A curveball bypassed the Manchester United defender’s head and the football went straight to the right corner of the goal. Degea flew to save and failed to touch the football, but the football finally hit the goal crossbar and popped up.

Anfield is full of sighs.
Six minutes later, Giggs fell into a doubleteam on the left and gave the ball to Park Jisung in the middle. Just after the ball was buckled by Steven Gerrard, it was intercepted by Alonso.
Liverpool launched a fast break.
Qin Xiong suddenly pulled to the right, which made Evra extremely nervous. After Alonso passed the ball, Qin Xiong lightly lifted the ball to the right side of the penalty area with the instep of his right foot.
Evans was preempted by Kuyt, who entered the right flank of the penalty area and swept the ball to the middle of the goal without stopping.
Suarez grabbed the point before Dinande and pushed Degea’s alert attack, opening his arms and lowering his center of gravity to expand the defensive area
桑拿会所Suarez’s shot hit Degea’s thigh and bounced off the baseline obliquely.
Suarez heaved a sigh and looked back at Kuyt with a thumb.
Liverpool’s onslaught also gave Manchester United a break.
[The first volume of the sword has become a front before it is drawn.]
Manchester United’s strong offensive in Liverpool quickly adjusted.
Rooney retreated sharply from the front line.
Coleman was worried when he saw Rooney’s trajectory on the sidelines.
What Liverpool are most afraid of now is the opponent’s quick offensive from the backcourt.
Because of that, Liverpool’s sector should be very large.
It’s harder to keep an eye on the opponent’s fast forward players
In the 19th minute of the game, Manchester United made a quick counterattack from the left. Evans fell to the ground and shoveled Qin Xiong to Kuyt to the left.
Evra stopped the ball and sent it straight to Giggs’ foot.
Ryan Giggs looked at the road in his eyes. Park Jisung ran forward quickly. Ryan Giggs passed the ball to Park Jisung’s running line.
Park Jisung kicked the ball before Gerrard got back in place. He went straight to Ashley Yang’s foot on the right.
At this time, Rooney was diagonally in front of Ashley Yang, and Ashley Yang gave the ball to Rooney without hesitation.
Lu Xiaopang stopped the ball, turned around and dodged Alonso, then in front of him was Liverpool’s whole tight defense.
Tiago Silva led the defense so that Rooney didn’t dare to push forward again. He decisively took a long shot!
The football flew like shells from Scottie Diego Silva, and the two men immediately turned their heads and looked at them with some worries in their hearts.
However, after seeing Reina holding the ball firmly in his arms, the two men were relieved and ready to catch Reina’s hand and throw the ball.
Red Devils fans regret that Rooney failed to make a threat when shooting, but Coleman was in a haze on the sidelines.
He’s very worried, that’s all
It’s no accident that Pepe Reina’s state is slipping. It’s difficult for Liverpool to create offensive opportunities because they are increasingly oppressing their opponents.
If we count the match data of Liverpool in the past two seasons, we will find that the number of opponents’ shots tends to slide as a whole.
Especially the shooting percentage is also sliding in a straight line.
Perhaps last season, Liverpool allowed opponents to make about one shot in nine minutes on average.
But last season, this number has dropped to about 6 times.
And the shooting percentage?
Although it fluctuates greatly, the overall average is less than 35%
That is to say, one of the three shots can hit the goal range.
Then Reina’s pressure and challenges in the competition are also decreasing year by year.
Reina, who is not a worldclass goalkeeper, faces the threat of opponents in the absence of games, and it is not understandable that he is slippery.
Just like casillas, the first Spanish god, although he played for the giant Real Madrid, Real Madrid’s defense has been very bad in the past many years. The number of shots shot by opponents in Real Madrid has been high. casillas can win the Golden Glove Award because he is really successful and resists the brave play.
I also have to say that casillas was able to stay in excellent condition for ten years, and the team defended badly. He had to keep his concentration and meet challenges in every game.
Competitive sports is like this. Without pressure, there is no motivation. Without motivation, it is like sailing against the current, if you don’t advance, you will retreat.
Besides, Reina has won all the honors of the club. Can he be as enterprising as before?
This is what Coleman is worried about.
The goalkeeper’s position is too special.
Maybe you can’t exchange your attention for a second at a height of 9 minutes.
And if you are a little distracted and slowwitted, it may cause great disaster.
Now Liverpool are improving their formation skills and tactics to continue to exert strong offensive firepower on their opponents.
Opponents will get fewer chances, but once the opponent suddenly attacks the goalkeeper, the probability of abnormal performance will soar!
Due to unexpected or longterm relaxation
The goalkeeper position needs fresh blood, new people who have both strength and hunger for honor.
Anyway, Coleman can now pin his hopes on Reina and hope that Reina will not make irreparable mistakes this season.
Red Devils’ counterattack still shakes Liverpool’s defence.
Reina was criticized by the media some time ago for slipping, which has sounded the alarm for him. Naturally, he will put his mind into the game and will try his best to deal with the game if he is nervous.
This made Manchester United frequently shoot from the periphery and failed to create a murder.
In the 32nd minute of the game, Liverpool controlled the ball in the middle and front court.
Qin Xiong catches Baines’ ball on the left in the frontcourt. He returns the ball obliquely in front of Alonso in front of Smalin, and then his lateral running speed is not fast, but it makes the scalp of Manchester United defenders numb.
They don’t know what Qin Xiong’s next trajectory will be, whether he will directly cut into the restricted area or crosscatch and then shoot with his feet.
Manchester United defenders are nervous.
Alonso pushed the ball to the left in front of the penalty area before Rooney forced it
Qin Xiong meets Phil Jones in front of him and touches the ball first, then obliquely returns the ball again.
But this time the ball was directed at Steven Gerrard.
He continued to run sideways and rushed past Phil Jones, who immediately chased Qin Xiong.
When Gerrard gave the ball to Qin Xiong again, Qin Xiong was already caught in the Phil Jones Fletcher double team.
But Qin Xiong still didn’t control the ball.
He knocked the ball behind him with the instep of his outer foot.
After the ball, Steven Gerrard runs obliquely, just as Qin Xiong is a staggered crossrunning line.
That used to be Phil Jones’ defense zone, but Phil Jones was attracted by Qin Xiong.
Gerrard took the ball after running obliquely and forced it in front of the penalty area.
Dinand had to move to the front of Gerrard. Just after he moved one step, Gerrard gave the ball to Dinand, Suarez.
Dinander was not prepared. He expected Steven Gerrard to give Suarez the ball, and immediately turned around and ran diagonally to block Suarez’s shooting line.