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So he followed his daughter, but she lost her whereabouts as soon as she went out. Without saying anything, she scattered the bodyguards to find her, but after looking for her for more than ten minutes, her daughter seemed to disappear from the building.

"It’s a good thing you’re fine. Otherwise, how can I tell your confidantes?"
"You’re still in the mood to joke when you’re so tired. I’m relieved to see you’re okay. By the way, where’s Chris?"
"They should not meet that terrible guy outside. What shall we do now? Is this that strength we are look for? "
I looked around and said a few words in my ear. "Are you telling the truth?" I asked nervously. So we still have hope? By the way, let’s go out first or people outside will be worried to death. "
I came to the temple to see Scarlett, Ye, Xixi and Chris in a coma. I just left. I found a dark fire on my left and Zhang Xian was worried. I felt warm in my heart, but my heart sank again when I thought about Chris.
"Xianxian, can you please take care of Chris here?"
This sentence seems to have a special taste in Zhang Xian’s ear, but at this moment, Zhang Xian’s supercilious eyes were firmly nodded.
I said to the rest of the players, "Brothers, thank you for your support. Now we are in great difficulties, but we still have hope. We hope that you will be willing to give your final strength?"
"Yes!" Hundreds of thousands of people replied in unison, what a loud sound this is. I sighed in my heart that I can play this game with excitement. What can I say?
"Let’s go, we’re going to our last battlefield!"
Hundreds of thousands of people marched towards the back of the temple, while Zhang Xian and Jia Sili were left to take care of Chris’ illness, law and leaves, and I was also tough to stay and join me in marching towards the unknown ground.
There are always some people in the world who are particularly possessive. If they don’t have them, they would rather have none than him. Some people don’t have them, and there are not a few of them. What’s more serious is that these people are usually very smart and easy to get money and power, which makes their hearts more and more intense about the unknown and powerful things. Is this good or bad?
The game will enter the final stage …
————-reading recommendation: to worship the romantic empire.
Chapter 13 Making God (4)
"Dark fire, what do you think is in front of us?" I asked in some doubt.
"I don’t know what it’s like we’re out of the real world?" Dark fire looks at the tall buildings and overpass cars in front of me. This is not the real world. Where is it?
"Ah, you are elegant?" I looked at the birthplace of sound with the dark fire. Who is this?
The water is light and harsh. I’m Shuisi Lei’s father, but you, why are you here? Why are you dressed like the game? What the hell happened here? "
夜生活Me, the dark fire and Xixi’s body are shaking for a while. Oh, my God, how did we come to the real world again? And we seem to be in the real world from the game, and what about the body in the real world? Is there two me in the real world?
In front of the temple, Qin Yong asked the scientists who came in together. "Where is this? Where are the soldiers? What about our players? According to the tracking, it’s here. I can’t see anyone? "
The old scientist trembled at the sound of the piano. "Miss, I didn’t know that our technology could be delivered once, but we couldn’t open a lasting channel. It might take a day to open it again."
"Forget it, let’s go and see around. It’s strange that this temple is a fairyland. Where is it?"
After a few steps, I saw Zhang Xian, Jia Sili, Disease Method, Ye and Chris.
"Sisters, how did you do this? Where are the soldiers? What about the disease and the law? How is he? "
"Don’t worry, he’s all right. He hasn’t been here. Stay there for a rest. Wu Bing and Qing Yu are watching. By the way, you’re not being … how can you be here now? Strange that you are wearing jeans. God, how can you come in wearing jeans? "
Qin Yong said discontentedly, "Why not? I just came in anyway. Is it over there? You rest slowly and I’ll find the soldiers. "
Say that finish and then turn around and run away with dozens of bodyguards to stay sick. First-class dumbfounded.
Lurking in a small hill, the soldiers talked with Qingyu.
"Rain, who are these guys who suddenly come out? Why are they wearing suits and class clothes? Is there something new in Wonderland? "
Qing Yu took a white look at Wu Bing and said, "How do I know? But do you think the guards are like those monsters they met when they charged just now?"
"You don’t say I also ignored it’s really like, not like it’s just the same. Oh, my God, so many monsters turned out to be players controlling these people. What do we want to do behind us? No, we have to inform the elegant people, or they will be behind them. It will be finished. Don’t these people know that the power can be mastered by our five brothers before it can be fully displayed? "
The soldiers barely opened their eyes and saw Wu Bing talking with Qing Yu at first sight, followed by blue sky. It turned out that I was not dead yet.
"Lin Bing (Brother Lin Bing), are you awake?" Wu Bing and Qing Yu cried together
"What’s the matter? By the way, what about elegant? Is he all right? "
Wu Bing and Qing Yu remembered their brothers as soon as they woke up when they heard a warm flow in their hearts.
"It’s okay to be elegant. He took people to the front, but now we are in great trouble."
Pick up the incoming soldiers and look at them immediately. What’s going on? Call Wu Bing and Sunny Rain to help him get out of here.
"It seems that in the real world, the big heads are unwilling to be lonely. I didn’t expect mantis to catch cicadas and yellowbirds. We worked so hard. Our brothers worked so hard. I didn’t expect others to mess up behind us. I don’t believe they are not white, but they still go their own way. Forget it. She will find a way. Let’s find a way to inform elegant."