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When I got back to my room, I looked at the baby and fell asleep. I was inexplicably flustered

Han Qingshan is obviously ready to start work. It’s definitely not the pressure of public opinion. There must be other means …
Can Ye Xiangyuan handle it?
Now I can also look forward to Ye Xiangyuan’s all good resistance to this public opinion and all intrigues.
Xiaoyan stopped me again the next day.
She looked very happy to squint at me this time and said, "Tell you a good news, because you forwarded Weibo to make netizens believe me more. Everyone was very excited and went to various departments to reflect this situation. Now the top management of China has received a report from everyone and decided to file an investigation."
I am shocked.
Worried that things really happened, Ye Xiangyuan was not only damaged by reputation, but also stared at face to face.
Xiaoyan smiled and said, "Ah Yuan will be arrested soon, and then I will go back to China and accompany him when he goes to prison."
I looked at her and said nothing.
Xiaoyan hooked the corners of her mouth and swept me. "When you wait for Ayuan’s things to end, you will be gone. Then you will wait for my means. Han Qingshan promised that I would give you to me."
I frown.
I’m sure I won’t have a good result in her hands.
But I am more worried about the situation in China than being threatened by Xiaoyan.
At present, everything is moving towards Han Qingshan’s wishes.
In the end, if Ye Xiangyuan defeats Li jiaqi, he will win, and Han Qingshan is from pulling strings.
I was anxious at the thought.
I think I can’t wait for Ye Xiangyuan to save me. I should try to tell him about Han Qingshan’s plot …
Li Yuyan appeared in the living room when I was thinking about countermeasures.
She should have heard Xiao Yan’s words and angrily came over and grabbed Xiao Yan’s collar and slapped her in the face. "Bitch, why are you hurting Ayuan!"
Xiaoyan’s face was tilted to one side. She slowly turned her head and stared at Li Yuyan sarcastically. "I am obeying Han Qingshan’s orders … You don’t forget that Han Qingshan will treat Ayuan as an enemy because he likes you … after all, you are the culprit."
Li Yuyan’s face turned blue and white, and she couldn’t find a rebuttal. She could glare at Xiaoyan.
Xiaoyan laughed at breaking her hand and said, "You are more hateful and not qualified to love Ayuan than I am."
Li Yuyan’s forehead veins stood out, and his expression was uncertain, rain or shine, and he didn’t know what to think.
After a few seconds, instead of targeting Xiao Yan, she turned to me and roared, "Xiao Yan is such a bitch. How can you help an outsider to harm him?"
She said this but Xiaoyan transferred her anger to me.
I smiled bitterly. "Miss Li, I can’t help myself now."
Li Yu Yan heng yi
Just when Xiaojinlou came, she immediately grabbed Xiaojin and said, "You see clearly that these two women are not good things. They all framed your uncle. Don’t let them go when you grow up."
Xiaoyan laughed coldly. "If you hadn’t provoked Han Qingshan Ayuan, how could he have targeted us? We were all persecuted by Han Qingshan. Han Qingshan likes you. You didn’t limit it, but I didn’t see you help Ayuan."
Xiaojin doesn’t seem to understand what they say with a clueless face.
I know he’s smart. He should be pretending to be busy and winking at him, indicating that he should follow Li Yu’s smoke and Xiaoyan not to provoke them.
I don’t know if Xiao Jin knows what I mean. His face is full of laughter. "I know you all like your uncle. In this case, why don’t you try to help your uncle together?" If your uncle has an accident, you will be very sad, right? "
A word let Li Yu smoke and Xiaoyan are quiet.
Both of them showed a thoughtful look.
My heart secretly gave Xiao Jin a thumbs-up
Xiao Jin blinked his big eyes and said, "Can you tell me what happened to my uncle?"
At Li Yuyan Xiaoyan stammered, "It’s no big deal …"
Of course, she dare not tell Xiao Jin the truth because she is in charge of Weibo.
Although Han Qingshan is behind the scenes, everyone can see that she is fighting Ye Xiangyuan.
Li Yuyan unceremoniously dismantled her desk and told Xiao Jin about her sending Weibo to frame Ye Xiangyuan.
Of course, she didn’t miss my forwarding of Weibo’s falling stone.
A layer of fog floated in Xiao Jin’s dark eyes. "Will that uncle be in danger?"
His poor appearance provoked Li Yuyan and Xiaoyan to speak out to comfort him.
Xiaojin took their hands and piteously begged them to help Ye Xiangyuan.
I watched as Xiao Jin was clever again.
Even if he can’t really get these two people to help, he can at least make them stop pinching each other and taking it personally.
When they were talking in full swing, I sat in the corner of the sofa and thought silently.
My heart is very anxious.
The worst result is Ye Xiangyuan’s downfall, and everyone who follows others will not end well.
桑拿会所  title=And the baby and I are his relatives, and maybe even our lives will be lost …
After thinking for an afternoon, I didn’t figure out a way to connect with Ye Xiangyuan.
But in the evening JiShu came.
He can come in, of course, with the consent of Han Qingshan.
I’m a little afraid that he is Han Qingshan deliberately looking for me to test.
However, Ji Shu quickly explained that he was just looking for Han Qingshan’s theory because he was very angry when he learned that Li Yuyan was the person Han Qingshan really liked.
And Han Qingshan seems to feel indefensible, so he agreed to come to see me.
I didn’t expect Ji Shu to be so reckless that Han Qingshan didn’t blame him
Perhaps it was Han Qingshan who thought that Jishu was not threatened and was able to take it lightly.
Ji Shu and I can’t say much.
Now the room is full of Han Qingshan’s eyes. If I do ask Ji Shu for help, I might even bring him down.
Ji Shu didn’t say much. When he left, he suddenly held my hand excitedly and said affectionately, "Don’t worry, I will definitely say that Mr. Han asked him to let you go …"
I used to hate being touched by a man who was far away from Ye Xiang, but when I felt Ji Shu put something in my hand, I immediately stopped struggling and my heart was pounding.
Ji Shu smiled at me and then let go. It was still affectionate. "Then wait for me."