Well, I’m still sane, remembering the previous lessons and secretly telling myself that I can’t show my true feelings because he is soft in front of me, and I’m coaxed by him as before.

So I deliberately said with a straight face, "I don’t know if I can believe you … anyway, you finally sent me away … but you also hid so much from me …"
The smile on his lips slowly put away and paused. "If I tell you the truth, will you leave?"
I was stuck at the moment
He buckled my head on his shoulder and kissed me with a long sigh. "Fool, you have never been a person who can enjoy wealth but can’t share weal and woe … If you knew I had a dangerous road ahead and I was going to send you away, would you really leave? Even if I send you away, you will probably try to come back to me … "
I can’t help moving.
He really spoke to my heart.
If he told me all the truth and asked me to go away, I wouldn’t leave him
Section 3
He broke my heart before, but I made up my mind at that time, even if he regarded me as a hand, I would serve him and never thought of leaving.
Later, I made up my mind to leave because Gu Changyu made me premature.
His fingers pinched my ear and smiled in a low voice. "Besides, you like me so much … where are you willing to part with me …"
I was choked, and I couldn’t say anything to refute it.
He knows me too well, and he is sure that I am dead set on him …
I bit my lip and face like a fire, a little embarrassed and a little embarrassed.
I couldn’t help but stare at him and shout, "You just eat me."
He slightly hooked his lips to hug me and the baby tightly and smiled gently. "But I like you like this."
My eyes on him
There was a tenderness in his eyes that almost drowned me.
I looked at each other for a moment and slowly lowered my eyelids and leaned against his chest.
Now the misunderstanding is solved, and he even confessed to me that he likes me.
But I still feel uneasy in my heart
Perhaps it was because I was hurt too much this time that I was afraid to give him the letter again and then hold my heart to him for him to ravage.
Good Ye Xiangyuan didn’t force me to accept immediately that he caressed my hair one by one.
As soon as the room became quiet.
There are occasional birds calling in from outside.
Smelling Ye Xiangyuan’s familiarity with sandalwood fragrance and the smell of baby’s milk, my mood gradually calmed down.
The two most important people in my life are around me now, and I feel more at ease when I think that my parents and Xiaojin are also safe.
Suddenly I don’t want to break this peace.
Ye Xiangyuan seems to know my mind and didn’t speak.
I snuggled up to him quietly and the baby snuggled up to me.
I don’t know how long it took the baby to fall asleep.
I got up from Ye Xiangyuan’s arms and said, "I’ll put the baby to bed."
Listen to my mother, children can’t always sleep with their arms around them, and then they have to be held.
Ye Xiangyuan took the baby and put it in his bed.
I can’t help choking.
品茶论坛I really want to carry the baby to the next room …
Ye Xiangyuan covered the baby, and when he was seen staring at me, he hooked his lips at me.
Then he waved to me.
I hesitated and walked over.
He hugged me and kissed my forehead. "Let’s rest with the baby."
I "…"
He kissed my face again. "OK?"
A hoarse, deep voice with such a gentle tone is simply deliberately tempting me.
After a long separation, he and I have been separated for a long time, but my heart is still a little awkward.
I’m not too embarrassed to break his arm and look at his baby’s face and say, "I’ll go and wash first …"
Then he hurried to the bathroom.
I was physically and mentally tired from the early gunfight to the later journey, and I took a bath to relax.
I am afraid to go out when I think that Ye Xiangyuan is still outside.
It took me a long time to put on my pajamas and open bathroom door.
Ye Xiangyuan sat on the bed, leafing through files, patting the baby gently with his left hand.
About hearing the noise, he looked up at me and bent his eyes.
I looked at him silently.
He is still so handsome and dazzling.
I walked slowly with my heart throbbing.
He lifted it and was slightly laughed "Don’t catch cold"
It’s a bit chilly in the spring night.
I can climb up.
He immediately wrapped his hands around me and hugged me tightly in my ear and whispered, "Baby, don’t blame me for being selfish … I thought about letting you go, but I finally chose to keep you … after that, we may really want to go to hell together …"
I know what he mean.