So serious asked the flying frown.

Yeah, but according to the doctor, Uncle Xiao is bleeding too much, and there is no injury to his chest. It’s just a matter of time before he wakes up. Red light replied.
That’s good. Flying and Hu Mei exhaled a long breath and a big stone fell to the ground.
Okay, red, you go out and help outside. Feiyang asked about the outside situation again and then smiled and said to red.
Brother Mei elder sister, I’ll see you later. Red nodded with a smile and waved goodbye to the two men, and disappeared back to the outside of the mountain again.
At this time, the engineers’ helicopters have quickly arrived at the scene. Han Jin Huan signaled to let the helicopter approach, but because there is no place where the helicopter can land, he can choose to throw the excavation tools first, then let the engineers descend the rope ladder from the helicopter, and then the engineers go from the rope ladder to the snowy mountain.
品茶论坛Excuse me, who’s the chief of Korea’s Huan Jin? When the engineers came to Korea, Huan Jin and Hua Xuan were greeted, and a corps of engineers with the highest rank came out and gave a militarylike salute to Han Jin Huan and Hua Xuan and asked.
I am. Han Jin Huan gave a military salute in the previous step and then smiled at the engineer and said, Thank you for your hard work. What’s your name?
It’s not hard for Korea’s chief. My name is Zhang Qiang. Our chief wants me to listen to your command. What should we do? Zhang Qiang, who is about in his early twenties, dared not look around with his head down and smiled shyly.
Please come with me. Hu Mei smiled and made a gesture of please, and then took the engineers to a place on the mountain. She said softly, Red, you can tell them where to start digging.
Well, the red man nodded with a smile and then directed the engineers to start digging.
Chapter 654 See the light of day again
The digger kept flying until late at night, and Hu Mei could already hear the roar of the machine outside, but at this moment the mountain collapsed, and an engineer was injured and his leg was hurt by the sudden collapse of the stone. The digger was forced to stop.
Chief, we have tried our best to dig the cave again, which may cause collapse and we can’t dig any more. Zhang Qiang looked at a soldier’s injury and was very sorry to report to Han Jin Huan.
Well, I know. Thank you. Take the injured comrade back for treatment first. Han Jin Huan smiled and shook hands with Zhang Qiang and then entered the cave.
Chief, don’t go in there. It’s dangerous. Seeing Han Jin Huan entered the cave dug by the engineers, Zhang Qiang hurriedly woke up.
She will take good care of herself if she is not nervous, Hua Xuan said with a smile.
Zhang Qiang slightly one leng suddenly thought that when he came, the head of the army warned him that the mountain was waiting for the elite of the state secret forces. These ordinary engineers must not be able to understand themselves. Just from their thin clothes, you can see that these people’s physical qualifications are far from being comparable to their own. There is such a thing as the little girl in red being able to cross the rock at will. From the respect of the little girl to the two heads, I am afraid that the little girl still thinks about this. Zhang Qiang suddenly finds herself lost and looks at the cave mouth silently.
Fei Yang Mei Jie, can you hear me? Han Jin Huan went to the bottom of the cave to clean up the troubled times nearby and then shouted at the front stone wall.
Is it you who is full of joy? I can hear your voice. Feiyang and Hu Mei clearly heard Korea’s full of joy and shouted.
Feiyang Meijie Cave can’t be dug any more. I’ll find a way to get you out. I heard Feiyang and Hu Meiyin’s Han Jin Huan mood again. I was so excited that I even choked up.
It’s okay. Mei Jie and I are very good. You should think of some way to do it slowly. Don’t be too hasty. Feiyang and Hu Mei just heard the cave collapse and the soldiers were injured. They were worried that Han Jin Huan was too anxious and gently persuaded them.
I know I’ll do something. Han Jin Huan nodded and turned out of the cave and asked Zhang Qiang gently, Comrade Zhang Qiang, can you make a support frame in the cave and continue to dig?
I’m afraid not. This snowy mountain is extremely unstable. Generally, a simple support frame can’t be rooted, but it will take several days to firmly support it. Zhang Qiang replied with a frown and thought carefully.
Well, thank you for your comrades first. Let’s go with the injured comrades mountain first. We’ll find a way to do it ourselves. Han Jin Huan nodded somewhat disappointed and then smiled and said to these engineers.
Yes, Zhang Qiang nodded and took his team to carry the wounded comradeinarms mountain here. The helicopter landed, so the injured soldier was sent to the helicopter to go to the mountain to find a landing platform for the helicopter, and then the injured comradeinarms were carried to the helicopter.
What should we do when Jiehuan picks us up? Wait until Zhang Qiang leaves with his corps of engineers. Hua Xuan frowning anxiously asks Hanhuan.
How long does it take to get through the cave in red? Han Jin Huan thoughtfully and then asked softly in red.
There will be about five meters deep. Red frowned and carefully recalled one and then replied to Korea with joy.
Five meters deep. Han Jin Huan rubbed his forehead, frowned and sighed, and acted rashly, which might make the mining operation collapse, so the previous efforts would be wasted, so Han Jin Huan couldn’t think of a better way at the moment.
I have a proposal, Elder Sister Jin Huan. Three people frowned and brooded, and suddenly Hua Xuan smiled and said to Han Jin Huan.
Oh, what’s the discussion? Tell me about it.
Red vines and I will support the cave. Sister Huan, you are in charge of digging. I don’t know if this trick can be managed. Hua Xuan thought it over carefully and then expressed her thoughts.
This seems to be feasible, but we still need to discuss the details. Han Jin Huan frowned and thought it over carefully, then said with some uncertainty.