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Well … I looked at Monk awkwardly, but Monk was obviously normal, and it was no different.

"She’s like this. Don’t worry," I said. Monk shook his head and smiled. "It’s okay. She’s cute."
Fang Miao Miao roared to Huai Che, and they soon came back. Li Jingmenke and they also served dishes one after another. Fang Jin volunteered to help with the dishes and soon filled a table.
Hairy crabs, lobsters, abalone and sea cucumbers are all common. He has nothing to say about some dishes, but a porcelain plate on the dining table has attracted all our attention.
It’s strange to see a piece of meat and a piece of fat on a porcelain plate, but it’s bright and it feels like jelly!
Li Jing smiled when he saw that we were all staring at that piece of fat meat. "This piece of pork belly was specially cooked by me and took 11 hours."
Wow, this long? We all looked at him doubtfully and Li Jing didn’t sell it, saying, "The night before, I marinated this meat material and stuffed glutinous rice, peanuts and mushrooms into the meat layer. I waited until the early morning to simmer it in the pot, which was also good. Now it seems that the results are good."
Fang Miaomiao is curious, but I know that she always doesn’t like fat meat. The pork belly is too fat. Fang Miaomiao said, "This isn’t your first time, is it? Can you eat so fat? "
Li Jing nodded and said, "Although it’s the first time to cook it, I have consulted a professional chef about the essence of this dish. I’ll choose pork belly for this fat noodle. According to the original recipe, it’s real fat meat."
I also feel a little tired of my throat and say, "How does it taste?"
Li Jing took a look at the big guy and said to me, "You’ll know if you try."
I shook my head and said, "You eat first." Fang Miaomiao also hurriedly said, "Yes, you try first."
Seeing that everyone looked at themselves, Li Jing swept around. We shook our heads and put chopsticks in the fat. Something strange happened. When we saw that the chopsticks were unstable, they fell down for three seconds and then separated the meat. Li Jing followed suit and the meat was divided into four pieces.
What we saw was amazing, and Monk repeatedly asked, "How did this happen? Is this meat really jelly? "
Li Jing didn’t answer with a spoon. Everyone put a spoonful of eyebrows in his plate and said, "Try it." He said that he should put the fat in his plate into his mouth. I saw that such a big piece of fat was put into his mouth by his spoon and swallowed consciously. I felt that the fat was full of the whole throat.
"Wow, I’m tired of it!" Fang Miao Miao’s flat mouth said that Li Jing ate the meat with a pair of enjoyment. When Lin Xun saw that Li Jing had eaten it, he also ate it in succession. Li Jing said that "it’s not greasy to eat, but it tastes good, although it’s still a little worse than what Master Tang did."
After eating it, Huai Che Lin Xun nodded and said, "It’s delicious, and it’s wonderful to have those ingredients under the fat, which fully absorbed the smell of fat and oil."
Fang Miaomiao and I looked at each other and said, "Is it so exaggerated?" Monk has already eaten Fang Jinhuai and Lin Xun just ate it and followed it.
Li Jing said, "It’s really good. Try it." I thought about it and put the meat in my mouth with a spoon. It’s not as fat as I thought. This meat mouth is well matched with his ingredients. It’s really wonderful as they say!
Fang Miaomiao stared at me closely and saw that I was really busy and asked, "What’s up?"
I nodded and said, "It’s really wonderful. You should try it."
Fang Miaomiao shook her head and said, "You can eat." When she got her words, Lin Xun began to scoop it out again. Except Fang Miaomiao, everyone scrambled to eat Fang Miaomiao. When she saw us eating meat, she took the hairy crab and ate it. Soon, this dish was eaten by us before eating other dishes.
Monk square Vivi wanted to eat hairy crabs, so he took a clamp to help Fang Miaomiao break the crab shells and pick out the crab meat for her to eat. She also peeled the shrimps. Huai Che didn’t know that they saw Monk peeling Fang Miaomiao’s shells, and he also peeled the shrimps and crabs, trying to give Fang Miaomiao a sharp-eyed kick to stop him.
Speaking of which, let’s say that we have a round table in our seats. We are sitting around Monk. It’s Fang Miaomiao next to Vivi. I’m next to bamboo. I’m next to Li Jing. Li Jing used to be Fang Jin, then to Huaiche and then to Linxun. It’s naturally Monk.
Huaiche looked at me doubtfully, and I blinked at him. Although he didn’t understand why I stopped him, he still obediently didn’t give Fang Miaomiao the peeled shrimp and crab.
Fang Miaomiao enjoyed Monk very much. She was happy to eat Monk, and she was also very spoiled. She made two people flirt with each other, even if they were blind, they could be white. Huai Che naturally lost her original vitality before eating, and she bowed her head and ate silently like Fang Jin.
In my eyes, I can’t do anything. Huai Che and Fang Miaomiao are not the same after all. I can’t say that Huai Che is going to break up Fang Miaomiao and Monk. Good Huai Che is an open-minded person. Maybe he also understands the gap between him and Fang Miaomiao, and soon adjusts his mood and laughs with everyone.
Push a cup for a change, eat and drink, and at night, Li Jing feeds the bamboo by stages.
After dinner, Fang Jin scrambled to help clear the table and wash the dishes. We went to the video room to watch movies for a while, and Fang Miaomiao and Monk said that they would go back first.
I thought about it and said, "then I’ll go back, too. It’s dark. I should go to bed after taking a bath."
So say Huaiche they also want to go back to Monk and Fang Miaomiao’s own car. Li Jing will drive me and bamboo back from Qinshuiju. Li Jing will lend Linxun the car to take Huaiche and Fang Jin home.
After all, Qinshuiju is not far from here, and it’s not too slow.
The car came to the gate of Qinshuiju slowly. Li Jing wanted to drive in. I didn’t let Yi Yue see more cars at the gate. I entered the door with bamboo in my arms. Li Jing saw us enter the door before driving back.
桑拿按摩Back in the living room, I suddenly remembered that Monk Fang Vivi and they brought gifts to me without anything, so they took out their mobile phones and sent Li Jing a big red envelope. Li Jing probably didn’t find that he didn’t get a red envelope until I took a bath for bamboo and put him to sleep. I also took a bath and came out to see that the red envelope was received.
The news from Li Jingfa said,’ Why are you sending such a big red envelope?’ I also sent a red envelope back to me. I didn’t get a message and said to him,’ Congratulations, you don’t have much red envelopes when you move to a new house. If you don’t accept them, you will be a stranger.’
Section 229
About no3 is just a deal. Chapter 26 I will be sad.
You say that, I have to accept it if I don’t accept it. How about bamboo falling asleep?’
I’m ready to go to bed when I’m asleep. You’d better go to sleep.’
Li Jing sent a smiling face and said,’ Well, good night!’
I looked at it and didn’t go back to him. I put my mobile phone on the bedside table and slept with a sheet.
I just closed my eyes and remembered something. I opened my eyes and was taken back to my mobile phone. I sent a message to Fang Miaomiao asking if she had come home. But she didn’t reply to the message
I went to bed without thinking much. After dawn, I brushed my teeth, washed my face, had breakfast and was ready to go to class. I still took bamboo to Li Jing and waited outside the gate early. When I saw us going out, I drove the door for us.
I took the bamboo car and Li Jing drove to the company building. I just met Fang Jin and waited for the ladder. Fang Jin saw that Li Jing and I had a rare smile and said, "Sister Lili is early, and General Li is early."
Because I met Fang Jin earlier with Li Jinglai, I didn’t feel wrong at all. It’s normal for everyone to meet this shift. I came later than the ordinary class, and I was alone when I waited for the stairs.
I said hello to Fang Jin, and the staircase came. As soon as the door opened, it was crowded with people. Okay, there were four people on this staircase, so I didn’t go in.
After a while, the other ladder arrived, and there were not so many people. Li Jing protected me and the bamboo advanced ladder. I protected me and bamboo to prevent others from touching the bamboo square brocade and followed us into the ladder. Next to Li Jing, Li Jing conveniently protected her.
I’m still used to taking the stairs at the time before work. When there are many people in the stairs, there are some women wearing strong perfume, which makes them choke and sneeze.
I frowned and took out a small bamboo towel to protect the bamboo nose. If bamboo didn’t want to, it wouldn’t be forced to cover her nose. How difficult it was to get to the 12th floor. I took bamboo and Fang Jin out of the ladder. Li Jing continued to follow the ladder to his company.
When I returned to Quesheng, Huai Che and Lin Xun had already cleaned up in the company. Seeing that Fang Jin followed me to the company, Lin Xun couldn’t help asking, "Jin, how did you come with Li Jie? When I went to see you, your landlord aunt said that you had gone out, so I didn’t wait for you. "
Fang Jin looked up at Lin Xun and looked at me again, but I didn’t answer. I said, "Did you have breakfast just now?"
Huai Che shook his head and said, "I don’t have the habit of eating breakfast. I just want to have a cup of soybean milk every day." Linxun said, "I have eaten from the past."
After greeting, I went to work separately, and when it was almost time for lunch, Zhou Huan made a message and asked me to have lunch together. Naturally, I agreed.
It’s the same time to go to that western restaurant. I’ll be there by then. When I saw me holding bamboo, I quickly got up from my seat.