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He was shot three times by Ye Xiangyuan. I heard that he was discharged from the hospital these days.

Seems to be thinking of Ye Xiangyuan fierce Ye Sanye weakly stepped back with a neck to scold "bitch! You and I will be afraid of him? "
But he’ll be bluffing and afraid to start work on me again.
Fujijun buried his face in tears. "I’m not alive. My 60-year-old man was slapped by his grandson’s wife and said that he was humiliated when he went out!"
Cried while lying Li Qingqing arms crying haw.
How sad, how sad, how wronged and how wronged that sound is.
"What’s the noise!" Ye Li did not know when to appear in the hall and drink crossly.
I followed the sound and looked over. He was coming out of the room at the corner of the stairs with the help of the guards.
spa会所Ye Xiangyuan paced slowly behind him and couldn’t see any anxiety.
I exchanged a look with him
He smiled at me.
I smiled, too
Teng Jun has already rushed to Ye Li’s arms to complain that "the old man, your granddaughter’s wife is too much, and she will slap me in the face without saying anything … this family has no place for me … I don’t want to live …"
Ye Li took her to sit and listened to her crying. He glanced at me coldly and said to Ye Xiang, "How did you marry such an uneducated woman?"
I hung my head and pretended to be at a loss.
Ye Xiangyuan seems to have smiled, "Your eyes are not much better."
Ye Li is about to be angry to a good half-day just trembling voice way "you … your eyes and I this grandpa! Is your daughter-in-law right to beat her elders? "
Ye Xiangyuan said lightly, "She is my wife. Of course, she is of one mind with me. I have never admitted that this woman is my elder."
I secretly looked up to see Ye Li.
His wrinkled face and twisted face looked terrible together, and a pair of dying eyes stared at Ye Xiangyuan as if to tear him up.
Ye Xiangyuan didn’t put his eyes at ease before gently took hold of me and helped me up.
I grabbed his wrist and cried, "It’s my fault that Grandpa taught me the right lesson … I’m just angry …"
Ye Xiangyuan looked at me deeply and asked softly, "What are you angry about?"
Section 7
I hung my head and sobbed, "That old woman scolded her sister-in-law for being mentally ill and gave her a good kick! She also called Xiao Jin a rabbit cub and smashed Xiao Jin with a cup! I protected Xiao Jin and she got angry. Let the guards hit me! "
Paused, I touched my tears and deliberately raised my neck.
Although I can’t see it myself, Teng Jun has made great efforts. I think I must have left a mark on my neck.
I looked at Ye Xiangyuan weakly and glanced at Ye Li timidly. "I was too impulsive … I didn’t want to fight back … but she pinched me so much … I think my neck is going to break … Should I not resist?"
Ye Xiangyuan’s face was heavy and his fingertips were warm, and he slowly caressed my neck. "Little Three means that little Three always likes the wicked to complain first. This kind of three-abuse means has been used by people for decades."
Ye Li face suddenly became livid.
He is not so crazy that he can’t understand the voice. He must recognize what Ye Xiangyuan refers to.
I just pretended to reflect, but in fact, every sentence accused Teng Jun of starting the fight, but at first he was desperate to protect Teng Jun.
Now being satirized by Ye Xiangyuan, his heart must be churning.
He was panting, pointing to Ye Xiangyuan, unable to speak for a long time.
Rattan gentleman is maintained like a girl’s white fingers. His chest caresses him. "Old man, I didn’t … how could I hit people? Worse, they are all my junior … Don’t you know my personality for so many years?"
I burst into tears at once, and drowned her coquetry.
Chapter 93 Grandma?
Teng Jun glared at me bitterly.
I hooked up my lips and ignored her crying even more.
"That’s enough!" Ye Li’s walking stick struck the ground heavily.