Shenyang City primary and secondary school actively explores the post-class service method

  Since the post-class service and personalized class education, after "double mining", Shenyang City, the secondary and secondary schools since the "double minus" have begun. New active attempt. The campus ushered in more laughter, and also opened new interested gates for the children. After the post-class service time, "5 + 2" full coverage November 1st, the playground in the second school in Shenhe District is full of playground. It is the children who are in the school to class.

In the end of the day, under the leadership of Teacher Liu, the children’s skills are more and more agile, and the movements are getting proficient. It is understood that the second school has opened 25 special classes such as football, violin, and African drums according to the interests of the students. The special class of the second school is only a microcosm of the school after the study of the school.

In fact, from the fall of 2017, Shenyang City has begun to implement the post-class service after the primary and secondary school students. Since the "double reduction", Shenyang has fully upgraded the post-secondary school after-school service, carefully designed the post-class service program, clear education, finance, public security, The responsibility of human society and development and other departments, strengthen coordination, and timely solve the fundamental guarantee encountered during the implementation process, campus safety and other issues.

At present, the school class after the 497 compulsory education stage of Shenyang has achieved "opening".

Under the premise of voluntary participation, students participated by 96%.

  For the time schedule of after-school service, Shenyang City has fully implemented the "5 + 2" time requirements of the after-school service, and each week to Friday arranged the post-class service, the won period after-class service and personalized class education were each 1 hour. After class, the end time is connected to Shenyang City, and the will have a willingness to enjoy 100% of the service.

  Established nearly 10,000 second-year drone courses, let the children gradually learn to manipulate drones; aviation simulation courses from the third grade to sixth grades, so that both boys or girls can log in to the simulated flight system utilization The rod, the "airplane" is handed over the blue sky.

  This school is "National Air Characteristics" – Huanggu District Air Experimental Primary School, the school incorporates the post-class service into the school curriculum reform overall plan, constructing the implementation of policy execution, the quality accuracy, after-school service depth, to multiple yuan Evaluation, how to serve the whole process of the service after class, ensure that the policy is worry-free, the course is worry-free, the service quality is worry-free, and the ability is worry-free.

After the post-class service course, the students’ interest is the starting point, highlighting the aviation characteristics of schools, covering the wisdom, science and technology, sports, art and other 14 personalized class service courses to realize the education of the "five education" education of morality. . Representatives of aviation experimental primary schools, in terms of quality and upgrade of normalization, all schools in Shenyang make full use of campus facilities, excavate school teachers resources, providing class care and homework for all students, extracurricular reading, sports, etc. Behind the benefits; at the same time, it is suitable for the need for students to provide puzzle innovation, expand training and other personalized education.

At present, the city has established nearly 10,000 class interest groups and associations, including calligraphy and interest groups, chorus communities, etc., the purpose is to cultivate students ‘interest hobbies, artistic specialty, sports spirit, innovative spirit and practical ability, and stimulate students’ positive learning emotions. Help the children to grow well.

  In the Weinan District, the "Wisdom +" curriculum system has greatly enriched the post-class service content, constructing a "1 + 2 + 6 + N" after-school service curriculum system: "1" is a domain course, including moral education, sports class Mercure class; "2" is two major education group courses, including rowing, rock climbing, programming, wheelbar, etc .; "6" is six major venue courses, namely museums, science and technology museums, libraries, archives, labor bases, Shenyang Public Culture Service Center; "N" is a group course independently developed by the school, providing students to choose from the individual demand for the post-class service. Hiring more than 3,000 foreign professionals participate in the launch of post-class services, Shenyang City’s financial department arranges average billion special funds every year. At the same time, adhere to the principle of public welfare, Shenyang City Education Department will formulate, the finance department has formulated charges Standard, personalized service costs are not more than 200 yuan per month, and the weekends and summer vacation are tentatively charged for standards for no more than 30 yuan per day. In terms of expanding the post-class service channel, the school teacher is mainly, at present, the city teachers participate in the preparation of the service ratio of 80%, and hire 3,290 professional experts to participate, effectively guarantee the quality of service after class.

Dadong District coordinates school after-school service needs, traveling teacher resources, carrying out an excellent teacher cross-school, cross-school cross-school. In terms of evaluation system, the two-way evaluation of the school is realized. At the outer level, the key points listen to the reasonable opinions and suggestions of the post-class service, and the school uses the opportunity of the classroom opening month and listen to the rational recommendations made by the parents.

At the school level, the school has implemented the full supervision and evaluation of the after-school service through the "Double Ministration" "Regulatory Group". The schools of the School of Literature School Education Group in Shenhe District were established to implement the principal as the quality supervision team of the first responsible person. Summary display of the course teachers.

(Reporter Ding Dong) +1.