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"What are you looking at? I have flowers on my face." Jun Qian gave him a look. "When did little sister become so powerful?"

"She has a famous teacher who follows suit. Naturally, it’s a big difference." Jun madly touched Jun Qian’s arm. "I said that you should pay attention to it before you. Look at her rogue habits. Don’t they all learn from you?"
"Do you understand the words?" Jun Qian looked at you with pride. "Sometimes words can be an attack. On the second master of words, Chu’s predecessors are much better than me. You should learn more." "I have seen him refute men and women; Haven’t seen him play rascal flirt against female repair "jun crazy mouth twitching.
"That’s my true nature."
"I think you are really dependent." Jun Kuang once again realized that it is not true temperament that can be summed up in three words.
When you meet Jun Qian, there are only three cool ways to choose people. Send him to heaven and cover his face, and even teach him to be a man, or simply ignore him.
It happened that Mo Nian chose none of the three.
"You" Mo Nian gritted his teeth and glared at Qin Xiao. "School sister should not be naughty and teach you some rules."
"That’s not necessary." There have been a group of cavalry quietly lurking in the square of twelve women. Everyone has a bow in his hand to surround the twelve women. The knights also raised their bows and arrows.
Qin Xiao smiled with satisfaction with a wave of his hand and "put an arrow", and the instantaneous arrow rain hit twelve women.
Mo Nian’s watery sword array blocked some injuries, but most of them actually hit them in the body.
The watery sword array collapsed instantly. Three of the twelve women were seriously injured and vomited blood. Others were also in a mess. Many clothes were damaged, and Mo Nian was lying on his back in rags.
The glistening body was looked at, and Mo Nian curled up in shame and wept bitterly.
"You" yellow-shirted women originally looked at Mo Nian with cold eyes, but in the end, they couldn’t help jumping up and pointing to Qin Xiao and yelling at "school sister, it’s too much."
"Please forgive me, martial sister." Qin Xiaoqian saluted with his fist in vain. "If the martial sisters feel that their reputation will be damaged in the future, I should try my best to help them. It’s no wonder that this tournament table is alive and dead."
"Well, you glib little girl," the yellow shirt girl waved her hand is a firm but gentle wave.
Qin Xiao smiled gently, without hiding or flashing, with little defense.
Taiwan’s crow is used to Qin Xiao’s various coup d’ é tat. They have already marveled at it several times, and some people are numb. At this moment, look at Qin Xiao’s not hiding or flashing. She must have a coup d’ é tat, but she still can’t help but worry about it.
Shock wave swept past Qin Xiao’s body, but it seemed to bounce off. Not only Qin Xiao was unscathed, but even his clothes were not marked.
"This is a kind of achievement method" yellow shirt woman asked.
She could see that Qin Xiaogen didn’t move Xuanli. None of all the defense techniques she had ever seen could be so easy to defend against firm but gentle.
"The teacher elder sister YanChong I didn’t practice any achievement method." Qin Xiao smiled and brushed the root of the red gauze without dust. "It’s that the clothes and materials of the teacher elder sisters are not good and too fragile to be scratched."
The yellow shirt girl knows that this gauze dress is really beautiful, so Mo Nian can’t help but compare with others and then go to provoke, but she doesn’t know that this gauze dress can easily defend against shock wave; She hated herself for being talkative and gave Qin Xiao a chance to criticize them.
She wanted to spend another time in the corner, but she caught a glimpse of the vice president, and suddenly she felt like a mountain of pressure was coming. When she thought about the sword again, she found that she could not move.
按摩"This performance is really wonderful." Vice President looked at Qin Xiao with a chuckle. "I didn’t expect you to be in the array at a young age, which really opened my eyes."
"The vice president’s ridiculous praise is not a coincidence if the teachers and sisters want me to." Qin Xiao gave a gift. "If my brother won, I should be guilty."
Yellow-shirt girl, this is even more incomprehensible. Qin Xiao slapped them hard. How can she be modest at this time?
Qin Xiao’s words not only made the yellow shirt girl puzzled, but also made Taiwan sigh.
Some people secretly admire Qin Xiao for being a man, while others think that she is deliberately trying to make the twelve women even more humiliating.
"So so want me to arbitration", vice president of the look at Qin Xiao eyes more some love he turned to the yellow shirt female thoughtfully for a moment "today!
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I rule that you have any objection to a tie. "
"Disagree" The yellow shirt girl hurriedly handed over Mo Nian, and this is the time for her to take the lead.
"Thank you, Vice President." Qin Xiao smiled and walked slowly to the yellow shirt girl to hand over Jin Chai. "If you have offended your sister, I hope that if you don’t abandon your frequent contacts in the future."
Qin Xiao has to put on a low profile in front of so many people.
She asked and looked around at the sisters, and when she saw that they were all looking gloomy, she couldn’t help crying, so she said, "Now the elder martial sister is sad, you need to find a chance to accompany her. I am not the oldest here, so I thanked the younger martial sister for her heart."
"Of course, my hands hurt you regardless of weight today, and I will come to apologize tomorrow." She said it was "tomorrow", so it’s hard to say whether it will come tomorrow.
Just then, I heard a sharp woman coming from a distance. "If you lose, you will lose, but you still make a fool of yourself and don’t come back quickly."
Chapter three hundred and ninety-nine Dean has instructions
I don’t want Qin Xiao to know that this is their master.
This conversation really doesn’t give face to face. There is no blame in the actual tone, but it is full of cuts.
It’s a little surprising that twelve women are so favored, she secretly remembers
"Today, I’ll leave for a while and talk about it tomorrow." Although the yellow shirt girl nodded, it was a loser’s posture, but it was quite straight. The girls helped each other to leave by riding the yellow shirt girl to control the spirit.
Qin Xiao arched his hand in the direction of Dean Shi and drifted away back to the stands. He was immediately surrounded by students from the outer court.
Everyone was very nervous when they asked Qin Xiao if he was injured.
"I’m okay. They attacked the root method and hurt me." Qin Xiao smiled. "I also got a chance. If it’s single, I may not be better than the strength."
"Sister Qin is modest, and you will be our role model in the future." A student from the outer court said with a smile, "I was suppressed by Nanyuan every year in the west, and today I can calculate the evil spirit."
"Nanyuan will not let it go." Another student poured cold water.
"We can still have Elder Martial Sister Manglietia. Don’t raise others’ ambition and destroy yourself. Now, if we get along with Nanyuan at the north gate of Xishan, come and see what happens."
"Look, you talk proudly as if you have something to do."
"This is a new word for my sense of honor, do you understand?"
"Anyway, Nanyuan can’t be arrogant. Although I am old, there are many senior Qin sisters, but I don’t want to lose money."
"It’s better than the core brother of that hospital who is so approachable without losing the teacher elder sister’s snow and ice."
"Yes, yes, this is our blessing."
"We also follow the teacher elder sister to be immortal."