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She helped me back to my room and said, "I heard that you and Changning were both attacked. Are you okay?"

I shook my head and thought that the other side was menacing and not more restrained.
Sister-in-law consoled, "Don’t think too much about Ayuan. He just told grandpa these things, and grandpa knows them very well … You should have a good rest during this period. Your health is important."
After all this, I don’t have a clue, and I know that it’s best to rest at home and at least not make trouble for grandpa and them.
Grandpa sent Chu Feipeng back to Vancouver overnight.
But I didn’t expect Chu Feipeng’s family to fly from Vancouver two days later.
Their department flooded into the military compound with Chu Feipeng’s urn and shouted arrogantly for grandpa to give a statement.
夜生活There are at least a dozen people on the other side, one by one.
Fortunately, the eldest sister-in-law immediately called the guards to separate their department.
But their attitude is still rampant, and they are clamoring by their grandparents and relatives.
Chu Feipeng cried at the top of his mother’s lungs. "Uncle Feipeng has been a cow and horse for you for decades. You can’t let him die in vain!"
His father is a face of painful "Fei Peng’s personality, you know best that he can’t commit suicide for no reason. Someone must have hurt him. You must make decisions for him …"
His mother then cried, "You kicked our family out, and now our family can’t even give him a better cemetery … Uncle, you can’t be so rude …"
I heard it funny because I wanted Li Chu Fei Peng to blackmail Grandpa to death.
Grandpa is so decisive and upright, but there is nothing like him around here.
Grandpa sat on the sofa and listened to their cries in silence.
I guess grandpa must be very upset now, even though these people are fighting for interests, they are also his relatives.
I actually saw Chu Feifei among this group of people.
She cried so sad that she cried with Chu Feipeng’s parents, "Grandpa Three, my brother died so unjustly … and our family will sleep on the street without the salary of our eldest brother …"
Sure enough, I still want to cheat money from my grandfather.
I looked at her coldly.
She seemed to sense my eyes and look at me.
Then she suddenly rushed to grandpa’s leg and hugged grandpa’s foot and cried, "grandpa, I think eldest brother must have been killed!" You must also know that the ex-wife arrested eldest brother and tortured him. She must have committed suicide because she couldn’t stand the humiliation! Don’t try to cover up your wife, you must pay back your eldest brother! "
I can’t believe she blamed me for Chu Feipeng’s death.
I don’t want to see how much she can slander me.
Grandpa didn’t speak either.
Chu Feifei turned to me and glared at me angrily. "You are forcing the eldest brother! You vicious woman must die a natural death! "
Grandpa shouted crossly, "Enough!"
Her tears danced and she immediately hugged her grandfather’s leg. "Three grandfathers, you have to believe me … she is just hiding that we really want to occupy my cousin and occupy Chushi’s place, and she is forcing eldest brother! Grandpa, your big brother has to take revenge. Don’t let this bitch go! "
Grandpa’s face was tired and said, "There is a limit to your nonsense!"
Chu Feifei opened her mouth with tears and wanted to argue.
Grandpa interrupted her and said, "Stop talking nonsense or I’ll have you thrown out!" Then he glanced sharply at everyone in the Chu family. "You are the same. If you make trouble again, get out!"
Perhaps it was my grandfather who gained great prestige on weekdays, and the Chu family immediately stopped making noise.
But after a few seconds of silence, they began to cry again.
Chu Feipeng’s mother cried the most sadly and almost rolled on the spot. "Uncle, my family Feipeng Chu worked hard for a generation and finally died because of Chu. How can you be so rude … He is your nephew and we are all your relatives … How can you give all the benefits to other people!"
I don’t want to know that when she said physical names, she meant Ye Xiangyuan and Xiao Jin.
Grandpa’s face sank to grab the sofa armchair and the veins stood out on the back of his hand. It seems that he was so angry.
I can’t help frowning. If we continue to let these people fight, Grandpa may be so angry that the old disease will recur.
This is so good …
If grandpa doesn’t, I can still beat these people out directly.
But I dare not act casually in front of my grandfather.
What’s more, it’s raining heavily outside, and grandpa will definitely hate them.
I was anxious about Chu Feifei, but I took Chu Feipeng’s mother and pointed at me and said, "Aunt, she is the bitch who forced Ding Shishi to death!"
When I recovered, I saw Chu Feipeng’s mother rushing angrily. "Bitch! Why are you hurting my son! Do you want to seize your uncle’s property? "
If there were no guards, she would have hit me directly.
Chu Feifei’s eyes sparkled with excitement and hatred and continued to incite, "Aunt, you may not know that eldest brother was lynched quietly by this bitch before he died. Eldest brother must have been forced to death by her!"
I looked at her coldly.
What good can she get from trying so hard to slander me?
It’s so stupid that I don’t even bother to talk to her
But I did catch a doubt-
How did she know that Chu Feipeng was interrogated by me? Almost no one knew …
That is, this slight trance suddenly knocked down the guards and hit me in the stomach.
I dodged and was about to be hit by her.
Good Yang Fei reacted quickly and kicked ChuFeifei a few meters away.
Grandpa came over and said, "Is there anything wrong?"
I shook my head.
Grandpa turned to Chu Feifei and said coldly, "I warned you several times, but you ignored my words. It seems that I have no prestige in your eyes!"
Chu Feifei may have been frightened and sobbed and dared not say anything.
Grandpa cold hum a pacing to ChuFeiPeng before his parents "and your conscience all feed the dog not to bury FeiPeng but come to my trouble! I tell you that Fei Peng is guilty of his own sins, no wonder people! If you make trouble again, wait for a match with Fei Peng! "
Chapter 25 Aunt and Suspected Murder
Did you ignore the last sentence?
I can’t believe that grandpa is so heartless, and everyone is silent.