I’m afraid it’s another sensation when I start my class suddenly. For example, what about the grandfather of a certain enterprise?

How bloody the report is, Chu Yan is drunk when she thinks about it, and she really wants to get some money if she wants to go and break the news.
But Mo Chengkun is like knowing what ChuYan thinks in his heart, slightly hooking the corners of his mouth.
"You don’t want to report it."
Chu Yan consciously asked "What?"
Say that finish zheng, then I am embarrassed to bow my head, as if someone had discovered the secret and admitted it before a child’s adult.
Mo Chengkun couldn’t help laughing and teasing, "Because I sent a notice to the media yesterday" means self-evident.
Chuyan had an awkward period, which is also called looking up and pie mouth, and looked at him curiously.
"You can guess what I’m thinking every time. You can’t be a mind reader, can you?"
桑拿论坛Mo Chengkun’s smile "Guess" and bright eyes are like the brightest stars in the sky.
Chuyan can’t help but be stupid for a moment. She turned her head and blushed as if she could hear the fire scratching and burning.
Mo Chengkun’s heart is because you and I know what you are and I understand you.
ChuYan embarrassed turned to explain "that"
Mo Chengkun stopped him with a smile. "All right, stop it. Let’s go, or I’ll be late."
ChuYan a listen to ease some embarrassment look at the table at noon at this time ya.
As soon as ChuYan blew up, she cried out, "Oh,no." Mo Chengkun turned to frown and looked at her and asked, "What’s wrong?"
ChuYan immediately the baggage and take the journey "it’s already one o’clock in the afternoon and I’m already late."
The crew starts work at nine o’clock every morning, and it’s already one o’clock.
She hurriedly took out her mobile phone and took a look at it.
No wonder she always feels that something is wrong. It turned out to be a mobile phone.
When I was busy, I turned on my phone and asked Mo Chengkun, "What happened to my mobile phone?"
Mo Chengkun’s eyes flashed. "I don’t know. Maybe you fell while chasing the robber."
There are many loopholes in this statement, but at the moment, ChuYan will come or not.
"Forget it, forget it, then let’s go." When I turned around, I didn’t forget to say hello to Auntie Gan. "Auntie Gan, I walked first. Thank you for treating me to dinner many times today. Sometimes I invite you to dinner."
After this sentence, Chu Yan remembered that she couldn’t wait to fly to that situation at that time and fan herself to death.
But of course, this is another story.
Dry aunts son also smiling out at ChuYan nodded and waved at the moment.
"Well, I’ll just wait for Miss ChuYan to do it."
Chuyan always thinks that it’s not smiling eyes, but a kind of calculating thief’s eyes.
But at the moment, she didn’t notice a man laughing beside her.
I hurried to the parking lot with Mo Chengkun, and my cell phone was turned on.
A look at the news Zhang Naxiao Lanke.
Fifty-four missed Zhang Na, twenty dawn, fifteen and twenty Lanke.
There is even Wen Fuxiao’s dialect.
See this ChuYan not leng for a long time.
Wen Fuxiao
It’s been a long time since I contacted him.
And some of his words are all missed.
Chuyan looked at these a little horrified but didn’t feel strange at all.
Because they are the people who can do these things, there is nothing Chu Yan just believes.
Look again when WenFuXiao ChuYan or slightly hesitated for a moment.
Finally, I sighed and deleted all the records
Mo Chengkun has been watching him secretly. Naturally, he knows who is coming inside.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t have given ChuYan a chance last night.
As if knowing what ChuYan was worried about, Mo Chengkun casually spoke.
"Don’t worry, I’ll call you for filming. You can go all day today.
And Zhang Na. I told them, too. I know you’re afraid they’re worried
So I called Xiao and they told you a lie. You were too tired from work, and you slept there last night. "
ChuYan a listen to not slightly relieved and then turned to MoChengKun way "thank you very much"
Mo Chengkun smell speech but don’t know what to say.
Where did Shi Chuyan know that all this was just Mo Chengkun’s intention
And Zhang Na they are talking from another situation.
Of course, this is all another story.
For a long time ChuYan relaxed and turned to look at Mo Chengkun’s good-looking side face. I still feel a little strange when I think of yesterday.
First, the robber, and second, Mo Chengkun’s appearance was a coincidence. She couldn’t help frowning slightly when she thought about it.
"Hey Mo Chengkun, let me ask you something. How did you suddenly arrive yesterday to know where I am?"
Mo Chengkun couldn’t help thinking of yesterday.
A thrilling and warm picture flashed in my mind.
He said, "It was all some idiot who was almost hit by my car. I didn’t even hear the voice calling."