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Jiang Qiuwu became angry from embarrassment and was unwilling to share the anger in her heart. She just pressed her white hand and grabbed her handkerchief, which seemed a little wronged. "The princess of the county is absolutely right, but who in this world never expected to treat Qiuwu wholeheartedly? Although she is a princess, she is also fascinated by this life."

Words fall Jiang Qiuwu suddenly paused. It seems that he was embarrassed to say it for a moment before saying, "It’s hard to have a second one in this world except the king of Liao County, so Qiuwu wants to invite the emperor."
"It seems disrespectful for your sister to wear a veil for so long in the temple." Jiang Qiuwu’s words have come to her lips and were suddenly interrupted by Jiang Yuqi’s Gherardini voice.
And Shuiyunjin’s hand clasped the glass suddenly loosened, and Jiang Qiuwu almost died with a wicked heart. This woman can pretend to be able to play and has a plan, but what happened to Jiang Yuqi? Is he trying to help Jiang Qiuwu or not? It can’t be a coincidence that he suddenly rose?
"Brother, it’s rude to teach Qiu Wu." Jiang Qiuwu bowed his head and was taught modestly. Seeing her arm raised, she slowly lifted the veil behind her ear.
Everyone is also waiting to see what kind of face is hidden in the veil
Shuiyunjin is also very interested, and finally you can see the true face of Lushan Mountain.
The veil was lifted, and everyone’s faces looked a little disappointed. I was looking forward to the lack of interest at the moment. It would have been a month of flowers and a month of shame, but that’s all
Shui Yun-jin looked at that pretty face with a slight lip hook. This face is really not so attractive, but the delicate makeup outlines her whole face to the extreme, especially her eyebrows and eyes are feminine, graceful and restrained, not charming and expensive, not strong, not surprising, but just right, which makes people picky, and makes them think that she is sensible and clever. It really is not to be underestimated.
"Well, the princess will be tired of dancing and sit down." At this time, the emperor spoke.
Jiang Qiuwu gathered her eyes so that people could not see her expression. She saluted for a moment before returning to her position.
A thrilling soul can be described as a dangerous palace banquet ending in a seemingly peaceful ending.
The palace banquet lasted for a long time, and the sky outside the temple was dark. Bronze birds and animals lamps lit up the whole imperial garden, which was full of splendor and prosperity.
At the end of the palace banquet, the emperor called General Chu Chengxuan and others to the imperial palace.
After sitting in Shuiyunjin Temple for a long time, I felt bored and went out.
The whole imperial garden is quiet, the evening breeze recedes, and the heat becomes pleasant, blowing the vegetation, Haloxylon ammodendron, ringing the water, and the bright moonlight reflects the softness of the pool water.
"Princess of the county, please go and see our empress." Suddenly, there was a sad sound behind her in the silence.
Shuiyunjin listened to the familiar sound and slowly turned around. It was Mammy Lin who felt funny. Now even if she begged her, she wouldn’t go to see Zhuang Guifei, and this changed taste and begging for words reminded her that Zhuang Guifei was really crazy now.
Shuiyunjin knew that Zhuang Guifei would definitely want to see her when she entered the palace, but she didn’t expect to wait here so late. "I think it’s better for your empress not to meet. She will be more angry when she sees me."
"Empress wants to see the princess of the county with all her heart, even when she sleeps, she cries out the name of the princess of the county and asks the princess of the county to have a heart. It’s all right for the empress to worry." Mammy Lin kept her ardent eyes on Shuiyun Park.
"I can’t help her." Zhuang Guifei, it’s not a worry, but a demon. She doesn’t want to know at all and doesn’t want to care anymore.
"In addition to the princess of the county, no one can solve the empress’s worries, old slave, please." Mammy Lin burst into kneeling on the green flag.
"Mammy Lin, don’t I can’t see through the bitter drama of your master and servant. Should she be afraid of anything now?" Shuiyunjin’s eyes suddenly sank and narrowed to Mammy Lin.
Mammy Lin is in a tight body, and she won’t look at her lift to spoil her big-name star wife.
"The empress is ill, so shouldn’t the princess of the county go and have a look?" Mammy Lin looked at Shuiyunjin’s back and her eyes were gone before praying.
"You can sue me at the emperor’s place, and I won’t stop you." Shuiyunjin didn’t look back and didn’t want to stay in Ganquan Palace. She was going to wait for Huangfuda at the imperial house.
Shuiyunjin just stepped out of a few steps, and a meat wall completely blocked her. She looked very close, attached to the purple brocade robe embroidered with five Zhai Lingyun patterns, and she could see clearly that her eyebrows were slightly frowning. Unconsciously, she retreated two steps, so she didn’t want people to get too close to her head and didn’t lift them over, so she wanted to leave.
"You’re so cruel to see me now that you don’t even want to take a look." The low micro-sound lifted HuangFuHang Yang’s arm and took ShuiYunJin.
Shuiyunjin struggled, but her strength was far less than Huangfuheng’s. Shuiyunjin looked up and frowned. "What do you want?"
"This is what you forced me to do. Don’t you think what to say to me?" Huangfuheng’s deep and heavy eyes locked tightly with Shuiyunjin.
Shuiyunjin rolled her eyes in disgust. She and he never had anything to say "let go".
Huangfuheng looked at Shuiyunjin’s eyes, and suddenly there was a fiercely in his eyes. "You said that keeping a small courtyard with the teacher to raise a method is actually secretly learning to manipulate the method of insects, so you can understand the method of poison of your aunt’s body. You are so reckless that you can’t let the king just let you go."
"When I said I wanted to stay in the yard, it was always you, not to mention that you didn’t want to let me die, but that you knew the consequences when I died." Shuiyun Park felt that there was no more despicable and natural person than Huangfuheng.
Huangfuheng’s pupil shrinks and his deep eyes emit cold light. It’s true that he doesn’t want to give up Shuiyunjin’s death. It’s also true that saying it from Shuiyunjin’s mouth makes his heart angry like a raging river. This woman is really ungrateful. She has never seen his mind. "The king said that he would not kill you but take you back from Huangfudan. I hope you will never forget this sentence."
"I’m still that sentence, you’re delusional." Shuiyun Park broke the shackles with all her strength.
"You really don’t want to get rid of your poison?" Huangfuheng’s voice was light and cool.
Shuiyunjin sneered, "Don’t tell me you know the antidote."
"If you hadn’t left the yard by force, Tianshi wouldn’t have died, and you wouldn’t have waited until now. The only person who knows the antidote is Wang. You really don’t want to go back. Without the antidote, you will die." Huang Fuheng’s eyes are heavy and his face is heavy
ShuiYunJin corners of the mouth smile deepened in the face of HuangFuHeng so aggressive life and death also didn’t see her show a trace of hesitation and struggle "you give me willing to die".
"Water clouds and hibiscus" Huangfuheng shouted heavily as if he had accumulated monstrous anger.
"Take the antidote less and threaten me. I don’t want you to give me the antidote." It’s not that she doesn’t care about her life, but that she is convinced that Huangfuheng has no antidote. If he had, he would have taken it out long ago and wouldn’t wait until now.
Huangfuheng stood on the ground like a layer of clouds for a long time, and he lifted his feet to leave.
After the quiet and lush foliage of heaven and earth, he walked out of an ink coat. Ling Xiaoyao pursed his mouth and his eyes were dark. I don’t know how long Takuya had been listening.
Shuiyunjin hasn’t gone to the imperial palace yet. Huangfuda has come out to find her and walked out of the palace side by side.
Shuiyunjin was held in Huangfuda’s arms. Seeing that his face was pale, he must have known what happened in the imperial garden. "How many people did you hide in your palace so soon?"
"Although the palace is big, you are so an eyesore. Naturally, anyone can see it." Huangfudi’s voice is faint.
I heard that Shuiyunjin was relieved to let others see it. "You and I are willing to see him because he is looking for a feeling."
品茶论坛Huangfuda said nothing, and her eyes were as dark as the sea.
Shui Yun Jin Bai Huang Fu Da This is another thought. What is it now that Huang Fu Hang is too careful and wants him to fight back forever in the dark? It is not yet time.