Well, master is playing a big game of chess …

Yes, yes.
Ask … what is chess?
get out!
Noting the emotional changes of the strikers, I made a gesture to them, and they immediately ended their nonsense and returned to their respective positions.
It seems that they didn’t touch the ball much at half time. They are very energetic …
I rubbed the bar and ran back to meet the opponent’s unexpected ball near our restricted area.
Cheng Wu and the defenders are still stuck in the box, and I can’t get out of the box. I also put out the idea of imitating him to fight back quickly.
There is no effect in the bottom. In the end, it still needs short penetration.
I took the ball and broke through the nominal opponent’s striker group, forcibly getting rid of the intention to press the three midfielders close to each other and then push into the penalty area.
Immediately, three defenders blocked in front of me, including Cheng Wuzai.
约茶  title=You’re here. I looked up and smiled at the defense commander.
He ignored me and shoveled his foot directly.
Early warning, I swept the ball past him with the instep of my outer foot.
There is no offside setting! All strikers don’t foul no matter where they are!
So the striker’s instep forced a ball into the goal against the wind!
This attack sounded the death horn of Cheng Wu’s defense corps.
69 wife and daughter
I changed the front attack route and took the ball straight to Cheng Wu’s area. He had to face my challenge directly, thus losing his grasp and command of the whole situation.
Even if two guards came at me at the same time, my ankle shook and the ball rolled out of one defender’s legs and picked it up. The striker immediately kicked.
A suspenseful goal
How about it? I said proudly to Cheng Wu’s partial head.
He wiped his cheeks with sweat. It’s not time to give up.
I shrugged and walked to the center line.
Another simple impact, this time I hid the ball behind me in the opposite direction, and my midfield teammate took a step forward with the ball and slammed the door directly!
Because the material is not exquisite enough, the surface of the ball is not smooth enough, and the resistance is great in the middle, so there is a huge roar. The goalkeeper dare not face the speeding shells, so he first chooses to hold his head and fall to the ground. The ball grazes his back and blasts into the goal.
I noticed that Cheng Wu pulled several teammates together and muttered, Why are there countermeasures so soon?? Anyway, my defender is solid, and the striker’s morale is high. It’s good that you can get the ball.
After the opponent’s ball, it was still divided into two large groups as usual, and then the ball was easily broken after they handed it three times. However, they used to immediately retreat and regain their defensive posture.
I gave the ball to the right avantgarde and split his right hand forward to signal him to bottom again.
When he was instructed, he buried his head and sprinted to the bottom line. At the same time, I had already started. By the time he stepped in, I had rushed into the restricted area and clung to the delusion of controlling the landing point.
offended! I stretch my arms and swing my head!
The ball bounced and jumped into the goalie’s whip.
After landing, the voice behind him said, Lost …
I smiled and responded to him, But you played a good defensive counterattack and I broke it.
Cheng Wu’s face was sweaty and sticky, and his temples were tightly attached to his ears and stained with a lot of dust. It’s not that the strategy was broken, it’s that you are too fast and too strong.
I shook my head modestly. Let’s finish the game happily.
He sighed.
At the end of the game, the opponent’s physical strength gradually bottomed out, and even the quick counterattack could not be played. The offcourt guidance gritted his teeth and changed the last four substitute strikers to strengthen the attack. As a result, the defense line was completely screened after the same physical strength was exhausted
Our five strikers finally realized their wish to score one goal less each, and the final score was fixed at 321.
Again, Cheng Wu greeted me at the end. I can’t get you trapped in one half and you can’t get trapped in the other half.
I didn’t tell him I didn’t have the strength at halftime.

Almost at the same time, the other side has also identified the outcome.
Li Dian lost 151 to Xu Huang.
I looked at the statistics after the game, and the two main players, Li Dian and Xu Huang, added up to only five goals. The goals were evenly distributed among all the offensive players. It seems that everyone worked hard and contributed. It is said that the most prominent one is Xu Huang’s stealing ability.
Where is Gong? I asked.
What position? When asked, the recorder was a little confused. It’s in the middle.
Midfielder … Is it the lower back? Or is it a defensive midfielder with strong interception ability?
No matter how strong it is, it will not be much stronger than Cheng Wu.
After getting the general information about the final opponent, I had a good idea. I washed my face and went home.
After entering the door, I saw two big cars parked in the courtyard. I grabbed a famous door. What’s going on?
He rubbed his arm. Several ladies sent someone out of the warehouse and said it was time to get ready to pack.
I threw him and strode into the hall, which was full of talented people.
Xiao Yueer was rolling on the carpet. When he saw me coming in, he immediately rolled over and grinned. Dad!
Kick two booties and sit three feet away from her. Come and climb over by yourself!
Ignore him! Cai Yan waved to her daughter, Come to your mother.
Xiao Yueer took a look at Niang and resolutely rushed at me. Daddy, daddy hug!
I smiled cheerfully and demonstratively at Cai Yan. My daughter climbed my right leg and then got into my arms.
Soft as a ball of meat, it seems that there is no bone, and it seems that it will fall at any time. I quickly reached out and hugged her. Is Xiao Yue obedient?
Dad ~ She didn’t understand my question, but she kept pulling my skirt and giggling at the same time.