Therefore, even if Lu Wenbin didn’t retreat to the forbidden zone, the midfielder could also cause great interference and hinder the Brazilian attack and help the China team’s defense when it was delayed.

As a result, the game is almost over, and Brazil is still 12 behind in the Olympic gold medal dream.
All Brazilians are not reconciled.
In the last few minutes, the Brazilian team attacked so hard that even Sandro left Lu Wenbin at the back and rushed to the frontcourt.
Mal is constantly rushing from side to side. He is full of spiritual skills and plays with the defense of China team.
Lu Wenbin was also forced to withdraw.
Seeing that there were only a few minutes left in the game, Lu Wenbin didn’t want to fight back, just wanted to wait until the last second to hear the referee end the game whistle.
As time went by, the game entered injury time.
China fans in the stands are celebrating more and more, and Brazilian fans are desperate.
In the 92nd minute, Marcelo broke through Wu Xi’s defense, and the ball in the bottom was pushed out of the forbidden area by Zhao Peng and fell to Wu Xi’s foot.
China fought back. Players from both sides flooded out of the forbidden area and ran to Brazil’s half-court.
As a result, Wu Xi was going to throw the ball directly to Wu Lei, but Juan saw through a tackle and stopped the ball, and then stabbed it to Oscar lying flat.
Brazil, in turn, fought back against China.
When China fought back, Mal didn’t run back to line up with the China defender.
By the time Oscar got the ball, Mal had turned around and made a sprint.
It’s just a moment before Mal is offside.
The ball escaped the interception of Lu Wenbin, Tang Jiashu and Dewey, and was directly stuffed by Oscar to Marmar’s offside. The China team received an Oscar behind the defense line to form a single knife.
Suddenly, several Brazilian fans cheered and China fans booed in the stands.
Ceng Cheng was also frightened to disgrace and rushed out. Dewey and Zhao Peng behind Omar also chased him closely.
Mare flint has already entered the forbidden zone, and as a result, he missed the best shot on his last trip.
Ceng Cheng seized the opportunity and rushed to Mar’s mind. At a turn, he barely reached out and grabbed Ceng Cheng to poke the ball before touching it.
Mal stabbed the ball away for a second before Ceng Cheng’s hand pressed to the position where the ball had shrunk just now.
As a result, the ball didn’t hit but touched Mal’s shoes.
But before Ceng Cheng touched his shoes, Mal had already fallen and screamed.
In the process of falling to the ground, Omar has screamed and hugged his instep, as if he had been injured by Ceng Cheng. After falling to the ground, he kept screaming and rolling, and he was about to roll into the goal line from the forbidden area. In the future, it will be famous. Omar rolled into the final stage of the London Olympic Games.
The referee blew a sharp whistle and rushed over. His finger reached out at the penalty spot and pulled out a red card, giving Ceng Cheng and China a capital red card penalty.
Chapter 599 Overtime torment
The referee’s penalty surprised all China players and fans.
Fans in the stands cursed "black whistle" and "blind referee", while players complained around the referee.
Ceng Cheng shouted excitedly in front of the referee, "Open your eyes and see that I didn’t foul. He fell before I met Mal. He was diving."
Captain Lu Wenbin also insisted on Ceng Cheng’s side. "Sir, I can see very clearly that our goalkeeper leaned forward and fell before he met him. This is an out-and-out diving red card and penalty. Please don’t change your penalty."
The referee was angry and pushed forward with one hand to signal Lu Wenbin and others not to get close to the other hand and put it into his pocket and threatened.
"I saw clearly that Mal had poked the ball open before the goalkeeper tackled Mal. This is a standard red card penalty. Please stand back and continue the game or I will draw my cards."
Lu Wenbin, who had a full view, was quite sure that the ball was dived by Mal rather than saved by Ceng Cheng, although he was farther away from the incident than the referee.
At this moment, the replay video of the conflict was broadcast on the big screen.
The replay shows that Mal did poke the ball away before Ceng Cheng touched it, but it was also Ceng Cheng who fell down before he touched it.
Although it is not obvious, it should be easy for professionals to tell that this is Mal’s premeditated diving fraud point, not that Ceng Cheng tackled Mal and destroyed Brazil’s goal.
Therefore, Lu Wenbin insisted on pointing to the big screen and yelling at the referee, "Open your eyes and see if Mal is diving. If you don’t change your sentence, you will make the worst misjudgment in the history of the Olympic Games."
However, neither the big screen playback nor Lu Wenbin’s threat changed the referee’s will.
Not only that, but in the face of pressing Lu Wenbin, the referee directly took out a yellow card and showed him a pair of China players. "If you don’t pull Lu away, I will directly send him a red card."
Seeing each other not only unrepentant, but also showing himself a yellow card, Lu Wenbin suddenly felt an evil fire, shouting and cursing and trying to force him to argue with each other.
Of course, the referee didn’t understand Lu Wenbin’s Chinese national abuse, otherwise Lu Wenbin’s red card would be decided.
At this time, it is the most annoyed that Ceng Cheng suddenly turned around and hugged Lu Wenbin and Dewey and Zhao Peng, two over-age teammates, dragging Lu Wenbin away from the referee and urging him to do so.
"Lu Wenbin is calm and calm"
"The game is not over yet, even if the other side scores a penalty, it will be a draw, and we still have hope."
"But if you are punished, we will really lose."
Lu Wenbin scolded gradually and finally calmed down. He waved to Ceng Cheng and said, "You go and celebrate the championship later."
Seeing Lu Wenbin calm down and coming to Ceng Cheng, he finally got a match. Blazevic and the second goalkeeper Wu Sihuo changed Lei Wu to China and changed the team into a 4231-man front formation.
This is the situation that there is no way to play without a goalkeeper and the physical fitness of the China team is getting exhausted. Blazevic can change the striker Lei Wu into the front formation.
The pressure of counterattack and goal almost overwhelmed Lu Wenbin.
夜生活But Lu Wenbin didn’t feel any pressure. He felt full of anger and fighting spirit.
Make a wrong decision. The referee deliberately dived Malta. He wants to beat them with a goal and can’t let them misjudge and dive.
China fans booed and shouted at the referee and Mal. Wu Sihuo didn’t save Mal from taking the penalty himself. Brazil equalized the score in the 92nd minute with a penalty, and the score became 22.
Mal’s dive and penalty equalised the score and sent the main goalkeeper of China to the field.
All the Brazilians cheered and screamed for their close escape.
China players are very depressed.
They are a minute or two away from the gold medal.
As a result, in stoppage time, the opponent equalized the score and played the main goalkeeper less than one person. These blows made China players feel a little desperate
Not long after the good game resumed, it was announced that the regular game was over. The referee blew the whistle for the end of the game for 9 minutes, and both sides would take a break.
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Go into overtime with a score of 22.
Lu Wenbin has completely calmed down during the break.
After all, Lu Wenbin has seen too much of the world. He has seen the Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga and even the Champions League. He has personally experienced being misjudged.