After hearing this, the old man’s face showed a puzzled expression, but he quickly recovered his color.

"yes, master"
"Do you need to contact the police?"
Wei Xi looked after Xiaomi.
"At this point, you should ask Miss Gu what she says."
The old man turned to Gu Xiaomi, and Gu Xiaomi couldn’t help but feel nervous and couldn’t speak neatly.
"Well, forget it. I’m fine now, so don’t contact the police. It’s estimated that she will also converge after she is frightened this time, don’t you think?"
"Well, I’ll listen to you. Anyway, if you settle down, she won’t have a chance to hurt you."
"Is old Wang Ren arranged?"
"Yes, just outside the door"
"Okay, you go first."
"Then I’ll go first. Goodbye, Master Gu."
Said the old man went out. Wow, it’s so stylish. Gu Xiaomi thinks he walks with the wind.
"Who is hee?"
"You’ll know then."
"You have a lot of secrets. I thought you might be rich, but now I think it’s not just that simple. Just now, the old man didn’t look like he was rich. He was wearing a famous brand and had so many hands. Then how could he listen to you? Who are you? I’m getting more and more curious."
"No matter what others think of me, you are your minion."
Chapter 24 Going home
"Give" Wei Xi a lovely gift box to Gu Xiaomi.
"What is this?" Gu Xiaomi asked as he opened it.
"Wow, what a cute hat!" Gu Xiaomi is holding the hat in his hand and fiddling with the goose yellow hat from left to right. It looks very warm, just like a little sun. The only thing that always warms your heart is inexplicable and distressing. The most important thing is that there are two pigtails hanging on both sides of the hat.
"The only thing that must be beautiful to wear" Gu Xiaomi spoke highly of Wei Xi’s vision.
"Who is the only one?"
"A beautiful woman."
"Beauty" Wei Xi picked his eyebrows.
"Well, I’m going to see a beautiful woman now. Do you want to go?"
spa会所Although Wei Xi is interested in the beauty epidemic, he is also curious about whether Fang Sheng can make Gu Xiaomi so interested and obediently follow.
"City, do they have to follow this way?" Gu Xiaomi looked at the mighty suit man behind him and felt a little uncomfortable.
"You don’t go back first," Wei Xi told the suit leader later.
Finally it’s just the two of them. Gu Xiaomi is relieved.
"It’s too conspicuous to have so many people following you. Don’t let them follow you, okay?"
"They are protecting you. You let Li Mei go. I’m afraid this woman will never repent. I can’t risk you. Just bear it." Wei Xi rubbed his head against Xiaomi’s little head.
There’s no way out. Let Xi feel at ease about Xiaomi and be a "big sister"
"The only thing you see what I brought you" Gu Xiaomi pushed open the door and shouted.
The bedding and mattress swinging in the room are gone, leaving the bed board.
"The only place where I went was the only place."
Gu Xiaomi dare not think about it, but dare not say it.
"What about the city? The only place to go?" Gu Xiaomi grabbed Wei Xi’s shoulder and stamped his feet.
"Don’t worry, let’s ask the nurse first."
Gu Xiaomi followed Wei Xi to the nurse while sobbing.
"Excuse me, where is the little girl in that ward?"
"Which?" The other person has a bad tone.
"Only Liu Unique" Gu Xiaomi added.
"Oh, she’s out of the hospital"
"What" Gu Xiaomi exclaimed from behind Wei Xi.
"His parents found the right bone marrow and went to the United States for surgery."
"Great, Hee, did you hear that the only thing that can be saved?" Gu Xiaomi’s tears burst its banks again.