Toyota、Honda and Nissan’s three major Dongying automobile brands have built multiple automobile manufacturing plants in the United States,But they did not choose the Great Lakes region where the union is strong,But chose the weak union、States located in the interior of the United States,Like Ohio,But if Chen Geng manages this through the National Council of Governors,This of course can’t organize the production of Dongying’s auto factory in the US,But it can affect the sales of Dongying Motors in most states of the United States!

First1169chapter Hooked up
Chen Geng smiled and looked at Toyota Eiji whose face changed greatly,Step by step:“Mr. Eiji,Ohio、Utah will probably support you,But do you think the state that supports you can have10A?”
Toyoda Eiji smiled bitterly:What a joke?Don’t say10A,Among all states in the United States,can have5It’s a shame to stand on Dongying。
He also understood what Chen Geng meant,Chen Geng is warning himself this way:Face his pressure,Dongying Motors has no chance of winning!
of course,If Dongying’s auto industry can abandon the U.S. market,But is it possible?
“……Ok,”For a while,Toyoda Eiji finally raised his head,Took out his own bargaining chips:“Aisin and Denso can invest in the U.S.,but……”
“Nothing but,”Chen Geng interrupted Toyoda Eiji,Not at all because the other party is a80Many years old、Old people who have helped themselves are merciful:“Mr. Eiji,Do you want to say that Aisin and Denso’s North American factories will not consider Detroit??Do not,This is impossible!The factories of Aisin and Denso can only be located in Detroit!”
If I plan all this so hard,But Denso and Aisin’s North American factories eventually settled elsewhere,Didn’t I make a wedding dress for others??
What a joke!
If that’s the case,Why are you planning all this so hard??
“Mr. Chen,”Toyoda Eiji frowned,The age spots on the face seem to be a bit darker than before:“It’s not that I don’t want to put the factory in Detroit,But……”
Not waiting for Eiji Toyota to finish,Chen Geng interrupted him again:“Mr. Eiji,I know what you are worried about,Are you worried about the North American Auto Workers Association,But what i want to say is,If i paid so much,But didn’t get what I wanted……”
I gave so much,But didn’t get what I wanted……