He she is afraid to go to the hospital. After all, both Lin Tingfei and her mother are gone in the hospital.

"Dr. Zhang has been a family doctor for the Ning family for half a generation. Her experience won’t make you feel uncomfortable, and we are at home. If you don’t like anything, it’s not me."
Wang Yuehuan refused to listen to his hand and took a sip of pure milk, almost wanting to spit it out together.
But when she saw Ning Tiannuo holding her breath, she drank the whole glass of milk instead of letting herself vomit, and then conveniently forked a piece of fried egg.
品茶论坛Say, "See if I can eat and sleep."
Wang Yuehuan suppressed the rebellion and hooked Ning Tiannuo’s neck and kissed his lips. "I don’t want you to give me a few days, okay?"
Ning Tiannuo buckled her neck and deepened this kiss. What can he say now that he has said so?
He patted her on the forehead. "Okay, I’ll give you a week."
Wang Yue laughed, narrowed his eyes, nodded, and made an ok gesture.
Two people reached a consensus that Ning Tiannuo went to class and Wang Yuehuan watched him leave without saying a word.
Because she dare not speak again, because once she opens her mouth, she thinks it is very likely that even gastric juice will be sprayed on Ning Tiannuo’s face together.
He walked out of the door, and she turned around and went upstairs to hold bathroom door tightly to the toilet and spit bloody dust.
About half an hour later, Wang Yuehuan collapsed, climbed out of his hand washing and bumped into a soft big bed.
It’s over. If you don’t have a big stomach problem, you must be. Yes, you must be pregnant.
Wang Yuehuan is counting the days with his fingers, but there is no way to calculate the day. I don’t know how old the child is.
But no, she can’t just sit still and go to Ningtiannuo like this. Sooner or later, she will find something abnormal, and then she will be passively beaten. It is better to find out her position first.
Wang Yuehuan jumped out of bed, changed his clothes and was ready to go out and look for a drugstore, even if he was so tired and collapsed that he seemed to wander like a ghost in the middle of a walk.
She deliberately chose a hooded sweater, and when she went out, she shouted Sun Chen in a high-profile way, saying that she would come back after going out for an hour.
Wang Yuehuan was personally taught driving skills by Ning Tiannuo a while ago, but he hasn’t got the handcart yet. It’s probably a meeting.
In her garage, she found a car with a less overbearing visual model, and drove the asphalt outside the door. Looking at Sun Chenzhi behind her, she was nervous and afraid that something would happen to her nose, so that the gentleman would be cruel and cruel to kill him.
All right, everything is fine. About forty-five minutes later, Sun Chen finally saw Wang Yuehuan again.
Prayer was guaranteed, and he went to thank God, and the earth was full of nonsense to Wang Yuehuan.
Wang Yuehuan was so naked and disliked driving skills that he didn’t want to say another word with Sun Chen.
The health door of the building watched the pregnancy test paper come out. Wang Yuehuan stared as if the pregnancy test paper was a hot potato. She was so excited that she threw it far out of sight and out of mind.
This is really over. How old is this child now?
I was anxious in the entanglement, but later, Wang Yuehuan secretly talked about how many unknown changes things would bring to her. She can be a mother, which is a very happy thing from the root.
Wang Yue Huanmen walked out of the hand-washing bed and lay touching his belly. Maternal brilliance flooded and he talked to the baby for a while
Let him say that he loves him and wants him to be safe and healthy.
Wang Yuehuan had a bed rest for about two hours. After she had some energy, she drove to the hospital.
Still have to check in the hospital to make sure that you can finally rest assured.
People are very strange, a kind of uncertainty. When this child arrives, Wang Yuehuan feels troublesome. I wonder if he has her tangled contradictions with Wu Sen, hoping that everything is wrong by himself.
But when the pregnancy test paper appears, the two red roads will still be entangled in my heart, but later it is more about the joy and happiness of the mother.
Besides, she is still a woman who has been sentenced to death and said that she can’t have another child. If she really has a child now, it feels like a gift of love.
Wang Yuehuan drove to the hospital for examination and unconsciously came to the hospital where Wu Sen worked.
It may be that the former third aunt often comes to the office and knows her way around. Wang Yuehuan hasn’t decided which hospital to go to for diagnosis, and the car has stopped in the parking lot here.
Wang Yuehuan didn’t think much about it. It is said that Wu Sen has resigned. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t hate him the most here, but it’s nothing to determine whether he is pregnant or not.
It’s all here, and she’s too lazy to find another home. It’s even more troublesome to feel unfamiliar.
Wang Yuehuan went straight to obstetrics and gynecology without noticing a thoughtful look behind her and followed her all the way through the first floor hall of the hospital.
And when she walked away, the man finally responded and followed her quickly until they reached obstetrics and gynecology. They stopped and waited for news behind them. Wang Yuehuan lined up to go to the department for examination.
I can see Wang Yuehuan and Liu Jingjing again in the hospital and feel that this is really a wonderful fate.
After she met Wu Sen, who was dying in an alley and wanted to die, she felt a little sympathy for him, which weakened Wang Yuehuan.