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"No, I’ll show you some medicine if it hurts badly. I remember that there is a kind of medicinal liquor that is quite good." She said, and pressed Jiang Junyue to lie on the sofa and gave him a strong and healthy back to bask in. Lan Jingyi looked at his bronzed skin with an explosive force in it. It felt good to look at it like this. Her little hand fell and gently touched that bruise and swelling. "It’s really serious. Don’t sleep, even if you lie down, you should lie sideways. I’ll buy you some medicine for a while." She got up and was distressed.

But before he took a step, he was pulled back by Jiang Junyue. "Don’t go." He bullied her and forbade her to go. The strength of that hand made Lan Jingyi’s heart beat faster with some brutality. "Let go of my mother." She felt that he was thinking about that again. "What an animal."
But this sentence of hers made him bully her as soon as she pressed her on the sofa. "You have charged me with this crime. If I failed you, would it be very sorry for you?"
"No, my mother, Jiang Junyue, you can’t." Lan Jingyi struggled hard but didn’t dare to shout that she was afraid to wake up her mother and Xiao Qinqin.
But where is her opponent Jiang LaCrosse? He pressed her and couldn’t move at all. She was in a hurry and stretched out her hand and hit him. "Hiss" a cold hiss. Jiang LaCrosse’s teeth again hurt. Lan Jingyi’s scrape touched his back where it was red and swollen.
Chapter 127 It doesn’t matter
But where is her opponent Jiang LaCrosse? He pressed her and couldn’t move at all. She was in a hurry and stretched out her hand and hit him. "Hiss" a cold hiss. Jiang LaCrosse’s teeth again hurt. Lan Jingyi’s scrape touched his back where it was red and swollen.
"It doesn’t matter? I’d better buy medicine. "After a painful meal, I was finally broken by Lanjingyi.
Jiang Junyue saw that he couldn’t eat well and let Lan Jingyi go. He is now in a state of spirit. He slept all day and didn’t wake up until noon. He didn’t feel sleepy at the moment, so he simply took the baggage and take the journey. "I’ll go with you to buy that towel that was about to fall off." Lan Jingyi quickly turned his back.
But Jiang Junyue is unhurried. I have never seen such a shy woman. All the children gave birth to him. She can blush even if she changes clothes.
Although Lan Jingyi turned her back, she couldn’t help but feel her heart beat faster just now. The man’s figure is so eye-catching that he looks like an asteroid belonging to her. She can feel at ease with him. She believes that Xiaoxi will be brought back by him sooner or later.
品茶Jiang Junyue quickly got dressed before he took Lan Jingyi’s little hand and "let’s go". Anyway, nothing can be done. It’s good to take a walk with a lesbian hand, otherwise it’s really not as if he didn’t care at all. How can a man be so delicate?
Together, there is a pharmacy not far from the building community, just before the door. Two people go in Lan Jingyi to choose medicinal liquor. But Jiang Junyue turns to another row of medicine racks to look at boxes of exquisite things. "Sir, this one is better and absolutely safe." The medicine salesman’s face is not red, and the big girl picks up a box of Durex and recommends it to Jiang Junyue.
What about the famous brand? And it’s extremely expensive. Can it be unsafe? "Well, bring me some boxes."
"Good!" Jiang Junyue said that she wanted a few boxes. The medicine lady counted and took nine boxes directly, which definitely means a few boxes. Anyway, she can sell as many as she can.
"Pa" Lan Jingyi put the medicinal liquor in the cashier’s desk, and nine boxes of Durex were put by the medicine seller. Lan Jingyi blushed instantly and turned his head to listen to Jiang Junyue. "How much is it?"
"Two thousand three hundred," the salesman said quickly.
"No, it’s only seventeen dollars. How can it be so expensive?" Lan Jingyi returned those Durex. Did someone else buy them?
"Miss, if you don’t count the medicinal liquor, you will have these boxes of Durex. Just now our store manager said that the medicinal liquor was sent."
"Du … durex? Pour you to buy? " Lan Jingyi is stupid for nine boxes. How long will it take? Look at this store. There are really two guests, she and Jiang Junyue. It seems that he really bought it.
"Well," Jiang Junyue took out the gold card and brushed the money. "Wife, let’s go." She also hugged her waist and was not surprised at the two salespeople flashing eyes behind her.
It’s hard for Lan Jingyi to argue with him when people are still in the store. She can’t wait to grow wings and fly out. She’s humiliated.
As soon as he went out to the pharmacy, Lan Jingyi grabbed Jiang Junyue’s hand and squeezed it hard. "Why buy that thing?" I can’t stand him buying again, but he will take her alone. I guess she won’t go in this store to buy medicine again in her life.
"I, uh, excuse me." Jiang Junyue calmly followed the path
Lan Jingyi has seen shame, but she has never seen such shame. She can’t help it. She can’t wait to grab his bag and throw it into the trash can. "Jiang Junyue, you are too much."
"Wife, do you want to take medicine? But taking medicine is bad for a woman’s health. Besides, how does Xiaoqinqin eat your milk when you take medicine? This is coming again and again. It’s a caesarean section and you can’t have a second birth soon. Otherwise, it will hurt your health. Besides, I bought it for your mother. I don’t live at home. I just want to put it there and watch. Can’t this be done? "
"Where are you going to put it? What if my mother sees it? " She wanted to strangle him, and he really beat her.
"Anyway, it’s a place that your mother can’t see." Jiang Junyue seems to be in a better mood when he entered the community. When he came out just now, he was already planning how to eat the women around him for more than a year. No woman has a taste, and a man knows best. If he holds it back, he will get hurt.
Building that cool Lamborghini is parked there Jiang Junyue just let go of Lan Jingyi’s hand. "You wait for me for a while, I’ll get in the car." Then I walked past with my bag.
When he opened the car door, he bent down and went out. When he came out again, there was no bottle of medicinal liquor left in his hand. Lan Jingyi came here for nothing. It turned out that durex was hidden in his car. Well, she also admitted that it was easier to put it in the car. It would be really embarrassing if mom saw it.
Finally, I went back. Lan Jingyi vowed that I would never go to the pharmacy with Jiang Junyue again in my life. She was humiliated and lost her face. I really want to miss her regardless of him. Women will always be soft-hearted and lose themselves.
It’s too hard to gently rub the master with the medicated wine on his back where it is red and swollen. I didn’t know that he was an enemy of Jiang Junyue because his hands were so heavy.
This time, no matter how she rubs Jiang Junyue, it’s sad to lie there, but it must hurt to look at the redness. "Is your father Jiang Junyue’s stepfather? Is your grandfather a post-grandfather? And how do I feel that your mother is also a stepmother? None of your family is good to you. "
"Yi Yi, my mother and my father have always quarreled since I can remember, from morning till night, from night to early, and then my father simply didn’t go home. My grandfather always let me go home with my mother, but I don’t want to go home because of my second uncle and third uncle. I always go back with my mother, and my father only often goes back to my old house in the past two years. He said softly as if telling other people’s stories, but her heart was particularly sour."
"Does your father have a mistress outside?"