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Endure it? Or fight back?

She never stopped attacking, and I could hold her arm tightly to keep her from going crazy.
But she was so strong that she hit me when she caught the gap. My hair was torn by her and my face and back were hit hard by her.
Someone subdued her in the chaos.
She still clutched at my clothes, so I got up awkwardly.
Looking up, Lu Xun arrived.
He separated us and asked the bodyguard to take the woman and asked me, "Where are you hurt?"
My hair and clothes are all tea, and I am estimated to be
But I didn’t shake my head
The woman shouted, "A Xun, this woman is going to marry Ayuan. Why don’t you help me stop it!"
Lu Xun said, "Sister-in-law, when Ah Yuan comes back, let him explain it to you personally."
Sister in law? He called her sister-in-law?
But I remember that Zhou Yi’s name is Ye Xiangyuan’s second brother, and it should be yisow …
What exactly is this woman’s identity?
I secretly guessed.
Women are particularly unwilling to look ferocious, and even though they are detained by two bodyguards, they are still struggling violently to hit me.
Her whole face is twisted and her hair is long, and she is no longer just delicate.
I feel very strange. Why did she give me the first impression that she was a good family?
It’s just a brain with some problems.
Section 69
Lu Xun insisted, "I’ll send you back."
He says very little, but once he does, it’s hard to argue.
Even Gu Changning’s stubborn temper is obedient before him.
No matter how the woman makes trouble, he is not affected at all, calmly directing the bodyguard to drag her out
I froze for a moment and silently cleaned myself up.
At this time, the door was knocked again. I guess it should be South-South. Go and open the door.
It’s really her
I didn’t dare to tell her about the injury until I was discharged from the hospital, and she scolded me
She is a gentle person, and it is really wrong for me to keep it from her this time. When she comes to see me, I dare not refuse at all.
Seeing that my tea was still glued to the tea, she looked at the teacup again and frowned, but didn’t ask much. She lovingly helped me to wash my hands and tidy my clothes.
Lu Xun was in the living room when he came out.
Nannan held my arm and gave me a hand.
I just forgot to tell her that Lu Xun is here, and I can’t help blaming myself.
However, she soon returned to greet Lu Xun gracefully as usual.
Lu Xun nodded at her and said to me, "She is Dayuan’s eldest sister-in-law. I will tell you personally when Dayuan comes back."
So … She’s Xiaojin’s mother?
This shock is too great, and I am completely stunned there.
Lu Xun said he was here on business and dropped in to see me, so he left.
I turned around and thanked him gratefully. "It’s a good thing you arrived on time."
Lu Xun, um, left as soon as she left.
桑拿网Nannan listened to us and never spoke. Even when he left her, she stared at her toes.
Lu Xun suddenly turned around and said, "Are you going to my cousin’s house for a party tomorrow?"