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Qin Xiong rushed into the goal after breaking the goal, held the ball in his arms and ran towards the backcourt. His look did not change at all, as if he had completed a trivial matter.

Liverpool pulled back a goal! With three goals behind, the Red Army seemed to wake up like a dream. They finally rallied and played a pleasing teamwork. Finally, Steven Gerrard finished the shooting and came to Degea. Unfortunately, the ball speed was too fast. He could barely block one and then gave Qin Xiong a chance to make up the shot!
Atletico Madrid led Liverpool by two goals before the halftime.
Coleman looked serious, while Flores looked serious.
Liverpool scored a perfect goal in the worst situation!
Before halftime!
If you are three goals behind at halftime, the game will be even more difficult.
However, falling behind by two goals seems to be less depressing for European champions, which will help Liverpool to calm down more quickly, regain selfconfidence and clear up the mess, and the team will play more reasonably and actively.
Because of this, Flores is actually disappointed. If he is destined to score this goal by Liverpool, he would rather be at halftime than before halftime!
The Red Army fans in the stands have also recovered.
Isn’t it three goals behind?
Liverpool have the strength to get it back!
Even A Milan has been dramatically reversed by them.
Atletico Madrid wants to kill Liverpool!
At the end of the half game, the two teams returned to the dressing room.
After Coleman returned to the dressing room, he first gave the team players more rest and calmness, and then he summarized and analyzed the half game, including pointing out the weaknesses of Atletico Madrid.
Atletico Madrid certainly has weaknesses that Liverpool can benefit from.
However, Liverpool lost control of the game from the first half of the game, and the impact on the opponents was too intense, which made the players focus more on defending.
Now that the team’s mentality is stable, the team can calmly think about the most correct way to face the halfcourt game.
We can defeat Atletico Madrid. They created a big problem for us today, but we are afraid! Today is a challenge for us. We must face the challenge bravely and overcome all difficulties!
Coleman mobilized before the halftime game.
Liverpool people also have a fire in their hearts.
They are champions of the Champions League, but they don’t want to be trampled on by the champions of the Europa League. It’s a great shame!
At half time, the two sides changed sides and fought again.
Flores Atletico Madrid did not make too many tactical adjustments and still defended against the main counterattack.
Liverpool, on the other hand, have made some changes in attack
Teams play more indepth attacks
Torres and Raul are finally pressing the Atletico Madrid defender line to be ready for offside.
After halftime, it can be seen that Atletico Madrid’s crazy rush has reduced the lethality of Liverpool.
Because Liverpool is prepared first and the team has entered the game state, it will not be caught off guard like a bolt from the blue at half time.
In the 49th minute, Qin Xiong attracted the defensive attention of Raul Garcia and Assumpcao 40 yards away from the goal. At this time, he directly crossed the ball to the middle.
Alonso followed in without stopping the ball. The football rolled past Godin and got a shot behind Torres.
Degea abandoned the door and blocked Torres’ shooting angle
See Torres forced his foot shot and hit Degea’s arm and flew out of bounds.
Torres, the former golden boy of Atletico Madrid, seems to have plummeted against the home team today! to be continued
[The first volume of the sword has not been drawn and has become a front 124. Wake up! ]
Liverpool gave Atletico Madrid a fright at halftime.
Although Torres’ shot was blocked by Degea, the scene was still thrilling
It never takes long to score a goal.
Players and coaches know this well.
Because of this, the key point is not whether there is a goal or not.
But whether the opponent can create shooting opportunities, especially in the restricted area.
If it means there is something wrong with the defense!
Not enough to contain the opponent
And if Liverpool can set foot in the penalty area, how can Atletico Madrid rest easy?
In the 53rd minute of the game, when Qin Xiong Gerrard was short in the frontcourt, Gerrard gave the ball straight to Raul, the offside, and Liverpool got another shot in the penalty area.
It’s a pity that Raul’s shooting angle is too small. His shot was directly taken into Degea’s arms.
Degea held the ball and launched a counterattack.
He threw the ball to the side and gave it to Ujfalusi, who then gave it to Simao straight ahead.
Simao didn’t push Liverpool by dribbling this time. The backcourt was very wide after the attack.
It’s enough that he needs to send the ball to the front line.
Fran retreated and took the ball near aguero after Mascherano forced him to grab it.
品茶论坛Aguero dumped Agger very quickly and then diagonally killed the penalty area after possession.
Carragher made a clean tackle at the crucial moment!
Aguero looked at the football being destroyed by Carragher, and his whole heart fell into great disappointment.
If he can get past Carragher in the key showdown, then he can go to the meeting alone!
The ball destroyed by Carragher rolled in front of Johnson, who tilted the ball directly from the backcourt to the other half.
Aurelio then tilted the ball to the middle. Alonso stopped the ball in defense and turned to dribble forward to push the offensive.
At this moment, the defensive line of Atletico Madrid has been threatened by Liverpool’s shots in the restricted area.
I’m afraid Liverpool will make another quick cut and then send a deadly straight plug
With Torres and Raul retreating, two midfielders Garcia and Assumpcao are also wary of Gerrard’s forward insertion.
When Alonso came to the zone 40 yards away from the goal, Garcia had to press it, and Alonso was just to attract an Atletico Madrid midfielder to create an attack for Qin Xiong.
Garcia moved Alonso and immediately kicked the ball.
The football tilted to Qin Xiong’s foot in the cutting position.
Seeing Qin Xiong as if a sword were going to stab him in the restricted area of Atletico Madrid, Assumpcao couldn’t sit idly by. He immediately moved horizontally to defend Qin Xiong.
And Qin Xiong suddenly changed direction before he killed his eyes!
Assumpcao staggered head on.
It’s already about 25 yards away from the goal. Qin Xiong shakes his angle and slams the door directly!
The Atletico Madrid guard line has retreated to the restricted area, and no one can interfere with Qin Xiong.
On the other side, Perea planned to do this, but this plan was aborted after Qin Xiong crossed the ball.

Well, master is playing a big game of chess …

Yes, yes.
Ask … what is chess?
get out!
Noting the emotional changes of the strikers, I made a gesture to them, and they immediately ended their nonsense and returned to their respective positions.
It seems that they didn’t touch the ball much at half time. They are very energetic …
I rubbed the bar and ran back to meet the opponent’s unexpected ball near our restricted area.
Cheng Wu and the defenders are still stuck in the box, and I can’t get out of the box. I also put out the idea of imitating him to fight back quickly.
There is no effect in the bottom. In the end, it still needs short penetration.
I took the ball and broke through the nominal opponent’s striker group, forcibly getting rid of the intention to press the three midfielders close to each other and then push into the penalty area.
Immediately, three defenders blocked in front of me, including Cheng Wuzai.
约茶  title=You’re here. I looked up and smiled at the defense commander.
He ignored me and shoveled his foot directly.
Early warning, I swept the ball past him with the instep of my outer foot.
There is no offside setting! All strikers don’t foul no matter where they are!
So the striker’s instep forced a ball into the goal against the wind!
This attack sounded the death horn of Cheng Wu’s defense corps.
69 wife and daughter
I changed the front attack route and took the ball straight to Cheng Wu’s area. He had to face my challenge directly, thus losing his grasp and command of the whole situation.
Even if two guards came at me at the same time, my ankle shook and the ball rolled out of one defender’s legs and picked it up. The striker immediately kicked.
A suspenseful goal
How about it? I said proudly to Cheng Wu’s partial head.
He wiped his cheeks with sweat. It’s not time to give up.
I shrugged and walked to the center line.
Another simple impact, this time I hid the ball behind me in the opposite direction, and my midfield teammate took a step forward with the ball and slammed the door directly!
Because the material is not exquisite enough, the surface of the ball is not smooth enough, and the resistance is great in the middle, so there is a huge roar. The goalkeeper dare not face the speeding shells, so he first chooses to hold his head and fall to the ground. The ball grazes his back and blasts into the goal.
I noticed that Cheng Wu pulled several teammates together and muttered, Why are there countermeasures so soon?? Anyway, my defender is solid, and the striker’s morale is high. It’s good that you can get the ball.
After the opponent’s ball, it was still divided into two large groups as usual, and then the ball was easily broken after they handed it three times. However, they used to immediately retreat and regain their defensive posture.
I gave the ball to the right avantgarde and split his right hand forward to signal him to bottom again.
When he was instructed, he buried his head and sprinted to the bottom line. At the same time, I had already started. By the time he stepped in, I had rushed into the restricted area and clung to the delusion of controlling the landing point.
offended! I stretch my arms and swing my head!
The ball bounced and jumped into the goalie’s whip.
After landing, the voice behind him said, Lost …
I smiled and responded to him, But you played a good defensive counterattack and I broke it.
Cheng Wu’s face was sweaty and sticky, and his temples were tightly attached to his ears and stained with a lot of dust. It’s not that the strategy was broken, it’s that you are too fast and too strong.
I shook my head modestly. Let’s finish the game happily.
He sighed.
At the end of the game, the opponent’s physical strength gradually bottomed out, and even the quick counterattack could not be played. The offcourt guidance gritted his teeth and changed the last four substitute strikers to strengthen the attack. As a result, the defense line was completely screened after the same physical strength was exhausted
Our five strikers finally realized their wish to score one goal less each, and the final score was fixed at 321.
Again, Cheng Wu greeted me at the end. I can’t get you trapped in one half and you can’t get trapped in the other half.
I didn’t tell him I didn’t have the strength at halftime.

Almost at the same time, the other side has also identified the outcome.
Li Dian lost 151 to Xu Huang.
I looked at the statistics after the game, and the two main players, Li Dian and Xu Huang, added up to only five goals. The goals were evenly distributed among all the offensive players. It seems that everyone worked hard and contributed. It is said that the most prominent one is Xu Huang’s stealing ability.
Where is Gong? I asked.
What position? When asked, the recorder was a little confused. It’s in the middle.
Midfielder … Is it the lower back? Or is it a defensive midfielder with strong interception ability?
No matter how strong it is, it will not be much stronger than Cheng Wu.
After getting the general information about the final opponent, I had a good idea. I washed my face and went home.
After entering the door, I saw two big cars parked in the courtyard. I grabbed a famous door. What’s going on?
He rubbed his arm. Several ladies sent someone out of the warehouse and said it was time to get ready to pack.
I threw him and strode into the hall, which was full of talented people.
Xiao Yueer was rolling on the carpet. When he saw me coming in, he immediately rolled over and grinned. Dad!
Kick two booties and sit three feet away from her. Come and climb over by yourself!
Ignore him! Cai Yan waved to her daughter, Come to your mother.
Xiao Yueer took a look at Niang and resolutely rushed at me. Daddy, daddy hug!
I smiled cheerfully and demonstratively at Cai Yan. My daughter climbed my right leg and then got into my arms.
Soft as a ball of meat, it seems that there is no bone, and it seems that it will fall at any time. I quickly reached out and hugged her. Is Xiao Yue obedient?
Dad ~ She didn’t understand my question, but she kept pulling my skirt and giggling at the same time.

At this time, the emergency room door has been opened, and Chu Heng is the first to come out.

Gu Nanqing and Lin Mochen both got up and looked anxiously at Chu Heng and asked, "What happened?"
Chu Heng took off her face mask and replied to them, "Lu You’s body was bruised and caught in the rain, and her fever caused pneumonia. Is it a big problem for her? In addition to these problems, Chu Ye’s pneumonia is more serious. He has two broken ribs and loves Lu You’s serious injuries. He may need to rest for a long time."
He simply said the situation of one or two people. "They fell from a height, so the situation is good. Now it is the most important thing to take a good rest and get better."
Lin Mo Chen and Gu Na both nodded.
"They are all transferred to the ward. You can go to see people and you should wake up soon. I’ll go to work first." Chu Heng has work today and can’t stay here all the time.
After Chu Heng left, Lin Mochen and Gu Nanqing went to the ward to see Lu You and Chu Night.
Lin Mo-chen went to see Chu night first. His handsome face is still pale and haggard, and there is no trace of ruddy in his face and lips. It is whiter than this sheet, and he feels that he does not belong to this world if he is not breathing.
Lin Mochen watched Chu night and then went to accompany the landing sorrow.
Lu sorrow is as pale as Chu night, and his face is soft and his lip has lost its former rosy color, and his breathing is as light as a soft feather.
Lin Mo-chen held Lu You’s hand, his palm was wide and dry, but her fingers were cold, and he wanted to warm her by himself.
He just looked at her motionless and slept quietly, as if admiring a peerless famous painting and unwilling to look away.
He doesn’t feel tired and bored like this, he just doesn’t want to blink. Even when he is still, this moment feels better than beautiful.
He doesn’t know how long it took him to feel the slight movement of his slender fingertips when he shook hands. He was so happy that his eyes filled with smiles naturally, and then he turned his eyes from his fingers to her face.
Then Lu’s thick and slender cilia trembled slightly, flapping slowly like butterfly wings, and gradually opened her bright eyes, but she was half open because she could not adapt to the bright light, and her pupils were not focused, so she could see a vague figure in front of her eyes.
"Little worry, are you all right?" Lin Mo-chen calls her nickname, and her deep eyes are both worried and delighted.
Lu you closed your eyes slowly, but you can recognize that this sound belongs to Lin Mo Chen.
He found himself and stayed with her, didn’t he?
At the thought of this, several warm currents surged in her heart to disperse the frost in her heart lake. This spring-like warmth made the overall situation of the peach blossom capital in the heart lake settled, and a bright pink was the brightest color, which made people happy both physically and mentally.
She tried to open it again, and the figure in the sight began to clear up gradually.
She saw the face that belonged to Lin Mo-chen, with a deep eyebrow and eye. Even though he floated a blue beard, it still damaged his peerless elegance, which was different from that of a man who had matured through the years.
Men are not handsome enough, but they can’t be stable enough.
It is this charming temperament that women like to make people feel at ease.
"Ink minister ….." Lu sorrow opened his mouth but felt that his throat was dry and dry. "Ahem …"
Lin Mo Chen handed the cold water and some hot water to Lu You’s lips for a drink.
Lu sorrow sipped water with a glass of water to warm it up, and the water flowed in to moisten the dry throat, which made her feel relieved.
She drank almost and gently pushed the cup away.
Lin Mochen put the glass of water and put a pillow behind her. "How do you feel?"
"Good" Lu sorrow gently wipe a lip angle of water "ink minister chu night? How is he? And how long did I sleep? "
Lu You felt that he had been dreaming for a long time.
She looked out at the sun and the leaves were jumping.
Lin Mochen finally comforted her by telling her about Chu night. "But don’t worry about giving Chu night the best treatment, and you will also ask the best nurse to take care of him. Everything will be done by me."
"But if it weren’t for me, Chu Ye wouldn’t be so seriously injured. His ribs are injured, which takes a hundred days. He also has Zhou Dao’s body. Zhou Dao is notoriously strict. It is impossible for him and the crew to wait for Chu Ye’s injury before continuing filming. If Zhou Dao knows about Chu Ye’s situation, he will definitely change roles. Then Chu Ye will lose this opportunity and may miss the selection of major film festivals in the year. What should I do?" Lu worries about not only Chu night’s health, but also his work and career.
Her fingers have gripped the sheets around her tightly and twisted into a wrinkled flower.
"Don’t blame yourself. Things have happened. We have to find a way to make up for it as much as possible." Seeing that she is so sad, Lin Mo-chen hates that she can’t help her bear all the pain. "This time, Chu Ye was injured, and I will bear it with you, and I won’t let Chu Ye sacrifice myself in vain."
"Chu night out such a thing, I should be his agent for the first time to do a good job in crisis and protect his image and career, but now I’m lying here trying to force him to do something, you know? I don’t want to lose his career after Chu night’s injury, but I can’t do anything for him. "There is pain in Lu’s black and white eyes." If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be lying here, but it would be too-"
Lin Mo Chen stretched out his hand and covered her mouth when she didn’t say the unlucky three words. "What nonsense! I forbid you to talk such nonsense! You’ll be fine and I’ll solve the problem. Besides, Nanchuye is a member of the dumping star and a signing star of Nanjin. He can’t be damaged by Chuye’s career and popularity. He will also find a way to do a good job in the crisis. You know, otherwise it won’t be the first media company in China. "
When it comes to Gu Nanqing, Lu Yu is slightly relieved. It is true that there are more gold medal brokers to deal with this matter besides she is Chu Ye’s agent, such as floret, but it is a pity that she can’t do something for him personally without returning his kindness to her.
This let her some can’t let go.
Lu sorrow slightly bowed his head, and his eyes with fine feathers and cilia drew a light shadow.
Lin Mo-chen reached out to encircle her shoulder. "When you get well, you will have more energy to do things for him personally. I don’t think Chu Ye will blame you and you don’t have to be so focused. There are still many opportunities for you to work together. I’m really in no hurry."
"At the end of the day, I didn’t have your side to protect you, and I ignored Chi Yiming’s powerful revenge psychology. I was responsible for it, not you." The person who blamed himself was Lin Mo-chen, who kissed Lu and sighed lightly. "Don’t be hard on yourself."
"It’s really not your fault." Lu You took Lin Mochen’s hand and changed the subject. "I want to see Chu Ye. I wonder if he woke up?"
"But you’re still hanging a drip, and the south is watching. If Chu wakes up at night, he should come to inform me. Why don’t you hang this drip before you go? I think Chu should wake up at night." Lin Mochen advised her, "Why don’t you get something to eat first and I’ll buy what you want to eat?"
"I can’t eat anything now. I want to take a look at him before I can feel at ease." Lu You insisted on begging in his eyes. "Will you hold the drip for me?"
Lin Mo-chen hesitated for a moment or nodded his head. Chu night saved Lu’s sorrow. He is in debt.
"I’ll get the mobile drip rack." Lin Mochen released her and then went to the corner to push the mobile drip rack, then took the drip hanging by the bed and hung it on the mobile drip rack.
He carefully helped Lu You out of bed again. "Can you walk?"
"Well, it’s ok." Lu’s sorrow is stable
Ye knows that there are too many breaks in this article, which makes everyone lose patience. Ye wrote this article in a very poor state. All I can say is that Ye will write this article from beginning to end, but everyone can look at it after it is over. I am very sorry for the break.
☆ I didn’t say I love you once until 15.
Section 177
Lin Mo-chen pulled Lu You arm in arm and let her go to Chu Night Ward with her own strength.
桑拿会所Chu night ward is just a few steps away from Lu You.
Lin Mo-chen pushed the mobile intravenous drip stand with one hand and took Lu You with an intravenous drip. She left the ward and went to Chu Night Ward.
Ward Gu Nanqing also stayed there watching Chu night without leaving.
Lin Mochen and Lu You just went in when they heard Gu Nanqing talking, "Chu night, are you awake?"
His voice was filled with joy that was hard to suppress, and he was so happy that he finally woke up at Chu night.
After Lu You heard Gu Nanqing’s words, he took Lin Mochen’s finger and grasped his arm.
Lin Mo-chen felt the strength of her fingertips and then let go of the hand pushing the drip stand and patted her hand clutching his arm.
"Chu night woke up to be happy. Don’t be nervous." Lin Mochen comforted her softly.
"I don’t know how to face him." Lu You still blames himself for involving Gu Chu Night, which made him injured and affected his work.
"And I" Lin Mo Chen cheered her up and took her down.

While running, Wu is always paying attention to the extremely cold shock cooling and so on. Once the cooling is completed, he will immediately cast his skills.

Vivian, who has the advantage of moving speed, is getting closer and closer with the countdown when cooling, and has reached the distance to attack Wu.
At this moment, it is less than two seconds before the extreme cold shock completely cools down, and the deceleration effect of one second is not as good as when he wins more.
Well …
Like smelling blood, Vivian’s eyes immediately lit up with a red light, and the small sword in her hand turned over like the same snake with a broken flash, and the target was Wu vest.
Feeling the chill behind him, Wu knew exactly what he was facing, but he didn’t even frown. Instead, he was relieved. The difference in moving speed is too big to get rid of Wei, but fortunately Wei is a sword instead of casting frost. It seems that the frost is not particularly short when it cools down. This is good news.
Xiaojian didn’t accidentally sink into Wu vest
A damage value floats out.
This number is much less than 1 point of damage caused by frost eruption, and the 2 points of damage caused by Vivian’s stab of the sword to Wu are also much less. This is the effect of reducing damage caused by the increase of defense after armor strengthening. Wu is not surprised by this number.
However, Wuyuan only has 13 health points left, and this sword has also dropped a lot to 66, which is already a very dangerous blood volume.
After all, the ordinary attack is not fixed, but there is a little fluctuation. This sword stabbed 64 points of damage. Even if it directly stabbed 66 or more, it is not impossible to end Wu directly. Of course, it may also fluctuate less, but this dangerous root cannot be taken.
So to speak, whether Vivian makes up another sword or the frost erupts and cools down, Wu can wave goodbye with an ice thorn.
At this critical moment, Wu’s face still doesn’t see the slightest panic. He is still running at a high speed. It seems that the sword stabbed him just now is not like he didn’t have it with him
At this time, he can still be so scared. What card does he have?
And Vivian naturally paused for a little because she made an attack.
Once again, the distance between the two has narrowed a little.
At this time, Wu finally had to move his hands except burying his head in a rush. Suddenly, he stretched out his hands and flipped them. In a blink of an eye, two pieces of armor had appeared in his hands.
Left hand[flame cloak]!
Right hand【 fanatic armor lv1 】!
Wait, wait, wait!
[Flame cloak] Isn’t it uncertain whether there is one? And it’s not even strengthened. What’s out now?
Wait a little longer!
[fanatic armor lv1]? Speaking of this armor, it is not Wu’s first reinforced armor. It has a higher priority than 【 Glacier Armor lv1 】. Shouldn’t it play a big role? What didn’t come out until now? Isn’t that logical?
And it doesn’t seem to be anything until now, does it
[Manic Armor lv1] The effect is to restore health, and it is calculated by seconds. It must be the sooner you cross it. Imagine that Wu’s current state will reach 25 after wearing it, and if he recovers 6% of the maximum health every second, he will recover 15 health points every second. One second is 15 health points.
If I had worn it early in the morning, I would have been able to resist Vivian’s sword more now. Why do you think of it now? Is Wu negligent?
Finally, when 【 Glacier Armor lv1 】 was cooled, Wu Zaiyi made an extremely cold shock.
At the same time, the extremely cold shock blue light came on again, and at the same time, an incredible scene appeared, followed by a green flame. His health limit instantly became 15, and his remaining 66 health points became poor 1 … to be continued.
Chapter one hundred and ninetytwo Death fades
A point of life is a sign of death for people at the end of their tether.
Everyone knows that even the lowest monsters in the novice village face opponents with higher defense, even if their attack power is not as high as the defense of the other side, but if they want to attack the system, they will be judged to cause 1 point of compulsory minimum damage and deduct 1 point of health of the other side.
That is to say, even the most junior pheasant or scarecrow in a novice village can easily kill Wu now, and even worse, the damage caused by taking random actions is surprisingly high, Vivian.
Is this still a mistake?
However, at this moment, Wu’s face still can’t see panic. It seems that all this is his intention.
The extreme cold shock once again caused 15 points to Vivian, and at the same time, it also made her enter a state of deceleration again, but Wu never stopped whatever he was doing, and the distance between them was further pulled.
At this time, Vivian’s little hand once again made a familiar gesture, which was a frosty hand gesture …
Frost outbreak has cooled? This is almost my extreme cold shock is synchronous, that is to say, when the frost erupts, the cooling time is also 1 second, so I won’t be distracted to deliberately calculate when the frost erupts and releases. It’s okay. Seeing this, Wu’s mind turned sharply, but his tone seemed to be as relaxed as taking a reassurance.
Still, okay? What do you mean it’s okay? What the hell?
Please have a snack. What time does my brother have to think about when he cools down? What should you think about now is how to stay alive? Love the oil!
It’s also a little damage to the frost outbreak. Wu now has 1 point of remaining blood volume, and Vivian’s skill casting speed is so fast that it’s almost a blink of an eye. Where can he steal another 999 points of blood volume in the blink of an eye? Oh, no, he still has to steal 1 point of blood volume, so he has to leave himself 1 point of blood volume, otherwise he will still die.
Wait a minute, according to Wu’s habit of analyzing first and then acting … He won’t deliberately give his life for the frost to break out and cool down this time, will he? That’s understandable. The sooner you get the information, of course, the more you save when you die, and the more you have when you make a comeback.
Is that really the case? No wonder he is so calm.
But it’s not quite right. If so, why is he running?
桑拿按摩It is Wu who is still running around without a life, stopping to die, which means nothing. At the same time, his hand is also moved immediately, and his right hand is slightly turned with 【 fanatic armor lv1 】.
Hua! The green flame of his body went out in an instant. 【 Crazy Armor lv1 】 has been put on his body, and his blood volume has changed accordingly!

I’m afraid it’s another sensation when I start my class suddenly. For example, what about the grandfather of a certain enterprise?

How bloody the report is, Chu Yan is drunk when she thinks about it, and she really wants to get some money if she wants to go and break the news.
But Mo Chengkun is like knowing what ChuYan thinks in his heart, slightly hooking the corners of his mouth.
"You don’t want to report it."
Chu Yan consciously asked "What?"
Say that finish zheng, then I am embarrassed to bow my head, as if someone had discovered the secret and admitted it before a child’s adult.
Mo Chengkun couldn’t help laughing and teasing, "Because I sent a notice to the media yesterday" means self-evident.
Chuyan had an awkward period, which is also called looking up and pie mouth, and looked at him curiously.
"You can guess what I’m thinking every time. You can’t be a mind reader, can you?"
桑拿论坛Mo Chengkun’s smile "Guess" and bright eyes are like the brightest stars in the sky.
Chuyan can’t help but be stupid for a moment. She turned her head and blushed as if she could hear the fire scratching and burning.
Mo Chengkun’s heart is because you and I know what you are and I understand you.
ChuYan embarrassed turned to explain "that"
Mo Chengkun stopped him with a smile. "All right, stop it. Let’s go, or I’ll be late."
ChuYan a listen to ease some embarrassment look at the table at noon at this time ya.
As soon as ChuYan blew up, she cried out, "Oh,no." Mo Chengkun turned to frown and looked at her and asked, "What’s wrong?"
ChuYan immediately the baggage and take the journey "it’s already one o’clock in the afternoon and I’m already late."
The crew starts work at nine o’clock every morning, and it’s already one o’clock.
She hurriedly took out her mobile phone and took a look at it.
No wonder she always feels that something is wrong. It turned out to be a mobile phone.
When I was busy, I turned on my phone and asked Mo Chengkun, "What happened to my mobile phone?"
Mo Chengkun’s eyes flashed. "I don’t know. Maybe you fell while chasing the robber."
There are many loopholes in this statement, but at the moment, ChuYan will come or not.
"Forget it, forget it, then let’s go." When I turned around, I didn’t forget to say hello to Auntie Gan. "Auntie Gan, I walked first. Thank you for treating me to dinner many times today. Sometimes I invite you to dinner."
After this sentence, Chu Yan remembered that she couldn’t wait to fly to that situation at that time and fan herself to death.
But of course, this is another story.
Dry aunts son also smiling out at ChuYan nodded and waved at the moment.
"Well, I’ll just wait for Miss ChuYan to do it."
Chuyan always thinks that it’s not smiling eyes, but a kind of calculating thief’s eyes.
But at the moment, she didn’t notice a man laughing beside her.
I hurried to the parking lot with Mo Chengkun, and my cell phone was turned on.
A look at the news Zhang Naxiao Lanke.
Fifty-four missed Zhang Na, twenty dawn, fifteen and twenty Lanke.
There is even Wen Fuxiao’s dialect.
See this ChuYan not leng for a long time.
Wen Fuxiao
It’s been a long time since I contacted him.
And some of his words are all missed.
Chuyan looked at these a little horrified but didn’t feel strange at all.
Because they are the people who can do these things, there is nothing Chu Yan just believes.
Look again when WenFuXiao ChuYan or slightly hesitated for a moment.
Finally, I sighed and deleted all the records
Mo Chengkun has been watching him secretly. Naturally, he knows who is coming inside.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t have given ChuYan a chance last night.
As if knowing what ChuYan was worried about, Mo Chengkun casually spoke.
"Don’t worry, I’ll call you for filming. You can go all day today.
And Zhang Na. I told them, too. I know you’re afraid they’re worried
So I called Xiao and they told you a lie. You were too tired from work, and you slept there last night. "
ChuYan a listen to not slightly relieved and then turned to MoChengKun way "thank you very much"
Mo Chengkun smell speech but don’t know what to say.
Where did Shi Chuyan know that all this was just Mo Chengkun’s intention
And Zhang Na they are talking from another situation.
Of course, this is all another story.
For a long time ChuYan relaxed and turned to look at Mo Chengkun’s good-looking side face. I still feel a little strange when I think of yesterday.
First, the robber, and second, Mo Chengkun’s appearance was a coincidence. She couldn’t help frowning slightly when she thought about it.
"Hey Mo Chengkun, let me ask you something. How did you suddenly arrive yesterday to know where I am?"
Mo Chengkun couldn’t help thinking of yesterday.
A thrilling and warm picture flashed in my mind.
He said, "It was all some idiot who was almost hit by my car. I didn’t even hear the voice calling."

Ye Qingting lightly "hmm" and walked to the door. He bent down to change shoes and said "excuse me" in a low voice.

Polite but estranged
It seems that two people can talk about each other intimately for one second, and then they are frozen into a deep gap, and the two ends will meet again forever.
And then opened the door for her.
Lingxiquan maintained a cool facial expression until the door rang and the line of sight could no longer see the boy figure. She clung to the door and sat down to the ground with her head covered in regret.
It was cold, but her heart was burning with anxiety.
She never thought that she would one day.
Why would she kick Qing Ye out?
God knows she regretted this sentence after she blurted it out impulsively.
But the boy didn’t give her a chance to go back on her word.
She wanted to see Ye Qingting thinking about him every day, but he really came, but she acted as if she didn’t care, not only treated him coldly, but also felt that his words were not pleasant to hear.
Ling Xiquan felt that she must have had a short circuit in her brain just now, otherwise Ye Qingting would seriously tell her what she would feel uncomfortable about.
He also thought about her and how incredibly happy she was. She could draw closer to them and tell him what she thought instead of ending up cold.
She felt that everything was over when she thought that Ye Qingting had just recovered her indifference after being surprised.
Is he unhappy?
Will he ignore her later?
桑拿按摩So indifferent, the boy said to her seriously that he likes and blames her, so she should be happy, shouldn’t she? At least she is his heart.
"Lingxi Spring Lingxi Spring What on earth do you think?" She muttered to herself, covering her head in regret.
Chapter 17 Chaper 149
The fog in the bustling city is looming until noon, and the weather has not cleared up. The thin fog is covered with thick clouds and the light will rain heavily.
The last exam of the senior high school entrance examination ended, and with the handing in of the papers, the whole campus became a sensation. Whether they felt that they had done well in the exam or that they had failed in it, they all shouted with a relaxed face and a look of relief. They still had a relaxed day before the scores of the senior high school entrance examination came out.
One after another, the candidates poured out of the sensational campus, and Lingxi Spring was not in a hurry to tidy up the package. It took a long time to guess that the students had almost left, so they took up their bags and walked out of the teaching building without delay.
The weather has not cleared up for three consecutive days of senior high school entrance examination. At this time, it is close to evening, and the sky is dim and the fog is particularly thick. Fifty meters away, everything seems to be in a gray.
Walking out of the school gate, Lingxiquan’s eyes swept around inadvertently, and he didn’t find the boy figure. After that, he sighed a little, and I don’t know if he was affected by the weather and his mood was low to the bottom.
He also said that he would come to see her after the last exam
Think so she is annoyed again.
He must be unhappy after that day.
I’m also embarrassed to be a guest at someone else’s house and be implicitly invited out by others.
It is no wonder that people who are so proud have not heard from each other for so many days.
Lingxiquan regrets that his intestines are green.
With a gloomy face, she walked slowly along the long road, planted with buttonwood trees, and a few leaves fell with a faint scent of plants. Instead of getting better, her mood was more and more lost.
I don’t know when the street lamp lights up, and the diffuse mist is stained with a warm orange, which seems to be in contact with the marginal darkness.
The mobile phone in the trouser pocket suddenly shook up. She picked up Lv Xining’s slightly cautious voice, "How did you do in Lingxiquan?"
"Who knows? It feels okay," she replied absently. "How about you?"
"Hey, you don’t, I think the focus of our district is hanging." When I arrived at this Lv Xining, I said indignantly, "You don’t even know that the invigilator in No.3 Middle School is simply not a person. Sitting in front of the podium and sitting behind a classroom seems to make us stare at a few holes."
"You can still feel the teacher’s eyes when you do your paper."
"Oh, it’s not that I feel their deep malice when I can’t think about a few questions, and I can’t think of the result."
Suddenly it began to rain, and drops of rain fell down. She grabbed her mobile phone by the neck and took out her umbrella from the back bag. "Is it raining over there?"
"No, it’s cloudy, but it feels fast. Why is it raining?"
"Well, yes," she held up her umbrella, and a strong wind blew over the gloomy fog, which seemed to dissipate. Two figures across the road not far away came from the opposite direction. A man and a woman came out in the rain and fog, a cold and dusty person with a beautiful temperament came and went in a hurry, and their minds were abruptly cut off.
This is a familiar girl dressed in a long white dress with a tall princess head and big eyes that seem to be out of touch with fireworks.
At this time, the distance between two people holding an umbrella seems to be deliberately pulled apart, but from a distance it is really beautiful like a golden couple landscape.
She looked stupefied at the two people coming towards her for a few seconds and suddenly realized that she was rude. "Lv Xining won’t talk about it." She hung up in a hurry, lowered her umbrella, tried to cover her face, and then stepped up to make a detour.
The raindrops pattered off the umbrella and the sound of the earth passed by, and when my arm was suddenly pulled, I started to say, "Am I late again?":
Chapter 171 Chaper 15
Her arm was pulled, and she stopped slowly. Raindrops hit her bare skin through the cracks of two umbrellas. With a cold heart, she looked down at being caught. china white’s slender arm was falling with a little rain, and her strength was not light.
She looked up and pretended that they seemed surprised. "Why are you here?"
"Hi" The girl beside Ye Qingting seemed to recognize her when her eyes lit up. "Hello, see you again"
"Hello" Ling Xiquan said hello politely and remembered that this rainy day is still as beautiful as a butterfly, the girl Ke Yuechen.
How did they come together?

Besides, I secretly guessed that Ye Xiangyuan didn’t keep the person he liked around because what he was going to do at present was too dangerous. He must have sent his beloved to the safest place, and he would take her back when everything was settled.

Although I don’t know who he likes at all
South-South lay back in bed and found my hand clutching "Although Ye Xiangyuan and Lu Xun are both very good … but I always feel that their kind of people are thinking too much … You know so many secrets that they can’t let you go safely …"
I caught her meaning in a flash.
Although I haven’t been exposed to many core things for more than a year, I have been talking to Ye Xiangyuan all the time, and many things inevitably let me hear …
No wonder Lu Xun asked Nannan to accompany me. It must be to hold me steady, otherwise I can’t think of his reason. He wants to do this to me.
I was silent for a while and said, "If he still needs me, I will always stay with him. I want to see him win … even if I don’t be a husband and wife, I want to see him happy."
South-South rolled over and faced me, held me in her arms and sighed softly, "You!"
I patted her on the back with a smile. "There is no turning back at this point, and I don’t want to turn back …"
She tried to hold my fingertips and didn’t say anything after all.
So South and South stayed.
The environment in the thorns is not bad, and our activities are not limited, but we also have a good time every day.
And Xiaoyan was quiet, which greatly relieved me.
I don’t know how Gu Changning solved the video problem. Did he really synthesize something to fool Li Yuyan? Anyway, Li Yuyan didn’t come to trouble me during this time.
Nannan was afraid of talking to me and taught me to draw.
Her watercolors are particularly good. She painted many portraits for me and jokingly said that she would hang these portraits in our house.
The thought of facing my face every night made me sweat and have nightmares.
Woke up the next day and was teased by her.
There is always a South-South companionship day, which goes by much faster.
Before you know it, it will be a week, and soon the tiger will come in early September, and South-South school will start soon.
Originally, she was going to report to the school, but because of me, it was rare for her to take advantage of her father’s position and let the college agree to postpone her report.
I am deeply moved.
The only thing that worries me is that there is still no news of Ye Xiangyuan.
Whether he was released or not, did Li Yuyan help him or not? I have no idea about the situation outside.
The longer you wait, the more anxious you become.
I thought it over and decided to ask Gu Changning about the situation.
After I sent Gu Changning WeChat, my bodyguard suddenly found me and said that a man named Han Qingshan came to visit me.
Chapter 149 Where can I get a ticket?
I was extremely surprised.
Nan Nan asked, "Is he the one who saved you?"
I nodded.
Nan Nan recalled, "I met him once, and he was very polite, decent and charming … but I think he should be not simple … Didn’t you say that Ye Xiangyuan had already returned your favor? What, he would still find a door and it was still this point?"
I worry about her.
Thorn is a very secret place. Most people have never heard of it. Han Qingshan grew up abroad and certainly didn’t know it.
So how did he get here?
Even worse, after Ye Xiangyuan was caught.
Is there any purpose?
I can’t help but think of Ji Shu, who was repeatedly profited by others. Although it didn’t hurt my mind, objectivity did bother me.
Thought of here, my expression is not dignified.
But on second thought, this is Gu Changning’s territory. Without Gu Changning’s acquiescence, Han Qingshan should not be able to get in.
喝茶约茶Gu Changning should be deliberately reassuring Han Qingshan?
I calmed myself down and went upstairs to see Han Qingshan.
Han Qingshan was dressed in a simple casual dress, and Qiuyang looked tall and slender with his hands in his trouser pockets.
Somehow, Ye Xiangyuan came to my mind.
Ye Xiangyuan’s figure is definitely not worse than Han Qingshan’s, with wide shoulders, narrow waist and long legs …
My face burns at the thought that his powerful arms will be in his arms.
My thoughts are flying. Han Qingshan has seen me approaching.
He greeted me straight in front of me and said bluntly, "I heard that Ye Ershao is going to marry Miss Li. Do you know?"
I was stunned for a moment and shook my head honestly

"Bang … Kaka … Kaka … Bang …" After several rumbling and loud noises, the two cars kissed directly together, and the car didn’t come to escape the impact of Jiang Junyue when it stepped on the gas.

The car stopped directly and couldn’t move at the same place. Jiang Junyue made a beautiful reverse and beautiful arc, and then quickly sailed forward from one side of the car. It stopped just three steps away. Someone in the car panicked and jumped to the first song. Who is Yunfei?
He made the right bet this time.
"Live" long legs firmly fall to the ground and drink everything he wants. "The surname Yun is not afraid of death. If no one collects your body, you will run."
There was an absolute chill in his voice, which made Yunfei want to run abruptly once. His own reputation broke into an engagement ceremony between Jiang Junyue and Lan Jingyi, but this time even if he was ruined again, I’m afraid Jiang Junyue would not let him go.
Because he moved Jiang Junyue, the woman is the most.
But Jiang Junyue is the most important person for Cheng Ge.
And because everything is repeated again and again, "You just want photos and videos, right?"
"Just give it to me if you know it, or I’ll let you die. Jiang Junyue said it." Step by step, he walked towards Yunfei. His voice was freezing cold and made Yunfei stand on end. He was very nervous.
"I’ll give it to you, but you have to promise to leave me alone."
"What if I don’t promise?" Jiang Junyue suddenly stopped to ridicule and looked at Yunfei. Do you think you have negotiated with me? You don’t deserve to "brush" a Jiang LaCrosse and fly a leg straight to Yunfei’s other. This little harm, Lan Jingyi, has been highly nervous until now, even if he doesn’t let himself touch her. He must report it.
It’s only been a year, and Yunfei ruined it
"Ah …" Jiang Junyue was caught off guard, but Yunfei was not a vegetarian. He followed Cheng Qingyang for so long. He immediately lifted his leg and fought back. The two men quickly tied up together. This time, it was definitely a real confrontation. Jiang Junyue watched Yunfei while fighting. There were many doglegs behind him. He had to guard against it.
"Ange Tiao is coming. Let’s go." A little anxious shouted and withdrew.
So dazzling siren Yunfei can’t hear it, but he can’t get away from Jiang Junyue, so he is anxious to see Jiang Junyue swing over with a punch. He doesn’t flash or avoid picking up the punch abruptly, and at the same time he swings at Jiang Junyue with a punch himself.
spa会所"Bang bang ….." Two rumbling rings in a chain, and two people took a step back. Yunfei turned and ran to one side of the lane before letting Jiang Junyue come here to exchange the five million terrain around here. He just checked that Jiang Junyue flashed into the night like a loach, but he was blocked by Yunfei’s other hand. "Ange, let’s go."
So when Jiang Junyue knocked down wannabe, Yunfei had long since disappeared.
The police car has stopped flying and the car is still smoking. Jiang Junyue rushed over. Anyway, those photos and videos must not fall into the hands of the police. The less people know, the better.
Chapter 16 Won’t die
When he opened the car door and swept it quickly, there was a bag in the corner. When he picked it up, he was overjoyed that it was actually a camera and a video recorder. After touching it again, he pulled out a small USB flash drive. It seems that it is all in it. I wonder if Yunfei’s hand is still there, but it is not the time when he is going to trace it now. It is important to put these things away quickly and not fall into the hands of others.
He turned around and threw things into his car. At this time, the police car just stopped and several policemen were coming in his direction. "What happened?"
"Several gangsters attacked me in this car," said Jiang Junyue unhurriedly.
"Mr. Jiang, please record the car and then you can leave."
"Good" Jiang Junyue smiled. Every year, Jiang’s family would send some money to the people in officialdom. When encountering Jiang’s affairs, they would turn a blind eye and take his money to eliminate the disaster for him. If Yunfei is to be destroyed, it will not work by itself.
What big things can those who eat from the same pot do and solve? Will confiscate those motorcycles without license and driver’s license and send them to other places.
The police car directly recorded in the car. In less than five minutes, Jiang Junyue jumped off the police car and jumped off his Land Rover body. Although he was very embarrassed, he was able to drive away and called Cheng Qingyang. Naturally, he quickly picked up his position and asked him to find Yunfei so that he could give it to Cheng Qingyang. After all, Yunfei used to be Cheng Qingyang’s right-hand man. No one knows Yunfei better than Cheng Qingyang.
"Are you all right?"
"Won’t die" Cheng Qingyang asked Jiang Junyue before he realized that his body was very painful. The most painful thing in his chest seemed to be Yunfei’s blow that hit his chest. Later, the little punk who stopped him was in a hurry to chase Yunfei’s arm. He didn’t mean much before he cut his mouth. Now he feels painful and still hurts.
"Where? Do you want to come over and I’ll have someone examine you? "
"If you don’t help me catch Yunfei, the smelly little boy, and if you do, leave him for me to judge. I have something to ask him." I don’t know if there is any place in the photos and videos, but he still doesn’t trust.
"That’s it." Then he hung up and turned the steering wheel, and his arm became more and more painful. At this time, he didn’t want to go to Cheng Qingyang’s place at all. On the contrary, he wanted to see Lan Jingyi, but there were Lan Qing and two little things in the small apartment, and he didn’t want the old man to see him hurt.
After thinking and thinking, Jiang Junyue called Lan Jingyi to get familiar with her number. As soon as she rang once or twice, Jiang Junyue was suddenly connected when she couldn’t pick it up. "Do you want to find me?" With a little surprise, did he surprise her by hitting her?
"Well, I’m looking for you," he said slowly, but he imagined that the woman at the other end of the sentence was lazy in her pajamas. As soon as he imagined such a picture, he felt his blood boiling all over.
"Looking for me? Why are you looking for me? " I still can’t believe that the sound is full of questions.
"I miss you," he whispered. Somehow, when he heard her voice, he felt more painful.

Brother, let’s join hands together

Fang Yun eyes flashing. What he needs most now is genuine support. Fortunately, however, this is just a static sword curtain. Otherwise, the sword light keeps flowing, so he can’t afford it.
Brother, let’s join hands together …
A strong budo, seeing Fang Yun, just spoke, only to feel the flash of shua in front of him, and the other party disappeared.
This … turned out to be a master!
The man was dazed, and it took him a long time to turn around.
Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!
Sharp and unparalleled firm but gentle, one after another bombarded the dusty world clock. Every blow has the same strength, and it has the power of thousands of horses, which is unmatched.
Fang Yun hid in the clock of heaven and earth, only to feel the whole body shaking. That strong vibration almost scattered the whole body skeleton. If it weren’t for the combination of the Five Pr ison Bones Emperor, I’m afraid I would be injured just a few times.
Strong shock wave impact, let Fang Yun have a kind of incarnation boat, in the storm, the feeling of sharp bumps. The whole body qi is also extracted and absorbed at an incredible speed.
What a terrible power!
Fang Yun secretly disturb. He is now only able to cultivate the five products of Tian Chong, but he can’t reach the point where he can quickly absorb the true qi from many planes of vanity and instantly replenish the consumption of the true qi . In other people, there is a universal clock, and now it is dead. But Fang Yun abruptly resisted.
Fang Yun long breath, rolling the true qi, immediately from the puppet body, take out. Fill the true qi in an instant.
The bell body trembled at the sound of om The blue sword curtain disappears. Fang Yun finally wore this sword curtain.
In a short moment, in Fang Yun’s perception. It is extremely long.
Good magic weapon, incredibly can block bronze sword curtain! It’s really a waste of time for a strong man who can use these instruments. Let us use them!
Yin zhi’s voice, Fang Yun’s head, black robe bulging, big sleeves open, like a huge night bird. Fang Yun looked up and saw a pair of sen’s cold eyes, as if to pierce Fang Yun.
Yin and Yang go against the chaos!
The sleeve robe was opened, and a black paw, full of evil spirits, came out from the sleeve robe. I saw the palm, a pat in the void, and there was a stream of true qi, which was divided into black and white, and separated from its sleeve. A spin in the void, immediately bear fire transpiration, roll to Fang Yun.
Fang Yun only felt that the world was dark, as if he were in an endless darkness. And over the night, in January, the sky shines, red as fire and white as silver. At the moment of staring, there is an invisible force, as if to peel off the soul and inhale it.
Don’t dare to show off in front of me!
Fang Yun nu smile, eyes flashing, dark void, immediately broken. This fighter who uses the way of Yin and Yang’s rebellion leans out with one hand, only a few inches away from Baihui point above his head.
I dare to break ground on my head, and I will send you to the West today!