforts. It is beyond their imagination how much effort she has made and how many times she has taken risks.
Therefore, the people’s crazy questions about Jun smoothly turned to Ling Susu.
Speaking, someone jumped in front of Ling Susu.
"This man seems to have something wrong and a little brain," Jun Qian said.
"I can see that the other three seem to be obsessed with Ling Susu, and I don’t know how she bought them off." Fan Luowei squinted. "But this person seems unmoved and always suspects that Ling Susu is up to something. I am a little interested in him."
Wen Yan Jun Qian picked his eyebrows and quipped, "What kind of interest do you say?"
"Which way" Fan Luo gave him a cross look. The goods were obviously revenge for him. He had previously questioned that Jun Kuang’s tone was not very good, but he was not so sharp, but he didn’t expect this Jun Qian to be so defensive.
There is no theory of justifying one’s faults. It’s the first time he’s seen that the guy behind you can behave like this.
However, he also thinks about it. After all, he doesn’t like Jun Qian any more. After all, he is his brother.
Qi Dehui patted him on the shoulder to signal him not to talk too much. His words are always sharp, but he is also white. His good friend has no bad intentions, which is much better than insinuating superficial flatterers. At the same time, he also believes that the monarch is whiter than him, otherwise he would not have given them a little help when he took the entrance exam.
At that time, I didn’t throw them directly into the small room like others, and put them in the desert for three days to bask in the sun, so they were crazy and looked at them very well
They turned their attention to the tournament platform to show images. The last person in Yuanfeng College was walking towards Ling Susu carefully step by step.
"Elder martial sister Ling really kept her word and thanked Wen Xin for this." This person’s name is Wen Xin Yuanfeng College, and he is also a student with a little respect. The completion amount is not bad, and occasionally he can list the units. Therefore, Ling Susu has a little impression of his name, but he has never met anyone.
She nodded slightly "easy to say", which showed that she didn’t want to hear more words.
Wenxin held a delicate and small knife in his hand. When the knife appeared, Yuanfeng College took a breath of air conditioning.
"Brother Wenxin’s reincarnation knife actually took out his strength when he came." He was surprised to get up when he was defeated and was recovering Zuo Xiu with the help of Dan medicine.
Ling Susu stared at Wen Xin’s knife and said nothing at the moment.
夜网论坛  title=Wen Xin’s sneer has always hit Ling Susu, and Ling Susu’s sword appears again, and the sword makes a harsh sound.
Wen Xin took a step back and closed his eyes. The knife in Xin’s hand conjured up several knife shadows. The knife shadows attacked Ling Susu as if they were self-conscious. The sword of Ling Susu offset the shock wave, and some of the knife shadows disappeared. Ling Susu turned pale.
The reincarnation knife can eliminate some abilities, which is also expected by Ling Susu.

With that, Muyi drank the wine in one gulp without hesitation. After drinking it, her mouth was like hot and she kept fanning her hand.

I picked up the glass and drank it back to her, and then I looked at Xu Mo and Yan Xun, who were looking at me. They were already taller than me, almost half a head, and they were no longer a little shorter than me.
Like Mu Yi, he also picked up the wine and said to me, "Brother Lei Haoge, since I heard your affirmation from Brother Bai Yan, I really want to say thank you for knowing you for so many years. If you hadn’t held my hand in Tiantai and told me not to give up, maybe I wouldn’t have struggled for such a dream. I thank you so much. You are my eldest brother and closer than my own."
I patted the big guy on the shoulder and sighed with emotion, "Brother Lei Haoge is very pleased when he grows up and his mind is mature, but I still want to tell you something. Everything should be considered from the most basic point. This is what I give you and I hope you can remember your words all your life. I did what I could to save you, and the day after tomorrow is the greatest reward for us."
Yan Xun and I directly touched this glass of wine, and his capacity for liquor was average, but he still crustily skin of head drank this cup of spicy wine. After drinking it, Mu Yi immediately helped him to open a glass of ice water from the side and gave it to him.
Xu Mo and Liu Boyan are very real. They directly picked up the wine and put it in front of me and said, "Come and do it."
Lu Boyan and I directly picked up the bottle and prepared to blow it, while Xu Mo picked up a little bit. I drank Lu Boyan, a big brother, just like a true confidant, and understood what the other person thought. The simple way is the most suitable for us.
I drank two more drinks and said to Lu Boyan, "You won’t feel sorry for me like the two of them."
Liu Baiyan smiled and said, "It’s a pity that you’re so familiar, and you’re not an old man."
I laughed. "So you’re going to do it with me?"
Liu Boyan put the bottle and said, "That’s not true. I also have something to say to you."
I put my hand on the table and looked at him curiously. "Say I’m waiting to see what you, a veteran, say about your life regrets."
"My feeling is that" Liu Boyan deliberately sold it.
I quickly chimed in, "Tell me that a big man is like a bitch."
"I don’t remember how to say it." Liu Baiyan suddenly became embarrassed. "I can’t remember the name of that word."
Xu Mo suddenly gave two words "sadness"
"Yes, it’s sad. How can I be sad to meet such a lazy and lovable bastard?"
"You like me" I burst into laughter.
"I like you as a ghost, which always means that you have a kind of magic, which makes people feel false but easy to be close to the truth. When you are young, you should be more serious than anyone else, and when you are not serious, you should be happier than anyone else. When you are young, you will always feel a kind of happiness and a kind of belief."
I laughed at Liu Baiyan, and then I took a long drink and said, "It’s good to know you."
I nodded, and now I feel the same as him.
Xu Mo didn’t express any regrets to me. The two of us have a kind of tacit understanding, which has left a deep foundation in each other’s hearts.
I think Xu is crazy. She took out a chapter of photos from her body, and it was a group photo of us before. I haven’t seen the one in Sebrina since it fell into the lake, and I haven’t seen us in the photo again.
Xu Mo has almost become a mother now, and she is no longer a strong woman who fought in the shopping mall at the beginning. Before long, she will tutor and supervise the children like ordinary women and enjoy the happy time.
"I’ve known you for so long, and you’re getting more and more handsome. You’re no longer a funny little beggar, as you used to be." Xu Mo ridiculed me.
I replied to her, "I’ve known you for so long, and you’re becoming more and more feminine. You’re not crazy to pick up a broom and chase people around like that."
"Do you know what has changed us so much?"
"It’s time"
I picked up this photo. There is a big difference between Xu Mozhen and now. If she was crazy and overbearing, now she is a mature Leng Yan.
"You and Sebrina are going to get married, right? Listen to Mo Yun and say it’s this incident. I didn’t expect that it was you two Leihao who finally came together. Do you really love Sebrina in your bones? Or will you just stay with her for so long?"
I looked at Xu Mo Xu Mo with a complicated eye and put his glass in his hand. Then I said, "So many of us felt very sorry for what happened in the Philippines at the beginning, and I don’t want you to make the same mistake again because you and I have been friends for so many years. So you’d better consider two things after marriage instead of two people falling in love now."
"Old Xu" Liu Baiyan shouted at Xu Mo
Xu Mo didn’t say anything more. I thought about it for a long time and finally drank all the wine in front of me in one gulp before answering to her. "I don’t know what you mean. This is my decision after long consideration, and this is also the answer I finally got."
Xu Mo nodded. "Take care of her more. She is not as strong as you think. If you can’t be good to her all the time, don’t continue to be too good to her. It is a kind of injury for her, a kind of involuntary acceptance and having to bear the pain, so she will live more sadly."
I really didn’t expect Xu Mo to say such words. This is the first time that she has told me so much about Sebrina.
Even though they have so many disagreements, they still care about each other in their own way. This may be the fetters of Xu Mo and Sebrina.
Chapter seventy-three Meeting
The next day is the last day of the competition. Mu Yi and Yan Xun are taking this group of newcomers to the training room for the final run-in.
Tutor Lu Boyan, they still have some shortcomings in accompaniment, and Xu Mo helped me to correct some complicated documents.
And I got the news that Tang Xiao had come back and rushed to his office.
She secretly entertained me in the lounge and brought me a drink and dessert with lavender written on it.
I picked up this cake and ate it. Then I said to her, "Beauty, it seems that this is really ulterior motives."
Tang Xiao’s secret smile is very sweet. "It’s because you know that Director Lei is the owner of a sweet shop that you want to taste your own things. Isn’t it often said that your own things are the cleanest and the most reassuring? Is Director Lei satisfied with my performance this time?"
Tang Xiao’s secret was very proud of me and said, "Today’s extra money has fallen."
"Landing" I don’t quite understand the girl.

So he followed his daughter, but she lost her whereabouts as soon as she went out. Without saying anything, she scattered the bodyguards to find her, but after looking for her for more than ten minutes, her daughter seemed to disappear from the building.

"It’s a good thing you’re fine. Otherwise, how can I tell your confidantes?"
"You’re still in the mood to joke when you’re so tired. I’m relieved to see you’re okay. By the way, where’s Chris?"
"They should not meet that terrible guy outside. What shall we do now? Is this that strength we are look for? "
I looked around and said a few words in my ear. "Are you telling the truth?" I asked nervously. So we still have hope? By the way, let’s go out first or people outside will be worried to death. "
I came to the temple to see Scarlett, Ye, Xixi and Chris in a coma. I just left. I found a dark fire on my left and Zhang Xian was worried. I felt warm in my heart, but my heart sank again when I thought about Chris.
"Xianxian, can you please take care of Chris here?"
This sentence seems to have a special taste in Zhang Xian’s ear, but at this moment, Zhang Xian’s supercilious eyes were firmly nodded.
I said to the rest of the players, "Brothers, thank you for your support. Now we are in great difficulties, but we still have hope. We hope that you will be willing to give your final strength?"
"Yes!" Hundreds of thousands of people replied in unison, what a loud sound this is. I sighed in my heart that I can play this game with excitement. What can I say?
"Let’s go, we’re going to our last battlefield!"
Hundreds of thousands of people marched towards the back of the temple, while Zhang Xian and Jia Sili were left to take care of Chris’ illness, law and leaves, and I was also tough to stay and join me in marching towards the unknown ground.
There are always some people in the world who are particularly possessive. If they don’t have them, they would rather have none than him. Some people don’t have them, and there are not a few of them. What’s more serious is that these people are usually very smart and easy to get money and power, which makes their hearts more and more intense about the unknown and powerful things. Is this good or bad?
The game will enter the final stage …
————-reading recommendation: to worship the romantic empire.
Chapter 13 Making God (4)
"Dark fire, what do you think is in front of us?" I asked in some doubt.
"I don’t know what it’s like we’re out of the real world?" Dark fire looks at the tall buildings and overpass cars in front of me. This is not the real world. Where is it?
"Ah, you are elegant?" I looked at the birthplace of sound with the dark fire. Who is this?
The water is light and harsh. I’m Shuisi Lei’s father, but you, why are you here? Why are you dressed like the game? What the hell happened here? "
夜生活Me, the dark fire and Xixi’s body are shaking for a while. Oh, my God, how did we come to the real world again? And we seem to be in the real world from the game, and what about the body in the real world? Is there two me in the real world?
In front of the temple, Qin Yong asked the scientists who came in together. "Where is this? Where are the soldiers? What about our players? According to the tracking, it’s here. I can’t see anyone? "
The old scientist trembled at the sound of the piano. "Miss, I didn’t know that our technology could be delivered once, but we couldn’t open a lasting channel. It might take a day to open it again."
"Forget it, let’s go and see around. It’s strange that this temple is a fairyland. Where is it?"
After a few steps, I saw Zhang Xian, Jia Sili, Disease Method, Ye and Chris.
"Sisters, how did you do this? Where are the soldiers? What about the disease and the law? How is he? "
"Don’t worry, he’s all right. He hasn’t been here. Stay there for a rest. Wu Bing and Qing Yu are watching. By the way, you’re not being … how can you be here now? Strange that you are wearing jeans. God, how can you come in wearing jeans? "
Qin Yong said discontentedly, "Why not? I just came in anyway. Is it over there? You rest slowly and I’ll find the soldiers. "
Say that finish and then turn around and run away with dozens of bodyguards to stay sick. First-class dumbfounded.
Lurking in a small hill, the soldiers talked with Qingyu.
"Rain, who are these guys who suddenly come out? Why are they wearing suits and class clothes? Is there something new in Wonderland? "
Qing Yu took a white look at Wu Bing and said, "How do I know? But do you think the guards are like those monsters they met when they charged just now?"
"You don’t say I also ignored it’s really like, not like it’s just the same. Oh, my God, so many monsters turned out to be players controlling these people. What do we want to do behind us? No, we have to inform the elegant people, or they will be behind them. It will be finished. Don’t these people know that the power can be mastered by our five brothers before it can be fully displayed? "
The soldiers barely opened their eyes and saw Wu Bing talking with Qing Yu at first sight, followed by blue sky. It turned out that I was not dead yet.
"Lin Bing (Brother Lin Bing), are you awake?" Wu Bing and Qing Yu cried together
"What’s the matter? By the way, what about elegant? Is he all right? "
Wu Bing and Qing Yu remembered their brothers as soon as they woke up when they heard a warm flow in their hearts.
"It’s okay to be elegant. He took people to the front, but now we are in great trouble."
Pick up the incoming soldiers and look at them immediately. What’s going on? Call Wu Bing and Sunny Rain to help him get out of here.
"It seems that in the real world, the big heads are unwilling to be lonely. I didn’t expect mantis to catch cicadas and yellowbirds. We worked so hard. Our brothers worked so hard. I didn’t expect others to mess up behind us. I don’t believe they are not white, but they still go their own way. Forget it. She will find a way. Let’s find a way to inform elegant."

He was shot three times by Ye Xiangyuan. I heard that he was discharged from the hospital these days.

Seems to be thinking of Ye Xiangyuan fierce Ye Sanye weakly stepped back with a neck to scold "bitch! You and I will be afraid of him? "
But he’ll be bluffing and afraid to start work on me again.
Fujijun buried his face in tears. "I’m not alive. My 60-year-old man was slapped by his grandson’s wife and said that he was humiliated when he went out!"
Cried while lying Li Qingqing arms crying haw.
How sad, how sad, how wronged and how wronged that sound is.
"What’s the noise!" Ye Li did not know when to appear in the hall and drink crossly.
I followed the sound and looked over. He was coming out of the room at the corner of the stairs with the help of the guards.
spa会所Ye Xiangyuan paced slowly behind him and couldn’t see any anxiety.
I exchanged a look with him
He smiled at me.
I smiled, too
Teng Jun has already rushed to Ye Li’s arms to complain that "the old man, your granddaughter’s wife is too much, and she will slap me in the face without saying anything … this family has no place for me … I don’t want to live …"
Ye Li took her to sit and listened to her crying. He glanced at me coldly and said to Ye Xiang, "How did you marry such an uneducated woman?"
I hung my head and pretended to be at a loss.
Ye Xiangyuan seems to have smiled, "Your eyes are not much better."
Ye Li is about to be angry to a good half-day just trembling voice way "you … your eyes and I this grandpa! Is your daughter-in-law right to beat her elders? "
Ye Xiangyuan said lightly, "She is my wife. Of course, she is of one mind with me. I have never admitted that this woman is my elder."
I secretly looked up to see Ye Li.
His wrinkled face and twisted face looked terrible together, and a pair of dying eyes stared at Ye Xiangyuan as if to tear him up.
Ye Xiangyuan didn’t put his eyes at ease before gently took hold of me and helped me up.
I grabbed his wrist and cried, "It’s my fault that Grandpa taught me the right lesson … I’m just angry …"
Ye Xiangyuan looked at me deeply and asked softly, "What are you angry about?"
Section 7
I hung my head and sobbed, "That old woman scolded her sister-in-law for being mentally ill and gave her a good kick! She also called Xiao Jin a rabbit cub and smashed Xiao Jin with a cup! I protected Xiao Jin and she got angry. Let the guards hit me! "
Paused, I touched my tears and deliberately raised my neck.
Although I can’t see it myself, Teng Jun has made great efforts. I think I must have left a mark on my neck.
I looked at Ye Xiangyuan weakly and glanced at Ye Li timidly. "I was too impulsive … I didn’t want to fight back … but she pinched me so much … I think my neck is going to break … Should I not resist?"
Ye Xiangyuan’s face was heavy and his fingertips were warm, and he slowly caressed my neck. "Little Three means that little Three always likes the wicked to complain first. This kind of three-abuse means has been used by people for decades."
Ye Li face suddenly became livid.
He is not so crazy that he can’t understand the voice. He must recognize what Ye Xiangyuan refers to.
I just pretended to reflect, but in fact, every sentence accused Teng Jun of starting the fight, but at first he was desperate to protect Teng Jun.
Now being satirized by Ye Xiangyuan, his heart must be churning.
He was panting, pointing to Ye Xiangyuan, unable to speak for a long time.
Rattan gentleman is maintained like a girl’s white fingers. His chest caresses him. "Old man, I didn’t … how could I hit people? Worse, they are all my junior … Don’t you know my personality for so many years?"
I burst into tears at once, and drowned her coquetry.
Chapter 93 Grandma?
Teng Jun glared at me bitterly.
I hooked up my lips and ignored her crying even more.
"That’s enough!" Ye Li’s walking stick struck the ground heavily.

"No, I’ll show you some medicine if it hurts badly. I remember that there is a kind of medicinal liquor that is quite good." She said, and pressed Jiang Junyue to lie on the sofa and gave him a strong and healthy back to bask in. Lan Jingyi looked at his bronzed skin with an explosive force in it. It felt good to look at it like this. Her little hand fell and gently touched that bruise and swelling. "It’s really serious. Don’t sleep, even if you lie down, you should lie sideways. I’ll buy you some medicine for a while." She got up and was distressed.

But before he took a step, he was pulled back by Jiang Junyue. "Don’t go." He bullied her and forbade her to go. The strength of that hand made Lan Jingyi’s heart beat faster with some brutality. "Let go of my mother." She felt that he was thinking about that again. "What an animal."
But this sentence of hers made him bully her as soon as she pressed her on the sofa. "You have charged me with this crime. If I failed you, would it be very sorry for you?"
"No, my mother, Jiang Junyue, you can’t." Lan Jingyi struggled hard but didn’t dare to shout that she was afraid to wake up her mother and Xiao Qinqin.
But where is her opponent Jiang LaCrosse? He pressed her and couldn’t move at all. She was in a hurry and stretched out her hand and hit him. "Hiss" a cold hiss. Jiang LaCrosse’s teeth again hurt. Lan Jingyi’s scrape touched his back where it was red and swollen.
Chapter 127 It doesn’t matter
But where is her opponent Jiang LaCrosse? He pressed her and couldn’t move at all. She was in a hurry and stretched out her hand and hit him. "Hiss" a cold hiss. Jiang LaCrosse’s teeth again hurt. Lan Jingyi’s scrape touched his back where it was red and swollen.
"It doesn’t matter? I’d better buy medicine. "After a painful meal, I was finally broken by Lanjingyi.
Jiang Junyue saw that he couldn’t eat well and let Lan Jingyi go. He is now in a state of spirit. He slept all day and didn’t wake up until noon. He didn’t feel sleepy at the moment, so he simply took the baggage and take the journey. "I’ll go with you to buy that towel that was about to fall off." Lan Jingyi quickly turned his back.
But Jiang Junyue is unhurried. I have never seen such a shy woman. All the children gave birth to him. She can blush even if she changes clothes.
Although Lan Jingyi turned her back, she couldn’t help but feel her heart beat faster just now. The man’s figure is so eye-catching that he looks like an asteroid belonging to her. She can feel at ease with him. She believes that Xiaoxi will be brought back by him sooner or later.
品茶Jiang Junyue quickly got dressed before he took Lan Jingyi’s little hand and "let’s go". Anyway, nothing can be done. It’s good to take a walk with a lesbian hand, otherwise it’s really not as if he didn’t care at all. How can a man be so delicate?
Together, there is a pharmacy not far from the building community, just before the door. Two people go in Lan Jingyi to choose medicinal liquor. But Jiang Junyue turns to another row of medicine racks to look at boxes of exquisite things. "Sir, this one is better and absolutely safe." The medicine salesman’s face is not red, and the big girl picks up a box of Durex and recommends it to Jiang Junyue.
What about the famous brand? And it’s extremely expensive. Can it be unsafe? "Well, bring me some boxes."
"Good!" Jiang Junyue said that she wanted a few boxes. The medicine lady counted and took nine boxes directly, which definitely means a few boxes. Anyway, she can sell as many as she can.
"Pa" Lan Jingyi put the medicinal liquor in the cashier’s desk, and nine boxes of Durex were put by the medicine seller. Lan Jingyi blushed instantly and turned his head to listen to Jiang Junyue. "How much is it?"
"Two thousand three hundred," the salesman said quickly.
"No, it’s only seventeen dollars. How can it be so expensive?" Lan Jingyi returned those Durex. Did someone else buy them?
"Miss, if you don’t count the medicinal liquor, you will have these boxes of Durex. Just now our store manager said that the medicinal liquor was sent."
"Du … durex? Pour you to buy? " Lan Jingyi is stupid for nine boxes. How long will it take? Look at this store. There are really two guests, she and Jiang Junyue. It seems that he really bought it.
"Well," Jiang Junyue took out the gold card and brushed the money. "Wife, let’s go." She also hugged her waist and was not surprised at the two salespeople flashing eyes behind her.
It’s hard for Lan Jingyi to argue with him when people are still in the store. She can’t wait to grow wings and fly out. She’s humiliated.
As soon as he went out to the pharmacy, Lan Jingyi grabbed Jiang Junyue’s hand and squeezed it hard. "Why buy that thing?" I can’t stand him buying again, but he will take her alone. I guess she won’t go in this store to buy medicine again in her life.
"I, uh, excuse me." Jiang Junyue calmly followed the path
Lan Jingyi has seen shame, but she has never seen such shame. She can’t help it. She can’t wait to grab his bag and throw it into the trash can. "Jiang Junyue, you are too much."
"Wife, do you want to take medicine? But taking medicine is bad for a woman’s health. Besides, how does Xiaoqinqin eat your milk when you take medicine? This is coming again and again. It’s a caesarean section and you can’t have a second birth soon. Otherwise, it will hurt your health. Besides, I bought it for your mother. I don’t live at home. I just want to put it there and watch. Can’t this be done? "
"Where are you going to put it? What if my mother sees it? " She wanted to strangle him, and he really beat her.
"Anyway, it’s a place that your mother can’t see." Jiang Junyue seems to be in a better mood when he entered the community. When he came out just now, he was already planning how to eat the women around him for more than a year. No woman has a taste, and a man knows best. If he holds it back, he will get hurt.
Building that cool Lamborghini is parked there Jiang Junyue just let go of Lan Jingyi’s hand. "You wait for me for a while, I’ll get in the car." Then I walked past with my bag.
When he opened the car door, he bent down and went out. When he came out again, there was no bottle of medicinal liquor left in his hand. Lan Jingyi came here for nothing. It turned out that durex was hidden in his car. Well, she also admitted that it was easier to put it in the car. It would be really embarrassing if mom saw it.
Finally, I went back. Lan Jingyi vowed that I would never go to the pharmacy with Jiang Junyue again in my life. She was humiliated and lost her face. I really want to miss her regardless of him. Women will always be soft-hearted and lose themselves.
It’s too hard to gently rub the master with the medicated wine on his back where it is red and swollen. I didn’t know that he was an enemy of Jiang Junyue because his hands were so heavy.
This time, no matter how she rubs Jiang Junyue, it’s sad to lie there, but it must hurt to look at the redness. "Is your father Jiang Junyue’s stepfather? Is your grandfather a post-grandfather? And how do I feel that your mother is also a stepmother? None of your family is good to you. "
"Yi Yi, my mother and my father have always quarreled since I can remember, from morning till night, from night to early, and then my father simply didn’t go home. My grandfather always let me go home with my mother, but I don’t want to go home because of my second uncle and third uncle. I always go back with my mother, and my father only often goes back to my old house in the past two years. He said softly as if telling other people’s stories, but her heart was particularly sour."
"Does your father have a mistress outside?"

Breath so gathered, it must be a real treasure!

Someone inspired the ban!
What a strong breath, purer and stronger than the breath on these fragments!
Breath so gathered, it must be a real treasure! ….. Go!
Great changes, immediately attracted the attention of all. In a flash, the figure emerged, and all the people who felt this scene in the ancient small world, with a tight heart, immediately manipulated the force of space and swept away to the blue light beam like lightning.
There are other treasures!
In the distance, Fang Yun’s heart jumped, mixed in the crowd, and swept away like lightning towards the valley.
Fang Yun is not familiar with this small ancient world. However, this does not mean that others are unfamiliar. There are so many strong men in North China, and there are always people who can inspire the real secrets of this ancient small world.
That’s why Fang Yun didn’t leave immediately.
ah! Among the blue beams, several figures rushed fast, but they were thrown faster. When flying out of the blue light beam, it was already cracked into several pieces, and blood splashed.
Someone triggered the ban! Fang Yun heart movement. He glanced at his eyes and found that many people in the crowd showed fear on their faces when they saw this scene.
Suddenly stopped.
Go in! Fang Yun mind thoughts fly, at the foot of it is not to stay. He has seen that so many people have just entered. Only twenty people were cut out. Obviously, only these twenty people were unlucky, and the others went in smoothly.
This is a question of probability, and the spell is means and fate!
Hey! The light flashed and Fang Yun immediately swept into the green light …

Chapter 669 Suppression for ever
Just entering the green light, I heard a loud buzz, and a simple bronze sword with 18 handles, dragging a long blue sword light, was suspended in the void. Head on is a piece of sword light, intricately mixed, beheaded.
On the eighteen bronze swords, the energy is not so powerful. But the cohesion of that energy is purer than that of the strong in the star realm. Even the so-called indestructible foreign star iron can be easily cut into mud.