Dad … Jia Yu looked at the bowl in his hand and said that she looked a little timid.

Feather son Jia Xu’s eyes softened a lot when he looked at his daughter. Father doesn’t care what others say. Father asks you, tell Dad yourself how he treats you? Have you been wronged? He stretched out his hand and pointed to me.
Jia Yu was surprised to see his father for a long time before he whispered, Husband treats his daughter … much like dad treats his mother better …
She made such a contrast to Jia Xu zheng is it? Is there anything better than the father?
It seems that I’m going to give a good reward tonight. I’ve added luster and set up an image. Jia Yu, I thought, rubbing my hands.
After this little storm, I think it seems necessary to pay special attention to the attitude towards Cheng Yu.
After repeated thinking, I have made a decision. If Jia Xu Cheng Yu sits under the same roof, I must pay special attention to Cheng Yu and I also pay attention to Cheng Wu’s communication. Although your family has no daughter, you can also consolidate your feelings!
Cheng Yu didn’t care about it anymore, but felt a little guilty at that timehe didn’t come out to work until three days after he was at home, which made me wonder whether he was deliberately lazy or sincerely repented.
Planning before autumn harvest
As soon as the month entered, the weather suddenly cooled down.
It is said that the autumn harvest will come in three or two days. During this critical period, Cheng Yu, a captain of agriculture, was particularly busy, and even Jia Dashu was dragged away by himI am far less proficient in these agricultural issues than Cheng Yu and Jia Xu, two scribes.
In fact, I also wonder that readers should be indifferent to the grain and immerse themselves in knowledge all day, right? Why do these two seem to have a lot of experience in agriculture?
桑拿论坛In March and April, the survival rate of halfsaplings planted was not satisfactory, and a sparse grove was built in Linrong Sanfeng, which finally added a little greenery.
In fact, I wonder why there is such a large piece of barren grassland here, which is next to the big river and abundant in water, and in the north is endless the yinshan mountains. No, it’s not just one piece. It should be regarded as two pieces, one in Hedong and the other in Hexi, separated by two small towns, Linrong Woye.
It’s a pity that I’m not a geographer, and my impression of Mongolian grassland in my previous life is only limited to such things as hulun buir grassland. Will it become a desert Gobi here? I know, but planting a few trees can be done with little effort.
Nearly 60,000 soldiers and civilians in the six northern cities are busy in the fields.
And I once pretended to be a mountain village to inspect the situation in Linrong Woye.
On the second day of the month, Huangfugu reported to me that Chloe Wang came from Shuofang and the news that my father is coming.
Today? I hurried to do it.
It’s not so soon, but it’s only a couple of days. He laughed. County magistrate Wang said that my father had entered Wuyuan and met Lu Bu.
Well, then prepare one. I patted my leg. Why don’t you leave the receptionist to you?
Huangfugu nodded. What are you prepared to give him two meals and wine? We are a poor place in the north.
I couldn’t help laughing when I looked at him. Are you sure the secretariat adults won’t blame us?
We’re financially strapped, and we’re counting on the secretariat for funding, aren’t we, sheriff? He shrugged his shoulders.
I nodded heavily. Yes, we haven’t received a salary for a long time, and we are all eagerly waiting for the secretariat’s adult to pay.

So we waited eagerly for three days and didn’t see any ghost of Huangfusong.
Are you sure your father is coming? I called Huangfugu to question him.
He is very embarrassed. After my father sent me, Gen didn’t ask me anything and didn’t pass the letter. How do I know?
I sighed, Your dad won’t have any problems with Lu Bu, will he? Lai won’t come out in Wuyuan?
Huh? My heart suddenly jumped. Damn it! Lyu3 bu4 this fellow won’t take the opportunity to kill HuangFuSong? ! In this case … I can send troops to crusade against him at once! Huangfusong’s parents can be moral here, of course, on my side. After I slaughtered Lu Bu, I will receive his hand, brother Zhang Liao … I can almost foresee this happy life.
I have sent someone to find out the news. I believe that the day will come to a conclusion. Huangfugu looked calm.

At the beginning of the month, the agents sent by Huangfugu finally returned.
Er … according to what they say … Huangfugu came to report again that my father has left Wuyuan County
Oh, so we’re ready for one? Jia Xu Road
No … His face seemed a little difficult. My father went back to the cloud …
Go to the cloud? !” I slapped a few your dad what is he doing? !” Did you guess that I was going to cry to him and apply for aid funds?
HuangFuGu stand hand heard that this is a military secret
Secret, damn it! I swore.
Ahem Jia Xu motioned for me to pay attention to the image Is the secretariat leading troops?
eh? HuangFuGu zheng it is said that less from Jinyang brought five thousand people team
That’s right. Jia Xu nodded and smoothed her Hu.
I also seem to be a little white. Sir, do you mean … he also came to prepare for the Xianbei savage?
Of course, the yellow turban insurrectionary figurehead has pacified the Huangfu family, who has lived in the northern state for generations. It is natural to know when to deploy. Jia Xu praised his father in front of Huangfugu.
Shame, no HuangFuGu even selfeffacing face is full of smiles.
I twisted my waist. In this case, we don’t need to wait for him. We should do what we want. We should also prepare to meet the savage.
Jia Xu laughed. Have you been waiting for the secretariat these days?
I stared at him and kept my mouth shut.