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Ling Susu has a little impression on this person. I remember that he is called Zuo Xiu. This person has a skill that can strengthen himself and increase his combat power.

Zuo Xiu waved his arms before he left and looked at Ling Susu with an evil smile. He secretly operated Xuanli. After a few breaths, his body swelled like an inflatable ball, and his arms became thick in a flash. The most exaggerated thing is that his fists are as big as blue balls.
Ling Susu gently lifted her hand and shook out an array. She had a complicated handprint. As the handprint became faster and faster, her feet gradually rose and the array became brighter and brighter.
Left Hugh sprang like a fly, his eyes were cold, and he jumped directly at the center of the array, and his fists swung out at the same time, bringing up a piece of dust and stopping the fate.
And the center of the array, Ling Susu, looks up coldly, and also stretches her arms forward. Her arms are like white jade, and her hands are slender. The huge fist set off is pitifully small. I can imagine what it is like to meet together.
Yuanfeng College corners of the mouth smile and know that Zuo Xiujia’s achievement method never pays attention to breaking the law, just waiting to watch the next scene. It seems that Ling Susu’s array plan must be lost.
However, the ending was unexpected. Zuo Xiu was shocked and flew out for several feet, grinning painfully, and his arms could not be lifted, while Ling Susu did not move or get hurt.
I can catch Zuo Xiu’s powerful fists, but also shock him. Ling Susu’s light and slender jade palm can easily block Zuo Xiu’s attack.
Three people immediately began to guess what is Ling Susu’s foot array.
First, the man squinted and thought for a while. He knew it.
This is a "giant hidden array"
This array is a combination of all forces and belongs to her alone, thus greatly enhancing this power. The natural force borrowed by full of green Ling Susu around the open-air tournament is even more powerful.
Zuo Hugh looked at the people in the array and twisted with pain, but he was unwilling to get up and pounce on Ling Susu again.
Ling Susu’s hand slightly lifted to form a handprint array again. It seems that the array has changed for a moment. Just after entering the array, Zuo Xiu was shaken out again. This time, he completely passed out and never got up again.
"Elder martial sister, show mercy" saw that Zuo Xiu was in a coma. A slightly rounded figure blocked Ling Susu and Zuo Xiu, while guarding against Ling Susu’s killer, called for people to get Zuo Xiu away.
"I said I wouldn’t kill anyone." Ling Susu gently hummed and waved his hand to tell them to hurry up.
The plump guy in front of her is Yuan Wen, who is the tallest of the three people who flattered him before. She also has a bad impression on this person. The previous two people were too vulnerable. She is proficient in assassinating a person, but she doesn’t need the truth. It’s really boring to be able to win three moves just by confrontation and even cutting and beating.
Yuan Wen looked at the people in the array "enchanting" and took a few steps. His figure was slightly bloated and twisted, which made people feel particularly funny.
It is this funny posture that makes Ling Susu unconsciously nervous.
Yuan Wen is fat, but his posture is extremely fast. Everyone hasn’t reacted yet. He directly jumped on Ling in the array.
Reading in sections 351
Mr.zhou really doesn’t know how he can make his body so light with his head.
He shuttled his fingers in the array and sent out a serial flying knife department to attack Ling Susu. This move was so fast and continuous that Ling Susu was surrounded by serial knives on all sides for a while.
Although the knife is small, it has a little bit of fire, like thunder fire. It looks amazing in power.
Ling Susu raised his hand again, and the seal array changed again. When the serial knife was blocked one meter away from Ling Susu, he couldn’t move any more.
This law can be attacked and defended. It’s really a flaw. Yuan Wenmeng took a step back. He was really submerged by a serial knife just now.
Yuan Wen scored again this time, which was faster and more skillful. His mind moved, and the serial knife seemed to attack Ling Susu directly with a burst of roaring thunder.
Ning Juncai couldn’t help taking a breath of air conditioning. He couldn’t even consciously sweat on his left hand. He wondered if Ling Susu could take the blow.
Seeing that Ling Susu’s eyes were cold, Ling Susu’s eyes changed into a gesture again, and that looming dragon directly rushed to the serial knife and knocked it back.
Yuan Wen in the whole body appeared a circle through the membrane to block the serial knife back and the serial knife fell to the ground.
After the impact, the dragon let out a roar, causing Yuan Wen’s ears to buzz and spit out one mouthful blood directly.
After the dragon disappeared, the law began to fade and disappear gradually.
Yuan Wen failed to take advantage of Ling Susu’s hand, but it consumed the energy of the array to make the array successful and dim. If Ling Susu doesn’t continue to give it, it will be difficult to continue soon.
Although Yuan Wen was defeated, he was still glorious.
Chapter seven hundred Ling Susu War Wenxin
Ling Susu did not take four lives as she promised.
After the first three people were defeated, even if they were in a coma, there were no multiple injuries. If you want to wake up, you must be able to move freely within an hour.
Since Ling Susu entered the tournament platform, you’ve become crazy. The so-called open-air tournament field is just a form, but it’s really vast. The gods of the tournament platform are very clever, so that people can know how vast it is when they step into an entrance of the tournament platform.
It is not difficult to open up a small area, but it is difficult to maintain a vast stability. Even after years, this one is still not unstable, and it can withstand the monks’ fighting. It is evident that the God Phoenix was powerful in those days.
Master Shen Huang’s avatar was so clear that it sounded in the gv 10.
You are crazy, but for the avatar, he couldn’t think of any means to open up a vast and stable side.
"The tournament platform is the other side, which is vast, stable after all the years, and can withstand the attack of monks. The charm of the year is evident." He sighed with emotion.
Everyone’s attention was immediately attracted by Jun Kuang.
"Master elder brother knows so much" Fan Luo hubris at you rather inquisitively.
"Think about it and know how it is possible that the first strong man in the six realms in ancient times has nothing to do with this." Jun Qian sneered and flew an eye knife in the past.
After all, there are others who can’t leave room for Fan Luo’s speech. Isn’t this a question about the connection between Jun Kuang and the remains of Shen Huang?
However, even if they question it again, it is impossible to find any evidence from Jun’s madness. Jun Qian does not dislike the other party to get to the bottom of it, but this question is a little bit.
"That’s true," Zhenchen said. "In ancient times, the strong came forth in large numbers, and the strongest god burned to what extent is not something we can imagine."
"It’s no ordinary power to open up this skill alone." Liu Yuenan’s eyes reveal a trace of envy
"Really competitive" Qin Xiao looks up at you crazy "but Ling’s sister is also competitive. I never knew that she was so strong in confrontation." She deliberately pulled the subject off.
I know that Ling Susu relies on the baby, but holding such a baby is not to enjoy the achievement. She has no strong background and everything depends on her own efforts. It is beyond their imagination how much effort she has made and how many times she has taken risks.
Therefore, the people’s crazy questions about Jun smoothly turned to Ling Susu.
Speaking, someone jumped in front of Ling Susu.
"This man seems to have something wrong and a little brain," Jun Qian said.
"I can see that the other three seem to be obsessed with Ling Susu, and I don’t know how she bought them off." Fan Luowei squinted. "But this person seems unmoved and always suspects that Ling Susu is up to something. I am a little interested in him."
Wen Yan Jun Qian picked his eyebrows and quipped, "What kind of interest do you say?"
"Which way" Fan Luo gave him a cross look. The goods were obviously revenge for him. He had previously questioned that Jun Kuang’s tone was not very good, but he was not so sharp, but he didn’t expect this Jun Qian to be so defensive.
There is no theory of justifying one’s faults. It’s the first time he’s seen that the guy behind you can behave like this.
However, he also thinks about it. After all, he doesn’t like Jun Qian any more. After all, he is his brother.
Qi Dehui patted him on the shoulder to signal him not to talk too much. His words are always sharp, but he is also white. His good friend has no bad intentions, which is much better than insinuating superficial flatterers. At the same time, he also believes that the monarch is whiter than him, otherwise he would not have given them a little help when he took the entrance exam.
At that time, I didn’t throw them directly into the small room like others, and put them in the desert for three days to bask in the sun, so they were crazy and looked at them very well
They turned their attention to the tournament platform to show images. The last person in Yuanfeng College was walking towards Ling Susu carefully step by step.
"Elder martial sister Ling really kept her word and thanked Wen Xin for this." This person’s name is Wen Xin Yuanfeng College, and he is also a student with a little respect. The completion amount is not bad, and occasionally he can list the units. Therefore, Ling Susu has a little impression of his name, but he has never met anyone.
She nodded slightly "easy to say", which showed that she didn’t want to hear more words.
Wenxin held a delicate and small knife in his hand. When the knife appeared, Yuanfeng College took a breath of air conditioning.
"Brother Wenxin’s reincarnation knife actually took out his strength when he came." He was surprised to get up when he was defeated and was recovering Zuo Xiu with the help of Dan medicine.
Ling Susu stared at Wen Xin’s knife and said nothing at the moment.
夜网论坛  title=Wen Xin’s sneer has always hit Ling Susu, and Ling Susu’s sword appears again, and the sword makes a harsh sound.
Wen Xin took a step back and closed his eyes. The knife in Xin’s hand conjured up several knife shadows. The knife shadows attacked Ling Susu as if they were self-conscious. The sword of Ling Susu offset the shock wave, and some of the knife shadows disappeared. Ling Susu turned pale.
The reincarnation knife can eliminate some abilities, which is also expected by Ling Susu.