When I heard it, I suddenly lost my mind. What is the reason? There are countless orcs in the game, and there are hundreds of orc villages. So am I still mixed up? I turned my head to look at the orc hero and saw that he was still covering his face with cold sweat. I couldn’t help wondering, "Orc, what are you doing?"

"Didn’t you see? I have a toothache! "
By what world? NPC actually has a toothache? But if he doesn’t have a toothache, I’m dead
"Then why do you have a toothache for me?"
"I gave it to you. You have to promise and promise!"
At this moment, Chris and the three of them came back immediately to see what was going on when they saw that I didn’t come, but did they suddenly become blind when they saw me and the orc hero sitting face to face chatting?
Dark fire exclaimed, "boss, I love you to death!" Sure enough, joining your team has everything. "
And the law of disease says, "even the ultimate BOSS is talking and laughing with big brother. It seems that big brother is really not simple."
And Chris looked at me with a surprised face, and then looked at the orc hero. It seems unlikely that this kind of thing will happen in her NPC knowledge, right?
When I saw them, it was hard to say when the orc hero went crazy, so I made a private chat and told them to wait for me outside. After receiving the message, they left with a worried and curious face.
And the orc hero and I got down to business.
It turns out that the orc hero will come to the orc grave today in order to find a medicine, a medicine for toothache, and that medicine is the left carrion. We can see that the orc carrion is very afraid of the left carrion, and they are naturally afraid of the orc hero, even if they become conscious orc carrion.
Important note: if friends can’t open the old domain name of o m, they can access it by visiting the backup domain name.
The orc hero told me this and gave me specific details. It turned out that the passage in the left lane became smaller and smaller. The huge orc hero could not get in, and his hand, the orc archer, could not leave him for 20 meters because of the problem of unified setup, so he asked me to go in and take out the medicine.
Of course, when I heard this, I agreed without saying anything. Isn’t that just taking a medicine? How hard can it be? But also bargained with the orc hero, and finally his orc hero card helped him finish this.
The orc hero card is a good thing. With it, you can conditionally order the orcs to complete three times. For example, if you want to attack a city, you can directly order 10,000 orcs to attack. I believe no guild can withstand so many orcs’ attacks.
I went back to the ground and told the three of them that they were all surprised, but if we make this siege and defend the city at least three times, we will throw that pile of things that are enough to crush people into my warehouse first, and I don’t know what’s in it, so we will do it as soon as the car is knocked down.
Once again, I came to the cave of the orc. This time, the orc hero was not so fierce, but he didn’t give us a good face to see who told him that he still had a toothache!
We said hello to the left road, and we didn’t see the orc carrion all the way. This passage was really getting smaller and smaller. Finally, it was so small that one person barely passed through several of us and walked sideways for about ten minutes, and finally left the path, but our position turned out to be half-finished, and we saw another magnificent building complex.
The wall of an underground cave hundreds of meters high is covered with small holes, and there is a huge stone flower at the top of the cave, and there is a three-story wide fountain at the bottom of the cave. There are many houses around the fountain, but no one can be seen.
The four of us were surprised that there was such a magnificent building complex under the orc, but now there is a problem. According to the orc hero, the medicine is put in a fountain, but how can we get there without rope and ladder?
Look at that mirror-smooth cave wall. The four of us didn’t know it was so good. Suddenly, it occurred to me that Chris had done something early this morning. Isn’t this just the right time?
When I called angel Polly out, she became my pet and Chris’s pet. In fairyland, pets can be upgraded or not. Angel Polly belongs to the category that cannot be upgraded, but she is a small BOSS, and her attack and defense are not weak.
In the horror of disease and dark fire, I made the angel Polly’s skills [feather] fly to the ground with snow-white wings. Of course, there are problems left for Chris to explain to them slowly
It’s nice to have wings. Put away Angel Polly in five seconds. I went to the fountain to see where the medicine was, but it was a pure fountain. Reagan couldn’t find the medicine that the orc hero said. When I was having a headache, a group of black objects approached me.
☆        ☆        ☆
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-(End of volume)-
The third ups and downs of life
Chapter One Tooth (1)
Chapter One Tooth (1)
喝茶约茶Starting from today, I will update the speed of five chapters every day, preferring to surpass the word list as soon as possible rather than stay in the middle!
☆        ☆        ☆
The first chapter tooth (a)
I felt strange behind me and turned around to see a group of’ mice’ in the dark behind me! The definition of a group is like you see a dense nest of ants going back and forth, but I can’t count how many there are. But I know that the root is not when I don’t run away, I will become food for these mice. Although there is no pain in the game, I think of being bitten by thousands of mice. I immediately call angel Polly to jump into the fountain and follow [emergence] to fly, but those mice will actually stack up and chase me. I don’t care what magic is, I always sing and throw it [Holy Spirit Call] [Mind Blasting] [Freezing]
In a hurry, a strange idea suddenly appeared in my head and then changed into wings. Angel Polly flapped her snow-white wings continuously and quickly to form a vortex shape. The wind blade shot at the group of mice. As soon as the mice touched these wind blades, they were immediately hit, and the folded mouse bridge collapsed because of the wind blade.
I was taken aback. I immediately flew high and checked the Angel Polly attribute. I found that I had an extra skill [flurry shooting] [feathering]. After that, I could flap my wings to form a wind pressure to attack the enemy group.
I was so excited that I quickly went back to Chris’s cave and told them what had happened. When I said that Angel Polly knew such a skill, all three people were amazed. If all four of us had an angel Polly pet, it would be very difficult for others except hunters to attack players in the sky. If we had a hundred angel Polly troops, it would be an important force to sweep the fairyland.
But for the time being, we still have to find a way to solve the problem of surface mice. Finally, I called Disease Method and Dark Fire to go to payon to buy a lot of fruits. Juice, meat pieces, ropes and barbs came to the underground cave again and put the ropes. Then I flew low with a lot of fruits to distract the mice and threw the fruits far to the side of the cave. The mice rushed to the fruit pile like hungry ghosts, while Chris slid along the ropes and three people searched for the so-called medicine in the fountain at the same time. But when the fruit pieces were almost eaten up, they still couldn’t find anything similar to the medicine. There were water, marble and some gravel in the fountain, and there were some fixed fountains. I didn’t know what to make branches. We went back to the orc hero and asked what the medicine was.
"What haven’t found? Don’t you know I have a terrible toothache? Go! Cut the crap! "
We couldn’t get back to the underground cave after being drunk by the orc hero, and the four of us racked their brains and couldn’t think of finding the so-called medicine. In the end, when we couldn’t help it, it was too late to wait for a while. Forget it. The orc hero will be in pain for another day
☆        ☆        ☆
Take off your helmet and stretch your fingers, or hit her computer at the desk as usual, but it seems a little strange today. She looks beautiful in clothes, many pink short dresses and two Mao Mao sleeves in her hands, which makes people feel bright at the moment.
I took the opportunity to ask, "Hey, are you going on a date today? Why do you look so good? "
Zhang Xian looked back at me and said, "I have a name. My name is Zhang Xian. People call me Xian Er, but you’d better call my name instead of what I wear."
"Why so cold? We haven’t said a few words every day! "
"Who has something to say with * * * *?"