Tax Hui "catalyst" stimulates the development kinetic energy of technology enterprises

[] Entering Xuzhou Yixin New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. production workshop, only the mechanical "arms" of the automatic welder do not stop waving, and the electro-optic glitter is a solar cell piece that is precisely welded.

Compared with artificial production, automated mechanical equipment increased by three times. As a technological innovation company, Xuzhou Yifan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces more than 60 products such as LED street lights, solar street lights, solar street lights and solar garden lamps, with 40 national patents. The advanced automatic laminated production lines in foreign countries have introduced foreign advanced automatic laminated production lines have effectively improved product quality and production efficiency. The high-speed development of the enterprise is inseparable from a good business environment and continuous technological innovation.

Since this year, in order to ensure the landing preferential policy of support enterprise technology innovation, the Pei County Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation supports enterprises’ innovation development as an important part of "I will pay the fees for the taxpayer to pay real things" and the Spring Breeze Action ". The precision propaganda and counseling and personalized service of the "measurement of the body, the optimization service and the implementation of the preferential double management, continuously inspiring the" multiplier effect "of enterprise innovation, providing continuous" original power "for county innovation development. "Promoting the enterprise into digital transformation, is the only way to develop a new energy transformation.

The tax and fee offer of 380,000 yuan has become an important engine for the development of our small and technological enterprises. Next, we will then introduce a number of mechanical arms, automatic typographic machines, and get new industrialized roads, let ‘soff. "Xuzhou Yifan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Wang Wan is really feeling the happiness caused by the tax business environment.

  In response to the investment cost plus, the Pei County Taxation Bureau accurately discriminates the preferential radiation group, screening out 371 eligible technologies, the list of key service objects, and the promotion of the tax enterprise interactive platform, WeChat group, etc. Information, accurate delivery policy interpretation and declaration processes to ensure that companies are accurately known, familiar with the promotional policies. At the same time, organize counseling teams to call, field visits, etc., accurately grasp the application of enterprise policies, and help corporate combing policy logic lines to ensure that policy landing is declared.

  In the "2021 Xuzhou High-tech Enterprise Innovation 50" in Xuzhou Science and Technology Bureau, Xuzhou Henghui Weaving Machinery Co., Ltd. is famous. The company is originally a private small workshop, which is famous. Under science and technology, it has become a leading enterprise specializing in domestic production and research and development of weaving machinery.

At present, there are 87 national authorized patents, successfully developed five major class special weaving equipment and four composite preform braid equipment.

I won the internationally renowned brands of Jiangsu Province’s specialty new small giant enterprises, provincial and double-creating teams, 2020-2022 Jiangsu Province key cultivation and development. As one of the "Pei County’s first most beautiful technology person", Han Jinhui, deputy general manager of Henghui Weaving, has a unique momentum of science and technology innovation, he said: "Technology is the first productive force, the brain survived by the company. Increase Scientific and technological investment requires fund support, the R & D cost of 1.858 million yuan is deducted, so that we have sufficient funds into 17 R & D projects in the next stage, providing powerful ‘tax for technology innovation.

"With the continuous advancement of tax preferential policies, technology companies have reducing R & D costs while stimulating innovation kinetic energy, and rapidly enhanced development force. Jiangsu Perth Co., Ltd. is the same as Henghui weaving. Developing motivation. In order to make technical innovation and industrial development seamless docking, Pei County Taxation Bureau has established a party construction base, organized a series of activities such as policy and delivery services to help companies master the dynamics of tax policy and fully Guide and encourage companies to give full play to innovative subjects, continuously enhance innovation capacity and achieve transformation ability, and continuously carry out new technologies, new products research and development, and promote new development power.

  "The 39.12 million R & D expenses added in advance, deduct the tax discount, bringing us an unexpected surprise, and the real bonus enrichs the capital flow of corporate technology innovation. The funds from this’ reduction will be put into the new Product research and development, there will be upgrades technology, product, management. "Luo Yonghui, Financial Director, Jiangsu Perth Stock Co., Ltd., is full of confidence in enterprise science and technology innovation.

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