"If you recognize it, who stipulates that we can’t go in?" Huangfu Da obviously took Shuiyun Park by surprise and went in.

Shuiyunjin left the pie mouth, and no one really stipulated that it was not too conspicuous to swagger in in in the clear sky, especially since their current identities and those words are now well known.
It was quiet when they walked in. It was still early. Before they heard Yingying Yan Yan, they saw a middle-aged man with a steady appearance in the lobby. His posture was straight and he looked like he had been waiting for a long time. His eyebrows were sharp and unsmiling. He saw that the two men respectfully made a ceremony to "meet the lady."
Shui Yun-jin zheng really didn’t expect that there were Huangfudi people in Qingyue Pavilion.
"Get up" Huangfudi faint middle-aged male lead straight to a private room on the third floor.
"Lord wait a moment" middle-aged man ready and back out:
Chapter 5 The Truth (1)
Quiet, luxurious and elegant, Shuiyunjin looked around. The Qingyue Pavilion deserves to be the largest and most famous music square in the capital. The room is almost luxurious, showing the romantic atmosphere everywhere. The pictures of ladies and girls are vivid and enchanting. The carved screen also depicts the hanging head and smiling beauty. The light pink satin veil is woven with cotton cushions to facilitate the guests to take a rest.
It is no wonder that Jiang Qiuwu chose to hide here when he was able to come in Qing Yuege.
"When did you reach out to Qingyue Pavilion?" Shuiyun Park smiled at Huangfuda.
"She and Huangfuheng hold this place, so I’ll let people buy it so that they can’t hide anything they want to do." Huangfuda said lightly.
Shui Yun-jin smiled, not to say that this man is really far-sighted, but to buy a music square is so elegant and romantic, unlike his usual style, but it also just said how Jiang Qiuwu was sent here and dared to post a post and invite people to come. After all, this is not a brothel.
In a short time, I saw the middle-aged man followed by a enchanting woman dressed in a s-curve figure.
Two people outside the elegant door, the woman’s face was covered with powder and fat, and her face was covered with thick powder, with an obsequious smile. "You can stay assured that the post was sent out last night. Since the disappearance of Autumn Guan Yue, those who were thinking about her have been making trouble for three days, saying that my moon mother hid her. It’s a good thing that she returned to the Qing Yue Pavilion and even the highest bidder got the place. Those people rushed over like crazy. Now it’s okay. Let’s have a lively Qing Yue Pavilion again. My moon mother is relieved."
"I told you everything was ready", a middle-aged man with a deep voice.
"I don’t procrastinate, so just watch it." Moon stands with her chest and promises.
"It’s about time to wait." The middle-aged man Yang Yang hand.
Moon smiles ingratiatingly, nods and twists the willows’ slender waist, and goes downstairs step by step.
"When the Lord is ready, he will go to the stage on the third floor," said the middle-aged man, bowing to the inside.
"How is she?" Huangfuda began.
桑拿  title="She was sealed off by you and ordered her dumb hole. Now she is applying chicken power."
"Go ahead, I want to proceed as usual." Huangfuda’s voice rose slightly.
The middle-aged man did another ceremony before retiring.
Shuiyunjin naturally can hear the meaning in Huangfuda’s words. No matter who comes today, Jiang Qiuwu can’t be saved.
Soon, the third floor was full of excitement. With the arrival of more and more people, the music of bamboo and silk began to dance on the moon stage.
Especially when Jiang Qiuwu was held in front of everyone, the crowd was full of excitement.
They didn’t go out of the room and heard the stage of the moon clearly bid. It seems that Guan Yue was very popular in the previous autumn, and she called 100 thousand and 120 at her first night.
"Who’s that man?" Shui Yunjin was curious.
Huangfuda, the richest man in Beijing, looks pale. I am a ghost around the goddess.
"Do you want to go and see?" Shuiyunjin suddenly smiled.
"What are you looking at?" Huangfuda raised her eyebrows.
"Watch!" Shuiyunjin blinked.
"If you want to learn, I’ll teach you to see them myself, which simply pollutes your eyes." Huangfuda’s face is disgusted and serious, and Shuiyunjin repeatedly turns over several supercilious eyes. He has taught her enough.
Suddenly, there was a burst of Wan Jian collision sound from the outside. Shuiyun Park went to the window and looked at it. You could see the number of people in the building and alleys, such as Yesen, playing against each other in black.
As Huang Fu-da said, the two confidants around Jiang Qiuwu didn’t see Huang Fu-heng’s shadow. These dozens of black guards were not afraid. They also seemed to be absent-minded. When they confronted each other, they could not attack and soon withdrew like the tide.
"Huangfuheng is wise to know that with these people, there is no way to rescue Jiang Qiuwu, so he doesn’t want them to die. He sent someone to do it. He was afraid and hated Jiang Qiuwu." Huangfuda didn’t know when she came to Shuiyunjin’s side, and her eyes were faint
Shuiyun Hibiscus sneered at Jiang Qiuwu, who was trying to flatter himself in front of Huangfuhang, but it turned out that Huangfuheng ate a fly and wanted to vomit, but he couldn’t get rid of it. According to Huangfuhang’s temper, he would definitely take Jiang Qiuwu’s operation, let alone send someone to save her. At that time, he told Jiang Qiuwu that he couldn’t save her. To say that these two people had been in the same boat for several years, it was very unlikely that they would trust each other.
The bidding on the stage is still turbulent, and it has caused public outrage when Xu Dagong went in. On this day, Jiang Qiuwu was doomed to die.
The two men stayed in Qingyue Pavilion for another hour before leaving.
When I got back to Lanwangfu, I listened to Jiqing and said, "Pray for the king to take the dark guard to get rid of all the people in Jiangqiuwu."
Smell speech ShuiYunJin smiled Jiang Yu qi that smiling fox is definitely not a paper pinch.
"He’s competitors" Huangfuda eyebrows Yang Yang sound some abandon.
"Jiang Yu qi’s heart is more anxious than anyone else. If you don’t wait for the two masters to get seriously injured, you should make moves to him again. It seems that today Jiang Qiuwu is doomed to escape this robbery." Shui Yunxi thinks that Jiang Yu qi’s move is good. People would do the same.
"You said I should let him come up with something as a gift?" Huangfuda took Shuiyunjin into the gate.
Shuiyunjin chuckled at Jiang Yu’s prayer, but how do you listen to this man asking for a lion’s mouth?
The palace was quiet as usual, and I didn’t hear people’s gossip because the palace banquet was almost naked.
Several lords in the house didn’t feel humiliated, let alone complain and be angry.
Grandpa, it’s not enough that it’s calm there. Mother Princess didn’t hear any movement there. I think she also consciously thought that Su Ningxiang couldn’t stay, so everyone is happy now.
Listen to the rain Xuan Huangfuyi is sitting in the courtyard, holding the charming sunshine in his hand. He is quiet and gentle through the branches and leaves. His concentration seems to have never paid attention to this matter. Maybe he never noticed that he had a wife and married for a few years and lived in a branch and became a stranger. Only by accident can he be so calm.
The whole palace is so calm, and perhaps Huangfudi has long planned this. Since then, Su Ningxiang is no longer the rebirth of Wangfu Shifei and the rise of the empire.
After the Qiqiao Festival, there is a new topic in the streets and lanes of the whole capital, whether it is Su Ningxiang or Qiu Guanyue.
It’s a sunny day, and the sun is shining golden.
Shuiyunjin was just about to go out after breakfast when she came in a hurry. "The princess of the county, Hou Fu, is in charge, saying that Mrs. Hou Fu is eager to see you."
Shuiyunjin frowned slightly. Su Qian wanted to see her for a long time. She didn’t think it was white. Shuixinru "people are still outside."
"Even the handmaiden told him that the princess of the county was not necessarily idle, but he still refused to go." Ruqin was somewhat naive.
Shuiyunjin smiled. It is necessary to see yourself. "Then go back and have a look."
If you fall into the water, Yunjin lifts her feet like a piano and follows quickly.
In front of the palace, I saw the steward’s face eagerly turning back and forth, and saw Shuiyunjin hurriedly saluting "Princess County, please".
ShuiYunJin smiled and didn’t speak there motionless.
The steward looked up and looked at him with a smile on his face. His eyes tightened and he bowed his head and said, "Madam said that if the princess of the county went back, she would allow the princess of the county something."
"Let’s go." Shuiyunjin lifted her feet and walked away from the carriage in front of the steward.
The steward heaved a hand and wiped his forehead. He finally breathed a sigh of relief and jumped into the carriage with the carriage in front.
Half an hour later, the carriage stopped in front of Houfu.
As soon as Shuiyunjin got into the carriage, he saw Su Qian eagerly. "Yunjin, you are finally here."
Shuiyunjin helped Ruqin to get into the carriage. "I don’t know if my mother is in such a hurry."
Su Qian looked at Shuiyunjin’s mouth and smiled, and her heart ached with a knife. Shuixinru has been missing for three days, life and death. No, she laughed happily and didn’t rest assured at all. "Let’s go into the house first."
Water cloud park looked at Su Qian gray face lift the heel.