Elder brother, don’t let her do that again. Let her suck your blood, you know? Li Siqi turned around in front of the building and hugged the little girl on the sofa. I don’t know what to do, but she solemnly warned.

I know, I dare not let her suck again. Feiyang nodded and replied, It’s only been two days. This young guy almost let her suck away. How dare she continue?
Li Siqi was satisfied with this and Jiang picturesque went back to their rooms, and the little girl was held up and walked towards the building. Holding her like this only made her realize that the little girl’s body was like gauze without any weight, which increased the difficulty of holding her, for fear that she would have more strength. Just like the eunuch holding the throne in ancient times, she carefully carried the little girl to her room, and then gently put her in her big bed to cover the quilt for her, while she sat on the bed and looked at the innocent little girl with a slight smile on her mouth.
The next morning, when Chen Yun knocked on the door of Feiyang, he got up from bed and found that he didn’t know when he got into bed and slept with the little girl. He quickly stepped back and looked at all his clothes. He was relieved to see the little girl dressed neatly. He also opened his eyes and smiled at her. Little girl, you put me into bed. Last night, Feiyang sat by the bed for a long time until dawn. People slept beside the bed and woke up with the little girl, so he asked the little girl.
I’m afraid my big brother fell asleep and caught a cold, the little girl replied softly.
Oh, remember to say something like this to me. Feiyang nodded and got up to get dressed. Suddenly he realized that he had just heard the little girl’s voice. He turned his head and looked at her with surprise and said, Girl, you can talk.
The little girl is also slightly one leng looking at flying doubt asked big brother, can you hear me
What do you mean you can talk all the time? We couldn’t hear your voice before. Feiyang asked stupidly.
But I can talk all the time, but it seems that you can’t hear my voice before I write. The little girl nodded and replied.
Great, let’s go and tell them the good news. Feiyang smiled happily and then quickly changed his clothes and took the little girl’s hand and walked towards the building.
Chapter 59 Supplementary energy
桑拿论坛Little sister Feiyang, get up. Come and have breakfast quickly. I’ll call others to get up. At this time, there is Chen Yun alone in the kitchen. When I saw Feiyang pulling the little girl downstairs, I smiled and said hello to them, and then brought the breakfast to the table.
Sister Yun, let me help you. You can call the slackers upstairs. Feiyang hurriedly helped Chen Yun to bring breakfast to the table and then thought that the little girl also called, My girl, you can come and help.
Well, the little girl smiled and nodded, then picked up the table and put the breakfast plate on the table.
Well, I’ll call them to have breakfast. Chen Yun smiled and nodded, then took off her apron and hung aside the clothes rack, and then went upstairs to call some people who were still sleeping to get up.
Strange how elder sister nonsuccess didn’t respond to my girl’s talking? There were some doubts in the flying heart, but Chen Yun didn’t notice it, so there was no response.
At this time, Han Jin Huan also went into the kitchen and looked at the kitchen busy with the breakfast table. Two people were curious and asked, Hey, how come you two kitchens are busy with nonsuccess and picturesque?
Nonsuccess elder sister floor to shout they went to the picturesque floor should also sleep in? Feiyang replied with a smile.
Who said I didn’t sleep late last night? It’s just a little late today. At this moment, Jiang picturesque and Chen Yun came to the restaurant from the floor and heard Feiyang secretly bury her, so she pursed her mouth and retorted lightly.
I’m sorry, picturesque. I’m just teasing. Feiyang hurriedly apologized to Jiang picturesque with a smile.
Hum Jiang picturesque pursed mouth cold hum a heart and depressed gas quietly eating breakfast.
Picturesque elder sister elder brother, he didn’t mean it. The little girl was angry when she saw Jiang Picturesque and hurriedly excused herself for flying.
I’m kidding. Don’t be angry. You heard what my girl said. Feiyang Jiang sat around picturesque and turned away to apologize to her with a smile.
Well, I’m not angry, Jiang picturesque looked up and said softly.
That’s what I’m doing. Come and kiss me. Well, Feiyang said with a light smile and leaned away and kissed Jiang picturesque face.
Hate the elder brother nonsuccess elder sister and do huan elder sister are watching Jiang picturesque unguarded by flying sneak attack successfully see Chen Yun and Korea do huan both looked at her with a teasing look and couldn’t help but stare at flying with a red face JiaoChen way.
What’s the matter? Your nonsuccess elder sister has been peeked at for a living, and there is no shame in eroticism? Feiyang quipped with a smile.
Bah, rogue Chen Yun spat at the thought of herself and Feiyang when she was seen by the little girl.
What are you talking about so happy? Then Li Siqi also asked with a smile from entering the restaurant.
Nothing is just talking about nonsuccess elder sister’s energy supplement. Han Jin Huan Yan mouth smiled lightly and Jiang picturesque smell speech was also laughing at the table, while Li Siqi first froze for a while and then laughed her head off.
You this wench also make fun of me Chen Yun immediately shame not suppress severely Korea huan waist twist.
What supplements energy? Chen Xiao also walked into the restaurant and heard the dialogue inside and asked curiously.
You shouldn’t ask, don’t ask. Chen Yun frowned and scolded Chen Xiao, and then looked at several women who were shaking with laughter and said, Come on, stop that now. There is no one in front of the children.
The daughters stopped laughing, and everyone sat at the table and ate breakfast, but they still talked from time to time.
And Chen Xiao is a face of unhappy mouth pursed up silently eating breakfast, but his heart is contemplating waiting for Chen Yun to find a newly recognized young lady to ask what is supplementary energy after work.
After breakfast, Han Jin Huan drove Li Siqi and Chen Yun to the flying class, while the picturesque kitchen was packed with rivers and rivers, while Chen Xiao took the little girl’s villa and toured around, introducing some utensils that she had never seen before, and then opened her mind to tell the little girl what the world is like now.
Chen Xiao’s talk about urinating is very exciting. The little girl is also fascinated. From time to time, she follows Chen Xiao’s instructions and is curious. Touch one or two little girls here and there with bright smiles on their faces.
Yes, picturesque. Did you just hear the little girl talk? Flying saw that all the people were not surprised that the little girl could talk. This just made some doubts and asked Jiang picturesque.
What did she say? I didn’t hear it. Jiang picturesque asked with a startled face.
Didn’t you hear it? Flying realized the problem, and hurriedly walked upstairs towards Chen Yun’s bedroom. Just at the door, I heard Chen Xiao asking the little girl about the topic of supplementing energy, and hurriedly opened the door and said to the two little girls, Girl smiled, you two come here.
What’s the matter, brother Feiyang? Seeing Feiyang’s face was weird, Chen Xiao took the little girl’s hand and went to Feiyang and asked curiously.
Girl you talk to smile to listen to float in the sky staring at the little girl said softly.
Hello, smile The little girl nodded, then smiled and greeted Chen Xiao.
What? Oh, I know your mouth is saying hello, isn’t it? Chen Xiao looked at the little girl’s mouth opening and closing in confusion, but according to her mouth, she quickly knew what the little girl said and clapped her hands and asked proudly.