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"Bang … Kaka … Kaka … Bang …" After several rumbling and loud noises, the two cars kissed directly together, and the car didn’t come to escape the impact of Jiang Junyue when it stepped on the gas.

The car stopped directly and couldn’t move at the same place. Jiang Junyue made a beautiful reverse and beautiful arc, and then quickly sailed forward from one side of the car. It stopped just three steps away. Someone in the car panicked and jumped to the first song. Who is Yunfei?
He made the right bet this time.
"Live" long legs firmly fall to the ground and drink everything he wants. "The surname Yun is not afraid of death. If no one collects your body, you will run."
There was an absolute chill in his voice, which made Yunfei want to run abruptly once. His own reputation broke into an engagement ceremony between Jiang Junyue and Lan Jingyi, but this time even if he was ruined again, I’m afraid Jiang Junyue would not let him go.
Because he moved Jiang Junyue, the woman is the most.
But Jiang Junyue is the most important person for Cheng Ge.
And because everything is repeated again and again, "You just want photos and videos, right?"
"Just give it to me if you know it, or I’ll let you die. Jiang Junyue said it." Step by step, he walked towards Yunfei. His voice was freezing cold and made Yunfei stand on end. He was very nervous.
"I’ll give it to you, but you have to promise to leave me alone."
"What if I don’t promise?" Jiang Junyue suddenly stopped to ridicule and looked at Yunfei. Do you think you have negotiated with me? You don’t deserve to "brush" a Jiang LaCrosse and fly a leg straight to Yunfei’s other. This little harm, Lan Jingyi, has been highly nervous until now, even if he doesn’t let himself touch her. He must report it.
It’s only been a year, and Yunfei ruined it
"Ah …" Jiang Junyue was caught off guard, but Yunfei was not a vegetarian. He followed Cheng Qingyang for so long. He immediately lifted his leg and fought back. The two men quickly tied up together. This time, it was definitely a real confrontation. Jiang Junyue watched Yunfei while fighting. There were many doglegs behind him. He had to guard against it.
"Ange Tiao is coming. Let’s go." A little anxious shouted and withdrew.
So dazzling siren Yunfei can’t hear it, but he can’t get away from Jiang Junyue, so he is anxious to see Jiang Junyue swing over with a punch. He doesn’t flash or avoid picking up the punch abruptly, and at the same time he swings at Jiang Junyue with a punch himself.
spa会所"Bang bang ….." Two rumbling rings in a chain, and two people took a step back. Yunfei turned and ran to one side of the lane before letting Jiang Junyue come here to exchange the five million terrain around here. He just checked that Jiang Junyue flashed into the night like a loach, but he was blocked by Yunfei’s other hand. "Ange, let’s go."
So when Jiang Junyue knocked down wannabe, Yunfei had long since disappeared.
The police car has stopped flying and the car is still smoking. Jiang Junyue rushed over. Anyway, those photos and videos must not fall into the hands of the police. The less people know, the better.
Chapter 16 Won’t die
When he opened the car door and swept it quickly, there was a bag in the corner. When he picked it up, he was overjoyed that it was actually a camera and a video recorder. After touching it again, he pulled out a small USB flash drive. It seems that it is all in it. I wonder if Yunfei’s hand is still there, but it is not the time when he is going to trace it now. It is important to put these things away quickly and not fall into the hands of others.
He turned around and threw things into his car. At this time, the police car just stopped and several policemen were coming in his direction. "What happened?"
"Several gangsters attacked me in this car," said Jiang Junyue unhurriedly.
"Mr. Jiang, please record the car and then you can leave."
"Good" Jiang Junyue smiled. Every year, Jiang’s family would send some money to the people in officialdom. When encountering Jiang’s affairs, they would turn a blind eye and take his money to eliminate the disaster for him. If Yunfei is to be destroyed, it will not work by itself.
What big things can those who eat from the same pot do and solve? Will confiscate those motorcycles without license and driver’s license and send them to other places.
The police car directly recorded in the car. In less than five minutes, Jiang Junyue jumped off the police car and jumped off his Land Rover body. Although he was very embarrassed, he was able to drive away and called Cheng Qingyang. Naturally, he quickly picked up his position and asked him to find Yunfei so that he could give it to Cheng Qingyang. After all, Yunfei used to be Cheng Qingyang’s right-hand man. No one knows Yunfei better than Cheng Qingyang.
"Are you all right?"
"Won’t die" Cheng Qingyang asked Jiang Junyue before he realized that his body was very painful. The most painful thing in his chest seemed to be Yunfei’s blow that hit his chest. Later, the little punk who stopped him was in a hurry to chase Yunfei’s arm. He didn’t mean much before he cut his mouth. Now he feels painful and still hurts.
"Where? Do you want to come over and I’ll have someone examine you? "
"If you don’t help me catch Yunfei, the smelly little boy, and if you do, leave him for me to judge. I have something to ask him." I don’t know if there is any place in the photos and videos, but he still doesn’t trust.
"That’s it." Then he hung up and turned the steering wheel, and his arm became more and more painful. At this time, he didn’t want to go to Cheng Qingyang’s place at all. On the contrary, he wanted to see Lan Jingyi, but there were Lan Qing and two little things in the small apartment, and he didn’t want the old man to see him hurt.
After thinking and thinking, Jiang Junyue called Lan Jingyi to get familiar with her number. As soon as she rang once or twice, Jiang Junyue was suddenly connected when she couldn’t pick it up. "Do you want to find me?" With a little surprise, did he surprise her by hitting her?
"Well, I’m looking for you," he said slowly, but he imagined that the woman at the other end of the sentence was lazy in her pajamas. As soon as he imagined such a picture, he felt his blood boiling all over.
"Looking for me? Why are you looking for me? " I still can’t believe that the sound is full of questions.
"I miss you," he whispered. Somehow, when he heard her voice, he felt more painful.