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With that, Muyi drank the wine in one gulp without hesitation. After drinking it, her mouth was like hot and she kept fanning her hand.

I picked up the glass and drank it back to her, and then I looked at Xu Mo and Yan Xun, who were looking at me. They were already taller than me, almost half a head, and they were no longer a little shorter than me.
Like Mu Yi, he also picked up the wine and said to me, "Brother Lei Haoge, since I heard your affirmation from Brother Bai Yan, I really want to say thank you for knowing you for so many years. If you hadn’t held my hand in Tiantai and told me not to give up, maybe I wouldn’t have struggled for such a dream. I thank you so much. You are my eldest brother and closer than my own."
I patted the big guy on the shoulder and sighed with emotion, "Brother Lei Haoge is very pleased when he grows up and his mind is mature, but I still want to tell you something. Everything should be considered from the most basic point. This is what I give you and I hope you can remember your words all your life. I did what I could to save you, and the day after tomorrow is the greatest reward for us."
Yan Xun and I directly touched this glass of wine, and his capacity for liquor was average, but he still crustily skin of head drank this cup of spicy wine. After drinking it, Mu Yi immediately helped him to open a glass of ice water from the side and gave it to him.
Xu Mo and Liu Boyan are very real. They directly picked up the wine and put it in front of me and said, "Come and do it."
Lu Boyan and I directly picked up the bottle and prepared to blow it, while Xu Mo picked up a little bit. I drank Lu Boyan, a big brother, just like a true confidant, and understood what the other person thought. The simple way is the most suitable for us.
I drank two more drinks and said to Lu Boyan, "You won’t feel sorry for me like the two of them."
Liu Baiyan smiled and said, "It’s a pity that you’re so familiar, and you’re not an old man."
I laughed. "So you’re going to do it with me?"
Liu Boyan put the bottle and said, "That’s not true. I also have something to say to you."
I put my hand on the table and looked at him curiously. "Say I’m waiting to see what you, a veteran, say about your life regrets."
"My feeling is that" Liu Boyan deliberately sold it.
I quickly chimed in, "Tell me that a big man is like a bitch."
"I don’t remember how to say it." Liu Baiyan suddenly became embarrassed. "I can’t remember the name of that word."
Xu Mo suddenly gave two words "sadness"
"Yes, it’s sad. How can I be sad to meet such a lazy and lovable bastard?"
"You like me" I burst into laughter.
"I like you as a ghost, which always means that you have a kind of magic, which makes people feel false but easy to be close to the truth. When you are young, you should be more serious than anyone else, and when you are not serious, you should be happier than anyone else. When you are young, you will always feel a kind of happiness and a kind of belief."
I laughed at Liu Baiyan, and then I took a long drink and said, "It’s good to know you."
I nodded, and now I feel the same as him.
Xu Mo didn’t express any regrets to me. The two of us have a kind of tacit understanding, which has left a deep foundation in each other’s hearts.
I think Xu is crazy. She took out a chapter of photos from her body, and it was a group photo of us before. I haven’t seen the one in Sebrina since it fell into the lake, and I haven’t seen us in the photo again.
Xu Mo has almost become a mother now, and she is no longer a strong woman who fought in the shopping mall at the beginning. Before long, she will tutor and supervise the children like ordinary women and enjoy the happy time.
"I’ve known you for so long, and you’re getting more and more handsome. You’re no longer a funny little beggar, as you used to be." Xu Mo ridiculed me.
I replied to her, "I’ve known you for so long, and you’re becoming more and more feminine. You’re not crazy to pick up a broom and chase people around like that."
"Do you know what has changed us so much?"
"It’s time"
I picked up this photo. There is a big difference between Xu Mozhen and now. If she was crazy and overbearing, now she is a mature Leng Yan.
"You and Sebrina are going to get married, right? Listen to Mo Yun and say it’s this incident. I didn’t expect that it was you two Leihao who finally came together. Do you really love Sebrina in your bones? Or will you just stay with her for so long?"
I looked at Xu Mo Xu Mo with a complicated eye and put his glass in his hand. Then I said, "So many of us felt very sorry for what happened in the Philippines at the beginning, and I don’t want you to make the same mistake again because you and I have been friends for so many years. So you’d better consider two things after marriage instead of two people falling in love now."
"Old Xu" Liu Baiyan shouted at Xu Mo
Xu Mo didn’t say anything more. I thought about it for a long time and finally drank all the wine in front of me in one gulp before answering to her. "I don’t know what you mean. This is my decision after long consideration, and this is also the answer I finally got."
Xu Mo nodded. "Take care of her more. She is not as strong as you think. If you can’t be good to her all the time, don’t continue to be too good to her. It is a kind of injury for her, a kind of involuntary acceptance and having to bear the pain, so she will live more sadly."
I really didn’t expect Xu Mo to say such words. This is the first time that she has told me so much about Sebrina.
Even though they have so many disagreements, they still care about each other in their own way. This may be the fetters of Xu Mo and Sebrina.
Chapter seventy-three Meeting
The next day is the last day of the competition. Mu Yi and Yan Xun are taking this group of newcomers to the training room for the final run-in.
Tutor Lu Boyan, they still have some shortcomings in accompaniment, and Xu Mo helped me to correct some complicated documents.
And I got the news that Tang Xiao had come back and rushed to his office.
She secretly entertained me in the lounge and brought me a drink and dessert with lavender written on it.
I picked up this cake and ate it. Then I said to her, "Beauty, it seems that this is really ulterior motives."
Tang Xiao’s secret smile is very sweet. "It’s because you know that Director Lei is the owner of a sweet shop that you want to taste your own things. Isn’t it often said that your own things are the cleanest and the most reassuring? Is Director Lei satisfied with my performance this time?"
Tang Xiao’s secret was very proud of me and said, "Today’s extra money has fallen."
"Landing" I don’t quite understand the girl.