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After a few steps in kelp, Lu Wenbin took the ball back to the middle road, but Makoto Hasebe tripped in the frontcourt and got an Italian ball opportunity.

Everyone in the China team suddenly became happy, and the Japanese team was on the verge of an enemy.
Everyone knows that Lu Wenbin is horrible.
As a result, Lu Wenbin’s special skill of opening the system has already hit the best angle and went straight to the dead corner of the goal, but eiji kawashima, the goalkeeper of the Japanese team, made a world-class save and rose to the bottom line with his fingertips.
The stands suddenly rang with sighs from China fans and cheers from Japanese fans. eiji kawashima was surrounded by Japanese team members to thank him for saving.
As time went on, the Japanese team gradually began to shrink their defense.
Although they played alone, Lu Wenbin really put a lot of pressure on them. If eiji kawashima hadn’t played his brave role, the Japanese team might have lost the ball just now.
Therefore, on the next match day, the team narrowed its defense line and almost gave China no chance to enter the goal within 3 meters. Even Lu Wenbin personally broke through the ball twice and failed to successfully break into the forbidden area.
For the Japanese team, even if there is one more player, it is a great victory to get a point with Lu Wenbin leading the China team.
In the end, this score may become their direct qualifying key score for Australia.
Chapter 53 Two winning streaks
As the game gets shorter and shorter, the game
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On the last day, the team had some mentality to keep a draw, and paid more and more attention to backcourt defense.
China, whose lead has been leveled repeatedly, is naturally unwilling to lead a massive attack on the Japanese team in the final stage of the draw.
But in the future, one person is missing, and there are more defensive loopholes in the backcourt.
In the 91st minute, Lu Wenbin gave the ball to Hao Junmin, which was intercepted by the Japanese team because Hao Junmin accidentally slipped. The Japanese team suddenly sprinted and made a quick attack.
On grandstand day, fans suddenly got excited, shouting and hoping that the Japanese team would score another goal to complete the reversal.
The Japanese team pressed China to concentrate on defending the ball-bearer through a few passes, and then the Japanese team quickly hit the front of the China team’s forbidden area.
Good Zheng Zhi’s experience stuck Ryoichi Maeda’s last forward route and prevented him from breaking into the forbidden zone.
Had to drag the team to China, and all the players were in place to defend themselves. After Ryoichi Maeda was able to dodge an angle, he took a long-range shot outside the area and tried his luck.
Although Zheng Zhi failed to stop the shot, Ryoichi Maeda failed to interfere and his strength and angle were easily confiscated by Ceng Cheng.
After getting the ball, Ceng Cheng came to prepare to serve later, but he heard midfielder Lu Wenbin shout.
"Open your feet" Lu Wenbin turned around and ran back to Ceng Cheng at half time.
Ceng Cheng took one look at the situation in the frontcourt, and saw that the Japanese team was almost crushed by the counterattack just now, leaving two central defenders, Makoto Hasebe, who had been dumped by Lu Wenbin.
It is indeed a good opportunity to fight back against Japan in turn.
Without hesitation, Ceng Cheng kicked the ball out with a big foot
However, Ceng Cheng didn’t get the kick right. He didn’t run in the direction of Lu Wenbin, but went to the side.
There was no way for Lu Wenbin to pull and run to the side to stop the ball in the chest, but he was blocked by full-back yuto nagatomo.
Lu Wenbin finished turning around and moving forward with the ball behind him, but he broke through and retreated to yuto nagatomo while defending.
The Japanese team members quickly returned to the defense position, and the counter-attack of China team was also limited and failed to play successfully.
With Makoto Hasebe chasing Lu Wenbin, there is no chance to break through the bottom by the side.
There was no way for Lu Wenbin to cross the ball to him and switch to the sea. Then there was a positional war outside the China team day.
At this point, the game has come to the 92 nd minute, and the 3 rd minute of stoppage time is about to pass.
Lu Wenbin has always been focused on the defense and failed to get a breakthrough and shooting opportunity, and other China players have never caught a good opportunity to finish shooting.
We dare not wave this last chance easily.
Seeing that the game is coming to an end, guest central defender Zheng Zhi also rushed to the Japanese team’s forbidden area
Zheng Zhi’s sudden forward insertion upset the Japanese team’s defense. Hao Junmin couldn’t find the direction of the ball. After seeing Zheng Zhi’s forward insertion, he crossed the ball to Zheng Zhi’s running direction
品茶论坛Although Zheng Zhi’s forward insertion caught the Japanese off guard a bit, not only did the Japanese players accumulate at present, but there were too many people in the back court, and Zheng Zhi didn’t have a shooting angle.
At this time, Lu Wenbin’s voice "leaked" sounded behind Zheng Zhi.
It turned out that when Zheng Zhi overtook Lu Wenbin and inserted into the forbidden zone, Lu Wenbin also made an arc outside the forbidden zone with his speed and ball running, and then suddenly rushed to the forbidden zone and woke up Zheng Zhi in time.
Zheng Zhi didn’t hesitate to take a shot. He missed the ball with one leg and shook the defender in front of him.
Open Makoto Hasebe and rush into the ribs of the forbidden area. Lu Wenbin carried the central defender Maya Yoshida around him and pulled the ball that Zheng Zhi leaked. He tried his best to volley the ball to the near corner of the goal.
After finishing the shot, Lu Wenbin was also pulled down by Maya Yoshida, but Lu Wenbin stared at the ball and prayed that it would fly into the goal.
In the small forbidden area, Tian Turen stretched his leg and stopped a ball.
The goal line eiji kawashima saw Lu Wenbin’s movement and shot and made a save, but Lu Wenbin tried his best to shoot too hard and too fast. eiji kawashima caught the ball with his palm but failed to get the racket out of the baseline.
The ball eiji kawashima bounced in the palm of his hand and then hit the side of the post and bounced into the net nest.
After the game, it was counted that the ball was over 1 kilometer per hour. No wonder eiji kawashima caught the ball and failed to stop it.
Lu Wenbin really did his best to get this goal in the last attack.
See the ball into the net commentary seats China CCTV commentator suddenly jumped up and shouted
"The goal scored, the goal scored, and Lu Wenbin scored the winner."
"China’s 43 rd Victory Day"
"Lu Wenbin scored a winner goal in the final stage of stoppage time, 43 winner days"
Indeed, scoring goals at this time is absolutely a winner.
Before Lu Wenbin got up, his teammates rushed to Lu Wenbin’s body and threw him over to celebrate.
More than 10,000 China fans in the stands were also so excited that they applauded, cheered and screamed to celebrate Lu Wenbin’s name.
On the other hand, Japanese players and fans are simply unacceptable.
They actually had one more man-to-man battle at home, and the game was defeated by China at the last minute.
Many players and fans cover their eyes and don’t want to see Chinese cheering scenes and big screen scores.