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Ye Qingting lightly "hmm" and walked to the door. He bent down to change shoes and said "excuse me" in a low voice.

Polite but estranged
It seems that two people can talk about each other intimately for one second, and then they are frozen into a deep gap, and the two ends will meet again forever.
And then opened the door for her.
Lingxiquan maintained a cool facial expression until the door rang and the line of sight could no longer see the boy figure. She clung to the door and sat down to the ground with her head covered in regret.
It was cold, but her heart was burning with anxiety.
She never thought that she would one day.
Why would she kick Qing Ye out?
God knows she regretted this sentence after she blurted it out impulsively.
But the boy didn’t give her a chance to go back on her word.
She wanted to see Ye Qingting thinking about him every day, but he really came, but she acted as if she didn’t care, not only treated him coldly, but also felt that his words were not pleasant to hear.
Ling Xiquan felt that she must have had a short circuit in her brain just now, otherwise Ye Qingting would seriously tell her what she would feel uncomfortable about.
He also thought about her and how incredibly happy she was. She could draw closer to them and tell him what she thought instead of ending up cold.
She felt that everything was over when she thought that Ye Qingting had just recovered her indifference after being surprised.
Is he unhappy?
Will he ignore her later?
桑拿按摩So indifferent, the boy said to her seriously that he likes and blames her, so she should be happy, shouldn’t she? At least she is his heart.
"Lingxi Spring Lingxi Spring What on earth do you think?" She muttered to herself, covering her head in regret.
Chapter 17 Chaper 149
The fog in the bustling city is looming until noon, and the weather has not cleared up. The thin fog is covered with thick clouds and the light will rain heavily.
The last exam of the senior high school entrance examination ended, and with the handing in of the papers, the whole campus became a sensation. Whether they felt that they had done well in the exam or that they had failed in it, they all shouted with a relaxed face and a look of relief. They still had a relaxed day before the scores of the senior high school entrance examination came out.
One after another, the candidates poured out of the sensational campus, and Lingxi Spring was not in a hurry to tidy up the package. It took a long time to guess that the students had almost left, so they took up their bags and walked out of the teaching building without delay.
The weather has not cleared up for three consecutive days of senior high school entrance examination. At this time, it is close to evening, and the sky is dim and the fog is particularly thick. Fifty meters away, everything seems to be in a gray.
Walking out of the school gate, Lingxiquan’s eyes swept around inadvertently, and he didn’t find the boy figure. After that, he sighed a little, and I don’t know if he was affected by the weather and his mood was low to the bottom.
He also said that he would come to see her after the last exam
Think so she is annoyed again.
He must be unhappy after that day.
I’m also embarrassed to be a guest at someone else’s house and be implicitly invited out by others.
It is no wonder that people who are so proud have not heard from each other for so many days.
Lingxiquan regrets that his intestines are green.
With a gloomy face, she walked slowly along the long road, planted with buttonwood trees, and a few leaves fell with a faint scent of plants. Instead of getting better, her mood was more and more lost.
I don’t know when the street lamp lights up, and the diffuse mist is stained with a warm orange, which seems to be in contact with the marginal darkness.
The mobile phone in the trouser pocket suddenly shook up. She picked up Lv Xining’s slightly cautious voice, "How did you do in Lingxiquan?"
"Who knows? It feels okay," she replied absently. "How about you?"
"Hey, you don’t, I think the focus of our district is hanging." When I arrived at this Lv Xining, I said indignantly, "You don’t even know that the invigilator in No.3 Middle School is simply not a person. Sitting in front of the podium and sitting behind a classroom seems to make us stare at a few holes."
"You can still feel the teacher’s eyes when you do your paper."
"Oh, it’s not that I feel their deep malice when I can’t think about a few questions, and I can’t think of the result."
Suddenly it began to rain, and drops of rain fell down. She grabbed her mobile phone by the neck and took out her umbrella from the back bag. "Is it raining over there?"
"No, it’s cloudy, but it feels fast. Why is it raining?"
"Well, yes," she held up her umbrella, and a strong wind blew over the gloomy fog, which seemed to dissipate. Two figures across the road not far away came from the opposite direction. A man and a woman came out in the rain and fog, a cold and dusty person with a beautiful temperament came and went in a hurry, and their minds were abruptly cut off.
This is a familiar girl dressed in a long white dress with a tall princess head and big eyes that seem to be out of touch with fireworks.
At this time, the distance between two people holding an umbrella seems to be deliberately pulled apart, but from a distance it is really beautiful like a golden couple landscape.
She looked stupefied at the two people coming towards her for a few seconds and suddenly realized that she was rude. "Lv Xining won’t talk about it." She hung up in a hurry, lowered her umbrella, tried to cover her face, and then stepped up to make a detour.
The raindrops pattered off the umbrella and the sound of the earth passed by, and when my arm was suddenly pulled, I started to say, "Am I late again?":
Chapter 171 Chaper 15
Her arm was pulled, and she stopped slowly. Raindrops hit her bare skin through the cracks of two umbrellas. With a cold heart, she looked down at being caught. china white’s slender arm was falling with a little rain, and her strength was not light.
She looked up and pretended that they seemed surprised. "Why are you here?"
"Hi" The girl beside Ye Qingting seemed to recognize her when her eyes lit up. "Hello, see you again"
"Hello" Ling Xiquan said hello politely and remembered that this rainy day is still as beautiful as a butterfly, the girl Ke Yuechen.
How did they come together?