Don’t be happy too early, I will beat you. Even now, he is still talking brazenly.

I’m sorry that I may not be strong in singles, but I can just hit you and I’m sorry that our two teams won’t meet again! Lu Zhan said coldly
Lu Zhan is telling the truth. lspl is a single cycle. When RG is promoted to lpl and Beilang can’t get in, the two teams will never meet again.
This is the declaration of the winner of the land exhibition.
Chapter 424 After the game
Chapter 6223412424 After the game
There are 16 teams in lspl, and not every team can make friends with Lu Zhan like the women’s team garden after the game.
I didn’t intend to leave them noodles for the North Wolf team Lu Zhan.
RG four people followed Lu Zhan, and everyone just walked out of the competition area without shaking hands with each other, leaving Beilang five people depressed.
This is the last game of the day. After the match, the audience broke up. RG several people took their own things and were going back.
Come out and route Yu Liuzhan hasn’t been talking. The atmosphere is a little dull.
Two consecutive victories. Do you want to celebrate one today? The soldier broke the silence.
No, just go home. It was already faster when Lu Zhan saw it.
Who said not to celebrate?
A woman suddenly rang out from behind several people.
Lu Zhan looked back in front of two beautiful girls, a tall girl with long hair and a graceful figure, and a meat toot. Looking at Lu Zhan, there was a spoony little star in her eyes, which was Zihua and her best friend Xiaoqi.
Why are you …
桑拿会所It’s awkward to see Zihua Land Exhibition again. A few days ago, Zihua confessed that scene to stay in his heart. Zihua cried and went back to the picture, which he couldn’t forget.
Of course I came to watch the game. I’m your ultimate fan! Purple flower smiled and laughed, and two dimples appeared on her white face.
Seeing the purple pattern seems like something never happened that day. Lu Zhan knew that Purple Flower must be trying to hide it and keep it a secret.
None of you want to leave. Everyone will come back to my house with me. Just a few of us will celebrate! Purple flowers came near and looked around.
Soldiers and others looked at each other, and they had seen purple flowers after the first game. I didn’t expect this woman to invite them to her house today.
Purple flowers are beautiful in appearance and sweet in sound, and they are the focus of attention everywhere. There are beautiful women inviting soldiers, of course they want to go.
But several people found that Lu Zhan and Zi Hua were separated by a little distance, as if something had happened.
Come on, I’ve already called to order food, and I’ll live in my place directly after eating. Zihua put herself forward and sincerely invited Lu Zhan.
En Lu Zhan nodded that he was in a bad mood but didn’t want to spoil everyone’s fun, and it was obvious that Zihua said that he was mainly invited to invite RG team.
No one asked Lu Zhan what happened, and everyone could guess that it was Xia Lingyao.
After more than half an hour, a group of seven people came to Zihuajia highend villa.
This is RG’s demographic joke. This is a villa as big as Jin Dahai. Stop it. They just haven’t thought about it.
This … local tyrants, let’s be friends! Li Juntao can’t help but say that even Zhang Xi, who has always been the most calm, can’t help but be surprised and sighed at the purple flower family.
What friends are we already friends? Zihua gave them a white look and led everyone in.
Hello exhibition elder brother so good Bai Fumei seems to be interested in you … Li Juntao quietly pulled Lu Zhan sleeve.
Lu Zhan shook his head with a wry smile and walked in. He didn’t know the purple flower was excellent, but he couldn’t tell it in one sentence or two.
Not long after entering the room, the purple flower meal was delivered, which was small in quantity, but superior in exquisiteness. At first glance, it was made in a highend hotel.
Seven people sat around the dining table, and everyone was already hungry and began to eat.
Zihua sat beside Lu Zhan. She nibbled at the food and observed the expression of Lu Zhan.
Lu Zhan has been burying his head in eating and not saying much.
What happened to Lu Zhan? What happened to you?
After dinner, Zihua arranged for everyone to look at the house and took advantage of an opportunity to find Lu Zhanwen.
No, it’s okay … Lu Zhan looked around him.