ding! Kill a thousandyearold Shuren, a mutant tree species with an experience value of 20,000, three mutant tree cores and one!

ding! Kill a thousandyearold Shuren, a mutant tree species with an experience value of 20,000, three mutant tree cores and one!
The mutant tree species have been baptized by a mysterious energy, and these three precious tree species have an unknown mutation. Please be cautious.
The essence of the mutant tree core and the mutant tree people can have a benign influence on the mutant species, which is a very precious wonder.
Pack up the species and the gray treeheart grandfather quickly disappeared in situ and flashed to the side of the melted parasite.
Because the old face launched a very suicide attack, even a sly guy like Mager was sucked into doing things. Master Shan was worried about whether his sister was still alive.
Several heroes quickly cleared the surrounding coverings and finally revealed a girl’s body.
Looked at the body mountain ye eyes emerged thick anger this damn bastard! !”
The body seems to have grown up with a lot of tender green complex magic lines, and the thick green hair flashes on the light green skin, and the branches become like roots, which is very strange.
The most distressing thing for Master Shan is that Becky’s body has disappeared, and a large number of roots are still twitching and crawling.
ding! Exploration starts and consumes 5 experience points!
ding! I found that the late shepherd was dying!
In the late period, the herdsmen were squeezed a lot of lives by the druids. Although they were able to control the herdsmen, they were transformed by the druids because they wanted them to be more closely combined and easy to control. In the early stage, the herdsmen still kept their human form, but their skin color was slowly infected by parasites. In the middle stage, the body hair of the herdsmen would become like roots, and the connection device would be strengthened. In the late period, the herdsmen lost their human form, but they could be completely assimilated into a part of the herdsmen in a very short time.
At this time, Becky should be in the late stage of herding tree people, but she has not completely integrated tree people, and there may be opportunities to be continued.
The rapid release of green rain magic made Bella’s somewhat dry body slowly regain vitality. Master Shan quickly bought a nutrition cabin and a resin nutrient solution specially designed for shepherds and tree people.
Becky’s face soon returned to green when she was soaked in nutrient solution, and her halflength roots twisted happily, which made Master Shan’s heart blocked.
The emerald eyes blink slightly, and Becky seems to be very uncomfortable. She struggled for a long time before opening her eyes.
It’s like I haven’t opened my eyes for a long time. There is a lot of resin in Becky’s thick green eyes. It’s uncomfortable to rub her eyes. Becky seems to want to talk, but suddenly she throws up in the nutrition room.
A lot of green pus was spit out by Becky and forced to breathe for a few times. Becky was forced to breathe. After a violent fluctuation in her chest, her eyes blurred and she looked at Master Shan and the surrounding environment as if she had never recovered her mind.
You who are you? !” Becky’s pale green eyes looked at Grandpa Shan’s eyes full of curiosity. She cocked her head and thought for a moment as if she remembered something. Do I know you? What does it feel like you and I are familiar? But I can’t remember how. Becky covered her head with some pain and found herself in the environment. Becky couldn’t help but stare at her with amazement. What am I in this box? What’s wrong with my health? What?
Becky seemed unable to accept her halflength beard and immediately fainted.
Master Shan also knows that it is cruel to let Becky accept this reality, and the other person seems to have lost his memory, but Master Shan doesn’t care much about losing his memory, which may be a better choice for Becky.
I left here quickly with Master Becky, thinking of taking this opportunity to give the druids a headon blow, but at this time, it is obvious that my sister is more important. Without the shepherd, there should be many people who want to talk to the druids, such as elves.
Master Shan is gone, but the druid disaster is not over yet.
Although the elves were skeptical about Master Shan’s notice, they decided to test the enemy’s words, saying that the result was that the former attitude was still very tough. The druids were completely settled, not only humbled, but also expressed remorse and remorse for occupying or ruining the forest.
Of course, the elves will not miss this opportunity to attack the druids. Although the semimagic people are the main enemies of the elves and human beings now, since they have the opportunity and lost half of the highend combat power of the old druids, the elves immediately attacked and drove the druids out of the forest villages for generations to live in the desert, and built a tree wall around the forest to prevent the druids from coming back easily
The druid suffered great trauma this time, and was attacked by a mysterious man when he was driven away by elves.
Although unwilling to be driven away by the elves, the druids have the confidence to continue to take root in the desert and rise again. It is only a matter of time for the druids.
But the mysterious man who suddenly appeared gave the druid the last and heaviest blow.
Shepherd and tree people have always been the pride of druids, which is the root of their rise again.
These confidential transformation and control materials are the most precious treasures of the Druids in past dynasties.
These materials and experimental data are strictly protected, but this mysterious man’s sudden attack not only robbed all the materials, but also completely killed most of the remaining highend combat power of the whole druid, leaving some lowend and untalented ordinary druids to live, which was the only way to give up.
Master Shan didn’t kill all the druids. At this moment, it is more sensitive. Master Shan just robbed them of some information and killed some highend combat power.
If Master Shan kills all the druids, it will definitely cause an uproar, because even diehards like elves are unwilling to try such a thing as genocide.
Even the druid elves who hate those who destroy nature just drive these bastards out of the forest, but they won’t really kill them all.
It’s not so good for Master Shan to be famous. If the druids are wiped out again, Master Shan is likely to become the target of crusade by various churches and just people.
However, it is different to kill some highend druids and rob some materials. Although there are some lowend druids left, the nature of the whole thing has become to rob druids of secrets rather than brutally exterminate druids.
Without the highend combat power and the information of herding people, the druids became secondrate and then thirdrate forces as expected. After a while, the lowend combat power died quickly because of the loss of promotion opportunities. This great race of druids was actually turned into a group of desert natives who could herd sheep by the mountain master.
Although the druids were not completely killed, Master Shan was a little unhappy, but at least his sister was rescued.
Becky woke up a little calmer again, although she still couldn’t accept becoming a monster, but she was less able to talk to Master Shan.
Master Shan has been looking for a way to restore Becky, but even if she is strong, she can reverse this transformation process.
桑拿按摩  title=Law is reversed but can be changed.
It is Becky’s hope that Master Shan is lucky to get the mutant and the mutant tree core.
Finally, through the crosseye chamber of commerce, Master Shan found a magic circle that can make the same kind of creatures merge and strengthen.