Enter 3 traps that you don’t know

Enter 3 traps that you don’t know

Maybe you have been working hard to avoid high-conversion foods, trying to lose weight, and the weight is not falling or even getting higher and higher.

In fact, in your usual fast food diet, there are hidden obesity traps that you can’t see.

They are the chief culprit.

  Case 1: The illusion caused by apple juice Effie’s 27-year-old advertising manager. My job is to run outside often. It is common practice to go to the fast food restaurant four or five times a week. If I am with the customer, I will order an apple salad and a cup.Green apple juice.

  Everyone says that eating apples is the most nutritious, can be beautiful, and there are many fibers in apples. If you eat them, you will feel full and will not make you too fat.

What makes me happy is that this kind of eating really saw the effect in the first 3 months. I suddenly lost 3 kg.

  Later, it was discovered that the real cockroaches were not reduced because they only drank the juice. On the contrary, the water in the body was reduced. Once the water was replenished, the body returned to its original state.

  Fruity lunch traps: Many fast food restaurants have juices for sale, some are freshly squeezed juices, some are artificially blended with juices. These foods are diet saviors, and good lunches have been transformed into fruit meals.

  There are still many people who ask themselves to eat only one type of food, and simply ask for a high-fiber diet, fearing that they will accumulate on their bodies when they involve transformation.

For health, the mutual blending of various nutrients is very important. If a single food is used to lose weight, it will lead to a lack of nutrition. Gradually the skin will become rough and the hair will be sparse.

  The result of losing weight in a single food will only harm health, and the weight will rebound quickly after one month.

  Case 2: Eating vegetable oil is about to grow meat. Sun Shan is 25 years old. I have never chewed burgers and fried chicken in fast food restaurants. I heard from friends that if you only eat vegetable oil and don’t eat animal oil, you will not get fat. I often buy some potatoes.Article and fruit pie.

  Although I don’t eat meat, and only occasionally eat some French fries, my weight is still rising. Why do you only eat vegetable oil processed food or long meat?

  Vegetable oil traps: People love French fries or fruit pies because they are made from palm oil or animal oil containing saturated fatty acids. These oils make the chips crispy, so don’t think of fast food.The frying oil in the store is vegetable oil.

  Long-term consumption of saturated fatty acid oil will not only cause the body to grow severe excess meat, but also worry that the oil component of fast food is the biggest killer of vascular damage.

It causes obvious diseases in the human body as a risk factor for diet, and the consequences generally take about 20 years.

  Moreover, even if the use of saturated fatty acid oil is abandoned in the fast food, and the vegetable oil which is completely completely unsaturated fatty acid is replaced, it may become a cause of cancer because the unsaturated fatty acid satisfies the characteristics of high temperature and easy oxidation.

  Case 3: Transient high seasoning cats 19 students I used to love a vegetable salad in a pizzeria. This shop is very famous here. Many people go to its chives pizza.

  I heard that eating salad will not gain weight. I specifically canceled the lunch and turned it into a salad. After half a year, my weight has not decreased, but it has increased by 3 kilograms.

  Seasoning trap: Have you noticed the seasoning residue and transfer value contained in the fruit and vegetable salad?

100 grams of simple pizza sauce or 100 grams of sweet chili sauce contains 100 kilocalories, which is equivalent to eating 100 grams of canned ham or fried spring rolls, which is almost the same as eating sugar.

  A good suggestion is to look at the speckles on the label before you choose the salad dressing.

  If you really want to eat high-transition salad dressing and are afraid of being blessed, you can only put half of the usual time when you put the seasoning, so that you can satisfy your appetite without worrying about getting fat.