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Just saved Alonso’s shot. Joe Hart can barely jump in place without retreating, trying to throw the ball over the crossbar.

As a result, the ball missed his finger and fell into the goal against the far crossbar.
Lu Wenbin scored twice to help Real Madrid lead Manchester City 31 by two goals, which was the foundation to seal the victory.
In the next ten minutes, although Manchester City tried their best to attack and equalize the score, Lu Wenbin retreated to participate in the defense. Manchester City has never been able to break the Real Madrid goal.
In the 91st minute, Manchester City once almost scored a goal. As a result, Zhe Ke’s mid-range and close-range ball was actually kicked by Tevez in the stands.
This is Manchester City’s best chance to score in the last ten minutes.
Of course, even if this goal enters Manchester City, it will still be one goal behind, not to mention not scoring.
Three minutes after stoppage time, the referee blew the final whistle of the game. Real Madrid scored twice by Lu Wenbin and scored 31 goals at home to beat Manchester City to win the Champions League group match between La Liga champion and Premier League champion.
Chapter 69 Barcelona’s new coach
At the same time, Dortmund beat Ajax 1 at home in another Champions League group match.
From this, after the first round, Real Madrid ranked first with 3 points and 2 goal difference, Dortmund ranked second with 3 points and 1 goal difference, Ajax and Manchester City ranked third and fourth respectively.
Return to the League after the Champions League group match. On September 24th, Real Madrid will play Vallecano away.
Although it is an away game and a Manchester City Champions League game has just been played, there are six days between the two games and there is enough rest.
Therefore, Real Madrid’s away game in this league can be described as the main force. The direct away game 4 slaughtered Vallecano and extended their unbeaten game in La Liga to 47 games, two games short of Arsenal’s unbeaten game of 49.
Lu Wenbin scored a hat trick in the 64th minute and was replaced by Mourinho.
If you don’t change it, maybe Lu Wenbin can still score in Vallecano and lose by a bigger score.
Six days later, on September 3, the sixth round of La Liga, Real Madrid played La Coruna at home.
Nine minutes later, the score on the big screen was 61. Real Madrid continued to slaughter their opponents and extended their unbeaten game in La Liga to four games.
Lu Wenbin played a senior hi in this game and continued to perform amazingly with an assist.
However, after this round of the league, the league will be suspended and a Champions League group match will be played first.
On January 3rd, Real Madrid played Ajax in the second round of Champions League group match.
Losing to Dortmund Ajax in the first round is naturally quite desperate to get points at home.
品茶But the strength gap between the two sides is a bit big.
Manchester City, the Premier League champion, can still wrestle with Real Madrid, but the Dutch champion is worse than one.
Only 7 minutes after the opening, Real Madrid knocked on the door of Ajax with a beautiful team cooperation, and the goal was Lu Wenbin.
After the Ajax defense line was torn apart through the cooperation of the front team, Zema, the front of the big forbidden area, finished hitting the wall and went into the forbidden area without stopping to shoot directly at the near angle.
Goalkeeper vermeer can’t watch the ball go into the net. Real Madrid leads 1 away.
If you want to qualify for the death group, Ajax naturally has to fight to the death in every game to find out whether the score is behind or at home, and you have to attack heavily.
Real Madrid 4231 defensive counterattack just happened to have a lot of opportunities.
In the 24 th minute, Lu Wenbin gave Zemazema a good chance to pass the central defender Aldveld and form a single knife.
Zema also almost succeeded in breaking through, but when it was about to break through, it was knocked down by Aldveld.
Although Zema failed to break through, Real Madrid won an Italian goal.
Lu Wenbin opened a special skill, kicked a beautiful ladder ball, rubbed the measuring edge and got into the goal.
Lu Wenbin scored twice and Real Madrid led Ajax 2 away.
Real Madrid will play even more skillfully in the next game.
Before half-time, Lu Wenbin caught Alonso’s ball with his back in the front of the forbidden area, and then hit a good ball with his heel like a genius to penetrate the Ajax defense.
Luo Bianlu cut the corner of the small forbidden area and received Lu Wenbin’s wonderful non-stop ball and directly volleyed the ball into the near goal.
Real Madrid will win the 3-lead away game.
After 1 minute of stoppage time, the second half of the game ended, and the two sides rested for 15 minutes, so it was easy to fight again.
Ajax is still the main attack at half-time, and Real Madrid is the main defender, but it is Real Madrid that makes threats and attacks more often.
Lu Wenbin’s offensive and defensive ends have made great contributions to the overall strength of Real Madrid.
In the 59th minute, Di Maria broke through the bottom of Lu Wenbin’s middle road to follow up and rushed into the forbidden area. He jumped high and pressed two Ajax defenders to grab the first point and headed the ball into the goal.
Lu Wenbin scored a hat trick and Real Madrid led 4 away.
At this point, people don’t believe Ajax can make a comeback. At most, they can score one or two goals to save face.
Because one game is the 7th league match in Barcelona and the Spanish national derby, Mourinho changed Lu Wenbin in the 65th minute and Luo in the 7th minute to stay in the national derby.
After Lu Wenbin, Xavi Alonso scored another long-range goal from Real Madrid.