Crazy, crazy three?

Sorry to bother you.
Although Mad San agrees with himself, it doesn’t mean that he will bring everyone into the room at night. If he is seen, he will be suspected of something.
According to the crazy three words at the moment, she has just arrived, so she should not be found.
What are you doing here so late?
It was ten o’clock in the evening, just at the time of rest.
To do? Of course, it’s to serve Natsume’s classmates. It’s lonely to be alone late.
Ah ha ha, indeed.
What’s the matter? A little shaky? Is it because you are naked like me?
Dress me! Crazy three!
So hot
It’s hot in bed, but if you go out to talk, you may be heard by everyone, thus reducing your goodwill.
No, people have to wear Natsume. Students like garters.
That’s toojust strange! I don’t like nude stockings!
Made a strong
Are you? It’s a pity that you can do things in it.
,things …
Yeah, things.
Like throwing an olive branch, Natsume seems to be attracted by it.
But no.
Think about the present situation carefully, and sort out what you are doing from beginning to end, such as solving this situation.
First of all, I had a barbecue party with them. After the end, Natsume and Crazy San returned to the dormitory. On the way, Natsume borrowed it but returned the white vinegar. At the same time, he was caught by the chef to learn from him.
Then, after struggling to refuse, I fled from the kitchen and ran to the room with mixed feelings, and fell asleep because of fatigue.
Finally, due to sweat and hot air, after waking up, Natsume ran to the bathroom to take a cold bath and washed her hands on the way, which solved the urgent need.
So back to now, in the bathroom, I met all the people in the bedroom bed, and I met crazy three in stockings, so it became such a situation.
Almost halfnaked, do you have to solve two elves who are almost halfnaked?
By the way, Natsume, I brought your favorite rope to make it interesting tonight.
No, I don’t have that kind of interest. What won’t happen if the tortoise shell is tied?
And this triangle horse and vibration
whoa! I know! Anyway, you wait first!
In bed? Just can make the atmosphere more warm ~ I’m already wet ~
I’m excused.
After Natsume came out of the hot bed hell and seminaked madness, he immediately ran to the bathroom with his shirt and cropped trousers, threw them at everyone and heard the doorbell ring at the door.
You are waiting for me inside ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Coming!
Today is really a disaster.
Ran to the door, Natsume set bathrobe, rubbed his hair and hit the door.
Lights up in the hallway, wearing blue pajamas and holding a pillow at the door.
品茶论坛Man, alone, can’t sleep.
If you can’t sleep, you can count sheep.
After counting, 10 thousand humans can’t sleep.
How horrible!
Ten thousand people are horrible!
Look at the corridor, if there is a teacher patrolling at this time, it will be found.
Once the teacher sees a female classmate wandering at the door, it will definitely cause trouble.
Let’s walk in for a while, but let her wait at the door now.
Can you wait here? I want to tidy up a room first, because it’s a mess.
No, I won’t mind if the human room is messy again. I hope I can find the broken robot.
It’s not as good as a garbage dump in the future!
it suddenly occurs to me that
Natsume took out a bag of food from the side. This is to let himself and his chef learn to cook. He will be cheated by a bag of food, which is too small for me.
Come in after eating this, Natsume said, touching his head.
Man, do it again … ah ~
Yawned, eating potato chips like a cat.
Well, I’ll be right back.