I’m not sure how much damage Gu Changning has caused to the Li family, but Ye Xiangyuan stepped on the Li family several times. I know that, and it’s no wonder that Li jiaqi’s face is uncertain.

It happened that Gu Changning didn’t have to spare human nature and continue to sneer at "Don’t say that I am a junior and don’t take this opportunity to wake you up again." He said word for word, "Minister Li is complacent and won this lawsuit. It is better to think about whether you have a chance to get what you want most after two years."
This thing naturally refers to that position.
Gu Changning this tone is threatening.
In an instant, Li jiaqi’s eyes were full of malicious intentions.
But after all, he naturally knows how to restrain his temper. Even though Gu Changning was so angry that he was about to vomit blood, he still endured the anger and gently swept Gu Changning. "Young people don’t be so angry. Let’s wait and see."
Say that finish with people and roared off.
Gu Changning stared at his back and frowned. "I think he has a determined face. Maybe he has already dug a pit with those people and let us jump … It seems that he has to wake up."
I listened to the heart a tight.
Is Li Qiguo really in collusion with those forces? Isn’t he afraid of being known by the public as a national sinner?
Chapter 244 I know that arms dealer
Before I could ask Gu Changning Chen Shu, he came up again.
It’s really troublesome to send away one opponent and come to another with a wry smile in my heart.
Chen Shu didn’t look as proud as Li jiaqi, but looked at me apologetically. "I’m sorry to fight this lawsuit with Chu, but it wasn’t my intention."
He smiled and his tone was sincere.
I laughed, but I didn’t believe what he said. It was hypocritical for him to say that this lawsuit was aimed at Chu.
But of course, I can’t show a polite smile. "Manager Chen doesn’t have to apologize, just like you said,"
Chen Shu’s eyes flashed and then he smiled, "But I still feel sorry."
If there is something ambiguous about this, it happened that Gu Changning and these small schools are playing.
My heart sneered and kept a straight face. "Chen, what you said will make me misunderstand it and I don’t need Chu’s compensation."
Chen Shu was about to be amused and smiled for a while before saying, "It’s a pity that we are all owners … I think we can find a chance to talk about this lawsuit." He paused his eyes from Gu Changning’s face and said with a smile, "I believe Gu Shao will agree, otherwise Chu’s carrying such a debt is a burden to Ye Er Shao."
Gu Changning eyes slightly narrowed light way "don’t bother you".
Chen Shu doesn’t care, but looks at me as if waiting for my answer.
I was silent for a few seconds and said, "Can I take a step back and let Chu go after chatting?"
Chen Shu smiled slightly with his hands in his pockets. "It’s not impossible to consider."
My face suddenly changed.
What does he mean by this? Is it really negotiable?
But then I denied the idea that the people behind Chen Shu dug a hole for Ye Xiangyuan and could not let us go easily.
约茶I guess it’s another pit
Chen Shu smiled and gave me a look. "Think about it. I’ll wait for you … I’ll see you anytime, anywhere."
Then he left with his hands.
But his words became more ambiguous and could not be heard clearly.
I consciously went to see Gu Changning and those who were young.
Gu Changning was so sarcastic that "you can still provoke peach blossoms if you lose the lawsuit."
I have something to say. Of course, my heart is open and there is no friendship with Chen Shu, and I believe Gu Changning knows this very well. It is probably a habit for him to deliberately stimulate me like this.
So I’m not as angry as I am
After that, we also walked all the way out together. I secretly thought that Chen Shu had just moved.
Section 224
What’s the purpose of his coming to me after winning the first-instance judgment?
What the hell does he want to do?
It can’t be. These ambiguous words discredit me.
I think the best possibility is that he should dig a hole and wait for me to jump
Should I jump in?