Liuzhuang lotus cocked his head and wanted to think, My back hurts a little, my feet hurt a little, and Liuzhuang lotus didn’t say this sentence.

Is there anything wrong?
Looking at Ye Wei carefully, Liu Zhuanghe put a glass of water in her hand and said, Ye I’m fine, I haven’t lost my memory, I haven’t forgotten my baby. I know she has gone to another world, which is more beautiful.
She had been looking forward to the child, but now it is gone.
She used to be more grateful to Wu Muchen for giving her a home, but now she has no home.
The child was removed by Wu Muchen himself.
From then on, I hated him.
I’m a little hungry, said Liu Zhuanghe gently.
She needs to cheer up so that she can get back at Wu Muchen and Huo Qianqian. Her child can’t just die in vain.
Okay, what do you want to eat? She was very happy to see that Liu Zhuanghe could perk up so quickly.
rice congee with stirfried bitter gourd porridge and bitter melon have the ultimate taste to make her remember this moment
Ye Wei is one leng. Bitter gourd is too bitter. I’ll buy some of his side dishes.
No, I want to eat.
Ye Wei saw that she insisted on nodding. Okay, you lie down for a while. I’ll buy a horse now and come back.
Ye Weili Mara opened the door and ran to the stairway. When nurses or patients saw her, they gave her a sympathetic look.
The hospital has where will you go every day in this place.
Liuzhuang Lotus started, and her back and feet were burning, but at the moment, her body hurt, but not her heart.
When she knew that she was pregnant, she was so happy that she had a family in this world, but all this was ruined by Wu Muchen.
Liuzhuang lotus brimming with pain slowly moved to the window and opened it.
At this time, it is raining outside the window.
Liuzhuang lotus back to the head of a bed and looked out of the window motionless.
She didn’t respond when the nurse came in to dial the needle.
桑拿会所The nurse gave her a look and said with a sigh, You can have a baby without it, but you have your own body and you are distressed. If you have a good body, you can have two babies.
For this patient, the nurse still knew that the dean had told her to take good care of her. At that time, she was taken to the hospital like a bloody person. At first glance, it was an accidental abortion, and she could not help but sympathize.
Thank you, I will. Liu Zhuanghe smiled gratefully at the nurse.
It’s good to know. The nurse went to the window and closed it. Abortion should be paid attention to.
thank you
After the nurse left, Liu Zhuanghe moved to the window and opened it. She didn’t feel better until she looked out the window.
When Ye Wei came back, she saw Liu Zhuanghe staring blankly at the window, opening the small table in front of the bed, setting porridge and bitter gourd and magically serving a chicken soup.
Zhuanghe, you should make up for it these days so that you can be healthy quickly, okay?
Know the housekeeper Liuzhuang lotus end rice congee didn’t zi didn’t taste to pick up a piece of bitter gourd with mouth really bitter.
If the pain is extreme, there will be no tears to vent the pain, which is the most painful.
I wish you happiness forever.
Today, there will be a prizewinning question and answer every June 2. Remember to answer the questions and grab the coins.
Call on the flower drill to drill the ticket, and throw it all at the lotus.
I’ll take over her life.
It can’t be the wrong person to appear in the right time; Appearing at the wrong time can’t be the socalled right or wrong, but it may be meaningless. Sighing is an excuse. When you are right, you are right.
Wu Muchen sent Huo Qianqian back to Huo’s villa and went to the hospital instead of going home.