“Forehead,Haven’t thought about it yet。” Qin Su is not a bit lost by this,But there is no color of any disappointment,Just have some shy low heads as before。 “Hey-hey,Little Ya Sister,let me tell you,If you raise your head in the future,Don’t be so shy,I dare to say that people canContinue Reading

But selling it to Li with the wind to directly turn three times the money。 “Xiao Li,You can agree with you,But the house is sold to you,We have no place to live.”About this question,Li Hui also has its own intention.。 “Hey-hey,uncle,You can cover the movable board room,Thousands of pieces canContinue Reading

Wright himself,Because of the wife’s blood,It’s hard to give birth to offspring,But whether he is from his foster father or mother,Or from biological parents,In fact, they all have the responsibility of family inheritance。 In the years when I was the commander of the army,Wright has not yet entered the sanctuary,InContinue Reading

Luo Yi and which older person sat and chatted together,Xia Jian sorry to interrupt,But he can understand。The old man has been looking good。 About half an hour later,Xia Jian received a call from Luo Jun。Luo Jun on the phone said with a smile:“Appraisal by several experts in our group,Your babyContinue Reading

Li Tianchou squinted,Don’t know what to say,He had been to Wenhui’s bar before coming to the car dealership,The environment is more pickled and chaotic than before,I wanted to talk to Wenhui and left,Unexpectedly, I met a drunk Ryoko。 This guy is completely gone、Jealous,And also forgot the lesson from the lastContinue Reading

He has a strong wrist,Create a sect,Suppress the Quartet。 He suppressed,Dongqiyu is not too chaotic。 Not too confusing means,Except Dongqi faction,There are also many Daojun-level strengths hidden,Such as Jiuchen,Wan Ji Shan,Heiyuhai etc.,Almost there are four footpaths。 Rush to the heart of the Eastern Qiyu—Eternal World Time,It is already more thanContinue Reading

If you can guarantee that Leo can be killed under the outbreak,,He will break out。 It’s just a temporary chase,He won’t come up and blow up。 800 meters away,Leo looks at Raleigh:“I said that,Hades Raleigh,you’re old,Too slow!” Raleigh listened to Leo,Don’t speak,Just speed up to catch up。 but,Three seconds,He justContinue Reading

“Liu Shao,Didn’t we say yes,You lead Li Tianzhang away,I’ll pick sapphire flowers。Now why do you bring him to attack me。Oh,I understand,You want to eat black!” “Nonsense,When did I let you pick sapphire flowers!” Liu Yibai knew Chen Xiu was going to provoke divorce,Originally, his cooperation with Li Tianzhang was onlyContinue Reading

Luo Xiao appeared in this gorgeous armor,Protect it tightly。 Bingchen Bailong’s icy wind swooped down like a whirlwind,But it’s still not fast enough for Luo Xiao to turn into a shadow! “Keng Keng Keng~~~~~~~~~~” In the wind,Bingchen Bailong’s exquisite body slowly expanded in the white wind and snow diamond ice,ItsContinue Reading