Yuyuting frowned and it was boring.

Who knows that when you Xiaoqiao came, he was constantly instructed by You Kanshan to do things for a while, wash a strawberry for a while, cut an orange for a while, and let her go to see how to play chess next to him …
Yuyuting sipped his thin lips and wanted to sneer.
First, I knew that he was going to visit today, and I called Tang Yuwen to come over. Now I keep ordering Xiao Qiao … for fear that she would contact with herself, right?
品茶论坛It’s a pity that he privately doesn’t know how many times he has eaten and wiped clean You Xiaoqiao … So just put up with it first! When I get back, hum
Where did you know that Yu Yuting was having such a nasty and obscene thing in his heart? He was beaming with chess and was very proud.
Liu Huili was somewhat embarrassed to see her husband’s performance. Although she also liked Tang Yuwen very much, she respected her daughter’s opinion more. What family background did she say about her husband? She felt that anyway, the two of them had not talked about marriage yet, but they were talking about friends. All those concerns were vain. Maybe it would be inappropriate to let the children associate first … and then break up?
Besides, my daughter is twenty-five years old this year. To be honest, she is also anxious to talk about it. Let’s talk about it first. Whether it is really suitable or not depends on the experience and feeling of the two people in the process of communication.
She turned on the TV and said with a smile, Xiao Yu, what channel do you like to watch and tune it yourself?
I just handed over the remote control, and I was a little embarrassed to add, There are only a few stations without wires in the house.
I just read the newspaper without my aunt, said Yu Yuting, picking up the table and reading Today Express.
Neat and clean, white shirt, slender and straight, long legs, handsome eyebrows and noble temperament, and also likes to read newspapers. Well, good, he is a cultural person!
Plus points! Liu Huili nodded with satisfaction.
Actually, Yu Yuting doesn’t like reading newspapers. He just doesn’t like reading what he sees, just chatting and finding something to do.
You can’t brush your mobile phone, can you? That would be too rude.
Finally, in the evening, Liu Huili is going to the kitchen to start cooking dinner.
Tang Yuwen got up from the sofa. Aunt, let me help you.
No, no, I’ll just come for dinner. Go sit down and continue chatting with Xiao Qiao’s father. He talks about you all day. Liu Huili waved a shovel and drove him out.
Tang Yuwen still smiled and went in for a while, saying, Aunt, your craft is really amazing and smells good.
After a while, I added, Aunt, you really didn’t say anything about this knife worker.
Yu Yuting …
Maybe it’s because he’s black-faced, especially Xiao Qiao, covering his mouth. Only the two of them can hear the sound and say, Don’t worry, boss, I like that you can’t cook … I can cook for you.
Yu Yuting lightly coughed and was proud of himself.
That’s right. A big man should be a distant chef. Is that gorilla wearing an apron and a shovel ridiculous?
In order to leave a good impression on the future parents-in-law, Yu Yuting is polite, gentle and elegant from the door to dinner. Although she has many troubles in her heart, she will not show her face the most … but her expression is stiff.
So it went smoothly after dinner.
Tang Yuwen spoke to leave again.
Although Youkan Mountain is very reluctant, I also know that Tang Yuwen lives far away and can’t let people go.
After Tang Yuwen left, Yu Yuting was happy and finally got along with her future parents-in-law alone. There was no light bulb.
Who knows …
Ah, as expected, it’s getting late. You Kan-shan looked at the wall clock. It’s over ten o’clock. No wonder Xiao Tang is leaving.
Yu Yuting …
Seeing that Yu Yuting had the cheek to sit there unmoved, You Kanshan simply said, When are you going to leave, Mr. Yu?
Section 465
Yu Yuting …