I give you a month! If you don’t pay me back in a month, my lawyer will sue you and wait for you. I’m afraid it’s jail! Zhuang Junhui didn’t realize how shameful he was, with a narrow smile in his voice.

… Nie Yutong felt that it was not funny at all! She felt her body trembling slightly, not knowing whether she was angry or scared.
hmm? Anything else to say to me! Or is there anything else you want to scold me? Zhuang Junhui knew how much shock and blow these words would cause to Nie Yutong and waited for her hair calmly.
You … Nie Yutong took a deep breath and said, You beast!
Ha very good! Zhuang Junhui sounds a little dangerous. Don’t forget that you still owe money to animals! Do something quickly! Go to jail if you don’t!
Hang up. Nie Yutong lost his words and hugged her body. She repeatedly told herself to be calm, but she never calmed down again.
How could he be like this! The gentleness of the past is more and more ugly today! Is she never found out how terrible this man really is?
Silently shed tears for a while, she came up with a solution. Zhuang Junhui dragged on and didn’t want a divorce, but his family definitely wanted a divorce!
Yeah, call his family! His family will not be difficult for her!
Nie Yutong is still sure about this! Bankers have a high self-esteem. Although they hate her, they must be disdainful of taking money from her. This is not a question of kindness or unkindness, but that they can do it in fall in price! Zhuang Junhui can do such a thing because he retaliates against her! Get back at her for being disobedient! Revenge her disobedience! Revenge that she didn’t treat the dealer as a tool for his succession!
But the banker and others will not have this idea! They will feel that getting rid of her is equivalent to getting rid of a big trouble!
Thought of here Nie Yutong simply didn’t directly dial the banker’s landline with Zhuang Junhui’s theory.
Usually, Wang Wenxiu should answer the phone at this time, but it turned out to be Zhuang Yanyin after the phone was connected.
Is it Yutong? Zhuang Yan was very surprised. Obviously, he didn’t expect Nie Yutong to call.
Big … Nie Yutong hesitated slightly. She had a good impression of Zhuang Yan and then asked, Your home?
Oh, I happened to have something to do when I came home. I heard the phone ring and came to pick it up. I didn’t expect it to be your number! Zhuang Yanyin was somewhat surprised and delighted. Yu Tong, when will you go home?
I … Nie Yutong couldn’t help but get red in the eyes and choked up. I …
What’s the matter? Quarrel with Junhui again! ZhuangYan can’t help but sigh I told him to communicate well when he saw you and let him apologize to you! Is that a bad attitude?
Hearing this, Nie Yutong couldn’t help crying any longer. When she sobbed, she told Zhuang Yan in detail if Zhuang Junhui fabricated the false account … eldest brother, how could he be so ashamed! Marry him. I’ve never done anything wrong to him! Is he betrayed me again and again …
Don’t cry, Yutong! Zhuang Yan quickly urged, I think Junhui is deliberately angry with you! He can’t live with such a small sum of money! He wants you to come back, but the method is a bit extreme!
It’s impossible for me to talk to him! Nie Yutong wiped the tears to cheer up and said, Eldest brother, can you help me? I want to divorce him! Please! How can you help me divorce him? I will be grateful to you for a generation!
ZhuangYan alpha males a long time language can hear him some tangled hesitation.
Eldest brother, can you persuade him! Or you can give him the money and ask him to sign a divorce with me! Now I really don’t want to be involved with him except divorce! Nie Yutong is really chilling. Now she only hopes that the banker can be reasonable. Why don’t you discuss with mom and ask her what she means! I really don’t want to delay Zhuang Junhui’s future! Anyway, there are too many good women waiting to marry him. I’m leaving, so there will be good ones to replace me! Ask mom what she means!
I believe that Wang Wenxiu will be very happy to see Zhuang Junhui divorced and then choose a noble family to be his daughter-in-law! And the banker is so rich, they will not waste her money! There is nothing that Zhuang Junhui can do.
Eldest brother, I don’t want a penny! Really! I don’t want a penny from your banker! I beg for a divorce! You help me! Please! Nie Yutong broke down in tears.
How can this happen! Zhuang Yan muttered something that seemed to confuse him. Jun Hui … how did he get things out of hand!
Nie Yutong continued to cry, hoping to impress Zhuang Yan’s sympathy. Eldest brother, please help me! Please! I dare not make friends with Zhuang Junhui again in my life! I’ll remember! I dare not provoke him again!
Don’t cry! ZhuangYan sighed, I think I’ll give you an answer again and again! This number … You don’t want the phone!
Well, good! Nie Yutong wiped his face and tears and bit his lips. I’ll wait for you!
Xia Xue seem to have had a long and endless dream! There are many strange things in the dream, and many people she knows or doesn’t know are dangling around, and some messy sounds are coming out of her ears, so I can’t hear them clearly.
Sometimes it’s quiet. She’s as quiet and vast as walking in the ocean. But when you look at it, it’s deserted. Why is she alone? The world is so lonely!
She kept looking for him, but she couldn’t find the familiar figure, but she always felt that he was so close to her that she could smell his familiar breath, feel his familiar temperature and hear his gentle whisper, but she just couldn’t see him!
This made her very anxious and scared. She found that a world where she could not see him was so lonely! No, she must find him! She doesn’t want to stay alone in this lonely world.
Jin Woo!’ She calls for reality, and her voice is as soft as a mosquito and fly.
Snow me here! The man responded to my ear, but she looked around and still couldn’t find him.
Jin Woo … hold me tight! I am so scared! Xia Xue breaks down in tears.
Finally, she felt a strong hug from a man! He smells good, he is close at hand, he is familiar with the heat ironing her, he is real and owned by her!
Jin Woo!’ Xia Xue was awakened by his shout and opened his eyes to see a bright light.
Li Zhenyu sat on the bed and hugged her tightly all the time. He kept responding to her call and kissing her from time to time to make her feel that he was busy when suddenly he froze!
The female eyes in my arms looked at him clearly and looked very awake.
Snow! Li Zhenyu was incredibly surprised, You … are awake!
桑拿会所  title=Jin Woo!’ Xia Xue was even more delighted. I finally found you!
After searching hard for so many days, she was finally able to see the truth. He touched the truth. She reached out her trembling hand and gently touched his handsome face. He looked thinner and his eyes were slightly sunken …
Call Dr. Zhou! Li Zhenyu still can’t believe that she is out of danger! Although Tao Zheng told him to wake up, he said she was all right!
Soon Dr. Zhou was called! After a detailed examination of Xia Xue, the diagnosis was finally made. Congratulations, Mr. Li, your wife is out of danger!
It’s like a spring thunder on the ground suddenly blew away the worries and anxieties of the past few days … All the gloom disappeared cleanly.
Li Zhenyu picked up Xia Xue and looked at her black eyes again and again. She was ecstatic and excited. Snow, you finally woke up!