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This cold feeling made me open my eyes.

It’s surrounded by water!
This is a marginal … waters.
Is it a river? Or a lake?
The bottomless water flooded my waist.
I tentatively moved two steps to the left and right, but I could swim without hindrance.
It’s impossible. I’m shouting at my heart that I have never achieved Shui Piao’s flying skill!
Condition ….. This his younger sister is Shui Piao? Most of my body is flooded!
Suddenly thunder broke out in heaven and earth.
No, it’s not thunder. The water level suddenly rose by more than ten feet.
桑拿按摩This level of wave … Will not be in the sea? !
I almost peed my pantsalthough it’s okay to get wet in a place like this.
I strode away in the sea.
The sea suddenly became stagnant, and it took me a lot of energy to run out every step.
Behind him, the flood peak came rushing like an avalanche, and the water around him was restless and rippling.
I can’t help bumping around with the sea as if I were in a pirate ship …
As a person with a small cerebellum, I hate pirate ship, which is a dizzying entertainment facility. Compared with it, I’d rather take a roller coaster. My heart can bear flying, but my stomach can’t bear shaking from side to side.
My stomach is convulsing rapidly. I feel that my insides are all twisted into a ball. My arms are twitching and my legs are numb. I can’t go out any more. The sea seems to have frozen me in place …
Covering the sun, the waves are carrying the wind, the sea and the rain from behind me!
I came to my side and a violent storm slapped me in the face without mercy!
The whole face is generally burning and painful, and the body is rolled up by the waves like leaves in the wind, and the mouth is full of salty seawater.
I can’t help choking tears.
This will only make the sea more salty and spicy.
Continuous waves swept and devoured me without stopping.
I can’t breathe … as if to suffocate.
4 dystocia
Your sister! Can you always faint?
I woke up leisurely, and it was already bright outside.
Mom! I quickly got out of bed and started to run to Cai Yan’s bedroom
No, I asked the onlookers, and the look on my face already told me.
Haven’t … born? I still chose to know the past and ask.
Cai Yong nodded heavily. His eyes were bloodshot and he looked tired.
Saying you don’t know how to deliver a baby … you might as well go to sleepwhat a heartless soninlaw you are, asshole.
I … I was in a coma because of poor breathing when I pressed this button! What an asshole!
You seemed too nervous yesterday … you just passed out … He sighed.
There’s another roar in the room, but it’s not strong enoughnonsense makes you shout for one night, then try again the next morning and continue to be energetic!
I walked in, and Cai Yong grabbed me.
why? I’m surprised
Delivery is a midwife thing … what are you doing in? !” Cai Yong stopped me very seriously.
I’m sitting on the ground, even if I go in, I really can’t help Cai Yong give birth, and maybe it will make her and the midwife nervous …
Be calm, my Lord. I just found out that Sun Jian was here, too. He held out his big hand and patted me on the shoulder.

Elder brother, don’t let her do that again. Let her suck your blood, you know? Li Siqi turned around in front of the building and hugged the little girl on the sofa. I don’t know what to do, but she solemnly warned.

I know, I dare not let her suck again. Feiyang nodded and replied, It’s only been two days. This young guy almost let her suck away. How dare she continue?
Li Siqi was satisfied with this and Jiang picturesque went back to their rooms, and the little girl was held up and walked towards the building. Holding her like this only made her realize that the little girl’s body was like gauze without any weight, which increased the difficulty of holding her, for fear that she would have more strength. Just like the eunuch holding the throne in ancient times, she carefully carried the little girl to her room, and then gently put her in her big bed to cover the quilt for her, while she sat on the bed and looked at the innocent little girl with a slight smile on her mouth.
The next morning, when Chen Yun knocked on the door of Feiyang, he got up from bed and found that he didn’t know when he got into bed and slept with the little girl. He quickly stepped back and looked at all his clothes. He was relieved to see the little girl dressed neatly. He also opened his eyes and smiled at her. Little girl, you put me into bed. Last night, Feiyang sat by the bed for a long time until dawn. People slept beside the bed and woke up with the little girl, so he asked the little girl.
I’m afraid my big brother fell asleep and caught a cold, the little girl replied softly.
Oh, remember to say something like this to me. Feiyang nodded and got up to get dressed. Suddenly he realized that he had just heard the little girl’s voice. He turned his head and looked at her with surprise and said, Girl, you can talk.
The little girl is also slightly one leng looking at flying doubt asked big brother, can you hear me
What do you mean you can talk all the time? We couldn’t hear your voice before. Feiyang asked stupidly.
But I can talk all the time, but it seems that you can’t hear my voice before I write. The little girl nodded and replied.
Great, let’s go and tell them the good news. Feiyang smiled happily and then quickly changed his clothes and took the little girl’s hand and walked towards the building.
Chapter 59 Supplementary energy
桑拿论坛Little sister Feiyang, get up. Come and have breakfast quickly. I’ll call others to get up. At this time, there is Chen Yun alone in the kitchen. When I saw Feiyang pulling the little girl downstairs, I smiled and said hello to them, and then brought the breakfast to the table.
Sister Yun, let me help you. You can call the slackers upstairs. Feiyang hurriedly helped Chen Yun to bring breakfast to the table and then thought that the little girl also called, My girl, you can come and help.
Well, the little girl smiled and nodded, then picked up the table and put the breakfast plate on the table.
Well, I’ll call them to have breakfast. Chen Yun smiled and nodded, then took off her apron and hung aside the clothes rack, and then went upstairs to call some people who were still sleeping to get up.
Strange how elder sister nonsuccess didn’t respond to my girl’s talking? There were some doubts in the flying heart, but Chen Yun didn’t notice it, so there was no response.
At this time, Han Jin Huan also went into the kitchen and looked at the kitchen busy with the breakfast table. Two people were curious and asked, Hey, how come you two kitchens are busy with nonsuccess and picturesque?
Nonsuccess elder sister floor to shout they went to the picturesque floor should also sleep in? Feiyang replied with a smile.
Who said I didn’t sleep late last night? It’s just a little late today. At this moment, Jiang picturesque and Chen Yun came to the restaurant from the floor and heard Feiyang secretly bury her, so she pursed her mouth and retorted lightly.
I’m sorry, picturesque. I’m just teasing. Feiyang hurriedly apologized to Jiang picturesque with a smile.
Hum Jiang picturesque pursed mouth cold hum a heart and depressed gas quietly eating breakfast.
Picturesque elder sister elder brother, he didn’t mean it. The little girl was angry when she saw Jiang Picturesque and hurriedly excused herself for flying.
I’m kidding. Don’t be angry. You heard what my girl said. Feiyang Jiang sat around picturesque and turned away to apologize to her with a smile.
Well, I’m not angry, Jiang picturesque looked up and said softly.
That’s what I’m doing. Come and kiss me. Well, Feiyang said with a light smile and leaned away and kissed Jiang picturesque face.
Hate the elder brother nonsuccess elder sister and do huan elder sister are watching Jiang picturesque unguarded by flying sneak attack successfully see Chen Yun and Korea do huan both looked at her with a teasing look and couldn’t help but stare at flying with a red face JiaoChen way.
What’s the matter? Your nonsuccess elder sister has been peeked at for a living, and there is no shame in eroticism? Feiyang quipped with a smile.
Bah, rogue Chen Yun spat at the thought of herself and Feiyang when she was seen by the little girl.
What are you talking about so happy? Then Li Siqi also asked with a smile from entering the restaurant.
Nothing is just talking about nonsuccess elder sister’s energy supplement. Han Jin Huan Yan mouth smiled lightly and Jiang picturesque smell speech was also laughing at the table, while Li Siqi first froze for a while and then laughed her head off.
You this wench also make fun of me Chen Yun immediately shame not suppress severely Korea huan waist twist.
What supplements energy? Chen Xiao also walked into the restaurant and heard the dialogue inside and asked curiously.
You shouldn’t ask, don’t ask. Chen Yun frowned and scolded Chen Xiao, and then looked at several women who were shaking with laughter and said, Come on, stop that now. There is no one in front of the children.
The daughters stopped laughing, and everyone sat at the table and ate breakfast, but they still talked from time to time.
And Chen Xiao is a face of unhappy mouth pursed up silently eating breakfast, but his heart is contemplating waiting for Chen Yun to find a newly recognized young lady to ask what is supplementary energy after work.
After breakfast, Han Jin Huan drove Li Siqi and Chen Yun to the flying class, while the picturesque kitchen was packed with rivers and rivers, while Chen Xiao took the little girl’s villa and toured around, introducing some utensils that she had never seen before, and then opened her mind to tell the little girl what the world is like now.
Chen Xiao’s talk about urinating is very exciting. The little girl is also fascinated. From time to time, she follows Chen Xiao’s instructions and is curious. Touch one or two little girls here and there with bright smiles on their faces.
Yes, picturesque. Did you just hear the little girl talk? Flying saw that all the people were not surprised that the little girl could talk. This just made some doubts and asked Jiang picturesque.
What did she say? I didn’t hear it. Jiang picturesque asked with a startled face.
Didn’t you hear it? Flying realized the problem, and hurriedly walked upstairs towards Chen Yun’s bedroom. Just at the door, I heard Chen Xiao asking the little girl about the topic of supplementing energy, and hurriedly opened the door and said to the two little girls, Girl smiled, you two come here.
What’s the matter, brother Feiyang? Seeing Feiyang’s face was weird, Chen Xiao took the little girl’s hand and went to Feiyang and asked curiously.
Girl you talk to smile to listen to float in the sky staring at the little girl said softly.
Hello, smile The little girl nodded, then smiled and greeted Chen Xiao.
What? Oh, I know your mouth is saying hello, isn’t it? Chen Xiao looked at the little girl’s mouth opening and closing in confusion, but according to her mouth, she quickly knew what the little girl said and clapped her hands and asked proudly.

Jiang Qiuwu became angry from embarrassment and was unwilling to share the anger in her heart. She just pressed her white hand and grabbed her handkerchief, which seemed a little wronged. "The princess of the county is absolutely right, but who in this world never expected to treat Qiuwu wholeheartedly? Although she is a princess, she is also fascinated by this life."

Words fall Jiang Qiuwu suddenly paused. It seems that he was embarrassed to say it for a moment before saying, "It’s hard to have a second one in this world except the king of Liao County, so Qiuwu wants to invite the emperor."
"It seems disrespectful for your sister to wear a veil for so long in the temple." Jiang Qiuwu’s words have come to her lips and were suddenly interrupted by Jiang Yuqi’s Gherardini voice.
And Shuiyunjin’s hand clasped the glass suddenly loosened, and Jiang Qiuwu almost died with a wicked heart. This woman can pretend to be able to play and has a plan, but what happened to Jiang Yuqi? Is he trying to help Jiang Qiuwu or not? It can’t be a coincidence that he suddenly rose?
"Brother, it’s rude to teach Qiu Wu." Jiang Qiuwu bowed his head and was taught modestly. Seeing her arm raised, she slowly lifted the veil behind her ear.
Everyone is also waiting to see what kind of face is hidden in the veil
Shuiyunjin is also very interested, and finally you can see the true face of Lushan Mountain.
The veil was lifted, and everyone’s faces looked a little disappointed. I was looking forward to the lack of interest at the moment. It would have been a month of flowers and a month of shame, but that’s all
Shui Yun-jin looked at that pretty face with a slight lip hook. This face is really not so attractive, but the delicate makeup outlines her whole face to the extreme, especially her eyebrows and eyes are feminine, graceful and restrained, not charming and expensive, not strong, not surprising, but just right, which makes people picky, and makes them think that she is sensible and clever. It really is not to be underestimated.
"Well, the princess will be tired of dancing and sit down." At this time, the emperor spoke.
Jiang Qiuwu gathered her eyes so that people could not see her expression. She saluted for a moment before returning to her position.
A thrilling soul can be described as a dangerous palace banquet ending in a seemingly peaceful ending.
The palace banquet lasted for a long time, and the sky outside the temple was dark. Bronze birds and animals lamps lit up the whole imperial garden, which was full of splendor and prosperity.
At the end of the palace banquet, the emperor called General Chu Chengxuan and others to the imperial palace.
After sitting in Shuiyunjin Temple for a long time, I felt bored and went out.
The whole imperial garden is quiet, the evening breeze recedes, and the heat becomes pleasant, blowing the vegetation, Haloxylon ammodendron, ringing the water, and the bright moonlight reflects the softness of the pool water.
"Princess of the county, please go and see our empress." Suddenly, there was a sad sound behind her in the silence.
Shuiyunjin listened to the familiar sound and slowly turned around. It was Mammy Lin who felt funny. Now even if she begged her, she wouldn’t go to see Zhuang Guifei, and this changed taste and begging for words reminded her that Zhuang Guifei was really crazy now.
Shuiyunjin knew that Zhuang Guifei would definitely want to see her when she entered the palace, but she didn’t expect to wait here so late. "I think it’s better for your empress not to meet. She will be more angry when she sees me."
"Empress wants to see the princess of the county with all her heart, even when she sleeps, she cries out the name of the princess of the county and asks the princess of the county to have a heart. It’s all right for the empress to worry." Mammy Lin kept her ardent eyes on Shuiyun Park.
"I can’t help her." Zhuang Guifei, it’s not a worry, but a demon. She doesn’t want to know at all and doesn’t want to care anymore.
"In addition to the princess of the county, no one can solve the empress’s worries, old slave, please." Mammy Lin burst into kneeling on the green flag.
"Mammy Lin, don’t I can’t see through the bitter drama of your master and servant. Should she be afraid of anything now?" Shuiyunjin’s eyes suddenly sank and narrowed to Mammy Lin.
Mammy Lin is in a tight body, and she won’t look at her lift to spoil her big-name star wife.
"The empress is ill, so shouldn’t the princess of the county go and have a look?" Mammy Lin looked at Shuiyunjin’s back and her eyes were gone before praying.
"You can sue me at the emperor’s place, and I won’t stop you." Shuiyunjin didn’t look back and didn’t want to stay in Ganquan Palace. She was going to wait for Huangfuda at the imperial house.
Shuiyunjin just stepped out of a few steps, and a meat wall completely blocked her. She looked very close, attached to the purple brocade robe embroidered with five Zhai Lingyun patterns, and she could see clearly that her eyebrows were slightly frowning. Unconsciously, she retreated two steps, so she didn’t want people to get too close to her head and didn’t lift them over, so she wanted to leave.
"You’re so cruel to see me now that you don’t even want to take a look." The low micro-sound lifted HuangFuHang Yang’s arm and took ShuiYunJin.
Shuiyunjin struggled, but her strength was far less than Huangfuheng’s. Shuiyunjin looked up and frowned. "What do you want?"
"This is what you forced me to do. Don’t you think what to say to me?" Huangfuheng’s deep and heavy eyes locked tightly with Shuiyunjin.
Shuiyunjin rolled her eyes in disgust. She and he never had anything to say "let go".
Huangfuheng looked at Shuiyunjin’s eyes, and suddenly there was a fiercely in his eyes. "You said that keeping a small courtyard with the teacher to raise a method is actually secretly learning to manipulate the method of insects, so you can understand the method of poison of your aunt’s body. You are so reckless that you can’t let the king just let you go."
"When I said I wanted to stay in the yard, it was always you, not to mention that you didn’t want to let me die, but that you knew the consequences when I died." Shuiyun Park felt that there was no more despicable and natural person than Huangfuheng.
Huangfuheng’s pupil shrinks and his deep eyes emit cold light. It’s true that he doesn’t want to give up Shuiyunjin’s death. It’s also true that saying it from Shuiyunjin’s mouth makes his heart angry like a raging river. This woman is really ungrateful. She has never seen his mind. "The king said that he would not kill you but take you back from Huangfudan. I hope you will never forget this sentence."
"I’m still that sentence, you’re delusional." Shuiyun Park broke the shackles with all her strength.
"You really don’t want to get rid of your poison?" Huangfuheng’s voice was light and cool.
Shuiyunjin sneered, "Don’t tell me you know the antidote."
"If you hadn’t left the yard by force, Tianshi wouldn’t have died, and you wouldn’t have waited until now. The only person who knows the antidote is Wang. You really don’t want to go back. Without the antidote, you will die." Huang Fuheng’s eyes are heavy and his face is heavy
ShuiYunJin corners of the mouth smile deepened in the face of HuangFuHeng so aggressive life and death also didn’t see her show a trace of hesitation and struggle "you give me willing to die".
"Water clouds and hibiscus" Huangfuheng shouted heavily as if he had accumulated monstrous anger.
"Take the antidote less and threaten me. I don’t want you to give me the antidote." It’s not that she doesn’t care about her life, but that she is convinced that Huangfuheng has no antidote. If he had, he would have taken it out long ago and wouldn’t wait until now.
Huangfuheng stood on the ground like a layer of clouds for a long time, and he lifted his feet to leave.
After the quiet and lush foliage of heaven and earth, he walked out of an ink coat. Ling Xiaoyao pursed his mouth and his eyes were dark. I don’t know how long Takuya had been listening.
Shuiyunjin hasn’t gone to the imperial palace yet. Huangfuda has come out to find her and walked out of the palace side by side.
Shuiyunjin was held in Huangfuda’s arms. Seeing that his face was pale, he must have known what happened in the imperial garden. "How many people did you hide in your palace so soon?"
"Although the palace is big, you are so an eyesore. Naturally, anyone can see it." Huangfudi’s voice is faint.
I heard that Shuiyunjin was relieved to let others see it. "You and I are willing to see him because he is looking for a feeling."
品茶论坛Huangfuda said nothing, and her eyes were as dark as the sea.
Shui Yun Jin Bai Huang Fu Da This is another thought. What is it now that Huang Fu Hang is too careful and wants him to fight back forever in the dark? It is not yet time.

Don’t be happy too early, I will beat you. Even now, he is still talking brazenly.

I’m sorry that I may not be strong in singles, but I can just hit you and I’m sorry that our two teams won’t meet again! Lu Zhan said coldly
Lu Zhan is telling the truth. lspl is a single cycle. When RG is promoted to lpl and Beilang can’t get in, the two teams will never meet again.
This is the declaration of the winner of the land exhibition.
Chapter 424 After the game
Chapter 6223412424 After the game
There are 16 teams in lspl, and not every team can make friends with Lu Zhan like the women’s team garden after the game.
I didn’t intend to leave them noodles for the North Wolf team Lu Zhan.
RG four people followed Lu Zhan, and everyone just walked out of the competition area without shaking hands with each other, leaving Beilang five people depressed.
This is the last game of the day. After the match, the audience broke up. RG several people took their own things and were going back.
Come out and route Yu Liuzhan hasn’t been talking. The atmosphere is a little dull.
Two consecutive victories. Do you want to celebrate one today? The soldier broke the silence.
No, just go home. It was already faster when Lu Zhan saw it.
Who said not to celebrate?
A woman suddenly rang out from behind several people.
Lu Zhan looked back in front of two beautiful girls, a tall girl with long hair and a graceful figure, and a meat toot. Looking at Lu Zhan, there was a spoony little star in her eyes, which was Zihua and her best friend Xiaoqi.
Why are you …
桑拿会所It’s awkward to see Zihua Land Exhibition again. A few days ago, Zihua confessed that scene to stay in his heart. Zihua cried and went back to the picture, which he couldn’t forget.
Of course I came to watch the game. I’m your ultimate fan! Purple flower smiled and laughed, and two dimples appeared on her white face.
Seeing the purple pattern seems like something never happened that day. Lu Zhan knew that Purple Flower must be trying to hide it and keep it a secret.
None of you want to leave. Everyone will come back to my house with me. Just a few of us will celebrate! Purple flowers came near and looked around.
Soldiers and others looked at each other, and they had seen purple flowers after the first game. I didn’t expect this woman to invite them to her house today.
Purple flowers are beautiful in appearance and sweet in sound, and they are the focus of attention everywhere. There are beautiful women inviting soldiers, of course they want to go.
But several people found that Lu Zhan and Zi Hua were separated by a little distance, as if something had happened.
Come on, I’ve already called to order food, and I’ll live in my place directly after eating. Zihua put herself forward and sincerely invited Lu Zhan.
En Lu Zhan nodded that he was in a bad mood but didn’t want to spoil everyone’s fun, and it was obvious that Zihua said that he was mainly invited to invite RG team.
No one asked Lu Zhan what happened, and everyone could guess that it was Xia Lingyao.
After more than half an hour, a group of seven people came to Zihuajia highend villa.
This is RG’s demographic joke. This is a villa as big as Jin Dahai. Stop it. They just haven’t thought about it.
This … local tyrants, let’s be friends! Li Juntao can’t help but say that even Zhang Xi, who has always been the most calm, can’t help but be surprised and sighed at the purple flower family.
What friends are we already friends? Zihua gave them a white look and led everyone in.
Hello exhibition elder brother so good Bai Fumei seems to be interested in you … Li Juntao quietly pulled Lu Zhan sleeve.
Lu Zhan shook his head with a wry smile and walked in. He didn’t know the purple flower was excellent, but he couldn’t tell it in one sentence or two.
Not long after entering the room, the purple flower meal was delivered, which was small in quantity, but superior in exquisiteness. At first glance, it was made in a highend hotel.
Seven people sat around the dining table, and everyone was already hungry and began to eat.
Zihua sat beside Lu Zhan. She nibbled at the food and observed the expression of Lu Zhan.
Lu Zhan has been burying his head in eating and not saying much.
What happened to Lu Zhan? What happened to you?
After dinner, Zihua arranged for everyone to look at the house and took advantage of an opportunity to find Lu Zhanwen.
No, it’s okay … Lu Zhan looked around him.

Therefore, even if Lu Wenbin didn’t retreat to the forbidden zone, the midfielder could also cause great interference and hinder the Brazilian attack and help the China team’s defense when it was delayed.

As a result, the game is almost over, and Brazil is still 12 behind in the Olympic gold medal dream.
All Brazilians are not reconciled.
In the last few minutes, the Brazilian team attacked so hard that even Sandro left Lu Wenbin at the back and rushed to the frontcourt.
Mal is constantly rushing from side to side. He is full of spiritual skills and plays with the defense of China team.
Lu Wenbin was also forced to withdraw.
Seeing that there were only a few minutes left in the game, Lu Wenbin didn’t want to fight back, just wanted to wait until the last second to hear the referee end the game whistle.
As time went by, the game entered injury time.
China fans in the stands are celebrating more and more, and Brazilian fans are desperate.
In the 92nd minute, Marcelo broke through Wu Xi’s defense, and the ball in the bottom was pushed out of the forbidden area by Zhao Peng and fell to Wu Xi’s foot.
China fought back. Players from both sides flooded out of the forbidden area and ran to Brazil’s half-court.
As a result, Wu Xi was going to throw the ball directly to Wu Lei, but Juan saw through a tackle and stopped the ball, and then stabbed it to Oscar lying flat.
Brazil, in turn, fought back against China.
When China fought back, Mal didn’t run back to line up with the China defender.
By the time Oscar got the ball, Mal had turned around and made a sprint.
It’s just a moment before Mal is offside.
The ball escaped the interception of Lu Wenbin, Tang Jiashu and Dewey, and was directly stuffed by Oscar to Marmar’s offside. The China team received an Oscar behind the defense line to form a single knife.
Suddenly, several Brazilian fans cheered and China fans booed in the stands.
Ceng Cheng was also frightened to disgrace and rushed out. Dewey and Zhao Peng behind Omar also chased him closely.
Mare flint has already entered the forbidden zone, and as a result, he missed the best shot on his last trip.
Ceng Cheng seized the opportunity and rushed to Mar’s mind. At a turn, he barely reached out and grabbed Ceng Cheng to poke the ball before touching it.
Mal stabbed the ball away for a second before Ceng Cheng’s hand pressed to the position where the ball had shrunk just now.
As a result, the ball didn’t hit but touched Mal’s shoes.
But before Ceng Cheng touched his shoes, Mal had already fallen and screamed.
In the process of falling to the ground, Omar has screamed and hugged his instep, as if he had been injured by Ceng Cheng. After falling to the ground, he kept screaming and rolling, and he was about to roll into the goal line from the forbidden area. In the future, it will be famous. Omar rolled into the final stage of the London Olympic Games.
The referee blew a sharp whistle and rushed over. His finger reached out at the penalty spot and pulled out a red card, giving Ceng Cheng and China a capital red card penalty.
Chapter 599 Overtime torment
The referee’s penalty surprised all China players and fans.
Fans in the stands cursed "black whistle" and "blind referee", while players complained around the referee.
Ceng Cheng shouted excitedly in front of the referee, "Open your eyes and see that I didn’t foul. He fell before I met Mal. He was diving."
Captain Lu Wenbin also insisted on Ceng Cheng’s side. "Sir, I can see very clearly that our goalkeeper leaned forward and fell before he met him. This is an out-and-out diving red card and penalty. Please don’t change your penalty."
The referee was angry and pushed forward with one hand to signal Lu Wenbin and others not to get close to the other hand and put it into his pocket and threatened.
"I saw clearly that Mal had poked the ball open before the goalkeeper tackled Mal. This is a standard red card penalty. Please stand back and continue the game or I will draw my cards."
Lu Wenbin, who had a full view, was quite sure that the ball was dived by Mal rather than saved by Ceng Cheng, although he was farther away from the incident than the referee.
At this moment, the replay video of the conflict was broadcast on the big screen.
The replay shows that Mal did poke the ball away before Ceng Cheng touched it, but it was also Ceng Cheng who fell down before he touched it.
Although it is not obvious, it should be easy for professionals to tell that this is Mal’s premeditated diving fraud point, not that Ceng Cheng tackled Mal and destroyed Brazil’s goal.
Therefore, Lu Wenbin insisted on pointing to the big screen and yelling at the referee, "Open your eyes and see if Mal is diving. If you don’t change your sentence, you will make the worst misjudgment in the history of the Olympic Games."
However, neither the big screen playback nor Lu Wenbin’s threat changed the referee’s will.
Not only that, but in the face of pressing Lu Wenbin, the referee directly took out a yellow card and showed him a pair of China players. "If you don’t pull Lu away, I will directly send him a red card."
Seeing each other not only unrepentant, but also showing himself a yellow card, Lu Wenbin suddenly felt an evil fire, shouting and cursing and trying to force him to argue with each other.
Of course, the referee didn’t understand Lu Wenbin’s Chinese national abuse, otherwise Lu Wenbin’s red card would be decided.
At this time, it is the most annoyed that Ceng Cheng suddenly turned around and hugged Lu Wenbin and Dewey and Zhao Peng, two over-age teammates, dragging Lu Wenbin away from the referee and urging him to do so.
"Lu Wenbin is calm and calm"
"The game is not over yet, even if the other side scores a penalty, it will be a draw, and we still have hope."
"But if you are punished, we will really lose."
Lu Wenbin scolded gradually and finally calmed down. He waved to Ceng Cheng and said, "You go and celebrate the championship later."
Seeing Lu Wenbin calm down and coming to Ceng Cheng, he finally got a match. Blazevic and the second goalkeeper Wu Sihuo changed Lei Wu to China and changed the team into a 4231-man front formation.
This is the situation that there is no way to play without a goalkeeper and the physical fitness of the China team is getting exhausted. Blazevic can change the striker Lei Wu into the front formation.
The pressure of counterattack and goal almost overwhelmed Lu Wenbin.
夜生活But Lu Wenbin didn’t feel any pressure. He felt full of anger and fighting spirit.
Make a wrong decision. The referee deliberately dived Malta. He wants to beat them with a goal and can’t let them misjudge and dive.
China fans booed and shouted at the referee and Mal. Wu Sihuo didn’t save Mal from taking the penalty himself. Brazil equalized the score in the 92nd minute with a penalty, and the score became 22.
Mal’s dive and penalty equalised the score and sent the main goalkeeper of China to the field.
All the Brazilians cheered and screamed for their close escape.
China players are very depressed.
They are a minute or two away from the gold medal.
As a result, in stoppage time, the opponent equalized the score and played the main goalkeeper less than one person. These blows made China players feel a little desperate
Not long after the good game resumed, it was announced that the regular game was over. The referee blew the whistle for the end of the game for 9 minutes, and both sides would take a break.
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Go into overtime with a score of 22.
Lu Wenbin has completely calmed down during the break.
After all, Lu Wenbin has seen too much of the world. He has seen the Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga and even the Champions League. He has personally experienced being misjudged.

With that, Muyi drank the wine in one gulp without hesitation. After drinking it, her mouth was like hot and she kept fanning her hand.

I picked up the glass and drank it back to her, and then I looked at Xu Mo and Yan Xun, who were looking at me. They were already taller than me, almost half a head, and they were no longer a little shorter than me.
Like Mu Yi, he also picked up the wine and said to me, "Brother Lei Haoge, since I heard your affirmation from Brother Bai Yan, I really want to say thank you for knowing you for so many years. If you hadn’t held my hand in Tiantai and told me not to give up, maybe I wouldn’t have struggled for such a dream. I thank you so much. You are my eldest brother and closer than my own."
I patted the big guy on the shoulder and sighed with emotion, "Brother Lei Haoge is very pleased when he grows up and his mind is mature, but I still want to tell you something. Everything should be considered from the most basic point. This is what I give you and I hope you can remember your words all your life. I did what I could to save you, and the day after tomorrow is the greatest reward for us."
Yan Xun and I directly touched this glass of wine, and his capacity for liquor was average, but he still crustily skin of head drank this cup of spicy wine. After drinking it, Mu Yi immediately helped him to open a glass of ice water from the side and gave it to him.
Xu Mo and Liu Boyan are very real. They directly picked up the wine and put it in front of me and said, "Come and do it."
Lu Boyan and I directly picked up the bottle and prepared to blow it, while Xu Mo picked up a little bit. I drank Lu Boyan, a big brother, just like a true confidant, and understood what the other person thought. The simple way is the most suitable for us.
I drank two more drinks and said to Lu Boyan, "You won’t feel sorry for me like the two of them."
Liu Baiyan smiled and said, "It’s a pity that you’re so familiar, and you’re not an old man."
I laughed. "So you’re going to do it with me?"
Liu Boyan put the bottle and said, "That’s not true. I also have something to say to you."
I put my hand on the table and looked at him curiously. "Say I’m waiting to see what you, a veteran, say about your life regrets."
"My feeling is that" Liu Boyan deliberately sold it.
I quickly chimed in, "Tell me that a big man is like a bitch."
"I don’t remember how to say it." Liu Baiyan suddenly became embarrassed. "I can’t remember the name of that word."
Xu Mo suddenly gave two words "sadness"
"Yes, it’s sad. How can I be sad to meet such a lazy and lovable bastard?"
"You like me" I burst into laughter.
"I like you as a ghost, which always means that you have a kind of magic, which makes people feel false but easy to be close to the truth. When you are young, you should be more serious than anyone else, and when you are not serious, you should be happier than anyone else. When you are young, you will always feel a kind of happiness and a kind of belief."
I laughed at Liu Baiyan, and then I took a long drink and said, "It’s good to know you."
I nodded, and now I feel the same as him.
Xu Mo didn’t express any regrets to me. The two of us have a kind of tacit understanding, which has left a deep foundation in each other’s hearts.
I think Xu is crazy. She took out a chapter of photos from her body, and it was a group photo of us before. I haven’t seen the one in Sebrina since it fell into the lake, and I haven’t seen us in the photo again.
Xu Mo has almost become a mother now, and she is no longer a strong woman who fought in the shopping mall at the beginning. Before long, she will tutor and supervise the children like ordinary women and enjoy the happy time.
"I’ve known you for so long, and you’re getting more and more handsome. You’re no longer a funny little beggar, as you used to be." Xu Mo ridiculed me.
I replied to her, "I’ve known you for so long, and you’re becoming more and more feminine. You’re not crazy to pick up a broom and chase people around like that."
"Do you know what has changed us so much?"
"It’s time"
I picked up this photo. There is a big difference between Xu Mozhen and now. If she was crazy and overbearing, now she is a mature Leng Yan.
"You and Sebrina are going to get married, right? Listen to Mo Yun and say it’s this incident. I didn’t expect that it was you two Leihao who finally came together. Do you really love Sebrina in your bones? Or will you just stay with her for so long?"
I looked at Xu Mo Xu Mo with a complicated eye and put his glass in his hand. Then I said, "So many of us felt very sorry for what happened in the Philippines at the beginning, and I don’t want you to make the same mistake again because you and I have been friends for so many years. So you’d better consider two things after marriage instead of two people falling in love now."
"Old Xu" Liu Baiyan shouted at Xu Mo
Xu Mo didn’t say anything more. I thought about it for a long time and finally drank all the wine in front of me in one gulp before answering to her. "I don’t know what you mean. This is my decision after long consideration, and this is also the answer I finally got."
Xu Mo nodded. "Take care of her more. She is not as strong as you think. If you can’t be good to her all the time, don’t continue to be too good to her. It is a kind of injury for her, a kind of involuntary acceptance and having to bear the pain, so she will live more sadly."
I really didn’t expect Xu Mo to say such words. This is the first time that she has told me so much about Sebrina.
Even though they have so many disagreements, they still care about each other in their own way. This may be the fetters of Xu Mo and Sebrina.
Chapter seventy-three Meeting
The next day is the last day of the competition. Mu Yi and Yan Xun are taking this group of newcomers to the training room for the final run-in.
Tutor Lu Boyan, they still have some shortcomings in accompaniment, and Xu Mo helped me to correct some complicated documents.
And I got the news that Tang Xiao had come back and rushed to his office.
She secretly entertained me in the lounge and brought me a drink and dessert with lavender written on it.
I picked up this cake and ate it. Then I said to her, "Beauty, it seems that this is really ulterior motives."
Tang Xiao’s secret smile is very sweet. "It’s because you know that Director Lei is the owner of a sweet shop that you want to taste your own things. Isn’t it often said that your own things are the cleanest and the most reassuring? Is Director Lei satisfied with my performance this time?"
Tang Xiao’s secret was very proud of me and said, "Today’s extra money has fallen."
"Landing" I don’t quite understand the girl.

He was shot three times by Ye Xiangyuan. I heard that he was discharged from the hospital these days.

Seems to be thinking of Ye Xiangyuan fierce Ye Sanye weakly stepped back with a neck to scold "bitch! You and I will be afraid of him? "
But he’ll be bluffing and afraid to start work on me again.
Fujijun buried his face in tears. "I’m not alive. My 60-year-old man was slapped by his grandson’s wife and said that he was humiliated when he went out!"
Cried while lying Li Qingqing arms crying haw.
How sad, how sad, how wronged and how wronged that sound is.
"What’s the noise!" Ye Li did not know when to appear in the hall and drink crossly.
I followed the sound and looked over. He was coming out of the room at the corner of the stairs with the help of the guards.
spa会所Ye Xiangyuan paced slowly behind him and couldn’t see any anxiety.
I exchanged a look with him
He smiled at me.
I smiled, too
Teng Jun has already rushed to Ye Li’s arms to complain that "the old man, your granddaughter’s wife is too much, and she will slap me in the face without saying anything … this family has no place for me … I don’t want to live …"
Ye Li took her to sit and listened to her crying. He glanced at me coldly and said to Ye Xiang, "How did you marry such an uneducated woman?"
I hung my head and pretended to be at a loss.
Ye Xiangyuan seems to have smiled, "Your eyes are not much better."
Ye Li is about to be angry to a good half-day just trembling voice way "you … your eyes and I this grandpa! Is your daughter-in-law right to beat her elders? "
Ye Xiangyuan said lightly, "She is my wife. Of course, she is of one mind with me. I have never admitted that this woman is my elder."
I secretly looked up to see Ye Li.
His wrinkled face and twisted face looked terrible together, and a pair of dying eyes stared at Ye Xiangyuan as if to tear him up.
Ye Xiangyuan didn’t put his eyes at ease before gently took hold of me and helped me up.
I grabbed his wrist and cried, "It’s my fault that Grandpa taught me the right lesson … I’m just angry …"
Ye Xiangyuan looked at me deeply and asked softly, "What are you angry about?"
Section 7
I hung my head and sobbed, "That old woman scolded her sister-in-law for being mentally ill and gave her a good kick! She also called Xiao Jin a rabbit cub and smashed Xiao Jin with a cup! I protected Xiao Jin and she got angry. Let the guards hit me! "
Paused, I touched my tears and deliberately raised my neck.
Although I can’t see it myself, Teng Jun has made great efforts. I think I must have left a mark on my neck.
I looked at Ye Xiangyuan weakly and glanced at Ye Li timidly. "I was too impulsive … I didn’t want to fight back … but she pinched me so much … I think my neck is going to break … Should I not resist?"
Ye Xiangyuan’s face was heavy and his fingertips were warm, and he slowly caressed my neck. "Little Three means that little Three always likes the wicked to complain first. This kind of three-abuse means has been used by people for decades."
Ye Li face suddenly became livid.
He is not so crazy that he can’t understand the voice. He must recognize what Ye Xiangyuan refers to.
I just pretended to reflect, but in fact, every sentence accused Teng Jun of starting the fight, but at first he was desperate to protect Teng Jun.
Now being satirized by Ye Xiangyuan, his heart must be churning.
He was panting, pointing to Ye Xiangyuan, unable to speak for a long time.
Rattan gentleman is maintained like a girl’s white fingers. His chest caresses him. "Old man, I didn’t … how could I hit people? Worse, they are all my junior … Don’t you know my personality for so many years?"
I burst into tears at once, and drowned her coquetry.
Chapter 93 Grandma?
Teng Jun glared at me bitterly.
I hooked up my lips and ignored her crying even more.
"That’s enough!" Ye Li’s walking stick struck the ground heavily.

Endure it? Or fight back?

She never stopped attacking, and I could hold her arm tightly to keep her from going crazy.
But she was so strong that she hit me when she caught the gap. My hair was torn by her and my face and back were hit hard by her.
Someone subdued her in the chaos.
She still clutched at my clothes, so I got up awkwardly.
Looking up, Lu Xun arrived.
He separated us and asked the bodyguard to take the woman and asked me, "Where are you hurt?"
My hair and clothes are all tea, and I am estimated to be
But I didn’t shake my head
The woman shouted, "A Xun, this woman is going to marry Ayuan. Why don’t you help me stop it!"
Lu Xun said, "Sister-in-law, when Ah Yuan comes back, let him explain it to you personally."
Sister in law? He called her sister-in-law?
But I remember that Zhou Yi’s name is Ye Xiangyuan’s second brother, and it should be yisow …
What exactly is this woman’s identity?
I secretly guessed.
Women are particularly unwilling to look ferocious, and even though they are detained by two bodyguards, they are still struggling violently to hit me.
Her whole face is twisted and her hair is long, and she is no longer just delicate.
I feel very strange. Why did she give me the first impression that she was a good family?
It’s just a brain with some problems.
Section 69
Lu Xun insisted, "I’ll send you back."
He says very little, but once he does, it’s hard to argue.
Even Gu Changning’s stubborn temper is obedient before him.
No matter how the woman makes trouble, he is not affected at all, calmly directing the bodyguard to drag her out
I froze for a moment and silently cleaned myself up.
At this time, the door was knocked again. I guess it should be South-South. Go and open the door.
It’s really her
I didn’t dare to tell her about the injury until I was discharged from the hospital, and she scolded me
She is a gentle person, and it is really wrong for me to keep it from her this time. When she comes to see me, I dare not refuse at all.
Seeing that my tea was still glued to the tea, she looked at the teacup again and frowned, but didn’t ask much. She lovingly helped me to wash my hands and tidy my clothes.
Lu Xun was in the living room when he came out.
Nannan held my arm and gave me a hand.
I just forgot to tell her that Lu Xun is here, and I can’t help blaming myself.
However, she soon returned to greet Lu Xun gracefully as usual.
Lu Xun nodded at her and said to me, "She is Dayuan’s eldest sister-in-law. I will tell you personally when Dayuan comes back."
So … She’s Xiaojin’s mother?
This shock is too great, and I am completely stunned there.
Lu Xun said he was here on business and dropped in to see me, so he left.
I turned around and thanked him gratefully. "It’s a good thing you arrived on time."
Lu Xun, um, left as soon as she left.
桑拿网Nannan listened to us and never spoke. Even when he left her, she stared at her toes.
Lu Xun suddenly turned around and said, "Are you going to my cousin’s house for a party tomorrow?"