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Clutching his legs and skirts with his hands, he suddenly formed a series of deep and shallow folds. long summer’s hot and sour eyes were full of hatred "I want to divorce Chen Moran"

"I also agree that you divorce that love rat." Xiaowa did not hesitate to support long summer’s decision.
"But" long summer eyebrows tight cu.
Xiaowa is busy asking "but what?" She long summer still has scruples. "Sister long summer, don’t tell me that you are still reluctant to leave that love rat. As far as I know, he didn’t seem to treat you well before, otherwise you and he wouldn’t be separated."
"It’s not what you want." long summer buried his head in his hands distressfully. "After what Chen Moran did to me, I have managed to live with him again, but Chen Moran refused to divorce me."
"Damn it!" Xiaowa was very angry. "What does he want?"
"I don’t know. Maybe he just tortured me." long summer sighed.
"If he always refuses to divorce you, you can sue him in court," Xiaowa suggested.
Long summer shook his head. "I thought about suing, but it’s not time to act rashly."
Wow, I cherish long summer’s troubles. Her eyes are determined to hold long summer’s hand. "Sister long summer, I support you and I will face it with you."
"Wow, I think I’m the culprit." long summer blamed himself. "I’m not wrong that my marriage with Chen Moran has fallen into such a broken mess. This taste is not a punishment from heaven."
Xiaowa gently took long summer’s wet and cool face with a gentle tone. "Don’t think so, Sister long summer. You have tried your best to do a lot of things. Since you can’t force it, it will be difficult to end it."
"Is this really the case?" long summer was confused and confused.
"Otherwise, what can I do? Things have already happened." Xiaowa was calm.
"Xiaowa" long summer snuggled up to Xiaowa’s shoulder, and her eyes were still saturated with moisture. Suddenly, she was filled with emotion. "I used to comfort you and encourage you to tell you a lot of truth. You see, now we are upside down, and most of the time you enlighten me. When you grow up, I am old, and I feel so tired."
Xiaowa raised long summer’s pale face and stared at her seriously. "Sister long summer, have you forgotten that you taught me all these things? I just repeated what you said to me. We are all like this."
Brilliant smile blooms that young and beautiful face. Xiaowa patiently persuades long summer, "Sister long summer, don’t think too much about everything and ask us to do our best. They will always be solved. Go back and have a good sleep. It’s a new beginning."
To amuse long summer with a long face, Xiaowa provoked long summer’s evil smile at the corners of his jaw like a dude. "Beauty, look, you look so beautiful, why are you so sad? Come and give me a smile."
"Fuck you, you’re not serious." long summer was finally amused by Xiaowa’s humor
At the low point of long summer’s life, she felt lucky because she had a good sister, Xiaowa, who knew each other all the way. This deep sisterhood is one of the most precious assets in her life.
Long summer wanted to see Anbao before going to bed, so she gently pushed the door open.
Looking at long summer, who seems to have fallen asleep, he slowly leaned over and reached out and lovingly stroked the cheek of Amber’s meat doodle, and a soft kiss fell on his forehead.
"Mommy" Amber suddenly opened her eyes.
"Did Mommy wake you up?" long summer said apologetically to Amber.
Amber blinked his beautiful phoenix eyes that looked like Yu Enze. His eyes were sincere. He held out his little hand and put his arms around long summer’s neck affectionately. "Mommy, I heard you talking to Aunt Xiaowa just now. Mommy, you are not alone. You still have me and dad. Let’s go find dad together, ok?"
Chapter one hundred and twenty Uncle, you are so beautiful
Long summer stupefied looking at the front eyes clear and pure amber throat suddenly have a suffocating stuffy pain, she couldn’t say a word at the moment.
Amber is still thinking about Yu Enze. His biological father’s hidden heart and longing for fatherly love are still expanding wildly every day. Although he once complained about Yu Enze’s kindness, long summer felt that he did not hate Yu Enze.
"Amber’s lovely" heart suddenly burst into pain. long summer couldn’t help hugging Amber’s eyes filled with water mist. "Mom once hurt your parents. I’m sorry. His father now has his own life. Let’s not bother him for a while, okay? When mom is ready, mom will let you and dad know each other."
Amber silence
Long summer Bai Anbao is reluctant to lose his father’s love since childhood. How much he wants to see his father soon? It’s gratifying but sad that Xiao Anbao has realized that he is already past the age of being ridiculous. He has grown up to be a man. He wants to understand his mother’s hard work and difficulties, so he nodded sympathetically to long summer.
Anbao’s understanding made long summer feel more ashamed and miserable. Anbao was only five years old, so he should worry about living innocently. However, she put too much psychological burden on him, and made him realize the joys and sorrows of people too early, which cast a heavy shadow over his sunny childhood.
品茶论坛She owes Enze and Amber too much.
The night was so deep and long that long summer lost sleep and the pillow was wet and cold.