While running, Wu is always paying attention to the extremely cold shock cooling and so on. Once the cooling is completed, he will immediately cast his skills.

Vivian, who has the advantage of moving speed, is getting closer and closer with the countdown when cooling, and has reached the distance to attack Wu.
At this moment, it is less than two seconds before the extreme cold shock completely cools down, and the deceleration effect of one second is not as good as when he wins more.
Well …
Like smelling blood, Vivian’s eyes immediately lit up with a red light, and the small sword in her hand turned over like the same snake with a broken flash, and the target was Wu vest.
Feeling the chill behind him, Wu knew exactly what he was facing, but he didn’t even frown. Instead, he was relieved. The difference in moving speed is too big to get rid of Wei, but fortunately Wei is a sword instead of casting frost. It seems that the frost is not particularly short when it cools down. This is good news.
Xiaojian didn’t accidentally sink into Wu vest
A damage value floats out.
This number is much less than 1 point of damage caused by frost eruption, and the 2 points of damage caused by Vivian’s stab of the sword to Wu are also much less. This is the effect of reducing damage caused by the increase of defense after armor strengthening. Wu is not surprised by this number.
However, Wuyuan only has 13 health points left, and this sword has also dropped a lot to 66, which is already a very dangerous blood volume.
After all, the ordinary attack is not fixed, but there is a little fluctuation. This sword stabbed 64 points of damage. Even if it directly stabbed 66 or more, it is not impossible to end Wu directly. Of course, it may also fluctuate less, but this dangerous root cannot be taken.
So to speak, whether Vivian makes up another sword or the frost erupts and cools down, Wu can wave goodbye with an ice thorn.
At this critical moment, Wu’s face still doesn’t see the slightest panic. He is still running at a high speed. It seems that the sword stabbed him just now is not like he didn’t have it with him
At this time, he can still be so scared. What card does he have?
And Vivian naturally paused for a little because she made an attack.
Once again, the distance between the two has narrowed a little.
At this time, Wu finally had to move his hands except burying his head in a rush. Suddenly, he stretched out his hands and flipped them. In a blink of an eye, two pieces of armor had appeared in his hands.
Left hand[flame cloak]!
Right hand【 fanatic armor lv1 】!
Wait, wait, wait!
[Flame cloak] Isn’t it uncertain whether there is one? And it’s not even strengthened. What’s out now?
Wait a little longer!
[fanatic armor lv1]? Speaking of this armor, it is not Wu’s first reinforced armor. It has a higher priority than 【 Glacier Armor lv1 】. Shouldn’t it play a big role? What didn’t come out until now? Isn’t that logical?
And it doesn’t seem to be anything until now, does it
[Manic Armor lv1] The effect is to restore health, and it is calculated by seconds. It must be the sooner you cross it. Imagine that Wu’s current state will reach 25 after wearing it, and if he recovers 6% of the maximum health every second, he will recover 15 health points every second. One second is 15 health points.
If I had worn it early in the morning, I would have been able to resist Vivian’s sword more now. Why do you think of it now? Is Wu negligent?
Finally, when 【 Glacier Armor lv1 】 was cooled, Wu Zaiyi made an extremely cold shock.
At the same time, the extremely cold shock blue light came on again, and at the same time, an incredible scene appeared, followed by a green flame. His health limit instantly became 15, and his remaining 66 health points became poor 1 … to be continued.
Chapter one hundred and ninetytwo Death fades
A point of life is a sign of death for people at the end of their tether.
Everyone knows that even the lowest monsters in the novice village face opponents with higher defense, even if their attack power is not as high as the defense of the other side, but if they want to attack the system, they will be judged to cause 1 point of compulsory minimum damage and deduct 1 point of health of the other side.
That is to say, even the most junior pheasant or scarecrow in a novice village can easily kill Wu now, and even worse, the damage caused by taking random actions is surprisingly high, Vivian.
Is this still a mistake?
However, at this moment, Wu’s face still can’t see panic. It seems that all this is his intention.
The extreme cold shock once again caused 15 points to Vivian, and at the same time, it also made her enter a state of deceleration again, but Wu never stopped whatever he was doing, and the distance between them was further pulled.
At this time, Vivian’s little hand once again made a familiar gesture, which was a frosty hand gesture …
Frost outbreak has cooled? This is almost my extreme cold shock is synchronous, that is to say, when the frost erupts, the cooling time is also 1 second, so I won’t be distracted to deliberately calculate when the frost erupts and releases. It’s okay. Seeing this, Wu’s mind turned sharply, but his tone seemed to be as relaxed as taking a reassurance.
Still, okay? What do you mean it’s okay? What the hell?
Please have a snack. What time does my brother have to think about when he cools down? What should you think about now is how to stay alive? Love the oil!
It’s also a little damage to the frost outbreak. Wu now has 1 point of remaining blood volume, and Vivian’s skill casting speed is so fast that it’s almost a blink of an eye. Where can he steal another 999 points of blood volume in the blink of an eye? Oh, no, he still has to steal 1 point of blood volume, so he has to leave himself 1 point of blood volume, otherwise he will still die.
Wait a minute, according to Wu’s habit of analyzing first and then acting … He won’t deliberately give his life for the frost to break out and cool down this time, will he? That’s understandable. The sooner you get the information, of course, the more you save when you die, and the more you have when you make a comeback.
Is that really the case? No wonder he is so calm.
But it’s not quite right. If so, why is he running?
桑拿按摩It is Wu who is still running around without a life, stopping to die, which means nothing. At the same time, his hand is also moved immediately, and his right hand is slightly turned with 【 fanatic armor lv1 】.
Hua! The green flame of his body went out in an instant. 【 Crazy Armor lv1 】 has been put on his body, and his blood volume has changed accordingly!