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"claustrophobia?" Lin Mo-chen is a stranger to this term. Most of him have never been exposed to this disease. "Is she in serious condition? Is it treatable? "

"Listen to what you said just now, her condition is still a little serious. This disease can be cured, but it needs her strong psychology to overcome her fear." Chu Heng picked up the medicine cabinet and walked to the front of Lin Mochen and patted him gently on the shoulder. "You can check this disease online. I’ll go first."
Chu Heng crossed Lin Mo-chen and left the bedroom. Lin Mo-chen stayed where he was until he heard the door coming outside, and his thoughts were pulled back.
He approached Lu You’s bed and squatted down to raise his hand by the bed to caress her face. Her face was so pale that even her rosy lips lost their color, just like frost hitting a small red flower.
She is a fragile porcelain doll, which will break when pinched, making people feel so distressed.
During the second stop, Lu You was not afraid this time, but this time she was very out of control.
What did she go through growing up? This made him curious.
Lin Mochen lightly printed a pity kiss on her white forehead, and then tucked the quilt for her.
He went to the bathroom and made a pot of hot water to wipe the bare skin outside for Lu You, especially after Song Yabei spilled red wine on her face and chest and neck, leaving wine stains.
He carefully took care of it for her, changed a basin of water and wiped it again before he felt at ease.
After finishing these things, Lin Mochen went to the balcony outside the floor-to-ceiling window and first gave Pang Bo a message, "Pang Bo, help me buy some vegetables and meat, eggs, a fish and a treasure fish, and a home-cooked recipe."
He confessed Pang Boran and then called Gu Na.
Lu worry about Sue diffuse woke up for a while must be to ask her things to make a phone call in the past to ask about the situation.
The phone rang three times before it answered, and the voice was hoarse. "Why don’t you call me with your wife?"
"Are you with Su Man?" Lin Mo-chen went straight to the point.
"I’m naturally a woman if I’m not interested in men." Gu Nan smiled lightly and said something meaningful. "Why are you so careless?"
"She is a friend of Lu You. Is she all right?" Lin Mo-chen has always been nosy, but he is especially concerned about Lu’s worries.
"You don’t call to interrupt our good things. I have a good bed to love her now." Gu Nanqing said it was full of mass at the right hypochondrium. "You didn’t mean it, did you? Are you harassing us by listening to your wife? Although we are brothers, we never care about each other’s private affairs, especially women’s affairs. "
They secretly reached this consensus that no one would interfere in anyone’s private affairs, and Gu Nan was awake to Lin Mo-chen not to cross the line.
"I just want to wake you up. Su Man, if she is a good woman, don’t let others down." Lin Mochen can wake him up from the side. "What kind of women can play and what kind of women can’t play? You know it yourself. I didn’t say much about being careful about kidney deficiency."
"You only have kidney deficiency" Gu Nanqing replied angrily to him.
Lin Mo-chen finished talking to Gu Nan-qing, and frowned and meditated in shaking hands with his mobile phone.
Gu Nanqing is different from him. He is restrained to women, but Gu Nanqing is a master in love. He has provoked too many peach debts. I wonder if Su Man will be the one who wants to pay his debts.
He didn’t want to turn around and go into the bedroom. He accompanied Lu You for a while and Pang Bo brought the food.
He took the bag "Qian Yue knot"
"Lin always cooks for Miss Lu?" Pang Bo is curious that his personality is either casual in the company.
"You don’t need to know this. Hurry." Lin Mochen will catch people.
"Manager Lin, you kick down the ladder too fast." Pang Bo muttered discontentedly.
Lin Mo-chen patted the door panel directly. If Pang Bo hadn’t retired quickly, his nose would have been flattened by the door panel.
Lin Mochen took the dishes to the kitchen, picked fish, radish and beef, one vegetable and two eggs were enough, and put his vegetables and meat in the refrigerator.
It’s getting late for him to read it. It’s time to cook dinner.
Lu you will be able to eat when you wake up soon.
Actually, I’m not very good at cooking, but I can make it easy. If it’s difficult, he will have some difficulty.
He opened the recipe bought in Pang Bo and found the method of frying vegetables with white radish, beef and vegetable in steamed turbot.
He prepared the ingredients according to the noodles and then steamed the fish and stuffed the beef.
On the other hand, he cooked the mushroom lean meat porridge, and soon it was fragrant and full of fragrance, which hooked people’s appetite.
桑拿论坛He looked at himself and felt very fulfilled. Although his fingers were not hurt and his skin was splashed with red spots, he couldn’t say that he was satisfied.
He waited for the food to be ready before the fire broke out. At this time, Lu You had not woken up.
He washed his hands and went to the bedroom to sit by the bed. A single person sofa held Lu’s sorrow in his hand and accompanied her in his heart.
He thought of her sadness and pain in the dark staircase and repeated the sentence "Don’t want me, don’t leave me …
That kind of sadness made him forget her injured appearance until now.
Who is so cruel to her that she can’t get over it now?
If he knows who did this to her, he will definitely let the other person taste the same taste.
Section 46
Lin Mo-chen accompanied Lu Yu from evening to dark, and lights were lit outside. He also turned on the bedside table lamp, and then turned on all the lights at home, making the room warm, white and bright as day.
Lu is afraid of the dark, afraid that when she wakes up, she will be afraid. This should be enough.
He took out his mobile phone network with that hand and checked claustrophobia.
Claustrophobia is an anxiety about closure.