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"What are the instructions from the president?"

"I heard that you let No.1 play online games, right?"
"But this is also a preliminary contact with computers and networks."
"Well, by the way, I’m going to send someone to help you. The day will probably pass, and you will get along well then, okay?"
"it’s the president."
"Five experimenters, you should be careful not to make mistakes. This can be a human problem, you know?"
Everyone in the meeting room should say "Yes!"
When I opened my eyes, I saw that I should be familiar with the carved wooden ceiling in the room, but the sight in front of me surprised me because I saw a gorgeous giant chandelier with dozens of small lights.
When I sat up, I found that the place where I appeared turned out to be a glittering room. The whole room was made of golden buildings. What exactly was it? I didn’t know that I was so knowledgeable. In addition, there was another bed sleeping in the room. Although a woman was sleeping with her back to me, I knew from the back that this woman must be very beautiful. The slender and slender figure made me want to bite my feet. When I was still stunned, the door was pushed open. A maid dressed up came in and saw me wake up and screamed, and then ran out.
What’s going on here? I was so clever that I couldn’t analyze what was going on at the moment. That scream woke up the woman next to me. She sat up and looked at me with dim eyes, and then she screamed super loudly, regardless of whether she ran out of the room in a thin, almost transparent silk pajamas. Of course, I closely watched her running out of the room.
I slowly recall what happened before. I remember it as if I was treating that princess Chris, then pressing my hand and glowing, and finally fainted. Is it in the game or in reality now? I tried to show me whether to choose the line or not, which let me know that I didn’t expect the coma setting in the game. Were those two NPCs just now? Why is it so vivid? I feel no different from a real person. When I was thinking about it, four or five guards suddenly rushed in from outside the door, detained me without saying anything, and then directly dragged me out of the room by pulling my waist and long hair.
I was dragged to another room, but this room is really different from the one just now. The wall here is blood red and the room is full of all kinds of instruments of torture. An official guy like an ancient criminal in a fairyland sits on the innermost platform of the room while holding me. Two guards let go of my hair but stepped on my calf, which made me climb the ground.
I’ve never seen this situation before, and I almost died, but think about it. It’s a game, and I’m not so scared when I figure it out. Fortunately, there is no pain setting in this game, otherwise I’ve had enough pulling my hair just now.
"Do Taiwanese prisoners know the crime?"
"What crime?" I asked doubtfully.
"Unexpectedly bold contempt officer? Come and play thirty sticks first. "
Oh, my god, you’re going to hit 30 sticks? But just fight. I can’t feel the pain anyway
The first stick of the guard behind me came very hard, but I smiled and turned my head to watch him try to hit 30 sticks and finished my ass without even a stick mark.
约茶"Do Taiwanese prisoners know the crime?"
This time I learned well. "My Lord, please tell me what I have done?"
"The name of the prisoner in Taiwan is’ elegant’, which blatantly infringes on the noble princess of our country. The witness is the princess maid, and the evidence is that the princess screams. What else can you say?"
Shit, this is obviously wrong! The woman in the room is a princess? I haven’t done anything yet, but my eyes have seen something wonderful, and I haven’t touched it. I still have two beds apart
"Can the prisoner know the crime?"
"I …"
"It seems that you still don’t know the crime! Somebody hit another 30 sticks!"
Just fight. I didn’t lose anything anyway, but this NPC seems stupid. Otherwise, how could it be executed in this way? Just as the cudgel was about to come, the execution was interrupted by a sweet sound like an oriole.
"The executive is slow!"
I looked back at the beautiful woman just now, but this time, when I looked at it from the front, I suddenly lost my mind as if I had read an introduction to human nature that said,’ The most beautiful woman must be a fictional woman’. Now I believe this famous saying 1%! Because this NPC beauty in front of me must be a fiction. The pink feather gauze matches her perfectly without a trace of unnecessary stains. The face is so beautiful that my heart almost stopped beating. My breathing changed from twice a minute to once, which almost made me die on the spot, but it seems that the game didn’t breathe. This setting is strange. How can I feel that I have a bad breath?
"See the Princess Hall!"
"Get up. There’s nothing for you here. You go first."
Finally, Princess Chris and I were left in the room when I was about to sit up. Princess Chris suddenly changed her expression and threw herself at me with a big smile. She threw me to the ground and held my neck tightly with her hands. This change surprised me and I was at a loss. What day is it today? Why is everything so unexpected and there are so many messy things in this game? However, it would be a good thing if it were repeated several times.
"Your name is elegant, right?"
Princess Chris looked up. Her nose was only ten centimeters away from mine.
"Yeah, but you are?"
"Idiot, I am Chris."
"Then how did you …" I looked at Princess Chris close to my body.
"I didn’t know it was, but yesterday after I received your treatment, I felt like I had something more. I felt like I wanted to hold you at the sight of you."
"What logic is this?"
I lifted myself up and pressed my body. Chris sat up and looked at Chris carefully. Her reddish white face with a slight smile and her hands that kept hanging around my neck, I really don’t know what to do now, and Chris’s blurred eyes made me feel deformed.
"By the way, Princess Chris, are you well?"
"Don’t call the princess Chris!"
"Mm-hmm Chris, are you well?"
"Well, it’s better than before."
"What about my job change?"