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As soon as Yan Shaowei and Tong Yiyi approached their tent area, they heard the blue candle screaming and not going in … I darling, is this the scene of the disaster …

All the clothes that have just been carefully prepared are now in rags, scattered as if they had been burned by flames, and they look terrible with charred traces.
All kinds of cloth are distributed everywhere and props are burned. Who can do this in such a short time?
I … I’ve been looking at the tent just now, but it’s just a toilet … then the big strong man guarding the tent panicked because of the blue candle expression, and his big lady was really angry with herself, so it can really pack up and leave …
The only thing left intact among all the props is a flag. You’re welcome. In big letters, it says, I don’t know what it means when I’m finished punishing you. I’ll punish you tomorrow. Are you a god? Tong Yiyi frowned!
The magic is that all his things, including temporary tents, are in good condition, damaged by blue candles, painstakingly prepared props and clothes, and burned to pieces.
Don’t say that this troublemaker must be a ghost player who walks at night … In life, the game keeps going into this pit, just like it can’t get out anymore, and it is always disturbed.
Blue candle didn’t listen to the explanation of the strong man who was in charge of keeping the tent. It was because he clenched his gums and wronged tears, and it was very unbearable for Tong Yiyi to watch it. Although blue candle was in trouble at ordinary times, it was not a bad person after all …
I couldn’t hold back the blue candle and sat down and cried. No matter how people around me advised me, but … the clothes were gone. No matter how strong they were, it was impossible to restore them by putting a bunch of carefully prepared clothes. I don’t know if there is any remedy …
Tong Yiyi is really thinking, but this is not what she is good at. This is for sure that the blue candle will continue to cry and then rub it in the direction of Tong Yiyi … See that Tong Yiyi didn’t respond and the blue candle rubbed it again.
Blue candle eyes don’t know whether it’s crying red or being rubbed red by fingers. Looking at Tong Yiyi’s face awkward, Tong Yiyi will be white. Blue candle, what is she going to do again …
Tong Yiyi waited for the blue candle to open his mouth and looked at a blue candle taller than himself. It’s a wave of feelings. Look carefully and the white candle didn’t drop a tear … It’s a whine … It’s really good to let people know whether she’s hurt or not …
Tong Tong … you see, you see that I am so sad, please help me!
… how to help?
Is in accordance with the previous you rejected the plan …
Blue candle saw Tong Yiyi hesitate to strike while the iron is hot.
Ok ….. you see I’m so miserable, good sisters, shouldn’t you contribute! A glorious socialist successor, shouldn’t you have noble ideological consciousness! ? ……”
Tong Yiyi was deeply saddened by the high psychological quality of Blue Candle at this time. If you don’t help today, it seems that Tong Yiyi turned to look at Yan Shaowei and asked her for advice.
According to the blue candle brain hole plan, Yan Shaowei’s unexpected words are also indispensable. Sure enough, the blue candle blinked with tears and went to rub Yan Shaowei again. Yan Shaowei listened to the blue candle plan and paused. Then he couldn’t help but laugh with his lips covered and looked at Tong Yiyi’s face. Yan Shaowei smiled and said
Let’s do it.
Yet a TongYiYi white himself is really hide but …
桑拿论坛This exhibition is divided into many links and many themes and awards have been set. If there is no problem, Blue Candle is going to participate in various projects one by one. Considering the current situation, it has been changed to specialize in that biggest award!
The biggest and most eyecatching theme of this exhibition is that the taboo blue candle group ranks third from the bottom. There is still a little time to prepare, but it is urgent to overthrow the outline and ideas of the previous story
Blue candle got the permission of two parties, and his eyes braved the green light and started to act. So much for the socalled chicken blood …
Tong Yiyi and Yan Shaowei were both pushed into the blue candle’s most proud plan. I didn’t expect that every cloud has a silver lining could implement her crying just now and how the weather changed and how she changed … Soon it was the turn of the blue candle!
There was nothing in front of the curtain, and there was a black curtain, and then two three fourdigit green spots flew up. For technical reasons, the audience seemed to be able to touch it, which was very real.
And then came out! A cute little beast that keeps saying no makes people want to laugh. It’s a pleasure for a little beast to jump left, glow right and kick a grass.
There was a man in the distance of the little beast. The man looked at the fireflies standing alone on the grass by the river, and looked at the little beast playing heartily with a gentle smile …
Don’t say it’s Yan Shaowei! He looked at the little beast as if he were watching his beloved lover, and his face poured out with a little emotion like a god.
The scene changed, the little beast changed into a humanoid, and became a little white boy, a beautiful boy, a handsome boy, a cute boy, and the first two ears behind Yan Shaowei also bent and bent to tell the story of the little beast’s love for his master.
Yes! That person is either a man or a beast or Tong Yiyi! Tong Yiyi is very dissatisfied with his role as a little beast! At ordinary times, Yan Shaowei always rubs her hair and face as a pet. Now she wants to be a pet even with a temporary soy sauce. How can she be willing!
So when the blue candle came up with this idea, it was rejected by Tong Yiyi for the first time! But in the end, Tong Yiyi was forced to plug the identity of a small pet. Life is often …
Chapter one hundred and fortytwo Ignorant fire inexplicable anger
Hard to worship Yan Shaowei, Tong Yiyi’s heart is to carry out the guy who has nothing to do with sabotage and scold him for doing nothing for dozens of times! What about your quality!
Everyone in the crowd who was absorbed in watching the performance was smiling. There was a man with an angry face. I don’t know what made him angry … As that man’s angry station also changed quietly …
Hot … Inexplicably hot … It’s a good dog leg. Tong Yiyi feels that Taiwan is inexplicably hot. With the rising body temperature, Yan Shaowei in her eyes has become blurred, and the line of sight is orange.
Yan Shaowei also frowned and apparently noticed that something was wrong. He quickly ran to Tong Yiyi and wanted to pull her up. At the moment when the two men were in contact with each other, a flame quickly jumped out of the bottom of the two people and burned off guard!
Tong Yiyi and Yan Shaowei’s hands were forced to separate, illuminating one area like a red stove. Although the blue candle was a bit at a loss, it was indeed a fire scene, but I didn’t expect Yan Shaowei to make it so true.
Blue candle doesn’t know that Yan Shaowei didn’t do anything … Two people were trapped by a barrier. Tong Yiyi felt that it was difficult to breathe. Yan Shaowei also felt that there was no way to make it out! A sound came to everyone’s ears from Taiwan.

Yuyuting frowned and it was boring.

Who knows that when you Xiaoqiao came, he was constantly instructed by You Kanshan to do things for a while, wash a strawberry for a while, cut an orange for a while, and let her go to see how to play chess next to him …
Yuyuting sipped his thin lips and wanted to sneer.
First, I knew that he was going to visit today, and I called Tang Yuwen to come over. Now I keep ordering Xiao Qiao … for fear that she would contact with herself, right?
品茶论坛It’s a pity that he privately doesn’t know how many times he has eaten and wiped clean You Xiaoqiao … So just put up with it first! When I get back, hum
Where did you know that Yu Yuting was having such a nasty and obscene thing in his heart? He was beaming with chess and was very proud.
Liu Huili was somewhat embarrassed to see her husband’s performance. Although she also liked Tang Yuwen very much, she respected her daughter’s opinion more. What family background did she say about her husband? She felt that anyway, the two of them had not talked about marriage yet, but they were talking about friends. All those concerns were vain. Maybe it would be inappropriate to let the children associate first … and then break up?
Besides, my daughter is twenty-five years old this year. To be honest, she is also anxious to talk about it. Let’s talk about it first. Whether it is really suitable or not depends on the experience and feeling of the two people in the process of communication.
She turned on the TV and said with a smile, Xiao Yu, what channel do you like to watch and tune it yourself?
I just handed over the remote control, and I was a little embarrassed to add, There are only a few stations without wires in the house.
I just read the newspaper without my aunt, said Yu Yuting, picking up the table and reading Today Express.
Neat and clean, white shirt, slender and straight, long legs, handsome eyebrows and noble temperament, and also likes to read newspapers. Well, good, he is a cultural person!
Plus points! Liu Huili nodded with satisfaction.
Actually, Yu Yuting doesn’t like reading newspapers. He just doesn’t like reading what he sees, just chatting and finding something to do.
You can’t brush your mobile phone, can you? That would be too rude.
Finally, in the evening, Liu Huili is going to the kitchen to start cooking dinner.
Tang Yuwen got up from the sofa. Aunt, let me help you.
No, no, I’ll just come for dinner. Go sit down and continue chatting with Xiao Qiao’s father. He talks about you all day. Liu Huili waved a shovel and drove him out.
Tang Yuwen still smiled and went in for a while, saying, Aunt, your craft is really amazing and smells good.
After a while, I added, Aunt, you really didn’t say anything about this knife worker.
Yu Yuting …
Maybe it’s because he’s black-faced, especially Xiao Qiao, covering his mouth. Only the two of them can hear the sound and say, Don’t worry, boss, I like that you can’t cook … I can cook for you.
Yu Yuting lightly coughed and was proud of himself.
That’s right. A big man should be a distant chef. Is that gorilla wearing an apron and a shovel ridiculous?
In order to leave a good impression on the future parents-in-law, Yu Yuting is polite, gentle and elegant from the door to dinner. Although she has many troubles in her heart, she will not show her face the most … but her expression is stiff.
So it went smoothly after dinner.
Tang Yuwen spoke to leave again.
Although Youkan Mountain is very reluctant, I also know that Tang Yuwen lives far away and can’t let people go.
After Tang Yuwen left, Yu Yuting was happy and finally got along with her future parents-in-law alone. There was no light bulb.
Who knows …
Ah, as expected, it’s getting late. You Kan-shan looked at the wall clock. It’s over ten o’clock. No wonder Xiao Tang is leaving.
Yu Yuting …
Seeing that Yu Yuting had the cheek to sit there unmoved, You Kanshan simply said, When are you going to leave, Mr. Yu?
Section 465
Yu Yuting …

"What are the instructions from the president?"

"I heard that you let No.1 play online games, right?"
"But this is also a preliminary contact with computers and networks."
"Well, by the way, I’m going to send someone to help you. The day will probably pass, and you will get along well then, okay?"
"it’s the president."
"Five experimenters, you should be careful not to make mistakes. This can be a human problem, you know?"
Everyone in the meeting room should say "Yes!"
When I opened my eyes, I saw that I should be familiar with the carved wooden ceiling in the room, but the sight in front of me surprised me because I saw a gorgeous giant chandelier with dozens of small lights.
When I sat up, I found that the place where I appeared turned out to be a glittering room. The whole room was made of golden buildings. What exactly was it? I didn’t know that I was so knowledgeable. In addition, there was another bed sleeping in the room. Although a woman was sleeping with her back to me, I knew from the back that this woman must be very beautiful. The slender and slender figure made me want to bite my feet. When I was still stunned, the door was pushed open. A maid dressed up came in and saw me wake up and screamed, and then ran out.
What’s going on here? I was so clever that I couldn’t analyze what was going on at the moment. That scream woke up the woman next to me. She sat up and looked at me with dim eyes, and then she screamed super loudly, regardless of whether she ran out of the room in a thin, almost transparent silk pajamas. Of course, I closely watched her running out of the room.
I slowly recall what happened before. I remember it as if I was treating that princess Chris, then pressing my hand and glowing, and finally fainted. Is it in the game or in reality now? I tried to show me whether to choose the line or not, which let me know that I didn’t expect the coma setting in the game. Were those two NPCs just now? Why is it so vivid? I feel no different from a real person. When I was thinking about it, four or five guards suddenly rushed in from outside the door, detained me without saying anything, and then directly dragged me out of the room by pulling my waist and long hair.
I was dragged to another room, but this room is really different from the one just now. The wall here is blood red and the room is full of all kinds of instruments of torture. An official guy like an ancient criminal in a fairyland sits on the innermost platform of the room while holding me. Two guards let go of my hair but stepped on my calf, which made me climb the ground.
I’ve never seen this situation before, and I almost died, but think about it. It’s a game, and I’m not so scared when I figure it out. Fortunately, there is no pain setting in this game, otherwise I’ve had enough pulling my hair just now.
"Do Taiwanese prisoners know the crime?"
"What crime?" I asked doubtfully.
"Unexpectedly bold contempt officer? Come and play thirty sticks first. "
Oh, my god, you’re going to hit 30 sticks? But just fight. I can’t feel the pain anyway
The first stick of the guard behind me came very hard, but I smiled and turned my head to watch him try to hit 30 sticks and finished my ass without even a stick mark.
约茶"Do Taiwanese prisoners know the crime?"
This time I learned well. "My Lord, please tell me what I have done?"
"The name of the prisoner in Taiwan is’ elegant’, which blatantly infringes on the noble princess of our country. The witness is the princess maid, and the evidence is that the princess screams. What else can you say?"
Shit, this is obviously wrong! The woman in the room is a princess? I haven’t done anything yet, but my eyes have seen something wonderful, and I haven’t touched it. I still have two beds apart
"Can the prisoner know the crime?"
"I …"
"It seems that you still don’t know the crime! Somebody hit another 30 sticks!"
Just fight. I didn’t lose anything anyway, but this NPC seems stupid. Otherwise, how could it be executed in this way? Just as the cudgel was about to come, the execution was interrupted by a sweet sound like an oriole.
"The executive is slow!"
I looked back at the beautiful woman just now, but this time, when I looked at it from the front, I suddenly lost my mind as if I had read an introduction to human nature that said,’ The most beautiful woman must be a fictional woman’. Now I believe this famous saying 1%! Because this NPC beauty in front of me must be a fiction. The pink feather gauze matches her perfectly without a trace of unnecessary stains. The face is so beautiful that my heart almost stopped beating. My breathing changed from twice a minute to once, which almost made me die on the spot, but it seems that the game didn’t breathe. This setting is strange. How can I feel that I have a bad breath?
"See the Princess Hall!"
"Get up. There’s nothing for you here. You go first."
Finally, Princess Chris and I were left in the room when I was about to sit up. Princess Chris suddenly changed her expression and threw herself at me with a big smile. She threw me to the ground and held my neck tightly with her hands. This change surprised me and I was at a loss. What day is it today? Why is everything so unexpected and there are so many messy things in this game? However, it would be a good thing if it were repeated several times.
"Your name is elegant, right?"
Princess Chris looked up. Her nose was only ten centimeters away from mine.
"Yeah, but you are?"
"Idiot, I am Chris."
"Then how did you …" I looked at Princess Chris close to my body.
"I didn’t know it was, but yesterday after I received your treatment, I felt like I had something more. I felt like I wanted to hold you at the sight of you."
"What logic is this?"
I lifted myself up and pressed my body. Chris sat up and looked at Chris carefully. Her reddish white face with a slight smile and her hands that kept hanging around my neck, I really don’t know what to do now, and Chris’s blurred eyes made me feel deformed.
"By the way, Princess Chris, are you well?"
"Don’t call the princess Chris!"
"Mm-hmm Chris, are you well?"
"Well, it’s better than before."
"What about my job change?"

Liuzhuang lotus cocked his head and wanted to think, My back hurts a little, my feet hurt a little, and Liuzhuang lotus didn’t say this sentence.

Is there anything wrong?
Looking at Ye Wei carefully, Liu Zhuanghe put a glass of water in her hand and said, Ye I’m fine, I haven’t lost my memory, I haven’t forgotten my baby. I know she has gone to another world, which is more beautiful.
She had been looking forward to the child, but now it is gone.
She used to be more grateful to Wu Muchen for giving her a home, but now she has no home.
The child was removed by Wu Muchen himself.
From then on, I hated him.
I’m a little hungry, said Liu Zhuanghe gently.
She needs to cheer up so that she can get back at Wu Muchen and Huo Qianqian. Her child can’t just die in vain.
Okay, what do you want to eat? She was very happy to see that Liu Zhuanghe could perk up so quickly.
rice congee with stirfried bitter gourd porridge and bitter melon have the ultimate taste to make her remember this moment
Ye Wei is one leng. Bitter gourd is too bitter. I’ll buy some of his side dishes.
No, I want to eat.
Ye Wei saw that she insisted on nodding. Okay, you lie down for a while. I’ll buy a horse now and come back.
Ye Weili Mara opened the door and ran to the stairway. When nurses or patients saw her, they gave her a sympathetic look.
The hospital has where will you go every day in this place.
Liuzhuang Lotus started, and her back and feet were burning, but at the moment, her body hurt, but not her heart.
When she knew that she was pregnant, she was so happy that she had a family in this world, but all this was ruined by Wu Muchen.
Liuzhuang lotus brimming with pain slowly moved to the window and opened it.
At this time, it is raining outside the window.
Liuzhuang lotus back to the head of a bed and looked out of the window motionless.
She didn’t respond when the nurse came in to dial the needle.
桑拿会所The nurse gave her a look and said with a sigh, You can have a baby without it, but you have your own body and you are distressed. If you have a good body, you can have two babies.
For this patient, the nurse still knew that the dean had told her to take good care of her. At that time, she was taken to the hospital like a bloody person. At first glance, it was an accidental abortion, and she could not help but sympathize.
Thank you, I will. Liu Zhuanghe smiled gratefully at the nurse.
It’s good to know. The nurse went to the window and closed it. Abortion should be paid attention to.
thank you
After the nurse left, Liu Zhuanghe moved to the window and opened it. She didn’t feel better until she looked out the window.
When Ye Wei came back, she saw Liu Zhuanghe staring blankly at the window, opening the small table in front of the bed, setting porridge and bitter gourd and magically serving a chicken soup.
Zhuanghe, you should make up for it these days so that you can be healthy quickly, okay?
Know the housekeeper Liuzhuang lotus end rice congee didn’t zi didn’t taste to pick up a piece of bitter gourd with mouth really bitter.
If the pain is extreme, there will be no tears to vent the pain, which is the most painful.
I wish you happiness forever.
Today, there will be a prizewinning question and answer every June 2. Remember to answer the questions and grab the coins.
Call on the flower drill to drill the ticket, and throw it all at the lotus.
I’ll take over her life.
It can’t be the wrong person to appear in the right time; Appearing at the wrong time can’t be the socalled right or wrong, but it may be meaningless. Sighing is an excuse. When you are right, you are right.
Wu Muchen sent Huo Qianqian back to Huo’s villa and went to the hospital instead of going home.

Well … I looked at Monk awkwardly, but Monk was obviously normal, and it was no different.

"She’s like this. Don’t worry," I said. Monk shook his head and smiled. "It’s okay. She’s cute."
Fang Miao Miao roared to Huai Che, and they soon came back. Li Jingmenke and they also served dishes one after another. Fang Jin volunteered to help with the dishes and soon filled a table.
Hairy crabs, lobsters, abalone and sea cucumbers are all common. He has nothing to say about some dishes, but a porcelain plate on the dining table has attracted all our attention.
It’s strange to see a piece of meat and a piece of fat on a porcelain plate, but it’s bright and it feels like jelly!
Li Jing smiled when he saw that we were all staring at that piece of fat meat. "This piece of pork belly was specially cooked by me and took 11 hours."
Wow, this long? We all looked at him doubtfully and Li Jing didn’t sell it, saying, "The night before, I marinated this meat material and stuffed glutinous rice, peanuts and mushrooms into the meat layer. I waited until the early morning to simmer it in the pot, which was also good. Now it seems that the results are good."
Fang Miaomiao is curious, but I know that she always doesn’t like fat meat. The pork belly is too fat. Fang Miaomiao said, "This isn’t your first time, is it? Can you eat so fat? "
Li Jing nodded and said, "Although it’s the first time to cook it, I have consulted a professional chef about the essence of this dish. I’ll choose pork belly for this fat noodle. According to the original recipe, it’s real fat meat."
I also feel a little tired of my throat and say, "How does it taste?"
Li Jing took a look at the big guy and said to me, "You’ll know if you try."
I shook my head and said, "You eat first." Fang Miaomiao also hurriedly said, "Yes, you try first."
Seeing that everyone looked at themselves, Li Jing swept around. We shook our heads and put chopsticks in the fat. Something strange happened. When we saw that the chopsticks were unstable, they fell down for three seconds and then separated the meat. Li Jing followed suit and the meat was divided into four pieces.
What we saw was amazing, and Monk repeatedly asked, "How did this happen? Is this meat really jelly? "
Li Jing didn’t answer with a spoon. Everyone put a spoonful of eyebrows in his plate and said, "Try it." He said that he should put the fat in his plate into his mouth. I saw that such a big piece of fat was put into his mouth by his spoon and swallowed consciously. I felt that the fat was full of the whole throat.
"Wow, I’m tired of it!" Fang Miao Miao’s flat mouth said that Li Jing ate the meat with a pair of enjoyment. When Lin Xun saw that Li Jing had eaten it, he also ate it in succession. Li Jing said that "it’s not greasy to eat, but it tastes good, although it’s still a little worse than what Master Tang did."
After eating it, Huai Che Lin Xun nodded and said, "It’s delicious, and it’s wonderful to have those ingredients under the fat, which fully absorbed the smell of fat and oil."
Fang Miaomiao and I looked at each other and said, "Is it so exaggerated?" Monk has already eaten Fang Jinhuai and Lin Xun just ate it and followed it.
Li Jing said, "It’s really good. Try it." I thought about it and put the meat in my mouth with a spoon. It’s not as fat as I thought. This meat mouth is well matched with his ingredients. It’s really wonderful as they say!
Fang Miaomiao stared at me closely and saw that I was really busy and asked, "What’s up?"
I nodded and said, "It’s really wonderful. You should try it."
Fang Miaomiao shook her head and said, "You can eat." When she got her words, Lin Xun began to scoop it out again. Except Fang Miaomiao, everyone scrambled to eat Fang Miaomiao. When she saw us eating meat, she took the hairy crab and ate it. Soon, this dish was eaten by us before eating other dishes.
Monk square Vivi wanted to eat hairy crabs, so he took a clamp to help Fang Miaomiao break the crab shells and pick out the crab meat for her to eat. She also peeled the shrimps. Huai Che didn’t know that they saw Monk peeling Fang Miaomiao’s shells, and he also peeled the shrimps and crabs, trying to give Fang Miaomiao a sharp-eyed kick to stop him.
Speaking of which, let’s say that we have a round table in our seats. We are sitting around Monk. It’s Fang Miaomiao next to Vivi. I’m next to bamboo. I’m next to Li Jing. Li Jing used to be Fang Jin, then to Huaiche and then to Linxun. It’s naturally Monk.
Huaiche looked at me doubtfully, and I blinked at him. Although he didn’t understand why I stopped him, he still obediently didn’t give Fang Miaomiao the peeled shrimp and crab.
Fang Miaomiao enjoyed Monk very much. She was happy to eat Monk, and she was also very spoiled. She made two people flirt with each other, even if they were blind, they could be white. Huai Che naturally lost her original vitality before eating, and she bowed her head and ate silently like Fang Jin.
In my eyes, I can’t do anything. Huai Che and Fang Miaomiao are not the same after all. I can’t say that Huai Che is going to break up Fang Miaomiao and Monk. Good Huai Che is an open-minded person. Maybe he also understands the gap between him and Fang Miaomiao, and soon adjusts his mood and laughs with everyone.
Push a cup for a change, eat and drink, and at night, Li Jing feeds the bamboo by stages.
After dinner, Fang Jin scrambled to help clear the table and wash the dishes. We went to the video room to watch movies for a while, and Fang Miaomiao and Monk said that they would go back first.
I thought about it and said, "then I’ll go back, too. It’s dark. I should go to bed after taking a bath."
So say Huaiche they also want to go back to Monk and Fang Miaomiao’s own car. Li Jing will drive me and bamboo back from Qinshuiju. Li Jing will lend Linxun the car to take Huaiche and Fang Jin home.
After all, Qinshuiju is not far from here, and it’s not too slow.
The car came to the gate of Qinshuiju slowly. Li Jing wanted to drive in. I didn’t let Yi Yue see more cars at the gate. I entered the door with bamboo in my arms. Li Jing saw us enter the door before driving back.
桑拿按摩Back in the living room, I suddenly remembered that Monk Fang Vivi and they brought gifts to me without anything, so they took out their mobile phones and sent Li Jing a big red envelope. Li Jing probably didn’t find that he didn’t get a red envelope until I took a bath for bamboo and put him to sleep. I also took a bath and came out to see that the red envelope was received.
The news from Li Jingfa said,’ Why are you sending such a big red envelope?’ I also sent a red envelope back to me. I didn’t get a message and said to him,’ Congratulations, you don’t have much red envelopes when you move to a new house. If you don’t accept them, you will be a stranger.’
Section 229
About no3 is just a deal. Chapter 26 I will be sad.
You say that, I have to accept it if I don’t accept it. How about bamboo falling asleep?’
I’m ready to go to bed when I’m asleep. You’d better go to sleep.’
Li Jing sent a smiling face and said,’ Well, good night!’
I looked at it and didn’t go back to him. I put my mobile phone on the bedside table and slept with a sheet.
I just closed my eyes and remembered something. I opened my eyes and was taken back to my mobile phone. I sent a message to Fang Miaomiao asking if she had come home. But she didn’t reply to the message
I went to bed without thinking much. After dawn, I brushed my teeth, washed my face, had breakfast and was ready to go to class. I still took bamboo to Li Jing and waited outside the gate early. When I saw us going out, I drove the door for us.
I took the bamboo car and Li Jing drove to the company building. I just met Fang Jin and waited for the ladder. Fang Jin saw that Li Jing and I had a rare smile and said, "Sister Lili is early, and General Li is early."
Because I met Fang Jin earlier with Li Jinglai, I didn’t feel wrong at all. It’s normal for everyone to meet this shift. I came later than the ordinary class, and I was alone when I waited for the stairs.
I said hello to Fang Jin, and the staircase came. As soon as the door opened, it was crowded with people. Okay, there were four people on this staircase, so I didn’t go in.
After a while, the other ladder arrived, and there were not so many people. Li Jing protected me and the bamboo advanced ladder. I protected me and bamboo to prevent others from touching the bamboo square brocade and followed us into the ladder. Next to Li Jing, Li Jing conveniently protected her.
I’m still used to taking the stairs at the time before work. When there are many people in the stairs, there are some women wearing strong perfume, which makes them choke and sneeze.
I frowned and took out a small bamboo towel to protect the bamboo nose. If bamboo didn’t want to, it wouldn’t be forced to cover her nose. How difficult it was to get to the 12th floor. I took bamboo and Fang Jin out of the ladder. Li Jing continued to follow the ladder to his company.
When I returned to Quesheng, Huai Che and Lin Xun had already cleaned up in the company. Seeing that Fang Jin followed me to the company, Lin Xun couldn’t help asking, "Jin, how did you come with Li Jie? When I went to see you, your landlord aunt said that you had gone out, so I didn’t wait for you. "
Fang Jin looked up at Lin Xun and looked at me again, but I didn’t answer. I said, "Did you have breakfast just now?"
Huai Che shook his head and said, "I don’t have the habit of eating breakfast. I just want to have a cup of soybean milk every day." Linxun said, "I have eaten from the past."
After greeting, I went to work separately, and when it was almost time for lunch, Zhou Huan made a message and asked me to have lunch together. Naturally, I agreed.
It’s the same time to go to that western restaurant. I’ll be there by then. When I saw me holding bamboo, I quickly got up from my seat.

She suddenly stopped because footsteps outside were getting closer and closer.

This is the first time I’ve encountered such a situation. What should I do if I want to pick it up?
She took a bite of the apple and suddenly hit me in the face. "Get out!"
I "…"
I react to being smashed from time to time.
Okay, she avoided me and hit me in the face. Although it hurt, she was not hurt.
She came at me and hit me. I didn’t know what she meant. I ran outside quickly
桑拿按摩And in a moment, someone subdued her
I was held in a wide and warm embrace.
It’s Ye Xiangyuan. I’m familiar with the smell of agarwood.
He whispered in my ear, "Don’t be afraid."
I looked at Lv Nian, and she was like a real crazy scream.
I depend on Ye Xiangyuan’s arms. "She … she …"
Ye Xiangyuan interrupted me and stroked my forehead. "It will be all right soon."
Say that finish look at me deeply.
I am silent.
He led me out.
Ye Wen at the door and several bodyguards are familiar faces.
Took a few steps, but I turned around and saw Lv Nianzheng staring at Ye Wen unblinkingly. It was strange.
My heart instantly set off waves. Is Ye Wen one of the monitors?
Section 7
Qiwang w w w q i s u w a n g
Back in the ward, Ye Xiangyuan looked at me and touched my face. "Are you scared?"
I shook my head and asked him, "Why are you here?"
He said, "I wanted to see you when I was busy."
I couldn’t help smiling when I was warm.
But I decided to get down to business first. I told Lu Nian what I had told him. I stared at his eyes. "Have you been secretly linked with your eldest sister-in-law? Who is your opponent? Will the eldest sister-in-law be in danger? "
He was silent for a moment and said, "Well, we’ve always been in contact, and there won’t be any danger for the time being, but no one is allowed to die until the real time. What will happen?"
This remark made me shudder.
He looked at me for a while and put his hand in my arms and asked softly, "Are you afraid?"
I shook my head again against his chest.
I can follow him even if I’m afraid. I’ve stepped on his boat
He sat on the bed, held me to his legs, pressed me to his chest and said, "I need you."
I heard clearly that it was inappropriate for him to shout eleven.
My body is stiff.
He held my hair hanging from my chest with his fingertips, then raised me and kissed my lips.
I gently pushed him away.
He didn’t just stare at me.
I bowed my head. "Why don’t you save her?"
Now that he’s in control, why should he let her take risks and make her act crazy?
When I just left, I saw her tied by a rope. It was really pitiful.
Besides, Xiaojin also needs her mother to take care of her children. Without her, everyone can’t lack maternal love.
Ye Xiangyuan held my face and looked at me quietly.
Then my eyes drooped, my palms slid down my cheeks, and I held my knees.
"It’s the eldest sister-in-law’s own request," he whispered.
I zheng "she …"
Ye Xiang traveled far away. "She wants revenge on her eldest brother."
I couldn’t speak for a long time.
Ye Xiangyuan touched my hair and said slowly, "If you want revenge, of course, you have to get close to your opponent, whether it’s searching for evidence or assassination … Our opponent is well hidden in the dark … Sister-in-law said that she had to find out the Ministry of Human Resources and avenge the eldest brother …"
I was shocked.
She should love Brother Ye very much to bear such a heavy burden.
Secretly sighed, since it is the eldest sister-in-law who chooses for herself, of course I can’t say anything.

Clutching his legs and skirts with his hands, he suddenly formed a series of deep and shallow folds. long summer’s hot and sour eyes were full of hatred "I want to divorce Chen Moran"

"I also agree that you divorce that love rat." Xiaowa did not hesitate to support long summer’s decision.
"But" long summer eyebrows tight cu.
Xiaowa is busy asking "but what?" She long summer still has scruples. "Sister long summer, don’t tell me that you are still reluctant to leave that love rat. As far as I know, he didn’t seem to treat you well before, otherwise you and he wouldn’t be separated."
"It’s not what you want." long summer buried his head in his hands distressfully. "After what Chen Moran did to me, I have managed to live with him again, but Chen Moran refused to divorce me."
"Damn it!" Xiaowa was very angry. "What does he want?"
"I don’t know. Maybe he just tortured me." long summer sighed.
"If he always refuses to divorce you, you can sue him in court," Xiaowa suggested.
Long summer shook his head. "I thought about suing, but it’s not time to act rashly."
Wow, I cherish long summer’s troubles. Her eyes are determined to hold long summer’s hand. "Sister long summer, I support you and I will face it with you."
"Wow, I think I’m the culprit." long summer blamed himself. "I’m not wrong that my marriage with Chen Moran has fallen into such a broken mess. This taste is not a punishment from heaven."
Xiaowa gently took long summer’s wet and cool face with a gentle tone. "Don’t think so, Sister long summer. You have tried your best to do a lot of things. Since you can’t force it, it will be difficult to end it."
"Is this really the case?" long summer was confused and confused.
"Otherwise, what can I do? Things have already happened." Xiaowa was calm.
"Xiaowa" long summer snuggled up to Xiaowa’s shoulder, and her eyes were still saturated with moisture. Suddenly, she was filled with emotion. "I used to comfort you and encourage you to tell you a lot of truth. You see, now we are upside down, and most of the time you enlighten me. When you grow up, I am old, and I feel so tired."
Xiaowa raised long summer’s pale face and stared at her seriously. "Sister long summer, have you forgotten that you taught me all these things? I just repeated what you said to me. We are all like this."
Brilliant smile blooms that young and beautiful face. Xiaowa patiently persuades long summer, "Sister long summer, don’t think too much about everything and ask us to do our best. They will always be solved. Go back and have a good sleep. It’s a new beginning."
To amuse long summer with a long face, Xiaowa provoked long summer’s evil smile at the corners of his jaw like a dude. "Beauty, look, you look so beautiful, why are you so sad? Come and give me a smile."
"Fuck you, you’re not serious." long summer was finally amused by Xiaowa’s humor
At the low point of long summer’s life, she felt lucky because she had a good sister, Xiaowa, who knew each other all the way. This deep sisterhood is one of the most precious assets in her life.
Long summer wanted to see Anbao before going to bed, so she gently pushed the door open.
Looking at long summer, who seems to have fallen asleep, he slowly leaned over and reached out and lovingly stroked the cheek of Amber’s meat doodle, and a soft kiss fell on his forehead.
"Mommy" Amber suddenly opened her eyes.
"Did Mommy wake you up?" long summer said apologetically to Amber.
Amber blinked his beautiful phoenix eyes that looked like Yu Enze. His eyes were sincere. He held out his little hand and put his arms around long summer’s neck affectionately. "Mommy, I heard you talking to Aunt Xiaowa just now. Mommy, you are not alone. You still have me and dad. Let’s go find dad together, ok?"
Chapter one hundred and twenty Uncle, you are so beautiful
Long summer stupefied looking at the front eyes clear and pure amber throat suddenly have a suffocating stuffy pain, she couldn’t say a word at the moment.
Amber is still thinking about Yu Enze. His biological father’s hidden heart and longing for fatherly love are still expanding wildly every day. Although he once complained about Yu Enze’s kindness, long summer felt that he did not hate Yu Enze.
"Amber’s lovely" heart suddenly burst into pain. long summer couldn’t help hugging Amber’s eyes filled with water mist. "Mom once hurt your parents. I’m sorry. His father now has his own life. Let’s not bother him for a while, okay? When mom is ready, mom will let you and dad know each other."
Amber silence
Long summer Bai Anbao is reluctant to lose his father’s love since childhood. How much he wants to see his father soon? It’s gratifying but sad that Xiao Anbao has realized that he is already past the age of being ridiculous. He has grown up to be a man. He wants to understand his mother’s hard work and difficulties, so he nodded sympathetically to long summer.
Anbao’s understanding made long summer feel more ashamed and miserable. Anbao was only five years old, so he should worry about living innocently. However, she put too much psychological burden on him, and made him realize the joys and sorrows of people too early, which cast a heavy shadow over his sunny childhood.
品茶论坛She owes Enze and Amber too much.
The night was so deep and long that long summer lost sleep and the pillow was wet and cold.

"What are you looking at? I have flowers on my face." Jun Qian gave him a look. "When did little sister become so powerful?"

"She has a famous teacher who follows suit. Naturally, it’s a big difference." Jun madly touched Jun Qian’s arm. "I said that you should pay attention to it before you. Look at her rogue habits. Don’t they all learn from you?"
"Do you understand the words?" Jun Qian looked at you with pride. "Sometimes words can be an attack. On the second master of words, Chu’s predecessors are much better than me. You should learn more." "I have seen him refute men and women; Haven’t seen him play rascal flirt against female repair "jun crazy mouth twitching.
"That’s my true nature."
"I think you are really dependent." Jun Kuang once again realized that it is not true temperament that can be summed up in three words.
When you meet Jun Qian, there are only three cool ways to choose people. Send him to heaven and cover his face, and even teach him to be a man, or simply ignore him.
It happened that Mo Nian chose none of the three.
"You" Mo Nian gritted his teeth and glared at Qin Xiao. "School sister should not be naughty and teach you some rules."
"That’s not necessary." There have been a group of cavalry quietly lurking in the square of twelve women. Everyone has a bow in his hand to surround the twelve women. The knights also raised their bows and arrows.
Qin Xiao smiled with satisfaction with a wave of his hand and "put an arrow", and the instantaneous arrow rain hit twelve women.
Mo Nian’s watery sword array blocked some injuries, but most of them actually hit them in the body.
The watery sword array collapsed instantly. Three of the twelve women were seriously injured and vomited blood. Others were also in a mess. Many clothes were damaged, and Mo Nian was lying on his back in rags.
The glistening body was looked at, and Mo Nian curled up in shame and wept bitterly.
"You" yellow-shirted women originally looked at Mo Nian with cold eyes, but in the end, they couldn’t help jumping up and pointing to Qin Xiao and yelling at "school sister, it’s too much."
"Please forgive me, martial sister." Qin Xiaoqian saluted with his fist in vain. "If the martial sisters feel that their reputation will be damaged in the future, I should try my best to help them. It’s no wonder that this tournament table is alive and dead."
"Well, you glib little girl," the yellow shirt girl waved her hand is a firm but gentle wave.
Qin Xiao smiled gently, without hiding or flashing, with little defense.
Taiwan’s crow is used to Qin Xiao’s various coup d’ é tat. They have already marveled at it several times, and some people are numb. At this moment, look at Qin Xiao’s not hiding or flashing. She must have a coup d’ é tat, but she still can’t help but worry about it.
Shock wave swept past Qin Xiao’s body, but it seemed to bounce off. Not only Qin Xiao was unscathed, but even his clothes were not marked.
"This is a kind of achievement method" yellow shirt woman asked.
She could see that Qin Xiaogen didn’t move Xuanli. None of all the defense techniques she had ever seen could be so easy to defend against firm but gentle.
"The teacher elder sister YanChong I didn’t practice any achievement method." Qin Xiao smiled and brushed the root of the red gauze without dust. "It’s that the clothes and materials of the teacher elder sisters are not good and too fragile to be scratched."
The yellow shirt girl knows that this gauze dress is really beautiful, so Mo Nian can’t help but compare with others and then go to provoke, but she doesn’t know that this gauze dress can easily defend against shock wave; She hated herself for being talkative and gave Qin Xiao a chance to criticize them.
She wanted to spend another time in the corner, but she caught a glimpse of the vice president, and suddenly she felt like a mountain of pressure was coming. When she thought about the sword again, she found that she could not move.
按摩"This performance is really wonderful." Vice President looked at Qin Xiao with a chuckle. "I didn’t expect you to be in the array at a young age, which really opened my eyes."
"The vice president’s ridiculous praise is not a coincidence if the teachers and sisters want me to." Qin Xiao gave a gift. "If my brother won, I should be guilty."
Yellow-shirt girl, this is even more incomprehensible. Qin Xiao slapped them hard. How can she be modest at this time?
Qin Xiao’s words not only made the yellow shirt girl puzzled, but also made Taiwan sigh.
Some people secretly admire Qin Xiao for being a man, while others think that she is deliberately trying to make the twelve women even more humiliating.
"So so want me to arbitration", vice president of the look at Qin Xiao eyes more some love he turned to the yellow shirt female thoughtfully for a moment "today!
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I rule that you have any objection to a tie. "
"Disagree" The yellow shirt girl hurriedly handed over Mo Nian, and this is the time for her to take the lead.
"Thank you, Vice President." Qin Xiao smiled and walked slowly to the yellow shirt girl to hand over Jin Chai. "If you have offended your sister, I hope that if you don’t abandon your frequent contacts in the future."
Qin Xiao has to put on a low profile in front of so many people.
She asked and looked around at the sisters, and when she saw that they were all looking gloomy, she couldn’t help crying, so she said, "Now the elder martial sister is sad, you need to find a chance to accompany her. I am not the oldest here, so I thanked the younger martial sister for her heart."
"Of course, my hands hurt you regardless of weight today, and I will come to apologize tomorrow." She said it was "tomorrow", so it’s hard to say whether it will come tomorrow.
Just then, I heard a sharp woman coming from a distance. "If you lose, you will lose, but you still make a fool of yourself and don’t come back quickly."
Chapter three hundred and ninety-nine Dean has instructions
I don’t want Qin Xiao to know that this is their master.
This conversation really doesn’t give face to face. There is no blame in the actual tone, but it is full of cuts.
It’s a little surprising that twelve women are so favored, she secretly remembers
"Today, I’ll leave for a while and talk about it tomorrow." Although the yellow shirt girl nodded, it was a loser’s posture, but it was quite straight. The girls helped each other to leave by riding the yellow shirt girl to control the spirit.
Qin Xiao arched his hand in the direction of Dean Shi and drifted away back to the stands. He was immediately surrounded by students from the outer court.
Everyone was very nervous when they asked Qin Xiao if he was injured.
"I’m okay. They attacked the root method and hurt me." Qin Xiao smiled. "I also got a chance. If it’s single, I may not be better than the strength."
"Sister Qin is modest, and you will be our role model in the future." A student from the outer court said with a smile, "I was suppressed by Nanyuan every year in the west, and today I can calculate the evil spirit."
"Nanyuan will not let it go." Another student poured cold water.
"We can still have Elder Martial Sister Manglietia. Don’t raise others’ ambition and destroy yourself. Now, if we get along with Nanyuan at the north gate of Xishan, come and see what happens."
"Look, you talk proudly as if you have something to do."
"This is a new word for my sense of honor, do you understand?"
"Anyway, Nanyuan can’t be arrogant. Although I am old, there are many senior Qin sisters, but I don’t want to lose money."
"It’s better than the core brother of that hospital who is so approachable without losing the teacher elder sister’s snow and ice."
"Yes, yes, this is our blessing."
"We also follow the teacher elder sister to be immortal."